Rabbit Gifts

Rabbit Gifts – the top rabbit gift ideas & reviews for 2016. Find top rated rabbit jewelry, necklaces, figurines, clothing, statues & more for sale.

Rabbit Gifts

Rabbit gifts are fantastic for life events such as birthdays, holidays, graduations, and anniversaries.  But don’t limit yourself to a specific time of year! When you or someone special loves those little bunnies that symbolize new beginnings, love, luck, and harmony, go ahead and splurge on something elegant, fun, and even practical. We know that it can be tough to pick out the perfect present, so here we’ve provided the top rabbit gift ideas to help get you started.

#1: Lina & Lily Cute Rabbit Bunny Print Infinity Scarf Lightweight

Infinity Scarf Lightweight

This adorable lightweight scarf is perfect for women of all ages and works well with casual and professional attire. It’s soft and easy to care for and will make a wonderful addition to your wardrobe.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/Lina&LilyCuteRabbitBunnyPrintInfinityScarfLightweight

#2: Peter Rabbit Garden Statue – The Beatrix Potter Collection

Beatrix Potter Collection

When you think of bunny rabbit gifts for someone you know, your mind may turn to Beatrix Potter and her beloved books. Here’s a garden statue that captures the essence of literature, as well as the spirit of the rabbit.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/PeterRabbitGardenStatueTheBeatrixPotterCollection

#3: Creative Co-op Ceramic Bunny Rabbit Ring Holder

Bunny Rabbit Ring Holder

If you’re looking for a wedding gift that symbolizes fertility and youth, then this is an elegant choice for the bride and groom. However, anyone who is a fan of keeping their jewelry organized will appreciate the beauty and functionality of this gift.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/CreativeCoopCeramicBunnyRabbitRingHolder

#4: HUAN XUN Best Friend Necklaces

Best Friend Necklaces

Give your best friend this memorable bunny gift that’s casual and cool. It’s subtle and attractive, and you’ll notice the quality when you and your friend wear these every day.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/HUANXUNBestFriendNecklaces

5: Doodle Artist – Rabbits & Hares: A Colouring book for grown-ups

Colouring book for grown-ups

Adult coloring books have been pretty trendy lately and for a good reason! They’re an excellent way to relax and have a little fun with art while you’re at it. Plus, this rabbit gift makes a great stocking stuffer or addition to an Easter basket!

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/DoodleArtistRabbits&Hares:AColouringbookforgrownups

6: Michael Design Works Garden Bunny Cotton Kitchen Towel

Bunny Cotton Kitchen Towel

When you’re enthusiastic about bunnies, you want to display them in all of your favorite rooms. These are the perfect rabbit gifts for the chef at heart or the lover of kitchen decor.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/MichaelDesignWorksGardenBunnyCottonKitchenTowel

#7: Sterling Silver Rabbit Animal Ring Gift for Friend Everyday Wear

Animal Ring Gift for Friend Everyday Wear

This unique rabbit ring will be loved by all ages and makes a great present when you want to treat your special someone (or yourself) to a little something. It looks fantastic with all skin tones and is a beautiful accent for anything in your wardrobe.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/SterlingSilverRabbitAnimalRingGiftforFriendEverydayWear

#8: Lovely Rabbit Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover Home Sofa Decorative

This trendy little bunny rabbit gift adds a splash of color and pizzazz to a sofa or chair, and will be a fantastic addition to anyone’s home. Because it’s a pillow cover, be sure that you also give a pillow for the recipient that fits the size of the case if they don’t already have one.

#9: Michael Design Works Foaming Hand Soap

Foaming Hand Soap

The attractive square container is easy to wrap and give to someone at any time of the year. This gift looks wonderful in kitchens and bathrooms, and the sweet grass scent will leave your hands soft and smooth.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/MichaelDesignWorksFoamingHandSoap

#10: Bunny Slippers for Women

Slippers for Women

This inexpensive bunny rabbit gift will be a joy to open and wear. These are classic with a plush sole and will make a day hanging around the house just a little more fun.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/BunnySlippersforWomen

#11: Rabbit Bunny Emoji Pillow

Emoji Pillow

Not only is this bunny emoji pillow cute and soft, but it’s excellent reading or accent pillow (and it’s also great for your neck and back). It’s perfect for the texter in your life.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/RabbitBunnyEmojiPillow

