Rabbit Clubs

Rabbit Club Listings. Locate 4-h and ARBA rabbit clubs in your state and find information on the subject of raising rabbits.

There are hundreds of rabbit clubs around the United States, and thousands globally. In these clubs you will find the people that make the rabbit world go round. They have important tasks, but are usually friendly and welcoming. If you are new to rabbits, consider joining a club to get an inside view of how the rabbit hobby works, and experience the rewards of companionship and being able to help out.

National Rabbit Clubs

rabbit clubs

There are two major organizations catering to rabbit owners in the United States: the House Rabbit Society (HRS) and the American Rabbit Breeders Association. The HRS focuses exclusively on rabbits as pets. The ARBA is the pillar of the rabbit show world, and also offers services to the pet and commercial industries. The ARBA sanctions shows around the country, sponsors a rabbit registration program, offers a bi-monthly magazine to its membership, and charters other smaller clubs. Several other countries also have national governing bodies, such as the British Rabbit Council and the Australian National Rabbit Council.

There are also specialty clubs that operate on a national level. Specialty clubs focus on one specific breed or a group of a few very similar breeds, such as Angoras. The ARBA charters a national specialty club for each of the 47 breeds that it recognizes. Although not chartered with the ARBA, there are also large organizations that focus on commercial aspects of the rabbit industry, such as the Rabbit Producers Association and the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders.

State Rabbit Clubs

Many states have an organization affiliated with the ARBA that oversees the rabbit shows in that state. State organizations usually hold a large convention and show once per year, offer an annual sweepstakes program to their members, and publish a newsletter to keep people in touch.

Local Rabbit Clubs

Members of local rabbit clubs do the hardest work. They are the people that actually run the shows and provide a support network for other rabbit breeders. Joining a local club is a great way to connect with friends in your area and help the rabbit hobby where it needs it the most. Local clubs that are chartered with the ARBA can be located at http://arba.net. The HRS also sanctions local chapters.

4-H Rabbit clubs

4-H rabbit clubs are not affiliated with the ARBA or the HRS, but are managed through the US government’s cooperative extension program. 4-H clubs offer invaluable opportunities to youth members. Through 4-H, kids can develop skills such as leadership and project management, and as they get older, gain scholarships to help them launch their careers.