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Cheryl McMurl
Arvada, Colorado
English Angoras, French Angoras
Last Ditch Hoppers
I have a small rabbitry in Arvada, Colorado. I have been showing and raising Angora Rabbits for 9 years now. I am a member of both ARBA and NARBC.

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Jack Dandridge
Alamosa, Colorado
Altex, New Zealand
Jack’s Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry . We have about 100 breeding does of altex and new zealand rabbits only . This is a meat rabbit breed. Our rabbits, both the Altex and the New Zealand Whites, have taken awards at County Fairs in the area. We participate in the 4H Club and the FFA initiatives by providing meat pens. We also build costom rabbit cages with built in watering systems . Rabbit starter kits available at all times. 3 does 1 buck and a 4 hole starter cage .

Bailey Shumpert
Ault, Colorado
Rhinelander, Holland Lops, Fuzzy Lops
Rodeo’s Rabbits
I raise show rabbits. Holland lops, American Fuzzy lops, and Rhinelanders.

Tatelynn Blood
Bennett, Colorado
Holland Lop
Sunny Bunnies Rabbitry
I am a hobby youth breeder and owner of Sunny Bunnies Rabbitry. Sunny Bunnies is a very small, Colorado-based rabbitry committed to raising Holland lops at reasonable prices for pets, brood, or show. ALL bunnies are loved, socialized, and friendly when they leave my home.
Whether you want to talk bunny, or you’re looking for a furry friend, you can either email, call or text me OR you can go to my website!
Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

Scott DeManche
Berthoud, Colorado
Californians, New Zealands, Silver Martens
DeManche Rabbitry
Champion Californians and Silver Martens… Champion show lines… high quality meat pens… 303-519-7933.

Kaylee Loewen
Berthoud, Colorado
Holland Lop
Morning Star Rabbitry
We are a small, Colorado rabbitry focused on breeding quality Holland lops with great temperament and color. Our particular focuses are self and shaded colors, with an emphasis on chocolate and dilute, in both solid and broken varieties.

Sophia Smith
Boulder, Colorado
Holland Lops
Sophie’s Beloved Bunnies
We are a small Rabbitry located in the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado. We currently breed holland lops and specialize in blue eyed white holland lops. We also have colored holland lops. Our rabbits are bred for show quality. We are small so that every single bunny gets personal attention. Every baby bunny is handled since day one to ensure the sweetest rabbits!!!

Xaziea Lane
Brighton, Colorado
Holland Lop, Lionheads
Warm Cozzy Lions Rabbitry
Our family owned rabbitry is generally small. We raise pet and show quality lionheads mainly but also have some Holland lops. We have many colors all the time but specialize in BEWs, Harlequins, Magpie, broken Charlies, and torts. I love to see the families come over knowing my lions will have a great home. My lions are for show, pet, and can be used in 4H. They are raised around a 14 and 9 year old children making them sweet, warm, and Cozzy! Please visit my website and contact me we don’t always have babies available please inquire about the upcoming litters we always have upcoming litters.

Kris Oldsen
Brighton, Colorado
Flemish Giants, Californians, Satins, Rex, Dutch, Himalayans and Tans
Oldsen Farm and Rabbitry
We are a small farm specializing in rabbits and miniature livestock. We have show, 4-H, breeding stock and pet rabbits available. Our rabbits are very well loved and handled daily. We have years of experience and would love to help you find the perfect rabbit to join your family.

Pamela Bogner
Brighton, Colorado
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Lionheads
Mountainlily Rabbitry
We are a mother and two young daughter breeder in Brighton, CO. We began our bunny adventures with a Netherland Dwarf in 2011; with our first bunny, Rumple. We looked to acquire a pet rabbit for our youngest daughter where upon we came upon the idea for a home/ family based business filled with days of play and fun.

