Dalton’s Hoppy Bunnies

Featured Rabbitry #3: Dalton’s Hoppy Bunnies. An interview with the owner of Dalton’s Hoppy Bunnies- Dalton Williams.

Check out their website: www.DaltonsHoppyBunnies.webs.com

1: Tell us about your rabbitry…

1. I have a small rabbitry located in Hydesville California in beautiful Humboldt county. I currently have 15 holes and 13 holes are filled. I have 11 Netherland Dwarves and two Lilacs. I attend 3-4 shows a year. I attend the rabbit jamboree in Santa Rosa, Redwood Acres Fair, Humboldt county fair + Humboldt county fair open show, and the Crescent City show.

2: What rabbit breeds do you raise and why?

2. I raise Netherland Dwarves and Lilacs. I raise the colors: (broken) orange, (broken) black, (broken) chestnut, blue otter, chinchilla, r.e.w., b.e.w.. My first rabbit was a chestnut buck ND. I just loved him to death and over time I started getting more and more ND’s. They are my favorite breed and also my first. I just started raising Lilacs. I have a male and a female. I have always been interested in getting a new breed of rabbits that were bigger but not too big and the Lilac was the perfect rabbit for me.

3: About how long have you been raising rabbits?

3. I have raised Netherland Dwarves for the past seven years. I just got my Lilacs in January of 2011.

4. Who has helped you the most with your rabbit project?

4. I have received a lot of the information that I know about rabbits from my mother who is our local 4-H rabbit group leader and I am her teen leader. I also got a lot of information from Barbi Brown and Willow Glens Rabbitry.

5. What is your favorite rabbit memory or experience?

5. My favorite rabbit experience has to be when I won the small animal round robin at the Redwood Acres Fair. My favorite memory happened about four years ago. I had gotten a little chestnut doe out of my chestnut buck and chestnut ‘charlie’ doe. I took her to the Humboldt County Fair open show and she won best of breed. Then she got moved up to the best of show circle and won reserve grand champion of the whole show.

6. Do you currently have any rabbit stock for sale? If so please provide details…

6. I currently do not have anything for sale but I am expecting a litter from my b.e.w. and r.e.w. (netherlands).