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Dear Friend and Fellow Rabbit Enthusiast,

Since you are reading this special message I will assume one of the three following things…

1. You are currently a newbie in the rabbit industry and are here with the purpose of learning more about how to effectively get started raising rabbits for show, meat or pets.

2. You have already started your Rabbit Project and are here seeking expert guidance on the different aspects of raising rabbits with the purpose of achieving maximum success with your project.

3. You simply are an avid rabbit enthusiast who has raised rabbits for a number of years already, that is seeking to keep up to date with the latest practices and techniques used in the rabbit industry.

Either way you are in luck because over the years I have successfully raised and sold hundreds (if not thousands) of rabbits to different markets, experienced quite a bit of showing success myself, authored countless articles on the subject of raising rabbits and built up one of the most well known rabbitries in the state of Texas.

Raising Rabbits

So essentially it is safe to say that I could pretty easily guide you through the Process of Successfully Raising Rabbits from first hand experience.

That being said… I do unfortunately have some bad news…

Chances are as I have regretfully mentioned before I won’t have the ability to simply drive to your house and teach you my successful rabbit raising process due to time + monetary constraints.

However I do have some very good news as well…

A couple years ago I spent an entire summer of my time writing an in-depth report titled: Raising Rabbits 101 in which I documented pretty much everything I could think of with regards to helping someone like yourself make their Rabbit Project a Success.

While hundreds of rabbit enthusiasts from all around the World did benefit from this initial report…

Over the last two years I have worked hard to make it even better…

In fact… just recently I released the 3rd Edition of Raising Rabbits 101 due to popular demand!

Written specifically with rabbit enthusiasts like yourself in mind…

The 3rd Edition of Raising Rabbits 101 (170+ Pages) essentially contains all the information that you need to successfully start raising rabbits for show, meat or pets, and focuses on helping you bypass the years of frustration and delayed results that many rabbit raisers unfortunately experience when getting started in the industry.

Raising Rabbits 101 3rd Edition Contents

Raising Rabbits

Here is a quick outline of the information the exclusive report contains:

- Part 1: In the first part of the report titled: “Beginning your Rabbit Adventure” I give you an overview of the rabbit industry, and provide you with the vast majority of the information that you need to initially get started raising rabbits. In this section you will most importantly learn how to; select a rabbit breed that fits your purpose, locate a quality rabbit breeder and purchase your required rabbit supplies.

- Part 2: This part of the report is titled “Feeding, Breeding and Properly Housing Rabbits” for a reason. In this section of the report I will be discussing the topics of feeding, breeding and housing your rabbits in great detail. You will learn; what and how to feed your rabbits, about rabbit nutrition, how to effectively breed your rabbits, how to get troublesome rabbits to breed, how to evaluate the condition of your rabbit breeding stock, how to tell if your doe is pregnant, about the rabbit kindling process, how to prepare for your rabbits to give birth, how to care for newborn kits, about rabbit housing, how to build a rabbit cage, how to build a rabbit nest box and More!

- Part 3: Rabbit Herd Management and Stock Evaluation. Within this part of the report you will learn all about effective rabbit herd management and stock evaluation. I have included information on the subjects of; how to sex a rabbit, parts of a rabbit, rabbit identification, how to tattoo a rabbit, rabbit pedigrees, rabbitry record keeping and more.

- Part 4: Rabbit Care Information and Advice. Part 4 of this report is all about rabbit health and wellness. In this section you will learn all about how to diagnose and treat rabbit illnesses and other health problems that can potentially threaten the well being of your rabbits. I have also included information in this section on how to help prevent the spread of disease and illness in your rabbitry.

- Part 5: In this part of the report titled “Marketing and Selling your Rabbits” you will learn all about how to successfully sell your rabbits. In this section I will be discussing; rabbit selling outlets, determining a rabbit price, online rabbit advertising, local rabbitry advertising, contact management, developing a good reputation, and more. I have also included information in this section about additional rabbitry revenue sources including; how to make money selling fertilizer and how to make money growing and selling worms.

