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Since you are reading this special message I will assume one of the four following things…

1. You are currently a 4-H or FFA Student (or a parent of one) and you are here with the purpose of learning more about how to effectively get started raising meat pen rabbits for show.

2. You have already started your 4-H or FFA Meat Pen Rabbit Project, and are here seeking expert guidance on how to improve the success of your existing rabbit meat pen project. In addition to, potentially overcoming particular obstacles you have faced in the past.

3. You currently are a 4-H or FFA leader that is looking to help get kids within your club/organization involved with raising rabbits.

4. You simply are an avid rabbit enthusiast, that is seeking to learn more about raising meat pen rabbits in particular, with the intent to potentially raise, show and even sell your own someday.

Either way you are in luck because over the years I have personally raised hundreds of meat pen rabbits, experienced quite a bit of showing success, wrote an in-depth book on raising rabbits titled Raising Rabbits 101 and built up one of the most well known rabbitries in the state of Texas.

Meat Pen Rabbits

So essentially it is safe to say that I could pretty easily walk you through the Raising Meat Pen Rabbits Process from first hand experience.

That being said… I do have some bad news…

Chances are as I have regretfully mentioned before I won’t have the ability to simply drive to your house and teach you the process due to time + monetary constraints.

However I do have some very good news as well…

Recently I spent several weeks of my time writing an in-depth report titled: Raising Meat Pen Rabbits in which I documented pretty much everything I could think of with regards to the Meat Pen Rabbit Project.

Written specifically with the 4-H and FFA Student in mind…

The Raising Meat Pen Rabbits Report essentially contains all the information that you need to successfully start raising and showing meat pen rabbits or simply improve the success of your existing project.

Raising Meat Pen Rabbits Contents

Raising Meat Pen Rabbits

Here is a quick outline of the information the exclusive report contains:

Chapter 1: In the first section of the report titled: “Beginning your 4-H or FFA Rabbit Adventure” I cover all the basics to your Meat Pen Rabbit Project; I provide you with basic meat pen rabbit project faqs, discuss project cost, inform you about 4-H and FFA opportunities, give my opinion on the buying vs raising your own meat pen rabbits debate, provide you with information on meat pen rabbit breed selection, provide you recommendations and info on the subject of buying rabbit supplies, teach you how and where to buy rabbits and MORE.

Chapter 2: This section is titled “Breeding, Kindling and Growing Bunnies” for a reason. In this section of the report I will be discussing the topics of feeding, breeding and kindling bunnies in great depth. You will learn; what you need to feed your rabbits for best results, what rabbit feeding supplies you need and what method you should use, my “secret” formula for feeding meat pen bunnies, how to effectively breed your rabbits for best results, how to get troublesome rabbits to breed, how to tell if your rabbits are pregnant, what you need to do during the rabbit kindling process and other things of that nature.

Chapter 3: Rabbit Health and Herd Management. Within this chapter of the report you will learn all about rabbit health and herd management. With regards to meat pen rabbit health and wellness, I will teach you how to; tell if one of your rabbits is sick, treat + diagnose common rabbit diseases and illnesses and reduce the amount of diseases and sicknesses that show up in your rabbit herd. In this chapter of the report I will also be teaching you things like; how to sex a rabbit, how to tattoo a rabbit, how to effectively keep rabbit records + pedigrees, how to sell your rabbits and other topics of that nature.

Chapter 4: Meat Pen Selection and Showing. Out of all the chapters provided to you in this special report, this section may very well be the most exciting. Within this chapter I have included a complete tutorial on how to select your rabbit meat pen. You will learn; what to look for when picking out your rabbit meat pen, how to check a rabbit for disqualifications, about the point system used to judge meat pen rabbits, information about rabbit showmanship, how to match meat pen rabbits based upon uniformity and more.

Chapter 5: Rabbit Resources, Glossary and Final Words. To finish off the report I have included a section filled with rabbit resources, that I believe will prove beneficial to your project. More importantly by taking advantage of some of these valuable resources I have recommended within this section of the report you are bound to save yourself; time, money and headache in the long run. In addition to the recommended rabbit resources, in the final few pages of this exclusive report you can find a comprehensive glossary of terms, that I have put together specifically for meat pen rabbit raisers/exhibitors like yourself.

So my question for you today is… How would you like to gain access to this special “one of its kind” report that I wrote on the subject of Raising Meat Pen Rabbits?

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Raising Meat Pen Rabbits Bonuses

Rabbit Meat Pen Projec

A Parent and Fellow Breeder’s View on the Rabbit Meat Pen Project: Would you like to gain access to a special report written by a long time rabbit breeder and parent of two 4-H students? In this special report you will be given a Parent and Fellow Breeder’s View of the Rabbit Meat Pen Project. Learn all about the good and bad experiences of a successful rabbit breeder in this story filled BONUS section of the report.

Sample Meat Pen Rabbit Growth Chart: When growing meat pen bunnies it is important to make sure that they put on weight on schedule. With this sample meat pen rabbit growth chart you can get an idea of whether or not your meat pen bunnies are on target to reach an ideal weight by the time of the show.

I am very excited to announce that so far rabbit enthusiasts from all around the Country have been enjoying this special report…

Raising Meat Pen Rabbits Report Testimonials/Reviews

“I am currently a 4-H Leader in my club and decided to purchase a copy of this special report to help kids in my club get started with their rabbit project. I am very impressed by the quality and quantity of information within this report. I would recommend this report to anyone looking to get started with their 4-H or FFA rabbit project.” – Suzzie from Texas

Dear Rabbit Master, I am happy to say that I found your new report very useful as I expected. I am a big fan of all your products… I have purchased Raising Rabbits 101 already and recently ordered your rabbitry management software. Thanks!” – Carl from Ohio

“Great report my friend! I am a father of a Sophomore in High School who wanted to raise rabbits for FFA, this report helped me a million! Otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue where to begin.” – Austin from Texas


“Really liked your special report. Very happy about the low price you offered me, would have been foolish for me not to take advantage of the offer… since I have a granddaughter looking to start raising meat pen rabbits.” – Darren from Nevada

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Raising Meat Pen Rabbits

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  • Rabbit Herd Management
  • Meat Pen Selection + Showing
  • + Bonus #1: A Parent and Breeder’s View on the Meat Pen Rabbit Project
  • + Bonus #2: Sample Meat Pen Rabbit Growth Chart

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