Meat Rabbit Facts

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Meat Rabbits

Breeds, Types, and Sizes of Meat Rabbits

The most productive meat rabbits are those with “commercial” body type, in the 9-10 pound range. These best balance meat-to-bone ratio, large litter size, and fast grow out. The most common rabbit breed used for meat is the New Zealand White, followed by the Californian. However, the top show lines of these breeds don’t make the best meat rabbits. Commercial breeders use special strains selected for their productivity and fast growth. Many families produce meat rabbits for home use prefer breeds such as New Zealands in colored varieties, Satins, American Chinchillas, Champagne d’Argents and Silver Fox. These rabbits add more decoration to your hutches and allow you to raise a competitive show line while using the culls for the table. Two and three-person families often prefer the Florida White for its smaller litters and fryer size.

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Nutrition Facts on Rabbit Meat

Is rabbit meat healthy? You bet. In fact, the USDA has stated that rabbit is the most nutritious meat known to man. Rabbit is an all-white meat with fine grain and delicate flavor. It works as a great substitute in any recipe calling for chicken or pork. Consider: having less than 800 calories per pound, rabbit has fewer calories and less fat than chicken, turkey, beef, pork, or lamb. It has about half the amount of cholesterol of those other meats, at 164mg per 100g. It has 33% less sodium than chicken. Rabbit, comically known as the “other, other white meat” isn’t only lacking the bad stuff; it’s rich in the good stuff. Rabbit is 21% protein, compared to the 20% protein content in chicken and turkey, 16% in beef and 13% in pork. Since rabbits are raised in all-wire cages rather than on pasture, it is also one of the most sanitary meats available.

Rabbits are Remarkable Meat Producers

Here are some interesting meat rabbit facts: Bunnies not only produce fantastically healthy meat, they yield a lot of it in a short time. A single producing doe can produce over 300 pounds of meat in her offspring in a year. That’s more than a cow, which can only produce one calf a year. A commercial-breed doe can have six to eight litters a year, with an average of eight or nine kits per litter. The best commercial does can produce fifteen or sixteen kits per litter, which grow out to five pounds by ten weeks of age! Since rabbits are so inexpensive to keep, more and more people are raising them at home to cope with rising food prices and to be prepared for an unstable economy.

Meat Rabbit Classes at Shows

ARBA shows and fairs offer four different commercial classes: rabbit meat pens, single fryers, roasters, and stewers.

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