Rabbit Porcelain Collectables

There is something about rabbit porcelain collectibles that can make a home cozy and welcome in guests. They can be displayed in multiples places from the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom, and can add accents of color and beauty to any shelf or table. They make perfect rabbit gifts for admirers of the adorable animal, or those who simply love porcelain collectibles. Here are some of our favorites that you can keep for your home or give as a gift.

#1: YTC Summit Bone China Bunny Love Figurine

YTC Summit Bone China

This modern handcrafted collectible will look amazing in any spot in your home. The fresh white design complement all colors that are part of your décor and the meaning behind the bunnies is a symbol of love making it the perfect bunny gift for a girlfriend, fiancé, or spouse.

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#2: Cosmos Fine Porcelain Bunny with Flower Basket Figurine

Cosmos Fine with Flower Basket Figurine

Easter is one of the best times to present this rabbit gift to someone who enjoys extraordinarily crafted details in a porcelain bunny collectible. The subtle colors are a pleasure to view, and the small size will look good when you pair it with other items on the shelves from books to framed pictures.

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#3: Herend Porcelain Figurine Bunny with Bowtie Blue Fishnet

Herend Porcelain with Bowtie Blue Fishnet

 A premium porcelain collectible like this will make the day of any recipient who you give this bunny gift to. The white porcelain is premium and divine, and the 24K gold accents give it a touch of sophistication and elegance that many collectibles don’t bring to the table. Master artisans design the hand painted elements that will be complimented by everyone that passes by the placement of this figurine.

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#4: Abbot Collection White Porcelain Rabbit Soap Dish

Abbot Collection White Soap Dish

 If you want to give an adorable and practical bunny rabbit gift, then this porcelain soap dish is right up your ally. It’s perfect for weddings, birthdays, Easter, and events like housewarmings. Pair it with an artisan soap and bunny rabbit bath towel for a complete and exciting gift to open.

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#5: Cosmos Multicolored Fine Porcelain Decorative Bunny Tea Light Holder

Cosmos Multicolored Fine Porcelain Tea Light Holder

 It will be easy to give this because it comes packaged in an elegant gift box and looks stunning when displayed with a simple tea light. You’ll need to buy the tea lights separately, but this is a present that will provide soft lighting that enhances the look of the bunny with a flower behind one ear.

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#6: Lenox Bunny Fine Porcelain Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Lenox Porcelain Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

 Lenox collectibles have been a favorite of many people, and when you want to add a bunny to your porcelain series, then these will be a great addition. They’ll liven up your dining room and can be displayed all year long. The detail is exquisite and would be a perfect for a wedding or anniversary gift.

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#7: Cosmos Fine Porcelain Bunny Hinged Box

Cosmos Fine Hinged Box

This bunny box is made of fine porcelain and can hold anything small that your heart desires from jewelry to keys. It will compliment your home no matter where you place it, and if you choose to give it as a rabbit gift to a friend or family, then you’ll be pleased it comes in a sturdy box. The colors compliment Easter and springtime, and the subtle flower will please the eyes.

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#8: Lomonosov Porcelain Collectable Figurine Sculpture Easter Bunny Rabbit

Lomonosov Porcelain Collectable Figurine Sculpture Easter

 When you open this, you’ll find the Lomonosov logo placed on the bottom of the rabbit to show that it is genuine and hand painted. The shiny porcelain gives it a unique look, and the realism will catch the eye of anyone passing by. You can pair this figurine with others in the collection, or have it stand on its own – either way, you’ll love incorporating this into your home décor.

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#9: Lomonosov Porcelain Collectible Figurine Sculpture Easter Bunny Rabbit 2 with Carrot

Lomonosov Porcelain Collectible Figurine Sculpture Easter 2 with Carrot

If that rabbit enthusiast in your life already has a Lomonosov bunny collectible in their home, then why not get them another one? This one can be left out all year long, or you can bring out for special occasions like the first day of spring and Easter.

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#10: Cute Porcelain Bunny Night Lamp for a Nursery

Cute Porcelain Lamp for a Nursery

Whether you’re going to a baby shower, or you simply want to light up a corner in your home at night, then this bunny gift will be a pleasure to open and a welcomed addition to your home. It’s elegant and modern, but also uses the latest technology to make life easier for you.

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