Rabbit Sculptures

Sculptures can change the ambiance of any space whether it’s inside your home accenting your front entrance, or you prefer to add décor to your garden and outdoor patio. If you’re keen on rabbits, then you’ll be pleased that you have a lot of attractive and durable sculptures available. Here’s our favorite pick for sculptures that can be given as rabbit gifts and will add aesthetic beauty to any area in or around your home.

#1: Design Toscano The Wandering Rabbit Matchstick Sculpture

Design Toscano The Matchstick Sculpture

If you want to give someone a bunny rabbit gift that will be cherished for a lifetime, then this quality cast iron collectible will be a perfect fit. Each piece is hand finished individually by an artisan allowing it to capture the rabbit even more completely. The straight-eared bunny will look fantastic inside your home or placed in a garden full of flowers or vegetables.

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#2: Helping Hand Rabbits Garden Sculpture

Helping Hand Sculpture

These adorable rabbits helping each other make an excellent bunny gift for those that have given you a hand in your life from friends to sisters to mothers. You can put it on a bookshelf, or you can hang it outside on a deck or decorative stone. This garden sculpture will please people of all ages and is fantastic for an Easter display.

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#3: Bunny Lovers on Bench Sculpture

BunnyLovers on Bench Sculpture

If you want to watch someone open a bunny gift with absolute delight, then this sculpture will be an excellent choice because they are outdoor safe and look fantastic with any landscape. The two rabbits appear to be kissing from one angle, but upon a closer look, they are actually just leaning in. The sculpture is simple and fresh, and will tickle the eyes.

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#4: Playful Rabbit Garden Sculpture

Playful Sculpture

Getting one of these playful rabbits is going to brighten up your day every time you walk by it. With a sweet bird resting on the bunny’s foot and partially floppy ears, you can place this garden sculpture out in early spring and leave it until the leaves fall. While you can keep it out all year, some people find that they enjoy displaying it inside in the winter months. It has a rustic look and will make an excellent rabbit gift for those who love sculptures and bunnies.

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#5: Mother’s Love Garden Statue

Mother’s Love Statue

This is a beautiful Mother’s day bunny rabbit gift showing the tender love that a mom gives her young one. The orange carrot flows well with the colors of nature and the stance of the mother with a child will melt your heart. Walking to your garden will be a treat when you can stop and look at the symbol of love and family this sculpture embodies.

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#6: Made 4 Museum Hand Patinated Bunny Rabbit Sculpture

Made 4 Museum Hand Patinated Sculpture

This bunny rabbit sculpture is rustic and classy, and will add a touch of sophistication to any space in your home. While it looks like a simple piece at first glance, it’s elegant artwork that is hand-painted will leave your space inspired. You can easily set this on a shelf and watch as guests admire the beauty of the bunny.

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#7: Meditating Rabbit Cast Stone Garden Sculpture

If you have someone in your life that appreciates the Zen lifestyle, as well as rabbit gifts, then you can’t go wrong with this sculpture’s design. You’ll find joy passing by the meditating bunny every time, and when you look at the robe it’s wearing, you’ll see the word “fruitfulness” written in Chinese characters. It’s durable enough to handle all weather conditions and beautiful enough to be the centerpiece of your garden, as well as a subtle accent.

Meditating Rabbit Cast Stone Garden Sculpture

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#8: Scooter Bunny Garden Sculpture

Adding a touch of whimsy to your garden is easy when you incorporate this happy bunny rabbit riding a scooter. The bunny is mid kick as it makes its way on a rustic golden scooter that glides into the ground using sturdy posts at the base of each wheel. The rabbit looks happy with its ears being blown by the wind. Give this as a rabbit gift to the green thumb in your life, or get one for yourself to add to your collection.

ScooterBunny Garden Sculpture

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#9: Sculptural Gardens by Heritage Farms Bunnies Playing Statuary

Sculptural Gardens by Heritage Playing Statuary

The realistic eyes of this bunny sculpture truly set it off as a unique piece that will be cherished by anyone walking through your garden. The sculptures are reliable no matter the weather outside, and they make an excellent addition to your family of bunnies in the backyard.