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Kristine Jenson
Belt, Montana
Rexes, Flemish Giants, Satins, Californians, Mini Lops, Mini Rexes
Inspiring Path Rabbitry & Ranch Rabbitry
We started out at as a 4H project. We have expanded from there. Our goal is to have a completely natural fed rabbits that is not Pellet based. We are on the way to making this successful. We are finding that they are more resilient because their feed source isn’t being changed without their or your knowledge. Rabbits are sensitive and they will sense if their feed has changed. A Great deal of the feed companies have changed their plant bases protein for the rabbits and they can sense that in their feed. Which will cause differences in how they are doing.

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Katy Anderson
Big Sandy, MT
Mini Lops
Boondox Mini Lops
Breeding Montana Mini Lops in Tri’s pointed and BEW, we also have many other colors. We always have something for sale.

Dawn Ross
Billings area, Roundup, Montana
Mini Rex & Holland Lops
WildCreek Rabbitry
I raise and show both Mini Rex and Holland Lop Rabbits. I currently raise the following colors in Mini Rex – Red, Black Otter, Black, also in Broken, I also have Broken Chocolate, Blue, Broken Blue Otter, White/REW and I am working on Blue and Broken Blue Otters.
I currently raise the following colors in Holland Lops – Tort, Blue Tort, broken in both colors, Blue, Blue Otter, Black Otter and all in Broken, Black & Broken Black. I am also working on the shaded varieties and have Sable Point also in Broken, Siamese Sable and hope to also have Smoke Pearl.

Angelia Cantwell
Butte, Montana
Silver Fox
Ennis Lake Farm Rabbitry
Small rabbitry mainly for the purpose of providing meat rabbits for my family. Occasionally have pets/breeders for sale.

Hannah Hooker
Columbia, Falls, MT
Netherland Dwarfs
Fantasia Mountain Rabbitry
I raise Show Netherland Dwarfs in mostly Orange, BEW, and Himalayan.

Leah Hooker
Columbia Falls, MT
Dwarf Hotots
Fairy Tail Rabbitry
Raising Black & Chocolate piebald/Banded Dwarf Hotot Rabbits.

Naomi Hooker
Columbia Falls, MT
Californians, Lionheads, New Zealands, Champagne D’Argents
Majestic Mountain Rabbitry
I raise Lionheads in a variety of colors including BEW, Red, Pointed, and more. New Zealands in white, Red, and Blue, and Champagne D’Argents, and Californians

Obadiah Hooker
Columbia Falls, MT
Holland Lops
Mythical Lops Rabbitry
I raise Holland lops in mainly the BEW variety. though I do have some other colored Hollands on the side.
Columbia Falls, Montana

James Ubben
Corvallis, Montana
Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, Standard Rex, Californian
UbbenLooken Rabbitry
We raise Meat Rabbits as well as pets.

Christine Pecor
Cut Bank, Montana
Mini Lops
Glacier Mini Lops
Specializing in Tri-Colored Mini Lops. 100% registered herd (with the exception of those that are not recgonized due to color.) Members of MLRCA & AMLC. Several discounts and bonuses available. Air shipping via Delta Airlines. Health guaranteed against contiagious & hereditary disorders!!!

Kassie Weikal
Cut Bank, Montana
Mini Rex, American Cavies
Bunnicula Rabbits & Cavies
Specializing in Self and Tri-Colored Mini Rex and American Cavies in a variety of colors. Youth Member of 4-h, NMRRC, AMLC, MLRCA & ARBA. Discounts and bonuses offered with purchases, air shipping available through Delta to any of the lower 48 states. Health fully guaranteed against hereditary and contaigious diseases/disorders!!!

Laura wallace
Elliston, Montana
Giant Chinchilla, Silver Fox and crosses
Wallace’s Stoplight Hoppers
Hi my name is Laura Wallace , I have been raising rabbit since the early 1980’s have raised a lot of different breeds in that amount of time , I have always raised my rabbits for meat no matter what the breed was . 5 years ago I found a breed I had been looking around for, I got my first pair of giant chinchilla rabbits, I did show my very first pair , I then ordered a pair out of Oregon to try and improve my lines , 5 years latter I have improved a lot over what I started with . then in about sept -oct of 2014 I added another breed to my herd , I am not the proud owner of silver fox , I have them in all 3 colors , blue, black and chocolate . I have a breeding pair of blues, I have a breeding pair of chocolates, and in my blacks I have 3 bucks and two does , my blacks carry both blue and black in the background . I also have cross breed rabbits that we also use for meat, In Fact all my rabbits are meat rabbits , I show my giant chins and plan on starting to show the silver fox also .

Bill Newsome
Emigrant, Montana
New Zealand Whites, Californian
Paradise Valley Rabbitry
This Rabbitry is being built at this time, with comments, suggestions, and much research, we are establishing a full commercial rabbitry, Raising New Zealand White and Californian. With our plans in place we are expanding to 200 Breeding Doe’s, by Fall.

Autumn Ennis
Fromberg, Montana
Jersey Woolies, Lionheads, Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Mtn View Kritters
I raise a variety of breeds in a variety of colors in a small ARBA registered rabbitry in the Clark’s Fork Valley. I raise rabbits for quality of body and coat, but most importantly for temperament. So if you’re wanting to raise rabbits, show rabbits or desire a soft, quiet pet – please check out my website: I not only provide a quality rabbit, but also the support you need to keep your “kritter” happy, safe and healthy.

