Rabbit Wind Chimes

The soft melody of wind chimes can make a typical spring day just a little more magical. And when you adorn your outdoor oasis with beautiful and fun rabbit wind chimes, you’ll love the effects they can have on your mood and the look of your space. Plus, they make thoughtful rabbits gifts that will delight even the most persnickety bunny lover. Here are a few selections that are attractive and always enhance the ambiance of any patio, porch, or garden.

#1: Wind Bell Japanese Wind Chimes with Handmade Glass Featuring Jumping Rabbits

Wind Bell Japanese Wind Chimes with Handmade Glass Featuring

If you or the recipient of the rabbit gift enjoys the soft and subtle sounds of twinkling wind, then this is the perfect wind chime for you. It’s unique in the way the wind works with the glass making the noise incredibly relaxing and sweet sounding. Plus, it adds to the aesthetics of your outdoor space even when the air is still.

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#2: Gold Plated Rabbit Wind Chime with Swarovski Crystals

Gold Plated Chime with Swarovski Crystals

As soon as the bunny enthusiast in your life opens this rabbit gift, the first thing that will catch their eyes is the craftsmanship and attention to detail. You’ll love the elegance that this wind chime brings to your outdoor space. However, it will also add a touch of sophistication when displayed in your kitchen or dining area. Made with genuine Austrian crystal and plated with 24K gold, you can’t go wrong when this is under the Christmas tree or in an Easter basket.

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#3: Bunny Boater Wind Chime

If you want a bunny rabbit wind chime that is simply adorable and fun to look at and listen to, then this a perfect selection. The bronze finish looks fantastic against a garden backdrop and the tiny bunny boaters inside lead the way using a leaf as their vessel. The little details will be a pleasure to look at every time you walk by.

BunnyBoater Wind Chime

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#4: 24K Gold Plated Rabbit Wind Chime and Sun Catcher

This magical sun catcher will showcase rainbows when the sun catches the genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystals that make up the body of the rabbit. This is sure to please anyone in your life and is an absolute joy to watch when you relax on your porch. The 24K gold plating sparkles in the light, and the chimes sing a sweet melody when the wind catches them.

24KGold Plated Rabbit Wind Chime and Sun Catcher

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#5: Woodstock Victorian Rabbit Garden Chime

If you want to give someone a bunny rabbit gift that lends a nod to country charm, you’ll find that this garden chime adorned with butterfly and hummingbird accents will be a memorable choice. It’s made of premium quality and releases an exquisite sound when the wind blows through it. It highlights the natural colors of outdoor elements so it will look great on your patio, porch, or garden no matter what colors you currently display. And the best part is it comes with a gift box to make it even easier to present to a loved one.

Woodstock Victorian Rabbit Garden Chime

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#6: Metal Rabbit Wind Chime

If you have a friend who enjoys a modern wind chime, then this will be the best bunny rabbit gift you can give. Its attraction is subtle because of the solid silver, but upon a closer inspection, you’ll notice the attention to detail the quality craftsmanship that went into making this exquisite piece. The symmetry is aesthetically pleasing, and it looks fantastic indoors and out.

MetalRabbit Wind Chime

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#7: Blue and White Rabbit Wind Chime from Japan

From Japan, this bunny rabbit wind chime is perfect for indoor use whether you put it in a nursery, kitchen, or bathroom. It’s a unique design and will look beautiful displayed for Easter or early spring. You’ll receive an attractive box with the purchase making this rabbit gift a great option to give any time of the year.

#8: Japanese Bunny Rabbit Ceramic Wind Bell

Livening up a birthday or Easter party is easy when you hang these lovely bunny ceramic wind chimes. They make a superb rabbit gift for a co-worker to hang in their office and can be displayed all year long. The rabbits against the moon backdrop are charming and artistic, and it’s unlike any other wind chime.

#9: Enjoyable Life Lovely Rabbit Couple Series Home Décor Accents Wind Bell

This absolutely adorable rabbit couple wind chimes make a fantastic rabbit gift for weddings and anniversaries, or you can give it to that special someone for Valentines Day. They are high quality and eco-friendly, and they’ll be a welcomed addition to the inside of your home or covered patio.

Enjoyable Life Lovely Series Home Décor Accents Wind Bell

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