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Bobby Lewis
Alabaster, Alabama
Mini Rex
Bunny’s On The Move Rabbitry
I am a ARBA Registered rabbitry and member. In my barn I raise Mini Rex I strive to improve the quality of the breed one rabbit at a time. I am located just south of Birmingham Alabama. Transport of rabbits can be arranged (at times) into other parts of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana.

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Kerry Davis
Andalusia, Alabama
New Zealand Whites
2-K Farms KJV1
For Sale New Zealand White We raise meat rabbits for commercial breeding and processing plants. We supply breeder rabbits for beginning farmers.
850 428-4816
18491 Dell Lane, Andalusia, Alabama, 36421

Scott and Christy
Anniston, Alabama
Rex, English Lops, New Zealand Giants, Flemish
Snuggle Bunnies
We began our business as a result for friendly, kid safe rabbits for our petting zoo. We are only raising pure bred rabbits that are handled daily. Our rabbits live inside the barn with individual fans (to help ward off the Alabama heat). They are fed premium feed with Timothy hay on a daily bases. They also enjoy carrots every other day. Each rabbit is held and petted each and everyday. Our stock now comes from 3 states and will soon be including more from 2 additional states. We are dedicated to breeding health, friendly, stock.

Carol Pettitt
Arab, Alabama
English Angoras, Jersey Wooly
4t Minifarm and Rabbitry
We have pedigreed show, and pet quality English Angora, and Jersey Wooly’s. This is a small rabbitry focusing on quality show and pet rabbits, located in North Alabama.

Richard Newell
Ashville, Alabama
New Zealands
We love raising rabbits, they are neat to mess with. They are in cages and are tame rabbits. Right now we have one buck and 6 does and will have more soon.
205 540 4245

Janie Roberson
Athens, Alabama
Harlequin, Dutch, Mini Satin/Satins, Mini Rex, Californian, New Zealand, and Mini Lops
Jones Crossroads Farm Rabbitry
Our rabbitry started out as a way for our grand daughter to gain experience and confidence in a project. Harlequin and Dutch is where we began and where our main focus is still concentrated. The reason we like them so well is due to their gentleness and ease of handling. We gradually expanded to include lops, rex and satins to our herd. My husband raises Californians and New Zealands for meat production and he shows his mini lops. Rabbits are a great way for a family to engage in a common interest as well as have pets to love and care for.

Tessa Leonard
Aylesford, Alabama
Mini Rex
Maple Front Rabbitry
Show quality Mini Rex

Shenan Temple
Troy, Alabama
Rhinelander, New Zealand, Netherland Dwarf
Laughing Buzzard Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry in South Alabama! Currently raising beautiful Rhinelanders and Pedigreed Netherland Dwarf. Contact for updated pictures of our stock!

Emily Zdrodowski
Barrhead, Alberta, Alabama
Flemish Giant, Silver Fox, New Zealand, Cinnamon, Satin, Harlequin, California
Rocky Road Rabbitry
Rocky Road Rabbitry is a small rabbitry just outside of Barrhead Alberta, focusing on raising good quality meat rabbits, while also breeding for temperament, good looks and fur. We’ve got a variety of rabbit breeds from new zealand whites and silver foxes, to flemish giant, harlequin, california, satin and cinnamon crosses. Our rabbits are handled often, and raised with lots of affection and human interaction. We breed year round, so we almost always have rabbits of any age and size, that would be great for pets, meat, or breeding stock. We aim to keep a variety of rabbit breeds to mix and breed based on our favourite colours, qualities and characteristics. We are relatively new to raising rabbits, and are increasing our herd based on the demand for happy, healthy and good quality rabbits.

Laura Robinson
Bendigo Victoria, Alabama
Mini Lop, Dwarf lops (In Australia)
Golden Rose Rabbitry
We are based in Victoria Australia and breed quality Dwarf Lop rabbits. We focus on temperament, health and the shape of our rabbits. Prices range from $40 – $50.

