Rabbit Clothing

Rabbit clothing is an excellent way to express your joy for these furry creatures and add a little fun to your wardrobe. Plus, it’s a welcomed rabbit gift for all seasons. You can find a variety of options that can be worn around the house or out for a night on the town. Here are a few of our favorite rabbit pieces that you can add to your clothing collection, or give to a friend.

#1: CowCow Women’s Dark Floral Pattern Rabbit and Carrot Bunny Skater Dress

CowCow Women’s Skater Dress

Get that bunny admirer in your life this soft dress that is perfect for those spring showers because of the quick dry material. The cute bunny pattern skater dress is machine washable and isn’t easily wrinkled. It looks beautiful with cardigans or any other light jacket for those cool nights in the summer.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/CowCowWomen’sDarkFloralPatternRabbitandCarrotBunnySkaterDress

 #2: The Mountain Bunny Face T-Shirt

This pre-shrunk adorable bunny rabbit shirt is as much fun to wear as it is to look at. It’s a unique t-shirt that will soon become one of your absolute favorites. Get one for the whole family to wear next Easter or give this 100% cotton t-shirt as a rabbit gift for the bunny enthusiast in your life.

#3: YogaColors Women’s Black Heart Tri-Blend Weight Raglan Pullover

Tri-Blend Weight Raglan Pullover

This casual rabbit gift will look fantastic on that bunny devotee who just can’t get enough themed clothing. It’s lightweight, loose on the neckline, and hugs the waist giving it a fresh and attractive look. It can be worn with jeans, leggings, or shorts and makes those cool nights a little more fun.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/YogaColorsWomensBlackHeartTriBlendWeightRaglanPullover

#4: HDE Women’s Winter Leggings Fleece Lined Tights Stretch Pants

Leggings Fleece Stretch Pants

Look forward to winter with this adorable pair of bunny printed leggings. If you’re giving them as a bunny gift, you can pair them with a knitted sweater or a pair of slippers. The fleece lining will keep you warm and comfortable when the snow falls, and you’ll look forward to winter every year when you have these in your wardrobe.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/HDEWomen’sWinterLeggingsFleeceLinedTightsStretchPants

#5: Rabbit Fashional Custom Summer Sundress

Rabbit Fashional Sundress

This sweet sundress will become an instant favorite for Easter and springtime weddings, and can be dressed up with a jack and heels, or can easily be worn with flip-flops. The pastel colors and sketched design is subtle and attractive with all skin tones.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/RabbitFashionalCustomSummerSundress

#6: JJMax Women’s Sweet Bunnies Roll Cuff High Ankle Socks Set (one size fits all)

JJMax Women’s Sweet Bunnies

Socks are the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe, and really, who can’t use another way to keep their toes warm? These cute printed socks are comfortable and are fun to watch someone open. You can put the in a Christmas stocking or Easter basket, or give them as a “just because I love you” gift.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/JJMaxWomen’sSweetBunniesRollCuffHighAnkleSocksSet(onesizefitsall)

#7: Lina And Lily Cute Bunny Print Infinity Scarf Lightweight

Bunny Print Scarf

A lightweight scarf makes the perfect bunny rabbit gift for those that love subtle accents and have a keen sense of fashion. You can wear the rabbit scarf to work to jazz up professional attire or pair it with a solid colored shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/LinaAndLilyCuteBunnyPrintInfinityScarfLightweight

#8: Cozy Bunny Fleece Pajama Set

Pajama Set

Who doesn’t love opening pajamas on Christmas morning? Well, these make an excellent bunny gift for your friends and family who enjoys wearing jammies and curling up on the couch for a movie. The buttons on the front make it easy to change in and out of, and the drawstring allows it to tighten quickly and loosen up around the waste.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/CozyBunnyFleecePajamaSet

#9: Friendly Oak Women’s Sir Rabbit Tank Top

Rabbit Tank Top

Giving this charming Sir Rabbit tank top is a delight for the person on the receiving end. No women can deny a cute addition to her tank top collection, and this will be worn over and over again. It’s perfect for a hot day outside working in the garden and trendy for time spent at your favorite downtown location.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/FriendlyOakWomen’sSirRabbitTankTop

#10: Forever Women’s Long Sleeves Geek Rabbit Bunny Print Motif Knitted Jumper

Women’s Long Sleeves Knitted Jumper

This adorable knitted jumper is ideal for Easter and looks fantastic with leggings, jeans, or skirts. It’s nice and lightweight, making it perfect for cool spring and fall nights while hanging around the fire. Give one as a rabbit gift, and then choose a different color from gray, blue, white, black, and pink to keep for you!

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/ForeverWomen’sLongSleevesGeekRabbitBunnyPrintMotifKnittedJumper

#11: MiYang Women’s Super Soft Bunny Ballerina Slipper

Bunny slippers are fun to receive any time of the year and make an excellent rabbit gift. These ballerina slippers are adorable with a knitted ears and a pink flower to accent the stitched nose. The bunny tails at the end are so adorable you’ll want to wear these at more than just your house.

#12: I Love Rabbits T-Shirt for Bunny Rabbit Lovers

T-Shirt for Bunny Rabbit Lovers

This shirt comes in a variety of colors and will make a wonderful rabbit gift for men or women alike. You can get the matching decal if you really want to show your enthusiasm for bunnies. This print will make anyone passing by smile, and you can wear it on any day you feel like being casual.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/ILoveRabbitsTShirtforBunnyRabbitLovers

#13: I Love My Pet Bunny Rabbit Maryia Slouchy Beanie Winter Cap

Keep your ears warm in the winter with this cute beanie that features the word LOVE with the bunny rabbit playing the part of the O. The hot pink letters pop and the slate gray knitting will go with any of your winter coats. Buy one to give as a rabbit gift for a special occasion, and buy another to keep for yourself!

#14: Bro’Bear Plush Rabbit Outfit with Hood and Bunny Ears for Small Dogs and Cats

Rabbit Outfit for Small Dogs and Cats

Don’t think that you’re the only one who likes to wear rabbit clothing! Here’s a fun novelty to give to that person in your life that is a rabbit fanatic and has a small dog or cat. It’s easy to put on and take off dogs and cats, and it makes the perfect Easter and Halloween costume. Plus, it will keep your four-legged warm in the winter if they have short hair.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/gifts/Bro’BearPlushRabbitOutfitwithHoodandBunnyEarsforSmallDogsandCats