3R Rabbitry

Featured Rabbitry #4: 3R Rabbitry. An interview with the owner of 3R Rabbitry- Rebecca Miller

Check out their website: http://rebeccasrocknrabbitry.weebly.com

1: Tell us about your rabbitry…

I am a member of the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) and registered Rabbity #D307. I am also a member of the ANDRC (American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club) I own and operate a small scale rabbitry in a little place known as Cardwell, MO, Located in the Southeast part ( the Bootheel ) of Missouri. I first started out raising large breed rabbits but quickly fell in love with the smaller Dwarf breeds! It is a constant learning process and I love the challenge of breeding and working with my rabbits. I strive to breed for quality and Temperment. I am also now able to offer pedigreed rabbits in all breeds accept my hollands.

2: What rabbit breeds do you raise and why?

Currently Netherland Dwarfs are the main focus at my Rabbitry. As of the Beginning of this year I will be introducing and Creating my own BEW line in my Netherlands. I also raise Dwarf Hotots, Lionheads, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, and Dutch. When I first started raising rabbits I just thought a rabbit was …. a rabbit. I soon discovered they came in all shapes, sizes, and colors! I could not believe the tremendous variety of rabbits offered and soon found a very addicting passion!

3: About how long have you been raising rabbits?

I have been raising rabbits almost 4yrs. now, Different times for each breeds, but I have been raising Dutch the whole time. I first started out with large meat type rabbits. The first one I got I actually trapped in a trap that escaped from my neighbors warren. He kept his bucks up in cages off the ground and let the does and young dig and burrow in a large colony on the ground. One summer a storm came through and knocked down a Large pecan tree crushing the pen and releasng all of his rabbits. Sadly, all were killed by the neighborhood dogs accept my lil thumper! From than on I have raised numerous rabbits and breeds and am finally figuring out what I want and where I want to go with them!

4. Who has helped you the most with your rabbit project?

There Really are to many people to mention! My advice is to locate and talk with local breeders and learn from them, I have come across a few in my short years of breeding but they are they best people to talk to about rabbit raising! You quicky gain a lot of life long friends. Join clubs, dont be afraid to reach out and ask questions and do research, that is half the fun of raising rabbits!

5. What is your favorite rabbit memory or experience?

Again, there is to many to name… But I do have one that sticks out in my mind. The very first litter of rabbits I had I had in the house, and I use to baby gate them off in the kitchen. I use to blow up balloons and watch them chase them and pick up them on the ends and run around with them. It is silly LOL , but some of the things rabbits do are irreplaceable in your mind, I could not imagine my life with out at least one bunny in it 🙂

6. Do you currently have any rabbit stock for sale? If so please provide details…

Yes… Currently I have up for sale my Mini Rex breeding stock, I hate to get rid of them all and may some day get back into them but I am wanting to make room for my Dwarfs in the rabbitry. they can be seen on the website: