Rabbit Breeders Supplies

Looking for rabbit breeder supplies? Here is a list of supplies that I recommend that every rabbit breeder purchase.

Supplies for Rabbit Breeders

So now that you finished the majority of the rabbit preparation phase, it is time to discuss rabbit supplies. If haven’t already be sure to check out the previous article in this rabbit information series titled: The Life of a Rabbit Breeder.

Recommended Rabbit Supplies List

Although there are literally hundreds of different rabbit supplies for sale on the market, there are five rabbit supply items that I recommend that every rabbit breeder purchase.

Item 1- Rabbit Cage or Hutch: The most essential rabbit supply item is a classic rabbit cage or hutch. In my opinion every one of your rabbits needs to have a rabbit cage to reside in. Cages help provide a safe and secure environment for your beloved rabbits to live in. Even if you plan on strictly keeping your rabbits indoors it is still a good idea to go ahead and purchase a cage, so that you will have a place to contain them while you are away from the house.

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Item 2- Rabbit Food and Hay: I recommend that you purchase some quality rabbit food consisting of a pellet mixture to feed to your rabbits on a daily basis. It is also recommended that you go ahead and buy some hay for your rabbits.

Order Links: Rabbit Food for Sale | Rabbit Hay for Sale

Item 3- Rabbit Feeders and Water Bottles: You are going to need to purchase a few basic rabbit feeders and waterers for your rabbits to eat out of. I recommend buying rabbit j-feeders which clip onto the outside of the rabbits’ cages to hold their daily rabbit food ration. Also you are going to need to purchase rabbit bowls or rabbit water bottles to hold their water ration.

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Item 4- Rabbit Carrier: If you plan on transporting your rabbits at all you are going to need a rabbit carrier. Rabbit carriers help make transportation much, much simpler than trying to haul around entire rabbit cages. Do yourself a favor and purchase a rabbit carrier!

Order Link: Rabbit Carriers for Sale

Item 5- Rabbit Information Book: Unless you are born with a special case of “rabbit genius”, you are going to need to find a good rabbit book or two to aid you in your “rabbit experiment”. I recommend that you grab a discounted copy of Raising Rabbits 101 at this link: http://raisingrabbits.us/ – Raising Rabbits 101 has been labeled by many rabbit enthusiasts as being the “Ultimate Guide to Raising Rabbits”

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