Dakota Martin
Grass Range, Montana
Martin’s Mad House Rabbitry
Flemish Giant, Champagne D’Argent, Californian, Mini Rex
I am a youth breeder that have gone all out with Rabbit breeding!!!! i am in Central Montana breeding just a few of the many breeds of rabbits my prides and joys are my Flemish giants. Breeding Fawns and Sandys in Flemish, Broken black and black in Mini Rex and the standard colors in Champs and Calis!!!! but in Mini Rex i do get the pop of another color every once in a while so just see what i have in the best way is to go to my website and go to contact us table!!!!!

Patrick O’Brien
Great Falls, Montana
Satins (what else? lol) Coppers, Whites, Brokens
High Plains Rabbitry
We are a small, but very professional rabbitry. Our operation includes top national winning bloodlines, new equipment, and extensive record keeping. We have two main goals: to provide top quality, proven winning Satin genetics to breeders west of the Mississippi, and to continue to develop the Satin breed into what it should be for the future. We are innovative and have our vision focused on the future. Satin breeders in the western U.S. should know that our rabbits have it all: type, color, texture and density.

Amanda Herskind-Dumke
Helena, Montana
New Zealand, New Zealand X ( white and soon Reds)
Dragon Eyes Rabbits
I am currently a small rabbitry and am working on expanding. I currently have white New Zealand’s and New Zealand Californian crosses. I hope to expand in the next couple of months to include red New Zealand’s and Harlequins. I strive for healthy easy to handle rabbits. My rabbits are well taken care of and make excellent pets, breeders or your next meal.

Lacey Ehlers
Kalispell, Montana
Polish, and English Lop
The Funny Bunny Farm
I raise colors in Solids and Brokens.

Krystle Port
Kalispell, Montana
Netherland Dwarf
Olympus Rabbitry

Becky Sago
Kalispell, Montana
Jersey Wooly, Holland Lop
K & B Rabbitry
Small 30 hole rabbitry in Kalispell Montana. My son and I started in rabbits when he was in 4-H. His 4-H project peaked our interest in joining ARBA and raising and showing rabbits.

Amy Schei
Kalispell, Montana
Giant Chinchilla, Checkered Giant, New Zealand
Pyramid Peak Rabbitry
Our rabbits are raised primarily for meat, but we almost always have rabbits ready to sell for pets or breeding stock.

Daniel O’Hara
Billings area, Montana
Holland Lop
Shamrock Rabbits
Montana rabbitry raising pet and show quality Holland Lop rabbits. Many colors including Torts, Broken Torts, Blacks, Broken Blacks, and Broken Black Otters. Rabbit breeder for over 5 years. Conveniently located in Yellowstone County, west of Billings.

Lori & Jane Ryan
Laurel, MT
Havana, Harlequin
Ryan’s Radical Rabbitry
We are a small mom and daughter run rabbitry. Jane raises Black, Broken Black, Chocolate and Broken Chocolate Havana Rabbits. She is going to start breeding Flemish Giants this next year. She usually has someone for sale! Lori has just started to raise Magpie Harlequin Rabbits. They are so much fun!

Angela Likeric
Missoula, Montana
Pet Bunnies
AAA Rabbitry
Cute, Friendly, Pet Quality bunnies For sale.

Taja Wilde
Missoula, Montana
Netherland Dwarfs
Harebell Netherland Dwarfs Rabbitry
Exclusively Ruby-Eyed White and Shaded varieties. Show/Brood/Pets Available Occasionally.

Tami Wittmier
Missoula, Montana
Flemish Giant, Flemish Giantsblue, Black, Sandy and Fawn, Giant Chinchillas, Silver Fox, Satin (Black, Broken Black, Broken Blue, White, Siamese, Broken Siamese and Otter in Black and Blue)
Lil Tails Rabbitry
I continue to strive to improve my lines and staying within the guide lines of the Standard of Perfection handbook . I am a member of ARBA,National Federation of Flemish Giants,Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association, and the National Silver Fox Club and the American Satin Rabbit Association. I feel very strongly about only producing the best I am a hugh animal lover and I want to keep every breed up to and beyond the standards. I also have 4 dogs (german Shepherds which i breed as well and a mini aussie ) I raised rough coat collies and siamese cats for years and growing up we had tons of pets all the I love what I do… 406-370-6331

Shelli Sheehan
Plains, Montana
Flemish Giant (Sandy, Fawn), Giant Chinchilla, Cinnamon
My Big Bunny Farm
We are a small rabbitry that started out with Pet Rabbits for my daughter and 4-H, Then started raising meat rabbits for ourselves until we fell in love with the Giants and their loving, mellow, curious nature. We are striving to raise very high quality not quantity Flemish Giants in Sandy and Fawn colors and Giant Chinchillas. Keeping to and above the standards for each breed and color, and constantly striving to improve the quality of our rabbits. We are current ARBA members and joining the National Federation of Flemish Giant Breeders, and the Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association.

Tiffany/Dan Gallea/Garcia
Pryor, Montana
The Charming Spot Rabbitry
We are an Established Harlequin rabbitry located in Pryor, Montana 35 miles south of Billings. We breed Harlequins to meet all your rabbit needs. We offer free delivery to Billings and the surrounding areas, and all rabbits purchased come with a weeks worth of free food and a 72 hour money back guarantee. Visit our site for more information on this wonderful breed and other great rabbit breeds!

Dawn Ross
Roundup, Montana
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
WildCreek Rabbitry
We are located in the Billings, MT area. We raise and show Mini Rex and Holland Lop bunnies. We support 4-H children and help with knowledge and bunnies. I am in the process of redoing our website, but will be getting bunnies updated on it soon.

Tom Yeager
Terry, Montana
New Zealands And Florida Whites
Tom Yeager’s Rabbitry
I raise New Zealand Whites, Blacks and Brokens and also Florida Whites. I raise rabbits mainly for the fun of it but also the meat. I offer pedigreed breeding stock and young pets. I also make wire cages to order.

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