Amy Lambrecht
Brownsboro, Alabama
American, American Breed – Blue and REW
Buckeye Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry mainly providing meat rabbits for the family. We do on occasion have rabbits available for breeding stock and pets. The American Breed is a endangered heritage breed. They have proved to be sweet mothers with large litters and offspring that grow well on supplemental forage from the garden.

Maja Gorak
Buffalo Grove IL, Alabama
Holland Lop
Tan or black and white

Ashley Brown
Burk’s Falls, Ontario, Canada , Alabama
New Zealand, Harlequins, Dutch, Californian/Zealand, Chinchilla/Zealand
AB Sunset River Rabbitry
Here at the Rabbitry we breed
New Zealand, Harlequin (Pedigreed), Dutch, Cross Breds (Chinchilla/Zealand) (Californian/Zealand)
We have lots of babies born here handle the day they are born so babies always are friendly. also so many Colours to pick from. Babies do not leave here until 6 weeks old. all babies that leave here are healthy and great.
Purebred (Pedigreed) Rabbits Sell for $30
Purebred (Non Pedigreed) Rabbits Sell for $15
Cross Breed Rabbits Sell for $10
Please Contact me on Email or you could contact on facebook love new likes and viwes on the page 🙂 Thank you Please Cheak it out also you will get to see all the breeders and the litters on the page and get to see updates 🙂
Please Contact to see if any babies are here

D Warren
Burlington , Alabama
Mini Lop, American Chinchilla crosses
Auburn Acres Farm Rabbitry
Rabbits make wonderful pets and we carefully selected our breeding stock for calm temperaments and health to ensure they will be wonderful companions for many years to come. We are small a ’8 hole’ rabbitry and our breeder bunnies are also our pets and get to live in spacious cages and get plenty of play-time, while our youngsters live in a colony setting and are free to roam in a 10 foot by 10 foot “bunny play pen”.
We are also farmers and realize that rabbits are a preferred food for pets such as reptiles, ferrets, dogs and cats who are on Prey Model, Raw or B.A.R.F. diets and we breed our rabbits for this purpose as well.

Jody Somers
Caroline, Alabama
Rex, Flemish Giant, New Zealand, Silver Fox, Creme D Argent
4 Winds Rabbitry
Have been raising rabbits since 1998!

Heidi Higgins
Clacton-On-Sea, Alabama
English Lop, Lionhead Lop baby rabbits
I am selling some beautiful lop lion head baby rabbits, they are currently just turning 8 weeks old. I have a mix of sexes, they are coloured black and some are tortoise shell. They have been brought up in a family environment, and are happy to handled.

Viorel Greavu
Constanta, Alabama
Belgian Hare

Heather Rasco
Cullman, Alabama
Mini Rex, New Zealand, Lionhead, Lop Ear, Californians
Rasco Rabbit Hutch
My husband and I just got into breeding rabbits and trying to get our name out there. We live out in the country and breed several different varieties of rabbits. Breeding rabbits is something we love and enjoy doing. We are both animal lovers and take great care of them. We are hoping to expand by adding new breeds. Thanks so much.

Tyler Campbell
Danville, Alabama
New Zealands, Californians
Valhalla Ranch
We raise meat rabbits in Danville Al where the rabbit market is just starting to take root. Right now we only have Californians and New Zealands but are about to get into Tans as well as we try to promote show rabbits in the mainstream 4-H and FFA in this area. Feel free to contact us at 256-612-0387 anytime. Hope to see yall soon.

Susan Howes
Dothan, Alabama
Mini Lop, Lop
ABC Rabbitry
We need a well behaved mini lop rabbit that is spayed or neutered and loves to be held and has a very curious and adventurous personality.

Bob Simpkins
Dothan, Alabama
New Zealand Whites, Californian and crosses
B and K Rabbitry
Two buildings, One for Show stock and one for Commercial Production. Getting re-started in Retirement. Last rabbitry in Kentucky in the 80’s. Heading toward registered NZ Reds, NZ Broken and Palominos for show stock.

Wanda Curtis
Double Springs, Alabama
Californian, New Zealand (White and Black), California, Dutch and Mini Rex
Curtis Critters
We mainly raise meat rabbits but also enjoy raising some to sell for pets.

