Rabbit Candles

Nothing makes a home more cozy than the flicker of a candle or two. There are so many different kinds of candles that it would be nearly impossible not to find one that doesn’t suit your needs. Whether the candle is scented or just decorative, it’s the perfect rabbit gift. Here are a few candles and holders that are sure to please people who collect and love bunnies.

#1: Bunny Cake Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle (22oz)

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle (22oz)

Creamy vanilla, sugary coconut, and bright citrus make this pink candle entitled bunny cake a welcome addition to any home scent collection. Yankee Candles are known for their excellent quality, and this bunny gift is no exception. A burn time up to 110-150 hours makes sure you get to enjoy the scent of bunny cake for a long time. It is a perfect springtime decoration and scent.

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#2: Viskey Rabbit Shape 7 Color Change Decoration LED Night Lamp

Decoration LED Night Lamp

Tiny and sweet, these affordable little rabbit candles will light up in seven different colors. They can be used as a night light or given as rabbit gifts to use anywhere. The energy saving LED light will ensure they last for a long time, and they’ll make a fun addition to anyone’s space. These little night-lights are sure to please adults and children alike.

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#1: Carefresh Complete Rabbit Bedding

#3: IMAX Mr. Rabbit Candle Lantern

Carefresh Rabbit Bedding

This lantern will look tasteful with any décor. Handsome, (even without a lit candle) this dapper rabbit will make the path you choose more charming. This bunny gift stands at 18.8 inches tall, and will liven up any room. It is easy to picture this lantern with springtime décor, but the patina will look right any time of year.

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#4: Cosmos Fine Porcelain Bunny Tea Light Holder

Porcelain Bunny Tea Light Holder

If there is someone in your life who loves bunnies or if you love the little furry animals yourself, this tea light holder will be a joy to own. Made of fine porcelain and ceramic construction, this candle holder comes in a sturdy gift box. Order it today for someone you love and it will be cherished for years to come. Makes a beautiful Easter decoration or use it year round!

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/CosmosFinePorcelainBunnyTeaLightHolder

#5: Michel Design Works Gift Boxed Soy Wax Candle

Gift Boxed Soy Wax Candle

This soy candle is all natural, nontoxic, biodegradable, and clean burning. With 45 hours of burn time, you can enjoy the fresh springtime scent of sweet grass for a long time. The decorative glass holder features bunnies in a beautiful, tasteful pattern. The candle comes in a keepsake box that presents this rabbit gift beautifully.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/MichelDesignWorksGiftBoxedSoyWaxCandle

#6: Mud Pie Easter Home Décor Metal Bunny Votive Candle Holder 3-Piece Set

Home Décor Metal Bunny Votive Candle Holder 3-Piece Set

This three piece bunny metal votive holder will fit perfectly into any rustic ambiance. Although it would make a nice Easter decoration, this votive holder could easily be used year round. Six inches by three inches, this metal votive holder is a perfect bunny rabbit gift for anyone who is a fan.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/MudPieEasterHomeDécorMetalBunnyVotiveCandleHolder3PieceSet

#7: Red Cherry Blue Rabbit with Carrot Party Candles

Rabbit with Carrot Party Candles

These sweet bunny candles are so cute you will not want to burn them. They are a novelty design and would take any plain cake and make it absolutely adorable. Made with eco wax, the little jacket wearing bunny holds a carrot. Although these candles are designed for desserts, they would also make a sweet decoration.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/RedCherryBlueRabbitwithCarrotPartyCandles