Wendy Heywood
Byers, Colorado
Flemish Giant, Silver Fox
Heywood’s Hutch
We are a small hobby rabbitry that only shows and breeds quality Flemish Giant and Silver Fox rabbits. All of our rabbits are pedigreed. We raise all seven colors of Flemish Giant rabbits and Black and Blue Silver Fox. We occasionally have pet bunnies available. We are member of American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders (NFFGRB) and National Silver Fox Rabbit Club (NSFRC).

Leslie Colburn
Canon City, Colorado
Flemish giants, Dutch (Blue, Black, Chocolate), mini buns
Sterling Acres Rabbitry and Farm
We have a small 15 hole rabbitry located in Canon City Colorado. We specialize in Flemish giants and Dutch rabbit breeds.

Elizabeth Colvin
Canon City, Colorado
French Angora
Postage Stamp Farm Rabbitry
I breed French Angora Rabbits with the goal of achieving a rabbit with good conformation, a great coat, and an amazing temperament. I am a very small rabbitry, so you can be assured that each rabbit is well socialized and given a lot of individual attention. I have both fiber quality, and show quality rabbits for sale throughout the year. Please visit my site via the link below and head over to the “Available Rabbits” page to find your new fiber friend!

Jody Rosnik
Canon City, Colorado
Mini Lop, Dutch, Rex, New Zealand
Alpine Rabbitry
Alpine Rabbitry is owned and operated by ARBA Judge Jody Rosnik in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. This is full function rabbitry that breeds for ARBA Red/White/Blue Registered National Champion Mini Lops in every variety currently recognized by ARBA as well as many that are genetically possible but aren’t in the show rabbit world, Champion Quality Dutch (YES! I have Chinchilla Dutch), Rex, and New Zealand white rabbits. High quality farmstead rabbit meat is available year-round (fed a special ‘natural’ diet to enhance the palatability and taste of the fryers which includes Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat milk) as well as the wonderful ‘black gold’ composted rabbit manure.

Shelly Rowland
Castle Rock, Colorado
Holland Lops
Hunter’s Holland Lops Rabbitry
We have a wonderful 50 hole rabbitry raising Holland Lops. We specialize in blue eyed whites! We keep a smaller rabbitry so that each of our rabbits are held, loved and cared for each day. They all have great dispositions. We sell pet, brood and show rabbits. We have done very well at the last few shows we have been to! Thanks for taking time to read about us. Our colors include blue eyed white, sable point, black, blue, blue tort, black tort, chestnut agouti, chinchilla, tri-color, harlequin, blue otter and chocolate.

Ashley Clyncke
Cheyenne wells, Colorado
Californian, Lionheads, Dutch, new Zealand’s, californians
Mill-iron Ranch Rabbitry
All are pedigreed maybe one or two don’t but their good rabbits. My rabbits are between $25 and $30.

Keirstyn Benson
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Champagne d’ Argents, Holland Lops, and Mini Lops.
Diamond Duo Rabbitry
I am a youth breeder with full family involvement in my rabbitry. I started with my pair of Champagene D’Argents, also known as our dogs ;), and have added a pair of Mini Lops and Holland Lops. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Louise and Gordon Churchill
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mini Rex, Rex, Lionhead, Jersey Wooly
The Little London Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry specializing in Standard and Mini Rex. We have been here for 5 years now, coming from the U.K where we had a much larger rabbitry, with an assortment of breeds of rabbit as well as guinea pigs. With that experience, we believe the Rex rabbit to be one of the best breeds for a pet as they are considered the most intellegent, making them easy to litter train, handle, and because of their velvet like fur, cuddle! An coming soon for 2013-Pedigree mini Rex as well as Lionheads and Jersey Woolies! We are just loving their laid back personalities and all the fur and fluff!

Constance Parker
Colorado Springs, Colorado
New Zealand
C.J’s Bunnies
Come to C. J.’s Bunnies so I can provide you with good quality rabbits! These rabbits can be for pets or meat breeding. I handle them regularly so they are tame and friendly. I have a small herd consisting of 3 seniors

Cecilie and Alejandro Villalon
Colorado Springs, Colorado
American Blue
A and C Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our rabbitry is run by our small family with everyone helping out. We breed American Blue rabbits for show, 4H, pets, personal consumption and pelts.