Virginia Tache
Earlton, Alabama
English Lop, Mini Rex
Lopping Along
Small 6 hole rabbity with focus on pet and show quality English lops and occasional mini Rex. Located in Earlton , Ontario Canada.

Jacoby Chapman
Eclectic, Alabama
Flemish Giant
Dry Creek Farms
The Flemish we raise are healthy, pure, tame, and loved. From a few days after birth they are handled and cared for by the family to insure tameness. We have several colors to choose from. These gentle giants are a must see. Please call for more information and thanks for the interest.

Lorna Mccleary
Ennismore, Alabama
Lion heads, Lion Lops, French Lops, English Lops, Holland Lops, Fuzzy Lops, Mini Lops
Lorna’s Lion Lops and more

Sarah Cox
Eureka, Alabama
Holland lops
Backnine Rabbits
We have hollands contact us to see what we have!!!

Natasha Wilson
Fisher branch , Alabama
Mini Rex, Standard Rex, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealands, Lionhead Crosses, Meat Mutts
T-Rex Rabbits
I have been raising rabbits for many years. My main focus is on my mini Rex and standard Rex. I breed for pets, fur and meat. No shipping. Can deliver to winnipeg manitoba on occasion.

Brenda Dunn
Flomaton, Alabama
Mixed Breeds
Bunny Hop Rabbit Farm
We only sell our rabbits to people who want them for pets. We have a large variety of mixed breed rabbits of all colors. Our rabbits are not kept in cages. We have a large fenced in yard for them so that they can enjoy the outdoors. We have over 100 rabbits to enjoy.

Susanna Allan
Foresters Falls, Ontario, Alabama
Mini Rex
Black Spruce Rabbitry
We currently breed Mini Rex in blue and blue otter but will be introducing black and black otter aswell. We are located in Ontario, Canada an hour west of Ottawa.

Samantha Smith
Fort Rucker, Alabama
Flemish Giant, Florida White
We have male and female, adult to new born.

Melissa ( Cornett ) Jeter
Glen Allen, Alabama
Holland Lop
Emerson’s Quiet Woods
Small family owned rabbitry located just north of Richmond. We are currently working on dilute colors, including blue, lilac, opal, lynx, and cream. We do however have torts,black,chestnuts and harlequin as well. We strive on producing healthy rabbits with amazing personalities. ARBA member since 2013. Please visit us on facebook at Emerson’s Quiet Woods Rabbitry.

Brianna Wanke
Grande Prairie, Alabama
Silver Fox, Mini Rex
HD’s Rabbitry
Raising pedigreed mini rex in selfs and otters and silver fox in black and blue near Grande Prairie, Alberta. Registered ARBA breeder of 13 years. Attend shows in Western US and Western Canada.

Tobin Looyenga
Hamilton, Alabama
Netherland Dwarf
Crown Point Rabbitry
Hello! My name is Tobin and welcome to my rabbitry located in Hamilton, Ontario. I have a small herd of Netherland Dwarves with 4 does and one beautiful BEW buck named Olaf. I am a member of a 4-H rabbit club located in Flamborough. My bunnies are sold mostly as pets but also as show rabbits. They are handled daily as I come from a family with four children who love to cuddle baby rabbits.

Tafadzwa Mawoko
Harare, Alabama
Palomino, Hybrids
Tafnix Rabbitry
l am a boy of 15 years old but l raise rabbits as a hobby.l have 20 rabbits and l am looking for buyers

Kelly Wheeler
Harvest, Alabama
Champagne d’ Argent, American
Alabama Heritage Rabbitry
Heritage Breeds Available – Americans and Champagne d’Argent

Mack Fulmer
Heflin, Alabama
New Zealand Whites
Crossroads Rabbitry LLC
Crossroads Rabbitry LLC is a large rabbitry and was founded in 2009. We specialize in purebred New Zealand White rabbits for Breeder Stock and Commercial Production. Our goal is to produce the highest quality rabbits for meat purposes and supply other growers with excellent stock. We only hold back stock from our does if: they avg. large litters, have good mothering instincts, have good milk production, make well developed nests, raise out high percentages and if they breed easily. Bucks are held back for their litter size and stamina. Large orders can be filled. Sorry, we do not deliver any rabbits.
(404) 285-3375

Amber Mims
High Ridge, Alabama
Holland Lop
Lovely Lops
Hi, I currently have kits available all are broken black tort. They were born 4-30-2014 and will be ready 6-30-2014 are kits are $25 each. I also have a doe due 5-8 so what ever color ask and I may have some in her litter.

