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Our goal is to help connect rabbit buyers to local rabbit breeders in every single state of America. According to recent estimates there are currently thousands of rabbit breeders and millions of rabbits being raised in the United States of America. These breeders range from the urban dweller with one pet rabbit, to the 4-H or FFA student who shows rabbits, to the commercial rabbit raiser who might have thousands of rabbits in his or her herd.

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With the establishment of organizations such as the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), House Rabbit Society and most recently Rabbit Empire, rabbit breeding has become an increasingly recognized hobby and business in recent years throughout the entire USA. With this increasing interest in rabbit raising there has also become a high demand (which we are determined to fulfill) for a large online rabbitry listing site which makes it easier to find and sell rabbits.

Our Mission is to assemble an easy to use rabbit breeders list that includes thousands of rabbit breeders spanning across all 50 states of America. From coast to coast, Atlantic to Pacific Ocean, from Massachusetts to California, from Washington to Florida, from Texas to Michigan, from South Carolina to Montana we plan on covering it all in our one of a kind directory. To keep up with our progress I suggest that your claim your free subscription to our rabbit breeders newsletter.

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I want to personally thank you and everyone else for their support, which helps make this whole site possible. If you are new to this site don't forget to browse our state rabbit breeders list or submit your own rabbitry to our ever growing rabbit breeders list.

:) Happy Rabbit Raising :)

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We are currently in the process of starting up a series of cool rabbit blogs with the purpose of helping rabbit enthusiasts learn more about raising rabbits based upon their primary reason for beginning their rabbit project. Due to popular request the first blog we have started will be centered around the subject of raising rabbits for profit. Secondly we started a blog on the subject of raising rabbits for meat, to help out rabbit raisers who are interested in the “for meat” industry. Lastly we have recently started three additional blogs about raising rabbits for show, raising rabbits for 4-h and raising rabbits for ffa. Although these blogs are still in development at the moment, feel free to click on the links above to check out the cool sites that we are developing with the purpose of helping out the rabbit industry and spreading the word about our directory + newsletter.

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