Anna Wiener
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Holland Lops
Pikes Peak Holland Lops
I am a youth breeder who recently started breeding Holland Lops. I sell pet, show, and 4H rabbits. Because my rabbitry only consists of a few holes, I have the ability to give each and every bunny individual attention and exercise on a daily basis. Baby bunnies are handled from the day they’re born to ensure that they’ll be social and friendly when they leave for their new homes.
(719) 332 – 1300

Zaquaria Garcia
Debeque, Colorado
Rex, Mini Rex, California
Garcia Rabbitry
I just sarted and may take a little to get want you want . Also you may have A hard time findind me

Jonathan May
Delta, Colorado
American Chinchillas
Humble Beginnings Rabbitry
We have 3 males and 7 females for breeding. we have only american chinchillas, they are very friendly, makes good pet. they like to come and greet you when then you enter the barn. My husband and i enjoy this breed. we are trying to help get this breed off the critical list.

Alya & Bassil Ahmed
Denver, Colorado
Himalayan, English Lop, Californian
Babbitty Rabbitry
Babbitty Rabbitry is a Colorado-based Rabbitry specializing in Himalayans, English Lops, and Californians. Our goal is to produce amazing rabbits, meeting breed standards and being friendly and lovable. Please check out our website or contact us! We are ARBA members and strive to excel with our rabbits. Show, breeding, and market rabbits are available.

Divide, Colorado
Satin Angoras & French Angoras
Sunflower Mountain Farm
At Sunflower Mountain Farm, we strive for excellence in what we do. We specialize in Satin and French Angoras, raising beautiful, hand-reared babies from Champion lines, right here in Colorado! Our foundation stock are Champions from the Estes Park Wool show, held each year in Estes Park, Colorado, and other select high quality rabbits from around the United States. If you are looking for beautiful Angora babies with excellent fiber quality, and sweet, affectionate personalities, please contact us at: .

Sarah Bloink
Eaton, Colorado
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops
Bloink’s Blessed Bunnies Rabbitry
Breeder of quality Netherland Dwarfs and Holland lops since 1998. Specializing in Netherland Dwarfs in Black, Blue, Broken, Steel, and Champage. Holland lops in Chestnut, Chinchilla, Frosty and Steel.

Elizabeth, CO
Holland Lops
Tail of Two Bunnies Rabbitry
I raise pet-quality, brood-quality, and show-quality Hollands, specializing in the rare Blue-Eyed Whites. I also work with Torts, and soon will be adding other self colors such as black and blues or creams. My rabbitry is very small, and all bunnies are handled daily. I believe in quality, not quantity!

Della Darling
Drake, Colorado
French Lop
Darling French Lops
We live on the Big Thompson River between mile marker 73 and 74, 2 miles West of Drake and 8 miles East of Estes Park, CO. We raise French Lops for pets and 4-H projects. Feel Free to come see them.
304 Waltonia River Ct
Drake, CO 80515
970-461-3602 or cp 970-619-1514

Shawna Lamothe
Falcon, Colorado
Californian, Mini Rex, Himalayan
High Plains Rabbitry
I am 13 in 4-h and show at almost every national breed show and ARBA nationals. I use my Californians in meat pen competitions and raise Himalayans in every variety but mainly blacks, blues, and lilacs. I also raise Mini Rex in Black and Torts with occasional broken torts and blacks and black otters! I have been raising rabbits for 5 years and have also been in 4h for 5 years. Our rabbitry is about 75 holes(Californians and Mini Rex are my main breed and my mom has actually taken most of the Himalayans for her to breed and show in open!)Thanks!
High Plains Rabbitry

John Fennell
Firesone, Colorado
Sliver Fox, Flemish Giants, New Zealands, American Blues
Jumping Jackalopes Rabbitry
Jumping Jackalopes Rabbitry | Firestone, CO| Specializing in Rare heritage breeds, Meat Rabbits & Show Rabbits! We have both Pedigreed and non-pedigreed lines of the following – Silver fox, Flemish Giants, New Zealand’s & American Blues.