Corey Doherty
High River, Alberta, Alabama
Velveteen Lop’s, Holland Lop’s, Lion Heads
Velvety Lop’s Rabbitry
We are a family run, home based Rabbitry. Are main focus is Velveteen Lop’s and Teddy Bear Lion Heads. We strive to breed premium pets and high quality show animals with great loving temperament.

Chuck Chewning
Huntsville, Alabama
Giant Angoras, Giant Flemish, Dwarf Hotots
Huntsville Happy Hoppers Rabbitry
We specialize in raising Giant Angora’s for both Shows and for Fiber. Our rabbits are full size meeting the specification set our by ARBA.

Kimberly Berry
Jasper, Alabama
English Angora
The Berry’s Rabbitry
I have beautiful pedigreed English angora rabbits forsale. I raise my angoras for show and fiber .

Deborah Leary
Kamloops, BC. Canada, Alabama
Californian, Mixed (Champagne D’Argent/Satin doe with Californian buck)
Pinantan Lake Rabbitry
We are a small backyard rabbitry located just outside of Kamloops, BC. We raise rabbits for pets, pelts and meat. All of our kits are handled when young, and the parents have wonderful personalities. We believe in raising animals as close to natural as possible, and our rabbits have free range time, large enclosures and eat plenty of greens in addition to a high protein pellet and high quality hay diet.
We currently have a breeding pair of Californians and a doe of a mixed breed (Champagne D’Argent/Satin), as well as kits of various ages. We would like to expand into American Blues and Silver Foxes.

Karin Wilds
Kamloops, Alabama
Silver Fox, Standard Rex, Satin Angora
Family run rabbitry focusing on meat and wool production.

Pragati Chaudhary
Kashipur, Alabama
I don’t know the name of the breed. But the pair is white coloured.
Bunny Rabbitry
I want to sell the pair of my rabbits to an owner who love pets because i love them very much. I am just unable to keep them because i don’t stay at home and so can’t provide them with things on time.

Shawn Escher
Laceys Spring, Alabama
New Zealand, New Zealand White/Black/Broken/Agouti, Californian/New Zealand Mix
SME Rabbitry
Small growing rabbitry specializing in New Zealand Blacks/Broken. Looking to add Reds as well. Also have Californian/New Zealand mix. I have both pedigree, and non pedigree rabbits.

Alicia Gregory
Listowel, ON, Alabama
Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
Bouncing Bunnies Rabbitry
Small in home rabbitry located in Listowel ON
Producing pet, breeding and show quality stock
Pedigreed and non pedigreed bunnies available.

Brandon & Katie Bland
Mobile, Alabama
Champagne d’ Argent
Furry Tail Farm
We are a very small rabbitry, only raising Champagne D’ Argents. We will have a litter ready to go at the end of April, 2015. Please contact us for more information and/or pictures.

Amanda Baker
Millerville, Alabama
Flemish Giants, Angoras, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs
Baker Bunnies Rabbitry
I raise several different breeds of bunnies, including Flemish Giant, English Angora, MiniRex, Dwarf, and Lionhead. Pictures are available of breeders and current litters.

