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Dear Fellow Rabbit Company Owner,                                         May 25th, 2012

How would you like to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE the current exposure of your rabbit supply company or other rabbit related business while at the same time creating a "Non-Stop flow" of new life long customers to your business?

Although that statement might sound too good to be true at the moment

If you become a premium business client of our New and Exclusive Rabbit Company Advertising Program… you might be able to do just that for your business starting today!

Alright, enough with the hype lets get down to bunny business…

A couple years ago I was sitting in my room on some cool November evening (I believe it was a Friday) thinking about my rabbitry and about how many calls I had been receiving over the previous few weeks from people all around the world desperately looking to find "rabbits for sale", when I was suddenly was HIT by a sudden inspiration…

What if I could develop something awesome to help all these people locate rabbits…

Although at the time I had a fairly large herd of about 150 rabbits, there was not a chance in the world that I could supply all the people that were calling with good quality breeding stock, much less arrange to have my rabbits shipped all across the United States and to places like England, Canada, Mayalsia and Egypt (all places that I surprisingly was getting rabbit requests from, lol)!

At that moment as I sat in my bedroom with my portable bedroom fan spewing cold air into my face, I decided that it was time to develop a solution to help these people out…

I knew that there just had to breeders out there that could fulfull these rabbit requests, you have heard the old saying "multiply like rabbits" , right?

I spent some time during the next few days of my holiday vacation thinking about what exactly I could do to "help connect rabbit buyers with rabbit breeders" all around the world.

I soon came up with what I thought to be the ultimate solution to this need that had arisen in the rabbit industry:

A Gigantic Worldwide Rabbit Breeders Directory

And when I say "Rabbit Breeders Directory" I was not meaning an ordinary breeders directory assembled on some rabbitry site with friends of the breeder listed inside of it…

No, I had decided that I was going to go all out with this and create the Largest and Most Useful Rabbit Breeders Directory on the entire web!!

Ever since I can remember I have always had a desire to basically "Overacheive" at anything I try at. When I was in school for instance, I used to try and make all 98's and above in every single one of my classes. I remember finishing the 8th grade with a 99 or 100 percent average in every one of my classes and listening to my 8th grade Algebra teacher tell me that I should take it easier and quit working sooo hard!! Well just like making good grades, this goal was no different… I was going to go all out with it and create something truely useful and amazing for benefit of the rabbit industry.

Leveraging my strengths…

A week after coming up with this large goal, I began to start mapping out a blueprint for the development and promotion of this Huge Rabbit Breeders Directory.

Luckily I had 3 main strengths that I could leverage to turn this goal into a reality…

First off I had become an "expert" at selling rabbits myself… At this time I had reached the point where I could successfully sell as many rabbits as I could produce on demand. So if I could successfully leverage my strength in this area and apply it to a much larger scale the directory could become very effective.

Secondly I could leverage my natural strength of internet marketing to effectively drive traffic and sales to the website.

Lastly, I could leverage my several years of experience in website development to effectively produce the directory.

Fast forward several years and a couple thousand hours later…

Several years after the initial launch of the Huge Rabbit Breeders Directory…

The directory has over 1,100 rabbitries listed in just the USA alone. We also have two other breeders directory sister sites for; Great Britain and Canada.

In fact our site is no longer just a "directory" instead is quickly becoming the most popular place to search for rabbit information and supplies in addition to rabbits.

At the present is receiving over 50,000 visits a month (not pageviews) from rabbit enthusiasts all around the world. Our website visitor counter is currently reading 287,000 visits since October 2011 when I set the tracker up!

Each and every month tens of thousands of rabbit enthusiasts find our website through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

At the time of this writing is currently ranked in the #2 spot for two very competitive rabbit keyword phrases; "Rabbits for Sale" and "Rabbit Breeders".

Rabbits for Sale

Rabbit Breeders

Also our Rabbit Empire Company "Rabbit Breeders Newsletter" is sent out to several thousand rabbit enthusiasts each month via email.

Here's what I have to offer your supply company…

I can leverage my Rabbit Empire "rabbit website network" and my unique ability to market and promote rabbit supplies and products to dramatically increase the sales of your supply company or other rabbit related business.

More importantly I can effectively leverage your company's current advertising budget to drive lots of traffic and sales to your company's website, or simply refer it offline to your business via phone or mail.

Whether you are interested in investing $30/month or $3,000/month with us, we are willing to work with you to dramatically grow your business and customer base.

Why our advertising program is superior to the rest…

Normally when a company goes about advertising their products offline or online they have to use third party advertising programs such as Google Adwords, Other PPC Networks, Newspaper Ads, etc. to promote their products. Unlike our competitors we specialize solely in "Rabbit Industry Advertising" and have access to one of the largest audiences of rabbit enthusiasts in the world through our websites and newsletters. We don't simply put up ads for your business and hope someone clicks on them… instead if your products meet up to our quality standards we can offer you very effective endorsements on our high traffic websites and inside of our newsletter and other rabbit publications.

These endorsements could very well generate a nonstop stream of new monthly customers to your business!

What you need to do next…

By now you should have already realized that we don't take the success of your business lightly, regardless of whether you are doing it to simply make a little extra money each month or whether it is your full time job and you own a large rabbit supply company. 

If you are interested in working with us to grow and effectively promote your business, go ahead and fill in the "advertise with us" form below so that we can get started working together as soon as possible…

Please Note: Since we have a limited number of supply company advertising spots available at this time, we must manually approve all submissions before any payments are made. This means that by submitting a form below you are simply assuring us that you are interested in our program rather than setting a specific price per month advertising deal. Thanks for your patience and we look forward to working with and your business!

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Aaron Webster
Founder of Rabbit Empire