Rabbit Topics Introduced

As the creator of RabbitBreeders.us (destined to become the number 1 rabbit breeders directory on the internet) I am proud to announce a few feature that I have added to our directory. If you have visited our breed index within the last day you should notice that there is a new section on the page called topics. You will also notice that there are currently 3 different topic links.

The links include Pet Rabbit Breeders, Meat Rabbit Breeders and Mixed Rabbit Breeders. On these pages I have posted information about the different topics. On the meat and pets pages I have recommended breeds of rabbits for that use.

For example on the meat rabbit breeders page you will find recommendations and info for selecting a rabbit breed to raise for meat. I have done the same thing on the pet page. The mixed rabbit breeders page is simply an extra page to include rabbit breeders of non ARBA rabbits such as a direct cross between a Holland Lop and a Californian. (or in other words not pure bred rabbits)

I hope this simple feature will help improve the quality of our directory and make it more useful for people looking into buying rabbits for the first time.

Happy Rabbit Raising + Talk Soon 🙂