Rabbit Buyers

Rabbit Buyers. Locate rabbit buyers in your area or state and find information on how to sell rabbits to buyers.

The domestic rabbit is an extremely versatile animal. Rabbit buyers seek bunnies for diverse purposes: some for pets, some for showing, some for meat, for fiber, or for research. If you intend to turn a profit selling rabbits, here are some tips to help you provide exactly what your customers want.

Rabbit Buyers

What are pet buyers looking for?

People seeking rabbits as companions usually make their decision based on the rabbits’ appearance. A pet rabbit buyer wants a bunny that is small (under four pounds as an adult) and cute as can be. For many, “cute” is defined as having floppy ears, so a lop breed is a good choice if you plan to sell rabbits as pets. People are drawn to bunnies with the short, round heads and bodies found in dwarf rabbit breeds. Color is of great importance. Pet buyers shy away from plain, solid colors such as black, blue, or chocolate. Colors that rank mid-way in the “cuteness scale” include chestnut, chinchilla, opal, tortoise, and shaded colors such as Siamese sable. Spotted bunnies are most attractive to pet customers. Broken, Vienna marked, and Dutch marked bunnies will generate the best sales. Of course, looks aren’t everything. The bunnies you sell as pets must have excellent temperaments, or your customer will not be likely to refer you to others.

What are show rabbit buyers looking for?

“Cuteness” is definitely a factor for show rabbit buyers, but they are looking for much more besides. They want bunnies with impressive pedigrees that come from nationally-known bloodlines and are sired by winners. They want bunnies that come as close as possible to the breed description in the ARBA Standard of Perfection. What’s more, they want bunnies that will pass on these traits to their offspring. Turn-offs for show rabbit buyers include rabbits with weak constitutions that will not hold up to an intensive show schedule, rabbits with genetic physical disqualifications, and rabbits that, though they may not have any DQ’s, lack general balance of type. The ears on a show rabbit should be of a size and shape to balance with the head, and the head with the body. The coat should be lustrous and clean.

What are rabbit meat buyers looking for?

Commercial processors usually have rigid specifications for the rabbits they buy. It’s important to make sure you know your buyer’s criteria before you purchase breeding stock for your meat rabbit enterprise. Every buyer is different, but in general, processors are looking for all white rabbits (some require Californians and/or New Zealand Whites) that weigh between 4.75 pounds and 5.75 pounds at ten weeks. Rabbits must be meaty rather than bony, and be free of medications for at least 45 days prior to pick up.