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Dani Trosper
Anacoco, LA
Dutch, Mini Rex, Tans, English Spots
Double T Rabbitry
A small home grown rabbitry in Anacoco, La. We are working towards bettering our breeds and learning all we can about them…

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Darrell Cormier
Abbeville, Louisiana
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites
Cormier’s Cajun Rabbitry
Cormier’s Cajun Rabbitry raising quality new zealand white show rabbits

Pamela Batey
Arnaudville, LA
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Polish
Pammy’s Bunny Farm
I am a small home breeder that loves every minute that is spent with my rabbits. I breed and show my rabbits. My son is in 4-H, and is the one that has the polish breed. Only been at it for a little while but I keep learning more and more everyday.

Amanda Jacquneaux
Arnaudville, LA
Satins, New Zealands, Mini Rex, Lion Heads, Checker Giants, Flemish Giants, Mini Lop
Rabbit Shack
I Have Been raising rabbits with my father for many years. We love raising the big and little rabbits. I’m trying to get my kids involved and begin to show them.

Rebecca Gondron
Broussard, Louisiana
Netherland Dwarf
Hippity-Hop Dwarf Rabbitry
I raise Netherland Dwarf Rabbits because they are so small and can be kept indoors. They make great pets and children love them and can show them for 4H or FFA. I am a small rabbitry in the heart of Cajun Country. My rabbits are kept indoors in an a/c and heated room for comfort and safety. I have a variety of colors. If you are interested, please give me a call on my cell and I will send pics of available rabbits for sale. Thanks for your inquiry.

Carson Malagarie
Chauvin, Louisiana
Flemish Giant, American Blues, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Giant Chinchillas, New Zealand Reds, Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot, New zealand Whites, English spots
Four Lil Paws Rabbitry
i have been raising rabbits for 30 years since my late father was raising. this has been a inspiration for me after his passing to give on to my kids. if you are interested in any of my rabbits please contact by phone or email im always available. this has been a goal in my life to see smiles on faces when they leave. im reasonable in prices, and will find what you want if I don’t have it. come see us on my page on facebook 4 lil paws rabbitry. I sell show quality rabbits and pedigreed rabbits but will sell for pet or meat purposes to.

Rebecca Tero
Clinton, Louisiana
Mini Rex, New Zealands, Netherland Dwarf
Rebecca of Sunny Hill Farm Rabbitry
Rabbits have been a part of my life ever since I was old enough to walk. My dad raised rabbits before I did, and as soon as I was old enough, I was out fooling with them as well, and after a few more years I took the rabbitry over myself. Just recently I restarted my rabbitry after a brief break for health reasons. I’m currently still building my herd, but have bunnies available pretty frequently. I appreciate your business!

Shane Willhite
Columbia, Louisiana
New Zealands, Californians, Americans
6 Rivers Farms Rabbitry
At 6 Rivers Farms we specialize in commercial New Zealand and Californian breeding stock. We select heavily for production characteristics such as litter size, weight at weaning, and heat tolerance. We have numerous commercial New Zealand lines including TAMUK lines. We have stock from Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri. We also have Californian lines as well as American Blue lines. We will also soon be adding American Whites. We are ARBA, LRBA, and NELRBA members

Addie Duet
Cut Off, Louisiana
Mini Lop, French Lops and Holland Loos
AAA’s Bunnies
We currently show and breed Mini Lops, French Lops and Holland Lops. All are pedigreed rabbits and have show quality bunnies . We have a small rabbitry of 25 holes . Members of ARBA and LRBA and do this mainly for 4-h and youth rabbit shows.

Sheree Johnson
Cut Off, Louisiana
Dwarf Hotot, Blanc de Hotot, Californian, Dutch, French Lop, New Zealand Red
Evil Bunny Rabbitry
We are ARBA members and we breed and sell according to the Standard of Perfection for each of the breeds we raise. Although we primarily raise rabbits to feed our family, we do provide breeding stock to trusted breeders and 4-H participants. Contact us through facebook or email today!

Jamie Rushing
Delhi, Louisiana
Dwarf Hotot, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Californian, Polish, American Blue, Mini Lop, Dutch
Rushing Rabbitry
Rushing Rabbitry provides 4H Students with Rabbits to show. We also sell to other breeders and the public. But we are proud to have several of our rabbits win Best of Breed, Best of Show, Grand Champion, and so on.