- Part 6: Interesting Resources + Additional Articles. In Part 6 of the report I have included numerous articles on different aspects of raising rabbits that I thought needed more coverage. In this section you will find articles specifically about; raising rabbits in the summer, raising rabbits in the winter, showing rabbits, rabbit color genetics, how to handle a rabbit, how to groom a rabbit, how to transport a rabbit and more.

- Part 7: Bonus Section and Glossary. To finish off the exclusive Raising Rabbits 101 Report I have included; a section filled with rabbit resources that I believe can potentially help you save yourself time, money and headache in the long run, along with two unannounced bonuses. Also in this section I have included a complete rabbit glossary that you can take advantage of anytime you need to know the meaning of a piece of “rabbit jargon”.

So my question for you today is… How would you like to gain access to this special “one of its kind” report that I wrote on the subject of How to Successfully Raise Rabbits?

Why spend years learning all the ins and outs of the industry through trial and error when you can instead get a hold of an easy to consume report filled with up to date tips, tricks, and techniques used by successful rabbit raisers all around the World?

Alright here is the deal… I have decided to sell this special Raising Rabbits 101 report I wrote up for a pretty ridiculously low price.

Why? Because honestly I want to continue getting this Raising Rabbits 101 Report in the hands of as many dedicated rabbit enthusiasts like yourself as possible, to help you guys and gals avoid the years of frustration and disappointing results that many rabbit raisers unfortunately experience, before mastering the process that I teach in this very special report.

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Raising Rabbits 101 Bonuses

Rabbit ResourcesRabbitry Interviews

Exclusive Rabbitry Interviews Report: Want to learn from other successful rabbit raisers? If you order today I will throw in a special collection of rabbitry interviews that I put together. This special Rabbitry Interviews Report contains over 10 interviews with successful rabbit breeders and will be yours COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE if you order Raising Rabbits 101 today.

Resources for Rabbit Raisers Report: How would you like to gain access to a special report which contains a complete listing of rabbit resources recommended by successful rabbit raisers? When you decide to order Raising Rabbits 101 3rd Edition today you will gain access to a special Rabbit Resources Report that I put together in PDF format.

I am very excited to announce that so far rabbit enthusiasts from all around the World have been enjoying this special report…

Raising Rabbits 101 Testimonials/Reviews

“Just finished reading my copy of Raising Rabbits 101! Its even better than I expected it to be. Over 170 pages of great content! This will definitely help my husband and I get started in the rabbit industry this upcoming fall. I think we will be going with the Californian Rabbit Breed that you personally recommended for meat purposes.” – Mary from Texas

“I got a chance to look through Raising Rabbits 101 more extensively today. Very, very nice job, Aaron! I will get it up on my site here shortly and hopefully will get you some orders soon. It’s an excellent manual and I look forward to helping you promote it.” – Ellyn from and (Michigan)

“I was unsure of how to go about raising rabbits a week ago. Now after reading your entire report, I feel like an expert already :) Thanks Aaron!” – Jeremy from Virginia

“Dear sir, the content of your report was very helpful. I am going to be opening a rabbit farm here in South Africa very soon. I seek your consultation.” – David from South Africa

“Hello Mr. Webster, I wanted to inform you that I really enjoyed your Raising Rabbits 101 Report. My kids (who are in 4-H) were planning on getting involved with raising rabbits for show this year. This report is like a goldmine of value. I never would have expected the rabbit industry to be so expansive and diverse. Thanks YOU!!” – Linda from Ohio

“Like quite a few other rabbit raisers apparently, we were experiencing some issues getting our does to successfully deliver and care for their bunnies. After reading this report… I feel that we can be more prepared next time around. We are hoping to successfully raise some Mini Lop Rabbits for show next year. THANKS VERY MUCH!!!” – Isabella from Nova Scotia (Canada)

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Raising Rabbits 101

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