Rabbit Supplies

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Rabbit Supplies

Thousands of people across the country raise rabbits for a multitude of different reasons. Many of these people choose to raise rabbits for commercial reasons such as meat or fur while others raise rabbits strictly for show and pets. Regardless of their motives, any successful rabbit raiser should agree that it is essential to acquire the right rabbit supplies before beginning your rabbit endeavors. In this article I will be providing you with a rabbit supplies checklist and some advice on buying rabbit supplies. If you are in a hurry you can skip this section and jump directly to the rabbit supplies for sale section.

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Rabbit Books: If you want to become a successful rabbit raiser, I highly recommend that you purchase at least one great rabbit care book. Many times rabbit raisers ask me: Why I am so successful with my rabbit project… well I do my homework and also experiment a lot! I have a whole shelve in my room filled with great rabbit books and magazines dating all the way back to the early 1900s! Of course you don’t have to go this extreme… but I do suggest that you check out our rabbit books for sale page and order at least one book from the recommended reading list.

Recommended Rabbit Books

(Click on any of the three books below to learn more)

Raising Rabbits 101 Raising Meat Pen Rabbits Pet Rabbit Guide

Rabbit Software: If you want to become a rabbit breeder and actually go about selling your own rabbits from time to time I suggest that you look into purchasing some rabbitry management software. On our rabbit software for sale page I have listed a number of different rabbit software recommendations. Be sure to check it out to learn more about rabbit pedigree software, herd management and rabbit weight software.

Rabbit Housing: In my opinion every single rabbit needs to have its own home. Most backyard rabbit breeders choose to keep their rabbits in outdoor rabbit hutches or rabbit cages. Many pet rabbit owners have the luxury of keeping their bunny rabbits indoors because they usually only have one or two bunnies total. Commercial rabbit raisers by no means can keep all their rabbits inside of their home without making it on CNN News. Imagine the headline: “Crazy Guy Keeps Over 200 Rabbits in His Home”! As an alternative some commercial rabbitries choose to keep their rabbit herds inside totally enclosed rabbit barns with air conditioners and heaters for the wintertime. The only downfall to enclosed barns is the extra utility cost and space requirement. If you are interested in purchasing rabbit cages check out our rabbit cages for sale page. Also feel free to check out our rabbit hutches for sale page to find bargains on hutches.

Rabbit Food: If you are serious about raising rabbits, you MUST purchase some descent quality rabbit food! Ideally you want your new rabbits to stay happy and healthy. In order to make this dream become a reality they need to be fed well… regardless of what you might have seen on TV the majority of rabbits don’t simply live off of carrots and lettuce. Many experts in the rabbit industry actually recommend that you don’t feed your rabbits carrots and lettuce especially if you plan on showing them. Instead the majority of rabbit raisers that I have met feed their rabbits a nutritious pellet based rabbit feed because it is very convenient to feed with and will help insure that your rabbits get all their required vitamins and overall nutrition. To learn more about rabbit food and get brand recommendations, be sure to check out our rabbit food for sale page.

Rabbit Feeders: Once you have selected your rabbit housing supplies (or built your own – learn more about building your own rabbit housing), picked out a great rabbit book for reference and selected your rabbit food, it is time to go ahead and buy an appropriate number of rabbit feeders. Each of your rabbit cages or hutches will need to contain some sort of rabbit feeder to contain your rabbit’s feed. If you have chosen to use the recommended pellet based rabbit food, I recommend that you purchase J-Feeders to clip on to the inside of your individual rabbit cages. To learn more about rabbit J-Feeders and get purchasing information be sure to visit our rabbit feeders for sale page.

Rabbit Carriers: You are also going to need to purchase some sort of rabbit carrier to transport your rabbits in. I recommend that you purchase a single or multiple compartment rabbit carrier made completely out of wire that has an attached metal tray to collect rabbit wastes that might fall through the wire. Alternatively if you are on a very strict budget you can use cardboard boxes or crates as makeshift rabbit carriers. When I purchased my first rabbits at age 10 I remember using an old glass fish tank as a makeshift rabbit carrier to fit in the back of my dad’s car. So if you need to go this route until you can afford to purchase your own professionally made rabbit carriers that is OK too. However I highly recommend that you at least check out our rabbit carriers for sale page to get an idea on pricing and design first.

Rabbit Water Bottles and Bowls: In addition to buying rabbit feeders you will also need to go ahead and purchase a few rabbit water bottles for your rabbits to drink out of. Nowadays… most rabbit suppliers sell special rabbit water bottles that clip onto sides of rabbit cage and hutch wire. Alternatively you can choose to use rabbit bowls to contain your rabbits’ daily water ration, however I highly recommend that you try to teach your rabbits to drink from the waterers as it will most likely save you time in the long run. To purchase rabbit water bottles check out our rabbit water bottles for sale page. If you plan on having a large number of rabbits it might be more time efficient to setup your own automatic rabbit watering system. You can learn more about automatic rabbit watering systems by purchasing a recommended book from our rabbit books for sale page. Also if you want to purchase rabbit bowls instead be sure to visit our rabbit bowls for sale page.

Additional Rabbit Supplies and Accessories

Although I already discussed the majority of the different rabbit supplies and accessories available above, I wanted to take a moment and discuss three more items…

Rabbit Hay: Its a very good idea to go ahead and purchase some hay for your rabbits. Many rabbits really enjoy eating hay and it helps to give them their needed fiber quantity. If you plan on raising up your own bunny rabbits hay is considered an essential ingredient by many bunny rabbit breeders because the doe uses it to build her nest with. Check out our rabbit hay for sale page to learn more about rabbit hay and to get purchasing information.

Rabbit Toys: Many pet rabbit raisers will argue that every single rabbit deserves to own a few rabbit toys. The good news is that rabbit toys are generally very cheap and can also be made out of many common household and backyard items. If you are interested in learning more about bunny rabbit toys or are interesting in purchasing a few be sure to check out our rabbit toys for sale page.

Rabbit Supplies for Sale

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List of Rabbit Suppliers

Here is a list of several different rabbit suppliers and vendors that we recommend and help promote…

1. Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food – a terrific rabbit food supplier that is in the process of rapidly expanding across the entire United States

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