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French Lop Rabbitry Listings

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Shannon Zwaan
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Zzz Rabbitz


Janay Hibner
Fresno, California
Janay’s Rabbitry

Shelby West
Le Grand, California
West Central Rabbitry

Laura Orosco
Lodi, California
The Shire Rabbitry

Heather Murray
Placerville, California
Dreamcatcher Acre’s Rabbitry


Della Darling
Drake, Colorado
Darling French Lops
970-461-3602 or cp 970-619-1514

Richard Glantz
Lakewood, Colorado
Red Lion Rabbitry


Andrew Evans
Gainesville, Georgia
Foothill Rabbitry

Ann Gray
Milner, Georgia
Gray’s Tiny Bunnies

Ed Bauck
Nampa, Idaho
Seaduck Rabbitry


Maggie Lee
Chillicothe, Illinois
Maggie Lee’s Bunny Barn


Stanley Knight
Lafayette, Indiana
Gallant Knight Rabbitry

Sonja Southard
Rising Sun, Indiana
Hares on the Hill Rabbitry


Grace Elliott
Wichita, Kansas
Whistling Trees Rabbitry


Samuel Neal
Deville, Louisiana
S.M.N Rabbitry

Tammy Loupe
Lockport, Louisiana
Loupe’s Bunny Barn


Samantha Schmidt
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Milo & Me Rabbitry


Stephanie Voorhies
Brandon, Mississippi
Voorhies Rabbitry

Michelle Evans
Tylertown, Mississippi
Lucky Charm Farm Rabbitry


Melinda McClain
Doniphan, Missouri
Justamere Rabbitry


Soni Hydo
Beatrice, Nebraska
Sicily Creek Rabbitry

Spencer & Michelle Herbolsheimer
Tekamah, Nebraska
Gotta Run Rabbitry


Josie Leary
Silver Springs, NV
Lil Leary Lops

Kaitlyn Parrish
Sparks, Nevada

New Hampshire

Deborah Collins
Milton, New Hampshire
Rockcastle Rabbits

New Jersey

Listing moved to “Mini Lop” Page – 5/5/2013

North Carolina

Gloria Korany
Charlotte, North Carolina
NC Bunnies


Dave Maldonado
Columbia Station, Ohio
Painted Trails Rabbitry


Maggie Means
Milwaukie, Oregon
Means rabbitry

Kylie Hendrix
Prineville, Oregon
Storybrooke Rabbitry


Michelle Potter
Catawissa, PA
Quaker Hill Rabbitry

Ally Carl
Halifax, Pennsylvania
Funny Farm Rabbitry

Wendy MacDonald
McVeytown, Pennsylvania
West Wind’s Rabbitry

Chelsea Myers
Factoryville, Pennsylvania
Country Cove Rabbitry


L James
San Antonio, Texas
Triple J Rabbittry Lovers


Lynn Miller
Berryville, Virginia
Spanish Oak Rabbitry

Brandi Loan
Concord, Virginia
Star’s Loplore


Kim Meyer
Clintonville, Wisconsin
Sunset Rabbitry

Pearl and Edith Loging
Ettrick, WI
Pearl’s Friendly Rabbits

Laura and Jake Hoffman
Union Grove, WI
Hands Rabbitry

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French Lop Rabbit Breeders

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