Male Rabbits

Find information on male rabbits and their classification. Learn how to tell your male and female rabbits apart and find male rabbits for sale.

Male Rabbits

In this short article I will be providing you with information on male rabbit classification and will be providing you with links to related male rabbit resources. If you are interested in learning more about raising rabbits, I suggest that you claim your free subscription to our rabbit breeders newsletter.

Male Rabbit Classification

Male Rabbits are commonly referred to as “bucks” in the rabbit world. Baby male rabbits are called “kits” or simply “bunnies”.

Sexing Male Rabbits

Sexing Male Rabbits

When a male rabbit reaches several months of age, it is quite obvious that the rabbit is a male. When you pick up a 6 month old male rabbit for instance you should notice its male sack pretty easily.

If you are trying to sex your younger rabbits, determining the sex can be much harder if you don’t know what you are looking for. When sexing a male rabbit, you are looking for a protruding penis when you press down on your rabbit’s vent area which is just in front of the anus.

For more information about determining the gender of your rabbits see our article on: Sexing a Rabbit.

Male Rabbits for Sale

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