Rabbit Toys

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Rabbit Toys

If you are searching to find quality rabbit toys for sale, you have definitely found the right place. We offer a huge variety of different rabbit toys that your bunnies will absolutely adore! We also offer a bunch of rabbit supplies, including rabbit cages, hutches and food. In this article I will be providing you with information on buying rabbit toys. If you are in a hurry, you can skip this section and jump directly to our rabbit toys for sale section. I also have made a list of several reasons why you should at least consider buying toys for your bunny rabbits.

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Reasons to Buy Rabbit Toys

Here is a list of four reasons why you should consider buying toys for your bunny rabbits…

  • 1. Rabbits find toys entertaining– Just like small children bunny rabbits love to play with toys. If you are sitting in a cage all day I would assume that it could get kinda boring. Toys will help liven up your rabbits’ day and give them something to play with. Even if you plan on keeping pet rabbits indoors, chances are you still can’t be with them 24/7. Why not decide to purchase a couple toys for your bunnies? If interested be sure to check out our rabbit toys for sale section.
  • 2. Toys can be used for distraction purposes– Just like when dealing with little kids, toys can be used to help keep your playful rabbits occupied and out of trouble. If a rabbit is bored they are liable to start chewing on things and potentially causing trouble. For this reason alone I recommend that you purchase rabbit toys so that you will have something to “redirect” your troublesome rabbit with.
  • 3. Toys help rabbits exercise– If any animal sits around all day and consumes a lot of food, they are liable to get fat. The same goes for rabbits! If they sit around all day in their cages they are liable to become way over weight. Toys will help keep your rabbits exercising and ultimately in a better condition.
  • 4. Some toys are good for chewing– Similar to a small puppy, rabbits love to chew all the time. If you get some wooden rabbit chew toys they will have something to wear their teeth on. I’m not sure if you have heard the truth: rabbit teeth never stop growing! In order for a rabbit to prevent it’s teeth from becoming too long it must chew on things.

Buying Rabbit Toys

In order to help you select toys that your rabbits will love, I have made a list of several things that you should consider when buying rabbit toys

  • 1. Rabbit Toy Size: Rabbit toys are manufactured in all different shapes and sizes. It is a good idea to pay attention to the size of a toy before making a purchase. You ideally want to find a toy that isn’t too big for your rabbit to handle. Rabbits love to pick their toys up, so it is a good idea to take that into consideration. You don’t want to spend money on toys that your rabbits will refuse to play with.
  • 2. Type of Toy Matters: There are several different types of rabbit toys to choose from. There are edible rabbit toys, rabbit tunnels, willow balls and hanging toys. Many rabbit raisers have recommended purchasing willow balls because their rabbits supposedly enjoy playing with them. I personally think the rabbit tunnels and mazes look the coolest however I haven’t ever purchased one for my rabbits before.
  • 3. Pay attention to the Material: It is recommended that you only purchase toys for your rabbits that are made of safe materials. You would hate for your rabbit to accidentally swallow something dangerous. From experience cloth, stuffed or edible rabbit toys seem to be the best option. I would avoid giving your rabbits toys with small plastic parts, just to be safe.

Rabbit Toys for Sale

Find rabbit toys for sale using our online rabbit supplies catalog…

Rabbit Supplies Catalog: Click here to download our Rabbit Toys for Sale Catalog for Free

Peter’s Woven Grass Rabbit Play Ball

Rabbit Toy

Current Price: $6.36

Super Pet Perfect Chews for Rabbits

Pet Rabbit Chew Toy

Current Price: $6.87

Super Pet Rabbit Crinkle Tunnel, Colors may Vary

Pet Rabbit Tunnel

Current Price: $13.30

Super Pet Rabbit Large Tropical Fiddle Sticks Hideout

Pet Rabbit Hideout

Current Price: $12.36

Peter’s Chew Toy for Rabbits and Small Animals

Chew Toy for Rabbits

Current Price: $4.29

Super Pet Rabbit Big Nut Knot Nibbler Chew Toy

Rabbit Big Nut Knot Nibbler Chew Toy

Current Price: $8.49

Super Pet Rabbit Bunny Shake N Chew Toy

Rabbit Shake N Chew Toy

Current Price: $6.99

Ware Hand Woven Willow Twig Tunnel Small Pet Rabbit Hideout

Toy Pet Rabbit Tunnel and Hideout

Current Price: $7.98

List of Rabbit Toy Suppliers

Here is a list of rabbit toy suppliers and general that we recommend and help promote…

1. Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food – a terrific online rabbit food supplier that specializes in selling the best quality rabbit feed on the market

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Additional Rabbit Supplies

In addition to providing you with information and rabbit toys for sale we also offer a variety of other rabbit supplies…

1. Rabbit Books
2. Rabbit Cages
3. Rabbit Hutches
4. Rabbit Food
5. Rabbit Litter

See our rabbit supplies for sale page for a complete list of the supplies that we provide.

The Next Step: Once you have purchased your rabbit toys and other rabbit supplies, it is time to buy your rabbits. Check out our article on how to buy rabbits to learn more about finding rabbits for sale and locating rabbit breeders in your area.

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