Meg Grillo
Mississauga, Alabama
Netherland Dwarf, Fuzzy Lop, Holland Lop, Doublemane Lionhead
Megs Fancy Bunni
We are a small rabbitry located in the Mississauga/Toronto/Brampton area for your conveinence, just off highway 427 and Finch. As a member of the ARBA, DRCBA, & CRBA our rabbits are amazing quality (pet and show), and are well socialized with both large and small dogs, cavies, cats, and especially the VACUUM CLEANER & children. Much PRIDE is taken in our CLEAN and HEALTHY environment that these bunnies come from for you! To reserve a bunny, a non refundable deposit of half the total price is required. Once a bunny has been purchased a refund won’t be honoured, although in some circumstances we may take the bunny back and possibly re home.
Our common breeds are: Double mane Lionhead (Dwarf), Netherland Dwarfs, and Holland Lops, Fuzzy Lops.

Randy Hirst
Montgomery, Alabama
American Chinchilla, Californian, French Angora, English Angora, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop, Mini Lop
Funny Bunny’s Farm
Breeding rabbits for food, fur and fancy and pets too. As I have a very limited breeding schedule stock and available breeds of rabbits are always rotating. Please see my website for rabbits currently avaialble for new homes.

Ruth Kime
Morrin, Alberta, Alabama
Flemish Giant, Standard Rex, New Zealand (Red, white and black), Rhinelander, Beveren/Flemish cross
Friendly Giants Rabbitry
My primary reason for raising rabbits is just because I like them. My Flemish, Rex and Beverens are raised in colonies of 8 to 10 does in large pens bedded with straw. Most of these rabbits have never seen the inside of a cage.

Felix Hoy
Mulberry Kansas, Alabama
New Zealand, Flemish Giant, Tex A&M NZ White, Cali-White
Felix Hoy Rabbits
Small breeder with only a few young from time to time.

Jackie Larcenaire
North Central, Ma., Alabama
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
Mass Netherlands Rabbitry

Reynier Ramos
North Houston, Alabama
American Chinchillas
Rey Rabbitry

Camryn Carter
Nova Scotia, Alabama
Holland Lop
Grandlake Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located on Grandlake. We breed purebred, pedigree holland lops! Contact us at

Chris Wright
Opelika, Alabama
New Zealand
Tina’s Rabbits
We offer male and females new Zealand meat rabbits.

Paul Cyr
Pincher Creek, Alberta, Alabama
New Zealand, New Zealand White, New Zealand Black, Flemish Giant
PC Rabbits
Rabbits available for breeding stock are mostly New Zealand/Flemish Giant crosses, feel free to email me for current options and availability.

Dominic Gagné
Quebec City, Alabama
Dutch, Netherland dwarf
Clapier Boréal
Black and occasionally Blue dutch

Erin Lindsey
Red Bay, Alabama
Rex, Standard rex
Lindrose Farm Rabbitry
I have chocolate, blue, black, castor, opal, lynx, red, tri, broken, and otter.

Mary Ann Dubois
Renfrew Ontario, Alabama
Californian, New Zealand Whites and Californians
Mary Ann’s Rabbitry
I breed New Zealand and Californians … for pet, show and meat..
Renfrew ont

Greg Witonski
Roger, Alabama
A baby bunny that is young. And Blond, brown, or white with blond/brown spots. Also preferably female. Also a little baby bunny.

David Dawson
Rossendale,Lancashire UK, Alabama
Continental Giants
Rossendale Giants
Small Rabbitry in the UK breeding Agouti and Yellow Continental Giants
Member of the British Rabbit Council

Patsy Brooks
Salamanca, Alabama
Holland Lop, Lionheads (specializing in brokens, reds, orange, tris), Holland Lops in tris, orange, red, harlies and broken black. I also raise misc.
Seneca Pride Rabbitry
Located in Salamanca, NY/southwestern NY. Lionheads, Holland Lops and misc. for rabbit jumping. I hope to raise many finished jumpers for Youth. I also do transporting to/from major shows and regional shows.

