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Cherylynn Acker
Alamogordo, New Mexico
Flemish Giant, New Zealand, Champagne D’Argent, Black Silver Fox, Californians, Mini Lops, Satin Mini crosses, Netherland dwarfs, Britannia Petite crosses
M Rabbitry
We raise rabbits for pets, show and also meat. We have over 33 years of experience in raising rabbits. Our rabbits are never inbreed and we don’t do any line breeding, so our quality stays pure and friendly. Our homestead raises rabbits outside, in cages and pens. We give each of our rabbits lots of space to exercise and involve lots of attention to each one. After all, a happy bunny is a wonderful bunny :-)

C Major
Alamogordo/New Mexico, New Mexico
New Zealands, Californias, Champagne D’argent, Silver Fox
Majors Rabbitry
We sell pets and also meat rabbits…We also sell some pure breeds when we have some available. It all depends what is available!

Netherland Dwarf
Bu Bu’s Bunnies
Hi, I have had Netherland Dwarfs off and on since I was 14. I recently got into raising ND’s when my 10 year old son saw a rabbit show and decided he wants to show them as well. Last year we started off with 3 very good looking ones that we thought were 2 does and a buck. Wrong. We had 2 bucks (Black otter and a Charlie) and a doe (Tort). We started off breeding her to both and kept a baby from each litter( a tort doe, and a Broken black doe). Then we went to Ca. and we brought back 1 amazing Himi buck, 2 Siamese sable does and a Black otter doe. We are just a small rabbitry till we buy a house next year with a little bit more land. We just have a small herd of 10. My son and I are both members of the ARBA and ANDRC. We are in the process of registering our rabbitry.
(505) 750-4439

Jim and Ellen Hunt
Albuquerque, New Mexico
German, Satin, & English Angoras
Moonstone Angoras
Our rabbitry is for producing fine wool for spinning and weaving.

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Belen, NM
Californians, New Zealands
Wilber’s Farm
Wilber’s farm is dedicated to educating and helping others experience the joy of raising their own animals. We specialize in Californians and New Zealand rabbits as well as a few other breeds.

Myra Lane
Hobbs, New Mexico
Netherland Dwarfs and American Fuzzy Lops
Blue Dahlia Rabbitry
Breeding quality Netherland Dwarfs in black and otters and American Fuzzy Lops in tort. We breed for show and brood quality. Pets are sometimes available. Please email our visit our website for more details.

Annette & Waylon Reynolds
Jarales, New Mexico
Holland Lops, Himalyans, Netherland Dwafs, Polish
Reynolds Rabbit Habit
We are a small family owned and operated rabbitry, raising rabbits as close to ARBA standards as we possibly can. We raise rabbits for quality not quantity.

Leroy Rodriguez
La Puebla, NM
New Zealand Whites, Californians, Silver Mixed
Plaza De Colores Rabbitry
Plaza De Colores Rabbitry is family operated. We breed commercial rabbits for breeding stock for other rabbitries, 4-H and FAA. Our Californians and New Zealand Whites are show quality and come with pedigrees. We also breed Silver mix which is a great breed for pets. Our herd size is approximately 40 rabbits. We are members of 4-H and started showing rabbits last year at our local country fair. We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)and our Rabbitry is also registered with ARBA #B388.

The Barkers Barker
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Mini Lops, New Zealands
Barker Rabbits
We breed Show and pet rabbits. Email me to reserve your bunny.

Jeannie Hanawalt
Los Lunas, New Mexico
Lionhead rabbits are fun loving and easily litterbox trained. They loved to be held and brushed. Our lionhead rabbits come with or without pedigrees. You will fall in love with these darlings!

Ariana Evans
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Rex crosses and Lionhead rabbits
Ri Ris Rabbitry
I raise rex crosses and lionhead rabbits for 4-h and show. I love raising rabbits and showing them! If you are interested please email me at

Lisa Simmons
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Mini Lops
Simmons Rabbitry
Mini Lops for sale! 1 to 4 months old! Mother is black, father is brown flecked, babies are both! $20 each!

Laura Ridge
Roswell, New Mexico
Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops
Kinnenfinity Rabbitry
I raise superior quality Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops.

Alexandra Hubbard
Taos, New Mexico
Satin Angora
Ranchito Bar H Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry and we specialize in raising Satin Angora rabbits for wool and show. Our baby bunnies are held daily and groomed from 3 weeks old. We are happy to teach proper care, feeding, and grooming to new angora owners.

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