Purebreed New Zealand Rabbits for Sale

Crossroads Rabbitry is a large rabbitry and specializes in purebred New Zealand Rabbits for breeder stock and commercial production. Our goal is to produce the highest quality rabbits for meat purposes and supply other growers with excellent breeder stock.

We only hold back stock from our does if they give birth to 10 or more kits on their first litter, avg. 9 kits per litter for one year, have good mothering instincts, have good milk production, make well developed nests, raise out high percentages and breed easily. Bucks are held back for their high litter production and stamina and aggressiveness..

We only raise New Zealnd White Rabbits

770-265-6315 or mikefulton@hotmail.com

31080 Highway 431, Heflin Alabama 36264

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