Salina Webb
Firestone, Colorado
Flemish Giant, Mini Rex, New Zealand Red and Mini Holland lop Cross, New Zealand
Webb Family Hatchery
We are a small family rabbitry. We breed out of our home for the time being. We have decided that we will focus on the Flemish Giant Breed, Mini Rex, French Angora and we will occasionally breed Holland Lops. Our Flemish Giants have Grand Champion blood lines and are fully pedigreed. they are from out of state so no relatives close by. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Elisa Brown
Fountain, Colorado
Palomino, Mini Rex
Blue Mountain Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located outside fountain co. we show and breed palominos (golden and lynx) and mini rex! We breed for show and pets. Discount rates to 4h and ffa youth!

Tari Holt
Fountain, Colorado
Holland Lops, Californian/New Zealand mix
Holt’s Critter Corner Rabbitry
Holt’s Critter Corner- We raise Holland Lops, Californian/New Zealand mix, and guinea pigs.

Kalene Gast
Golden, Colorado
Silver Fox, French Angora, English Angora, Mini Rex
Rocket Rabbitry
We raise show quality silver fox rabbits. We also raise angoras and mini rex.

Bette Thiele
Greeley, Colorado
We are a small Rabbitry located in Greeley, Colorado. We currently raise Silver Fox and are focused on breeding quality rabbits for show, 4-H, pets, personal consumption and pelts. We ARBA members.

Carole Selleck
Kersey (east of Greeley), Colorado
English Lop
Mandolin Wind
I have had rabbits most of my 57 years. This past October (2012) I decided to get into breeding and showing English Lops after showing my dogs for over 30 years and no longer being able to due to neck and back surgery. I started out with some really nice ELops from Pease and Carrots, Willowbrook, Sweet Things and Windy Hill. Five of the six ELops I purchased are now Grand Champions. I like to produce a small number of litters so I have the time to handle and gentle my kits so when they leave for their new homes they are use to being handled. I have show/brood and occasionally pets available to the right homes. At times I have a waiting list so please contact me early if you are interested!

Kalli Deatherage
Hayden, Colorado
Silver Fox, Silver Marten and Creme d’Argent
Kalli Deatherage
Growing rare breeds rabbitry in NW Colorado

Terri Kluppel
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Velveteen Lops
Bonzai Bunny Rabbitry
I have a very small (12 holes) rabbitry and specialize in Netherland Dwarfs. I love the shaded varieties so my focus is on Himis, Siamese Sables, and Smoke Pearls. I also dabble a little with Chocolate Netherland Dwarfs and Chocolate Hollands. I strive to achieve ARBA standards for both breeds. All my bunnies receive tons of love and play time outside. A Bonzai Bunny is a spoiled bunny!

Evelyn Bonham
Lafayette, Colorado
American Fuzzy Lop, Holland Lops; Fuzzy Lops; Lionheads; Polish, Netherland Dwarfs & Lion Lops
Meadowbrook Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Lafayette, Colorado specializing in raising quality rabbits for pets and show. We are expanding our chocolate colors and we are breeding for conformation, color and sweet disposition. We have some of the best blood lines in the country in our breeding stock and strive to further produce high quality rabbits for both breeders and pet owners.

Skye Flick
Lakewood, CO
Jersey Woolies, Holland Lops
Skyediving Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry located in the SW part of Denver, CO. We are striving to produce high quality, show winning, lovable rabbits.

Richard Glantz
Lakewood, Colorado
Mini Lop, Mini Rex, French Lop
Red Lion Rabbitry
Solid and broken color. Rabbitry is in Lakewood ,Colorado.
We will start having litters in January,place your orders.
I do not ship I cannot rely on Airlines on time and the price for shipping
is to high. Pedigrees on all rabbits.

