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Rabbit Hutches

Almost all of the successful rabbit raisers that I have met over the years seem to agree that every rabbit should have a rabbit hutch or cage to live or temporarily reside in. In my opinion a rabbit hutch is one of the most important and useful rabbit supplies that you can decide to buy. In this article I will be sharing with you some information about buying rabbit hutches. But before I dig in, let me take a moment to discuss the benefits of owning a rabbit hutch. If you are in a hurry, you can decide to jump directly to the rabbit hutches for sale section to purchase your rabbit hutch(es).

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Benefits of Owning a Rabbit Hutch

  • Hutches Provide Security: Rabbit Hutches help protect your rabbits from potential predators in your area. They will help provide a safe place for your rabbits to live away from domestic predators such as dogs and cats. I hate to hear stories of tragic rabbit deaths because someone didn’t take the time to adequately protect their beloved rabbits from predators. Please remember rabbits are considered “prey animals” for a very good reason. The good news is that you can help protect your rabbits from danger by simply keeping your future rabbits in fully enclosed rabbit hutches. If you are interested in purchasing a rabbit hutch please check out our rabbit hutches for sale section.
  • Hutches are Great for Containment: From time to time you will need to contain your rabbits even if you only have a couple indoor pet bunnies. Unless you train your rabbits to behave properly when left unattended it is best to keep them in a hutch or cage while you are gone from the house. Bunnies love to chew and might end up chewing things like phone, computer and TV cords when left unattended. Also if you leave a rabbit unattended in a large non-enclosed area there is a good chance that trouble could arise and your rabbit could be harmed. Like I mentioned earlier rabbits are considered “prey” animals for good reason.
  • Hutches are Great for Performance: Rabbits that are kept in nice spacious rabbit hutches that provide them with a sense of physical and emotional security tend to do better. If you are planning on breeding your rabbits, you definitely want to purchase several good quality rabbit hutches or rabbit cages. From personal experience I have noticed that when a mother rabbit feels safe and secure she will tend to take better care of her bunnies.

Buying Rabbit Hutches

Many rabbit enthusiasts who first get into the rabbit industry end up making mistakes when buying rabbit hutches. Unfortunately hutches are not made in a way that “one size fits all”. Different breeds of rabbits will require different types and sizes of rabbit hutches. To help you out in your rabbit supplies selection endeavor, here is a list of factors that you should take into consideration before deciding to purchase a hutch for your bunny rabbits.

1. Rabbit Hutch Size: The most important thing to consider when buying rabbit hutches is rabbit hutch size. Your bunny rabbits will ideally need to have a large spacious rabbit hutch that allows them room to grow, prosper and of course have a “good ole bunny time”. I recommend that you purchase a rabbit hutch or cage for your rabbits that is at least four times their full grown size. This way they will have enough room to move around and function properly. Large commercial rabbit expeditions tend to keep smaller cages or hutches for space reasons. Just imagine a building with 5,000+ rabbits living in it!! If you are planning to become a backyard rabbit breeder I suggest that you get the biggest hutches that you can find and that will fit your space requirements.

2. Rabbit Hutch Security: The rabbit hutch that you decide to purchase must be secure enough to help keep your rabbits safe from potential predators such as dogs, cats, hawks and snakes. Saying this, I highly recommend that you get a hutch that is fully enclosed with wire or a wire and wood combo. The hutch should not be open on the top unless it is kept in a fully enclosed barn that keeps out all predators. Rabbits will naturally “freak out” when something moves above them and might end up seriously hurting themselves if a large bird flies overhead. For this reason I recommend keeping your hutches under a roof of some kind.

3. Rabbit Hutch Useability: You will want to get a rabbit hutch that will prove to be very “usable” in your rabbitry. By useable I mean, able to fit needed space requirements, moderately easy to move around if need be, and easy to navigate around fully for cleaning and maintenance purposes. You will also want to be able to open the hutch door or top and reach to the back of your hutch so that you can easily take out your rabbits if need be. Trust me… if you plan on keeping lots of rabbits, hutch usability is essential.

4. Rabbit Hutch Cleanliness: When buying a rabbit hutch you will ideally want to find one that is clean and that will be easy to clean up again in the future. For this very reason, I personally prefer all-wire rabbit cages rather than big bulky rabbit hutches. Although the wooden hutches are sturdy, easier to setup and better looking… they can be kind of troublesome to properly clean up. Saying that… you are also completely free to do what you want. I actually started with wooden rabbit hutches and later moved to all wire cages.

5. Rabbit Cage Quality (DUH!): Your single largest rabbitry expense to begin with will be your hutches or cages. If you are going to spend a good amount of money on something I would hope that you would at least care about quality. Its much more money efficient in the long run to go ahead and purchase top quality rabbit hutches to begin with rather than have to upgrade in the future which would result in a double purchase. When evaluating hutches on their quality you ideally want to find one that is well assembled, looks nice, and that has a strong thick cage wire. Just for the record, if a rabbit hutch is covered in rust that is a bad quality indicator! To find quality rabbit hutches for sale check out our rabbit hutches for sale section below.

Rabbit Hutches for Sale

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Rabbit Supplies Catalog: Click here to download our 20+ Page Rabbit Hutches for Sale Catalog for Free

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Super Pet Rabbit Hutch, 2-Story, 48″ Wide

Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $200.59

Natura 2-Story Rabbit Retreat

2 Story Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $171.33

Natura Two-in-One Rabbit Hutch

Two-in-One Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $246.99

Advantek The Loft Rabbit Hutch

Loft Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $129.99

Prevue Hendryx 461 Large Rabbit Hutch

Large Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $170.95

Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Hutch, Medium

Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Hutch

Current Price: $132.76

Natura 2-Story Rabbit Lodge

2-Story Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $229.99

Super Pet Rabbit Hutch Gazebo

Pet Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $235.50

Natura Rabbit Cabin with a View (XL)

Natura Rabbit Cabin

Current Price: $409.49

Super Pet Rabbit Hutch, 1-Story, 36in Wide

Pet Rabbit Hutch, 1-Story

Current Price: $122.49

Ware Premium+ Penthouse Hutch

Ware Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $162.49

Natura Two-in-One Rabbit Hutch (beige)

Two-in-One Rabbit Hutch

Current Price: $264.62

Rabbit Hutch Suppliers

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Additional Rabbit Supplies

In addition to providing you with information and rabbit hutches for sale we also offer a variety of other rabbit supplies…

1. Rabbit Books
2. Rabbit Cages
3. Rabbit Food
4. Rabbit Feeders

See our rabbit supplies for sale page for a complete list of the supplies that we provide.

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