Colton Smith
Denham Springs, Louisiana
Mini Rex, Champagne D’Argent, Polish & Meat Crosses
CJ’s Rabbit Ranch
My name is Colton Smith I started raising rabbits in April of 2013. I raise show, pet & meat quality rabbits. I am registered with the A.R.B.A. and attend many rabbit shows if you want any info on my rabbits for sale or the back ground of my rabbits please contact me.

Rhonda Zalfen
Denham Springs, Louisiana
Flemish Giant, New Zealand reds, Flemish/New Zealand crosses, American Blues, Lionheads
J & R Hoppers
We are a small rabbitry with 40 holes. Our stock includes Flemish Giants, New Zealand reds and sometimes whites, American blues, lionheads, a holland lop to breed with lionheads for fluffy lops and several cross breeds for meat rabbits. We originally started this venture 4 years ago as an FFA project for our daughter’s agg. classes, but have grown since then. We are not currently members of ARBA but hope to be in the future.

Samuel Neal
Deville, Louisiana
Mini Rex, Mini Lops, Americans Jersey woolies
Louisiana Roads Rabbitry
Hello my name is sam. I own this small rabbitry located on the outskirts of pineville louisiana; in a town named Deville. if your interested in any of our rabbits just shoot me an email or text :D

Cheryl Wells
Deville, Louisiana
American Blue and meat rabbits
We sell pedigree American Blue rabbits and meat rabbits

Scott Romero
Duson, Louisiana
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Lion Head, Holland Lop, Dutch
Romero’s Rabbit Ranch
I specialize in Lion Heads and Mini Rex Bunnies.

Tina Descant
Effie, Louisiana
Holland Lops, New Zealands
Cajun Cottontails
I raise sweet holland lops and new zealands . Our rabbits are gentle and well cared for .

Curtis Kimbrough
Eros, LA
5 K Rabbitry
A small family farm located in north Louisiana.

Tammy Wimmer
Folsom, Louisiana
Lionheads, Lion Lops, Dwarf and Lops
Tammy’s Rabbit Ranch
I have been raising rabbits since I was little with my family and have continued to care,love and breed these little dolls with the help of my children. We are a small family farm as to make sure can have one on one time with breeder/pets and the babies that are sold to new families.

T & L Hunt Farms Hunt
Forest Hill, Louisiana
Meat Rabbits
T & L Hunt Farms
We have a small meat rabbit farm starting in Rapides Parish. We sell all sizes for meat and/or for pets.

Mary Perez
Galliano, Louisiana
Netherland Dwarf, Havana
T’s Cajun Cutties
Our Rabbitry began with our son winning a Havana at his local 4H event. From there, we purchased a mate for the rabbit and attended his first show. Where we meet several helpful people who helped to get us started in raising rabbits. We are a small Rabbitry with about 25-30 holes. He currently shows in LRBA shows in Louisiana and Mississippi. He has won several Best in Shows with both his Havanas and Netherland Dwarfs.

Mike Ellerbe
Gilbert, LA
Dutch, Dwarf Hotot, Florida White, Himalayan, Polish
Rock E Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry in northeast LA and raise rabbits for show, 4-h and pets. Members of LRBA and ARBA, Dwarf Hotot rabbit club.

Tim Laughlin
Gillis, Louisiana
New Zealand, CH giants, Californian
Rabbit Run Rabbitry
thanks for responding to add.
I raise good quality meat rabbits
although I just started a new barn n process and will
be done by early spring.

Terry/Linda Rushing
Greensburg, LA
Californians, New Zealand Reds, Whites and Blacks, Flemish Giants, Silver Martins, Mini Lionheads
His Mine & Ours Bunny Farm
We stock around 95 rabbits year round, producing rabbits all year around. Our rabbitary is neat and very clean at all times and this does make a difference, appearance is very important to us, as well as quality. Let us know your wants and we will be happy to help you, also we can ship, extra charges will be applied to this. Again Thanks for your business, Terry & Linda
1804 Hwy.10 East Greensburg, La, 70441

Anita Soley
Golden Meadow, Louisiana
Holland lops, Lionheads, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Kalli’s lil Kuties
We provide pet and 4h quality rabbits of a few breeds and welcome a site inspection of facilities and of the breeding pairs

Mikki Bush
Hammond, Louisiana
Mini Rex, Polish
Bunny Hunny Rabbitry
Hello, Bunny Hunny Rabbitry is a locally owned farm. We love and care for our rabbitry with proper care. We have a variety of breeds, which means a variety of prices. Anywhere from $15-$30 depending on the breed, but the main breeds we sell are mini rex. Feel free to contact me with any questions! :)
-Thanks a bunny!