Mia Murray
Denver, Colorado
Holland Lop
Mama Mia’s Hollands
Mama Mia’s Hollands is a small rabbitry located in Lakewood, CO, just ten minutes west of Denver. We dedicate all our free time to our bunnies – you could say we’re a little obsessed! We feel this love is evident in each and every bunny we sell to our wonderful customers.

Kelly Cravens
Lafayette, Colorado
American Fuzzy Lop, Holland Lops
Fairy Goddess Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry with 30 holes. We fell in love with the lop breeds by accident. My son joined 4H and started to do rabbit Olympics. Watching our rabbits have so much fun made us both smile. I am a fiber artist and loving the personality of the Holland started to look for American Fuzzy Lops. I fell in love with the feel and texture of the fur. It turned into a family affair. We raise all of our rabbits with great care given to making sure they live a fulfilling life, having play time, veggie treats and lots of love. My business motto is the place where the love of art and animals collide.

Richard Glantz
Lakewood, Colorado
French Lop
Red Lion Rabbitry
Reserve your French Lops we will have litters in the near future.
I will not ship due to high rates and dependable flights with airlines

Blake and Brady Hopkins
LaSalle, CO
Satin, Harlequin, Californian, Holland Lop
B & B Rabbitry
We raise rabbits for 4-H, FFA and meat. We also have a few pet rabbits available from time to time. Feel free to contact us for all your rabbit needs if we don’t have what you need we know a lot of other rabbit breeders here in Colorado that might. We especially like to help out 4-H and FFA members.
(720) 939-8189

Shelby Stiles
LaSalle, Colorado
Holland Lop, Lionheads
S and S rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in LaSalle Colorado who specializes in Loinheads and Holland Lops. All of our beautiful bunnies are handled since day one and are very personable. We try and make sure that every bunny and customer is happy when they leave our barn. We are members of the ARBA and 4-H. Check us out for your next Show, Brood, or pet bunny!

Elizabeth Baker
Littleton, Colorado
Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops
Mocha’s Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Littleton, Colorado. Our goal is to provide the friendliest, top quality, Holland Lops. My family works hard to take great care of our bunnies, and we treat them like family. We handle our bunnies every single day, so that it is guaranteed you will have a sweet bunny. We always take good care of our bunnies, and ensure that your bunny will be friendly, healthy and show-able. We charge much less than most rabbitries, and our bunnies are still top-quality. I’m always willing to give out rabbit raising advice, and I will be completely honest about the bunny that I am selling you. Mocha’s bunnies can be a great 4-H project, or just a loving family pet. If you are interested in our bunnies, please send me an email, and I will get back to you ASAP. Our bunnies are one of a kind, and are sweeter than any bunnies in the state! I hope you look into buying one of our loving, beautiful bunnies :).

Heather Purvis
Littleton, Colorado
Holland Lops (Chocolates, Blue-Eyed Whites, Brokens, Lilacs, Torts)
Heather’s Hollands
ARBA member, HLRSC member, Bunnies in Baskets pet therapy member, USDA certification in process, we love our bunnies and show them as a family. Ours are very tame since we are not a huge rabbitry.

Marlo Byars
Longmont, Colorado
Lionheads, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Lomar Lions Rabbitry
We are a family run rabbitry specializing in show quality Lionhead, Holland Lop and netherland Dwarf bunnies. We have some of the top bloodlines in the country. We also have unusual colors such as tri colored and chocolate Holland Lops and blue eyed white lionheads. We focus on quality not quantity. We occasionally have pet bunnies available. Our bunnies are handled daily and all have great temperaments
Stop by and visit and pick your next show prospect, 4-H project or just a new family member

Deborah Smith
Longmont, Colorado
Rex, Standard Rex Rabbits
3R Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry, we raise about 10 to 12 litters per year. We are proud members of ARBA and The National Rex Club. All of our rabbits are handled from birth and are socialized. They all have a full pedigree. We raise the following varieties(colors): Amber, Californian, Castor, Chocolate, Black, Blue, Harlequin, Opal, Otters(Black and Blue), Red, Rew and Tri Color, and broken of these varieties.
Some of the following bloodlines we raise are as follows: 75’s, HTR, Brunelli, Circle T, Schell’s, Batey, Aspen Meadows, Meadow Lake, WW, Broken Arrow, Mac Rabbits, Red House Rex, Alpine Rabbitry, Meadow Lake, Roloff…….and many other. We had several leg winners for the 2013 season, Thank You to all.