Lubana Lanewala
Selma, Alabama
Rex, Lionhead
Al Aqmar Farms Rabbits
We are selling our baby bunnies, mostly white, but we also have black and brown ones. They are a mix of lionhead and rex. Many are very fluffy. The babies are selling for $5 dollars each in Selma, NC. Email for more info, I reply very quickly. My email is

Dj and Sherry Whittington
Smiths Station, Alabama
Flemish Giants, Brazilian Giants, New Zealands and Dwarfs
God’s Little Creations
We are family-owned, family-operated, Christian family that has a small rabbit, poultry and duck farm. We offer a large variety of rabbits, from Giants to Dwarfs, meat to pets, long hair to short. Please visit our FB page at

Sherri Hartselle
Somerville, Alabama
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Anam Cara Farms
We are a small rabbitry raising high quality, pure bred New Zealand Whites. New Zealands are excellent meat rabbits and does or bucks from this particular line will be an excellent addition to any herd managed by serious breeders. We currently have 3 does and 4 bucks born 11/13/13 available. All are healthy, high quality rabbits born from an excellent doe, bred from a line of good mothers and a buck bred from high performance bucks. We have had 100% success at each breeding using the dame and sire of this litter and have every reason to believe their offspring will carry on their high performance traits. Does are $20. Bucks are $25.

Lisa Reynolds
Southeast, Alabama
Jersey Wooly, Hollands, Netherlands
Southern Treasures 2 Rabbitry
We strive to breed top quality ARBA standard rabbits. Breeding for over 25 years, our Hollands, Netherlands and Jersey Woolies have been bred for type, temperament and good health. We strive for quality not quantity.

Ann Roney
Southport, Alabama
French Lops, Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Velveteen Lops, Champagne D’Argents, Creme D’Argents, Polish & Dwarf Hotot
Sleepy South Holland Lops Rabbitry
We are a Christian based rabbitry in Northwest Florida. We are registered rabbit breeders and members of ARBA, ADHRC, VLCRA, HLRSC & APRC. We support and encourage youth to participate in our local 4-H and FFA programs. We enjoy teaching families about the the benefits of raising rabbits, proper housing and nutrition, the different purposes of rabbit breeds as well as how to enjoy the simple companionship that raising rabbits can provide. So, whether you are considering adopting your first bunny, or have been raising rabbits for years, we’re sure to have exactly what you are looking for! We are constantly growing and improving our breeds to be able to provide you with the best quality rabbits possible.

Lori Campbell
South River, Alabama
Flemish Giant
Tail Feather & Fluff Farm
Breeding purebred Flemish Giants in Northern Ontario.
Docile, hardy rabbits and kits in various colours for pets, breeding or meat.
All of our kits are handled daily, and well socialized with children, ducks and dogs~ making them friendly and easy to handle (a plus in a 20 lb rabbit!).
Our breeding stock and older kits are pastured, and fed a varied, healthy diet.
Inquire about available babies and ready to breed.

Elaine Wilson
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, Alabama
New Zealand, New Zealand White, Black, Broken
Bear Creek Rabbitry
Bear Creek Rabbitry is a backyard rabbitry created out of necessity due to the high cost of living in the Lower Mainland. We raise New Zealand meat rabbits (White, Black and Broken) for our allergic dog and personal use. We always give our newborns a chance at being a pet or becoming a breeder for another backyard rabbitry so feel free to email us for an update on availability. We would like to become members with ARBA and show at 4-H clubs as soon as we get the details on how to do that.

Keairra Caldwell
Talladega, Alabama
Silver, White rabbit
White Rabbit
My rabbit is a white and fluffy and cuddly and cute

Sandra Hickey
Talladega, Alabama
New Zealand Whites
Hickey House Farms Rabbitry
New Zealand white meat rabbits ready for sale @ 8-12 weeks old, periodically throughout the year. Average “dressed-out” weight 3.5 lbs @ 10 weeks. Raised entirely on Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food, made w/ alfalfa & timothy hay, no soy, no corn, no wheat. Complete balanced food w/ no need to add hay or supplements. Very healthy rabbits, no antibiotics, no hormones ever used. Raised w/ love in healthy environment. No behavior problems and easy to socialize if wanted. VERY tender white meat if purchased for consumption. We only sell live bunnies.