Terri Wilson
Jonesville, Louisiana
New Zealands, Californians, Mini Rex, Mini Lops, Jersey Woolies, Satins, Polish and Dutch
Wilson Rabbit Ranch
We are a small rabbitry located in Central, Louisiana, close to Natchez, Miss. We are dedicated to learning and growing our Rabbitry to the highest level. We have a large variety of breeds, polish being the newest of them. We sell meat pen, 4-H, Show, and pet quality rabbits.

Elizabeth Bergeron
Lafayette and Carencro , Louisiana
Holland Lop, Mini Lops , French Lops , Netherland Dwarf’s , Mini Rex ,Lionheads , California’s , New Zealand’s ( White and Red’s ) Flemish Giants , Checkered Giants , American Blue’s and White’s
Bergeron’s Rabbit Ranch
We also have New and Used Cages . We sell brand new water bottles , Feeders , nesting boxes and Top Grade of Rabbit Feed. We are known as YOUR ONE STOP RABBITRY . Largest Rabbitry in South West Louisiana .
We are located in Lafayette and Carencro Louisiana . We will soon be moving the full operation to our Carencro location . Taking 103 B off I-10 . Which is the North bound lane . We will announce on Craig’s list when we have totally moved and READY for our Grand Opening special’s …. See you then .

Halie McManus
Lake Charles , Louisiana
English spot, Mini Rex, New Zealands
Happy Hopper Rabbitry
I had just started my rabbit farm and it’s growing fast! I have pet,show,and meat rabbits. my type of rabbit breeds are increasing. I have baby rabbits through out the year. I have all kinds of mini Rex colored. prices start at 10 dollars. if you’re interested for rabbit pictures you may contact me on 3375327312, I prefer text but call is fine.

Dale Marie Latham
Livingston, Louisiana
English Lops, Champagne D’ Argents, American Checkered Giants, Lilacs, Sable Silver Martens, White/Broken Black New Zealands
Animallane Rabbit/Latham Farm
We are a small farm of rabbits, we raise for show, meat and 4-H.

Megan Bergeron
Livonia, Louisiana
Mini Rex
Megan’s Mini Farm Rabbitry
I’m a mini farm in the small town of Livonia, LA. I specialize in Mini Rex rabbits. Have all colors. I raise show and pet quality bunnies. Feel free to call and come by to take a look I will give you a tour of my rabbitry. I strive to raise healthy productive rabbits they are only fed the best feed and get love & care everyday.

Sarah Tarver
Livonia, Louisiana
Mini Rex, Meat Rabbits
Bayou Frisco Faem
At Bayou Frisco Farm we love raising and showing rabbits! We specialize in quality Mini Rex and meat rabbits. All of our rabbits are raised in a safe and clean environment, and given lots of love and care everyday! Many of our does have won GRAND CHAMPION and RESERVE CHAMPION! All of our rabbits are 4-H and show quality. Babies are hand-tamed.

Tammy Loupe
Lockport, Louisiana
French Lops, Holland Lops, New Zealand Reds, Californians, Netherland Dwarfs, San Juans
Loupe’s Bunny Barn
Hi, I am located in southeast louisiana and have been raising rabbits for 18 years now. I am mainly focusing on French lops , I have been working on a Chocolate line and hope too have my first litters in the fall . We also raise hollands( chocolates, bew’s ,orange’s) & a few other breds. Just gotta have a LOVE OF LOPS

Debra Derrick
Longville, LA
Californians, Mini Rexes, Holland Lop Minis
The Funny Bunny Farm
Californians were my original breed, I was raising for meat. As time has gone on I have acquired a pair of torte mini rexes, and have fallen for the mild mannered rexes so kits were in the making. I had an opportunity to get registered rexes, now we are also breeding the registered minis. Now we have a pair of holland lop minis with their pedigrees and will be breeding them also. We have 37 heads altogether. We are loving every minute of our funny bunnies.

Autumn Perry
Longville, Louisiana
Netherland Dwarfs
Autumns Bunny Rabbits
Small breeder of Netherland Dwarfs including BEW.

Roger Owens
Maurepas, LA
Jersey Wooly, New Zealand, Holland Lop
JR Rabbit Ranch
52 hole rabbitry under two roofs.

Billy Smith
Monroe, Louisiana
New Zealands (broken black, black) and California
Pedigree rabbits… excellent bloodlines for 4-h, breeding and show.

