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Rabbit Cages

The majority of rabbit raisers that I have had the privilege of meeting over the years seem to agree unanimously that every rabbit should have a rabbit cage or hutch to live or temporarily reside in. I would say that a decent quality rabbit cage or rabbit hutch is one of the most important rabbit supplies that you can decide to purchase. In this article I will be sharing with you some information which will hopefully help you buy quality rabbit cages for your beloved or future bunny rabbits. But before I tell you how to go about buying a rabbit cage, let me first take a few moments to discuss the reasons behind buying a rabbit cage in the first place. If you are in a hurry you can choose to skip this section and jump directly to the rabbit cages for sale section, to order your cage(s) immediately.

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Reasons to Buy a Rabbit Cage

If you are currently or planning to raise rabbits in the future it is important to take into consideration the benefits of owning a rabbit cage or hutch. Here is a list of four reasons why you should at least consider buying a rabbit cage…

1. Security: Rabbit Cages help provide a safe enclosure for your rabbits to reside in. Cages help protect rabbits both outdoors and indoors from potential wild and domestic predators such as hawks, coyotes, snakes, dogs and cats. Its very sad to hear stories of a beloved house dog killing a bunch of rabbits that were kept out in the open backyard. It is ok, to let your rabbits run free from time to time if you are willing to supervise however you never know when a dog can get too rough when you are away from the house. Rabbits also are instinctively prey animals that will try to run away or hide from their potential predators. So if a dog starts barking or chasing them they are liable to panic and maybe even end up getting hurt in a so called “friendly game of chase”. If you care for your rabbits, you need to get them a safe enclosure to reside in when left unattended. “Your always better off safe than sorry” as my mother always used to say.

2. Containment: It can get demanding trying to supervise your rabbits 24/7! Even if you simply keep a few pet rabbits indoors it is a really good idea to go ahead and purchase a rabbit cage or two to keep indoors for containment purposes. Untrained rabbits enjoy chewing things like furniture legs, telephone cords and TV Cables, to name a few. Also, if you have rabbits outside you would hate to see them eat your beautiful home grown flowers while you are not looking, at least I would! Bottom line: containment is important.

3. Emotional: Like almost any other type of animal, rabbits will tend to be much more friendly and happy when they feel safe. Although some rabbit trainers will tell you that the emotional needs of a rabbit are complex, I believe that keeping rabbits happy is really quite easy if you keep them safe, feed them well and give them attention on a frequent basis if possible. One of the best ways to keep them safe is by providing them with adequate rabbit housing such as a quality rabbit cage.

4. Performance: It is a well known and arguably proven fact that rabbits preform better in many ways when kept in a low stress “rabbit friendly” environment. Not only will your rabbits be happier when kept in a safe and secure “cage or hutch like environment” they will most likely preform better by taking better care of their bunnies and overall being better animals, regardless of your main purpose for raising rabbits in the first place.

Buying a Rabbit Cage

Many first time rabbit raisers seem to make mistakes when buying their first rabbit cage. Regardless of what you may have been told in the past, rabbit cages are not sold in a “one size fits all” housing package. Plain and simple, different rabbits will require different types of rabbit cages. To help you select a quality and appropriate type of rabbit cage, here is a list of things that you should consider when buying a bunny rabbit cage…

1. Rabbit Cage Size: Regardless of your purpose for raising rabbits in the first place, you should consider it imperative that you choose to purchase an appropriate sized rabbit cage. If your rabbit will live in the cage permanently they will need enough room to eat, exercise, have fun and of course sleep. Many rabbit breeders suggest that you choose to purchase a rabbit cage at least four times the size of your rabbit at a full grown age. Your rabbit’s full grown size will definitely depend on the rabbit breed that you choose to purchase. I recommend that you buy the biggest rabbit cage that you can afford and that will adequately fit into your rabbitry. If you are keeping your rabbits inside a building be sure to measure both the dimensions of the cage and the building to insure that the cage will fit into your arrangement. It is also a good idea to leave room for expansion because if everything is done right… rabbits can indeed multiple like rabbits!

2. Rabbit Cage Quality: I believe that it is very important to purchase a quality rabbit cage. Since your rabbit cages or hutches will most likely be your largest rabbitry expense to start out with, I would assume that you would have a similar opinion. When trying to select a quality rabbit cage it is a good idea to pay attention to the way that it was constructed. You ideally want to purchase a cage with a well assembled frame, strong and thick cage wire, and that gives off a complete and overall good appearance. If a cage is covered in rust, it is a good idea that you look elsewhere. To purchase quality rabbit cages feel free to jump down to our rabbit cages for sale section.

3. Rabbit Cage Security: Like I discussed previously it is very important to make sure that you keep your rabbits in a secure environment. When selecting a rabbit cage you want to make sure that it is completely enclosed with wire and or wood. There should not be any large holes on the sides, bottom or even the top of the cage. You never want to risk taking the chance of a predator such as a snake making its way through the wire. Also if the cage that you decide to purchase is a large used multiple compartment structure, be extra sure that their aren’t any holes in the wire large enough for your future rabbits to escape from. Don’t make the same mistake that a friend of mine accidentally made and let your beloved rabbits escape through a hole in the wire.

4. Rabbit Cage Cleanliness: Although this might seem obvious to you, you need to make sure that you are able to adequately clean your cage. This is one of the reasons that I prefer all wire rabbit cages over wood and wire cages, they are much easier to disinfect and clean. Wood tends to absorb rabbit wastes and retain the odor while wire can simply be scrubbed off with a cleaner.

5. Useability: Lastly I believe that it is important that your cage(s) that you decide to buy are very useable in your rabbitry. To figure out whether or not a cage will be “usable” I suggest that you ask yourself the following questions during cage evaluation… Will this cage fit in my rabbitry? Will I be able to easily navigate my body around the cage to clean it? Is the cage easy to transport? Can I reach to the back of the cage? , etc…

Rabbit Cages for Sale

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Super Pet Welcome Home Rabbit Hutch, Large, Green

Rabbit Cage

Current Price: $108.91

Super Pet Rabbit My First Home, Large

Pet Rabbit Cage

Current Price: $31.02

Super Pet Rabbit Hutch, 2-Story, 48″ Wide

Pet Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $200.59

Natura 2-Story Rabbit Retreat

Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $171.33

Super Pet Treat Pet-n-Play Habitat for Rabbits, Extra Large

Pet Rabbit Habitat

Current Price: $75.53

Natura One-Story Rabbit Hutch (medium)

One-Story Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $133.59

Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

Folding Rabbit Cage

Current Price: $32.96

Pet Lodge Popup Rabbit Cage

Popup Rabbit Cage

Current Price: $57.80

Little Giant 24 inch X 24 inch X 16 inch Rabbit Hutch

Giant Rabbit Cage

Current Price: $36.50

Little Giant 30 inch X 30 inch X 16 inch Rabbit Hutch

Little Giant Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $49.15

Prevue Hendryx Large Rabbit Hutch

Large Rabbit Cage

Current Price: $170.95

Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Hutch, Medium

Ware Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $132.76

List of Rabbit Cage Suppliers

Here is a list of rabbit cage and general rabbit supplies suppliers that we recommend and help promote…

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Additional Rabbit Supplies

In addition to providing you with information and rabbit cages for sale we also offer a variety of other rabbit supplies…

1. Rabbit Books
2. Rabbit Food
3. Rabbit Hutches
4. Rabbit Feeders

See our rabbit supplies for sale page for a complete list of the supplies that we provide.

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