#12: Meri Meri Peter Rabbit Large Plates

Rabbit Large Plates

If you’re planning a party for someone who loves bunny rabbit gifts, then these paper plates will perfect for your appetizers, desserts, and more! Check out the matching napkins if you want to enhance the theme.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/MeriMeriPeterRabbitLargePlates

#13: Button & Pleats Women’ Cotton Socks Cute Animal Story Design

Cotton Socks Cute Animal Story Design

These super soft socks will be perfect for a cold winter’s night or just to lounge around the house in. They come in a set of two, and they stay nicely on the leg without stretching out.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/ButtonPleatsWomenCottonSocksCuteAnimalStoryDesign

#14: The Mountain Bunny Face T-Shirt

Bunny Face T-Shirt

Here’s a great rabbit gift for the person that loves a good hug. The shirt is soft and realistic looking, and people just won’t be able to help but laugh at how adorable it is.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/TheMountainBunnyFaceTShirt

#15: DGY Women’s Rabbit Print Canvas Tote Beach Bag with Thick Rope

Tote Beach Bag with Thick Rope

If you know someone that love rabbits and beach bags, then you can’t go wrong with this tote. It’s a quality everyday bag that has plenty of room for all of the stuff you want to take on the go.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/DGYWomen’sRabbitPrintCanvasToteBeacBagwithThickRope

#16: Elope White Rabbit Topper

Rabbit Topper

Whether you want to surprise someone on Easter by dressing up, or you have a friend who loves the White Rabbit, this hat looks and feels good. Plus, it has a secret pocket inside!

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/ElopeWhiteRabbitTopper

#17: San Francisco Umbrella Co, Purple and White Rabbit Umbrella

Rabbit Umbrella

So many people lose and forget their umbrella making this a practical and fun rabbit gift. Pair it with some rain boots and bunny socks, and you’ll get that thank you card in no time.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/SanFranciscoUmbrellaCo,PurpleandWhiteRabbitUmbrella

#18: Vintage Cast Iron Bunny Rabbit Door Stop Wedge

Rabbit Door Stop Wedge

If you’re looking for bunny gifts that enhance a home’s décor ( but is also practical), then look no further than this item. It’s perfect for a home office, bathrooms, and beyond!

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/VintageCastIronBunnyRabbitDoorStopWedge

#19: Rabbit Love 6” Decal Sticker Cotton Tail

Rabbit Sticker Cotton Tail

This quaint rabbit decal sticker is adorable and makes the perfect gift for a co-worker, friend, or family member. You can put it on your car, on a window in your home, or where ever the mood strikes you.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/RabbitLove6”DecalStickerCottonTail

#20: Fred & Friends Bunny Trail Rabbit Picture Hangers

Trail Rabbit Picture Hangers

When you buy this bunny gift for a friend, go ahead and buy yourself one too. They make an adorable way to hang pictures and notes, and spruce up your corkboard and walls.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/Fred&FriendsBunnyTrailRabbitPictureHangers

 Ideas for rabbit gifts

Now that we’ve looked at the top rabbit gifts, it’s time to break it down just a little bit more. We know that gift-giving can be such a joy. But, it can also be pretty stressful when you’re looking for that perfect present. Here we look at gift ideas for her, as well as ideas for the holidays. And we’ll dig into the different hummingbird gifts that bunny and bird watchers will adore.

Gift ideas for her

Here are a few rabbit gift ideas for that special lady in your life that will keep her cozy and make her feel loved. Remember, when choosing a gift for her, you have options from art to jewelry to clothing, so pay attention to her personal style and find something that compliments her current taste.

#1: MiYang Women’s Super Soft Bunny Ballerina Slipper

Bunny Ballerina Slipper

If you want to take your bunny slippers up a notch, here’s a cute option that is more feminine than traditional styles. They’re soft and comfortable, but the rubber sole gives them longevity.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/MiYangWomen’sSuperSoftBunnyBallerinaSlipper

#2: Eove Women Sterling Silver Cute Small Bunny Pendant Necklaces Gift for Women

Pendant Necklaces Gift for Women

You’ll love watching her eyes light up when she opens this lovely necklace. Not only is it subtle and elegant, but it will look fantastic when worn with casual or formal outfits.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/EoveWomenSterlingSilverCuteSmallBunnyPendantNecklacesGiftforWomen

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is the perfect time to give a bunny gift to someone in your life. You’ll have so many options whether you want to keep it light because you’re shipping across the country, or you want to go big and shower your favorite person with multiple presents. Here are a couple of suggestions that will be an excellent choice for family, friends, party hosts, and beyond!