Marion “Mutt” Tarver
Monroe, LA
Mini Lop, Silver Martin, Lion Head
Cedar Hill Farms
Small backyard rabbitry to help foster a love of animal husbandry and develop the responsibility of caring for farm animals in my grandchildren. We plan to expand when we move to our farm in 2013.

Dana Duhon
Morse, LA
Netherland Dwarfs
RD Rabbitry
We are an small rabbitry in southern Louisiana. We have our rabbits in an a/c barn.

Shonda Comeaux
Moss Bluff, Louisiana
Dutch, French lop, California
Comeaux’s Bayou Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a very small rabbitry located in Moss Bluff, LA. My son started with one Dutch rabbit we purchased at the local sale barn for a 4-H project. Well now we are in love with that breed. We also show French lops and raise California meat pens. We are now members of ARBA, ADRC, LRBA, TDRC and Calcasieu Parish 4-H. We learn a little more at every show and would love to help any youth with learning to show or raise rabbits.

FOLSOM, Louisiana

Leonard and Larenda Warkentin
Pineville, Louisiana
New Zealand
Little Rose Rabbitry
We are beginners, with guidance from a fellow Breeder we are just now starting our rabbitry. Right now we have New Zealand Rabbits. Any advice or tips are welcome. :)

Angelle Kraemer
Raceland, Louisiana
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
Kraemer’s Cajun Bunnies
We are a 36 hole rabbitry located in south Louisiana. We raise quality holland Lops and Mini Rex Rabbits. Our Holland Lops are based on Saynora, southern Stars, XCaliber lines. Our Mini Rex are based on Kings, RRR and Walkers lines. We are currently in 1st place with our holland Lops in Louisiana.

Misti Richards
Ragley, Louisiana
Mini Lops, French Lops, Holland Lops, New Zealand mix meat rabbits
Lizzie’s Lops Rabbitry
We raise show quality Mini Lops, French Lops, and Holland Lops. My children show them at ARBA sanctioned and 4-H shows. We also raise New Zealand mix meat rabbits for personal use but do sell them as pets as well.

Donald Credeur
Rayne, Louisiana
Flemish Giants, New Zealands (Reds and Whites), Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs
Credeur’s “Poorman’s Rabbitry”
We have many different rabbit breeds. We are going be offering a wide variety of rabbit breeds, as of now we offer New Zealands (red & white), and Flemish giants. We soon hope to add Checker giants, Lionheads, and Netherland Dwarfs.

Bill McNeer
Rayville, Louisiana
New Zealands (White, Red, Black, Broken)
Hat Creek Rabbitry
All rabbits have Peds and have show quality. Great bloodlines.
318 417 9164

Shrevport-Bossier, LA
Mini Rex, Dutch
SNM Rabbitry
We’re a small rabbitry located in Northwest Louisiana. Our main focus at our rabbitry is our Red Mini rex, with a side project of Torts and Chocolates. Our goal is to meet the standard of ARBA ,and raise great quality rabbits. We strive to have happy, healthy rabbits. Give our site a look, and leave a comment in the guestbook.

Sherilyn Wright
Shreveport, Louisiana
S&A Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry. We have many goals to come, but at the moment we are breeding Rex rabbits. Soon we home to begin to breed Lionheads, Harlequins, Angoras, Lops, and Flemish Giants. I will keep this updated. I work with my boyfriend, Alan, on this project. We sell our Rex rabbits for $25. Also, if you are interested in trading for any of the rabbits listed above, I would be more than glad to consider. I will not trade Rex for lionhead though, but the rest feel free to ask, or other breeds. *Only willing to trade for Does*

Jennifer Breithaupt
Vidalia, LA
Lionhead, Dutch, Dwarf and Mini Satin
Captain Leroy’s Little Critters
Mom and I run a small family worked rabbitry. We raise Lionheads, Dutch, Dwarf and Mini Satins. Every kit is handled from day one to ensure friendly bunnies for your home. Please call or email to schedule your visit to our rabbitry.

Ville Platte, Louisiana
Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Backyard Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Ville Platte, LA. We raise Mini Rex in Blue & Broken Blue & Holland Lops in Broken, Black, Tort, BEW, Chocolate, Pointed White, Siamese Sable, & Sable Point.

Garrett & Brelyn Hendry
West Monroe, Louisiana
Mini Rex, New Zealand, Lionhead
BnG Rabbitry
We raise pedigreed Mini Rex and New Zealands. We also have a side project on non-pedigreed Lionheads.

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