Mini Rex babies

Seller Name: Gerald King Sr Location: Plant City, Florida Rabbit Breed(s): Mini Rex babies Rabbitry Website: Rabbits Unlimited Have 6 babies about 2 weeks old will be ready in about 4 or 5 weeks to go to new home ,3 are broken and 2 are white with red eyes and 1 will be white with some other color on them. all are pure breed with pedigree papers and Tattoo.all will be $ … [Read more...]


Seller Name: Clifford Wilhelm Location: Lakeport, California 95423 Rabbit Breed(s): Californian Looking to purchase 2 to 3 californian does. for meat production litters for family source of meat. need does bred if possible as maintaining buck is not feasible yet. will travel in northern cal if necessary anywhere along I-5 or hwy ioi works. Cliff at 707-998-3089 or po box … [Read more...]


Seller Name: ROBERT PAINE Location: KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, FLORIDA Rabbit Breed(s): MINI LOP & CALIFORNIAN Small Rabbitry breeding pet and meat rabbits. Kits available late fall through early spring. Information sheets provided with each rabbit sale. Seller Email: Seller Phone: (352)478-2072 PAINE'S HOMESTEAD RABBITRY … [Read more...]

Purebreed Mini Rex

Seller Name: Gerald King Sr Location: Plant City, Florida Rabbit Breed(s): Rabbits Unlimited Have two Mini Rex Rabbits for about 8 weeks old ready to go to new home now. $ 35.00 with pedigree papers and Tattoo.,as pets without papers or tattoo $25.00 they are white with black ears and around eyes.and one white with blue eyes and around the ears. Seller Email: … [Read more...]

Proven breeder Buck

Seller Name: Darrell Harrington Location: Murfreesboro, Tn Rabbit Breed(s): New Zealand and Californian Have a proven 9 month Californian/Nzw buck. Heavy producer and mainly all Nzw kits fathered. Makes good meat litters. Quick grow outs when mated to larger does. Asking $20. Great deal Seller Email: Seller Phone: (615)478-3802 Proven breeder … [Read more...]