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Mini Lop Rabbit Breed Info

Mini Lop Rabbit BreedRecognized colors: Many.  Shown in broken pattern and solid pattern groups.

Size: Ideal weight 6 pounds.

National Specialty Club:

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Mini Lop Rabbit Information and History

If you’d like a huggable bunny, this is a breed worth consideration.  The Mini Lop looks like a big plush toy: pudgy face, floppy ears, solid body, long soft coat, and a little extra skin here and there.  Besides being cuddly, Mini Lops can also be very competitive shown animals.  There’s a lot to like about the Mini Lop – even if it isn’t really the smallest breed.

That is, at least in America.  In the UK, Australia, and other countries that use British Rabbit Council standards, the “Miniature Lop” only weighs 3-4 pounds and is essentially the same breed as the ARBA’s Holland Lop.  The American Mini Lop is larger at 5-6 pounds. 

Lop-eared rabbits have been known in Europe for centuries, the original breed being the English Lop.  Eventually other breeds developed, including the German Big Lop.  This was bred to a small Chinchilla rabbit, and German breeders developed a small lop they called the Klein Widder, or “Little hanging-ear.”  In the early 1970’s, a Californian man named Bob Herschbach spotted them at a show in Essen, Germany.   He bought a trio home to the United States and started breeding them, crossing in a Standard Chinchilla.  The breed attracted some attention and was first presented to the ARBA as the Kline Widder, but the name was changed to Mini Lop in ’74 because it had more public appeal.  A man named Herby Dyke finally saw the Mini Lop to ARBA acceptance in 1980.  Later the French Lop was crossed in to introduce the broken pattern.

A Mini Lop looks like a smaller version of the French Lop.  The head should be of “bulldog” shape – broad and massive, and on does is often pillowed on a large dewlap.  Ears be of a horseshoe shape.  Body should be very deep and round, with sturdy bone.  Coat is a luxurious rollback.  The Mini Lop is recognized in a number of colors, but like other lops is shown in two groups, broken pattern and solid pattern.  The most common colors are chestnut agouti, opal, chinchilla, and steel.

This breed usually has a personality to match its “teddy bear” appearance.  Mini Lops are a good choice for the 4-H project of a child big enough to handle them.  With over 1,100 entered in the 2011 ARBA Convention, this breed has a strong showroom following.  There are currently two National Specialty Clubs for the Mini Lop in this country.  The American Mini Lop Rabbit Club holds the ARBA charter.

Mini Lop Rabbit Care

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Mini Lop Rabbit Resources

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