Mark Schreiner
Louisville, Colorado
Dutch, Nederland Dwarfs, Mini Rex
P.V. Farms Rabbitry
We primarily raise Dutch rabbits on our farm but are getting more into the Nederland Dwarf and Mini Rex. Rabbits are only caged overnight to protect from predators. During the day we let them out into a large yard with access to the garden. Their primary diet is Timothy hay and pellets. Occasionally they get apples, spinach and their favorite – dandelions. Although we raise rabbits mostly for pets, we do have show quality rabbits and many people find just that when they are shopping at our farm. We have many unique color combo’s in the Dutch line. Of course the black & white and gray & white are the most common but we also have on occasion the blue-gray, chocolate & white and a rare tan and white with gray shading on the hind quaters. These are the most popular and the most rare in our experience. At any given time we have 28 – 40 rabbits and near Easter we have up to 60.

Bradley Grossman
Loveland, Colorado
Rocky Mountain Red Rabbits
Head type: Bold forehead, full, well filled cheeks, is descriptive of the majority of our rabbits. Fur: Our breed has a dense, softly textured, coat with an ideal length about 1″. It is not to fly back when stroked but a gentle roll back. Belly color: Most breeds will allow for slightly lighter color on the belly. We allow for the belly and lower body color to be SLIGHTLY lighter because it is the genetic makeup of the color. It is nearly impossible to get the color on the belly the same as the top of the body. The key word is slightly! Eye circles & underside of tail are to be a lighter shade of red. Overall Color: These have a unique color and “shine” to them. This shine represents a fiery and brilliant coat of color. There is a bright, clean finish to the majority of our rabbits.

Holly Tracy-Cure
Loveland, CO
Flemish Giants, American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Rex
Holly’s Hoppers
We are a small rabbitry ran by myself and my husband. We enjoy our bunnies and taking them to the shows. We strive for high quality show animals.

Dan Gudgel
Mead, Colorado
Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop and one Psycho attack bunny breed
Blue Ribbon Rabbits
Blue Ribbon Rabbitry specializes in raising prize winning bunnies in a healthy, happy, hoppy home.
I am 12 years old, and it has been my life-long dream to raise bunnies. I started my very own rabbitry in 2013, and love my bunnies very much! I live on acreage in the Colorado countryside and my bunnies get to spend lots of time hopping around outside playing with me and my two brothers.
Because I believe giving back is important, 15% of all my rabbit sales are donated to St. Judes Children’s Hospital.

Sonya Garcia
Meeker, Colorado
Giant Chinchilla, Silver Fox, Mini Rex
Triple H Rabbits
Located in NW Colorado we are specializing in Giant Chinchillas (the gentle giants), Silver Fox (known for there gorgeous fur and sweet personality) and Mini Rex (Chocolate, Lilac and Black/Chocolate Otter). All of our rabbits are pedigreed and most are show quality.

Mike Martinez
Montrose, Colorado
New Zealand – Black, Red, Chestnut, Agouti
M&L Rabbitry
Small rabbitry just starting out. But looking to grow. We got into raising rabbits for their meat and the health benefits of such a lean meat. Also to get a little closer to knowing our food source and where its been, and keeping good breeding habits and records along the way etc. We raise for meat for ourselves and family, but do sell our best kits for base stock and pets.

Fallon Duncan
Northwest, Colorado
Bison View Rabbitry
Quality Rex in Northwest CO

Jim Gerrish
Parker, Colorado
Continental Giants
J-Lo’s Giants
Purebred Continental Giants conforming to BRC standards.