Bobby Langley
Talladega, Alabama
New Zealand, Purebred New Zealand Whites
Langley’s Rabbitry
All of my rabbits are all in wire cages and have an automatic watering system. I use 18% Co-Op feed. My does have 8-9 babies when they deliver. I raise them for meat and they weigh 4-5 lbs. at 8 weeks.

Matt Dixon
Theodore, Alabama
New Zealand Cross, California Cross, Flemish Cross, Lop Cross
Dixon’s Rabbits
Have all different colors from cross breeding California’s new zelands and just now starting Flemish giant crosses.

Rhonda W
Theodore, Alabama
Silver Fox
Silver Fox Rabbitry
Pedigree Silver Fox kits available now. With and without pedigree, does and bucks, handled daily. Proven pedigreed doe may be available also, throws beautiful babies and is a great mom. Show lines on all. Discounts available on multiples and for 4-H. Can send pics via e-mail.

Todd Bradley
Troy, Alabama
Meat Breeds
T B C Rabbits
Here at T b M Rabbits we breed your meat rabbits.
1244 County Road 5508, Troy, Alabama, 36081

Cara Hallma
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
New Zealand whites
Crimson H Farm
We are a small rabbitry located in Tuscaloosa al. I am a member of the A.R.B.A. right now we have meat grade and pet quality new Zealand whites and soon will have pedigreed new Zealand whites as well with a few more breeds. our bunnies mainly sell for pets as my children handle them daily.

Michelle Thomas
Vance/Tuscaloosa , Alabama
Rex, Standard Rex and Flemish Giants
Thomas Farms Rabbitry
Here at Thomas farms we have pedigreed standard rex and Flemish giants. On my rex coats I have opal, castor, black, and harlequin. Flemish giants I have come in all recognized colors. I plan to add velveteen lops later in the year. We also raise other livestock. You can visit Thomas gamefowl and livestock farm page on facebook and give me a few likes. Thanks

Lois Fernyhough
Victoria, Alabama
Champagne d’Argent
Cedar Hill Rabbitry

Deb Griffiths
Welland, Ontario, Alabama
Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lops, Lionheads, Mini Rex and Netherland Dwarf rabbits
We are a small scale rabbitry located in Welland, Ontario. We pride ourselves in temperaments of our rabbits. They are all hand raised from birth within our home. Socialized with both children and other pets. Eg..Cats/dogs.
We always have bunnies for sale, some breeds more than others. We have been breeding rabbits for a number of years, and each day, it appears we really do learn something new.
We do have pedigree in Hollands, fuzzy and mini rex’s, lionheads are partial. Majority are pets. We welcome people to come out and see them. Currantly we have 8 week olds up to 9 mths.
If you’d like to have one very adorable bunny? Please email me, i’d be more than happy to hear from you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Marco Sousa
Winnipeg, Alabama
Flemish Giant, New Zealand
A1 Rabbits
We raise New Zealand,Giant Flemish and Californian Rabbits mostly for the meat market although we do have a selection at times of rabbits that are raised for the pet market. We try our best to keep both markets happy our rabbits are of the highest quality and raised on an all natural diet.

Sarah Amber and Rosie Friesen
Wynndel, Alabama
Flemish Giant, Flemish Giant cross, Angora cross, New Zealand cross, Rex cross, Holland Lop cross
Happy Tails Rabbitry
We are raising rabbits mostly for meat, but we do sell some for pets. We hope to try breeding purebred Holland Lops at some point, depending on how the market appears in that area. We sell government-inspected meat. We cannot insure organic meat, but we can guarantee that our rabbits are happy. We offer you the privilege of picking your own doe and buck, and we will have the baby rabbits ready at a said and agreed time. Currently we own: 1 Holland Lop doe, 1 Rex/Holland Lop doe, 2 Angora cross does, 1 Flemish Giant doe, 1 Rex/Flemish Giant/Holland Lop doe, 1 Angora/Flemish Giant doe, 1 New Zealand cross sire, 1 Flemish Giant sire, and 1 New Zealand sire.
We began raising rabbits in March of 2016, and have had few amounts of fatalities.
Our rabbits are fed with a combination of fresh grass, grass hay, and 16-18% pellets.

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