#1: Cozy Fleece Pajama Set

Pajama Set

With January’s cold winter right behind the season, you might want to pick up an extra pair of these cozy fleece pajamas – on for you and one to give as a gift.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/CozyFleecePajamaSet

#2: Umbra Menagerie Wine Bottle Topper, Bunny

Bottle Topper, Bunny

When you bring your Christmas party host a bottle of wine, add an extra touch with the bunny wine bottle topper. You’ll be guaranteed an invite next year!

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/UmbraMenagerieWineBottleTopperBunny

#3: The Brown Hare Box Sign (Primitives by Kathy)

Hare Box Sign

The brown hare box sign is attractive and has a place in bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. You can put it out during the spring and Easter, or leave it up all year long.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/TheBrownHareBoxSign(PrimitivesbyKathy)

Easter gift ideas

Easter baskets are a blast to fill, and just like other holidays, many of us can’t wait to sit at the table surrounded by friends and family and munch on those traditional foods before we hit the chocolate. Here are a few bunny gifts that you can get for the host of the Easter party, a family member or friend, or simply for yourself!

#1: Laughing Bunny Rabbits Rocking in an Easter Egg Cradle

Rocking in an Easter Egg Cradle

These laughing bunny rabbits are just fun to see on the shelf and make a great piece of décor for the season. You can fill the egg cradle with jelly beans or candy to make it even more fun to give.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/LaughingBunnyRabbitsRockinginanEasterEggCradle

#2: Toland Floppy Eared Bunny Decorative Easter Holiday USA-Produced House Flag

USA-Produced House Flag

If you know someone who can’t get enough of Easter, then give this present to help them proudly display it to their entire neighborhood. They can hang it off their front porch or place near the garden.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/TolandFloppyEaredBunnyDecorativeEasterHolidayUSAProducedHouseFlag

#3: Bunny Chocolate/Candy Mold

Chocolate/Candy Mold

So many of us love to cook with our friends and family, and what could be more fun than making your own bunny chocolate with a mold that makes it easy and attractive.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/BunnyChocolateCandyMold

Types of Hummingbird gifts

Rabbit and hummingbird gifts go hand-in-hand, so if you think that the bunny enthusiast in your life has it all, then switch it up and get them something a little different. Here are a few types of hummingbird gifts that will please anyone whether they love rabbits, gardening, nature, or beauty.

#1: Feeders

 A hummingbird feeder is a gift that keeps on giving because you can watch these fascinating birds throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Be sure you pair a book about feeding hummingbirds with this gift to ensure that the recipient not only knows how to use the feeder but how to clean and care for it.

There are multiple options, but here’s an example of an attractive hummingbird feeder that is a delight to look at when the little hummers are eating, as well as when they are away.


 #2: Clothing

It’s fun to support your favorite things through clothing, and hummingbirds are no exception! There are plenty of shirts, pajamas, pants, dresses, and socks that will look great whether you’re hanging on the couch or heading to work.

#3: Jewelry

Hummingbird jewelry can be as subtle or as bold as you want, and you’re never limited to a certain time of year to give it. While most people will wait until Christmas or birthdays to give this present, you can easily tell someone you love them any day of the year with the gift of hummingbird jewelry.

#4: Kitchen

If you have an avid cook in your life, then don’t just get the standard ho-hum kitchen stuff when you can personalize it with hummingbirds. Here’s an example of the high-quality items that will enhance each cooking experiences.


 #5: Art

Art makes a fantastic gift because there are so many options of which room to place it in, and it’s a constant reminder of your relationship with the person. There are different styles that delight the eyes from whimsical to handcrafted to regal.

Of course, there is a multitude of rabbit gifts, as well as hummingbird items that will make the day of the person getting to open the package. Check out our site for more suggestions on specific gift ideas, and don’t forget the bunny wrapping paper!