Carissa Lembke
Parker, Colorado
Holland Lop
Praying Paws Rabbitry
I have been raising show and breeding quality Holland Lops since 2011. I have a small rabbitry of around 25 holes, so there is always something for sale!

Breanna Manning
Parker, Colorado
Mini Rex
Bre’s Bunnies Rabbitry
A local rabbitry found in Parker, Colorado dedicated in the raising of show, brood and pet quality mini rex rabbits.

Jennifer C
Peyton, Colorado
Netherland Dwarf
Holt’s Hoppers
We raise show quality Netherland Dwarf rabbits. We are located east of Colorado Springs. We are members of ARBA, ANDA, and a 4-H Member.
I have Otters, Himilayians, and Siamease Sables. We spend time with our rabbits everyday and are handled by 2 toddlers as well. They are a great addition for the show family or just pets.
Please contact us and visit our website to see our awesome bunnies!

Deborah Mitchell
Pueblo, Colorado
Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops, Lionheads, Polish
Aris Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Pueblo, colorado. Raising hollands, fuzzies, lionheads and polish. I show hollands and fuzzies. My girls show the lionheads and polish. Sell for show, 4h or just as a pet.

Shannon Pugh
Pueblo, Colorado
Flemish Giants
S&M Rabbitry
We are located in Pueblo colorado, we are a small Rabbitry and are growing fast! We are currently raising the Flemish Giants and have one buck (thomas) and and two doe’s. The one doe is black and white (amilia) and the other is (boo) she is all brown with a white paw. She had her first litter and our two girls wanted to keep them they are twins to Boo. (pepe and Theo).

Terri Bosch
Rifle, Colorado
Siamese Satin, Holland Lops
A.R.T. Rabbitry
Small rabbitry just starting up. Starting with house and show quality Siamese Satins.

Meleise Shrader
Superior, CO
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Shrader’s Superior Bunnies
Shrader’s Superior Bunnies is a small mother & daughter rabbitry located in Superior, Colorado. We began this wonderful hobby two years ago when Sarah (now 10 years old) joined 4H. Sarah socializes the babies and decides which rabbits to show. Mom does everthing else! ;-) We are proud members of ARBA, HLRSC, and ANDRC. Our focus right now is raising Hollands and Netherlands in the Chocolate varieties. Our goal it to continually improve type according to the ARBA Standard of Perfection for each breed.

Danielle Wiedeman
Wellington, CO
Leapin Lions Rabbitry
We are a small family owned rabbitry raising Lionhead Rabbits for 4H and Show. We currently have 12 holes. Our herd consists of four Bucks and five Does. We got our start in 2010 when my daughters friend gave her a rabbit for her birthday. She had been raising rabbits for 4H and thats what my Daughter decided she wanted to do also. So began our hunt to find two more Lionheads to start our herd. We have now successfully raised 5 litters here at our rabbitry. The kids have won many awards for their rabbits at the shows they have attended. All Bunnies born at our rabbitry are held daily from birth and we begin training between 2 and 3 weeks of age. They are all litter box trained. We are members of The American Rabbit Breeders Association, North American Lionhead Rabbit Club, and The Colorado Lionhead Breeders Club.

Ethan and Jamie Bruni
Western Slope, Colorado
American Fuzzy Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Thumpers Den Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry located on the Western Slope of Colorado. We are members of 4-H and ARBA. We raise and show American Fuzzy lops and Netherland Dwarfs.

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If you don’t find the rabbits that you are searching for in the state of Colorado, I suggest that you check out the breeders directories that we have assembled for the bordering states of Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming.

Find Rabbits for Sale in Colorado

Find Colorado Rabbit Breeders in your area using our online rabbit classifieds network

Colorado Rabbit Breeders

Find Rabbits for Sale in Colorado using our Colorado Rabbit Classifieds

More State Rabbit Breeder Links: California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Wyoming

Be sure to check out raising rabbits article and resource page for information about Raising Rabbits in Colorado.

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