Holland Lop(pet) for sale

Seller Name: Yvette Ford
Location: Stillwater(Ripley), OK
Rabbit Breed(s): Holland Lop

I currently have a Jr Holland Buck and Doe for sale. 3 1/2 months. Both very sweet and like attention. $25.00 each

Seller Email: yford@hotmail.com

Holland Lop Rabbits
Holland Lop(pet) for sale

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English Angora For Sale

Seller Name: Julia Gordie
Location: St. Augustine, Fl
Rabbit Breed(s): English Angora

I have 1 REW English Angora for sale. Ready to go in Nov.
$125 Pedigree, Show Quality

Seller Email: constellationbunnies@gmail.com

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Silver Fox Rabbitry Sellout

Seller Name: Jamie S
Location: Aspers, PA
Rabbit Breed(s): Silver Fox
Rabbitry Website: Silver Valley Farms

We are downsizing our rabbitry to focus on larger livestock. Pickup is available near Gettysburg PA

Rabbits come from quality show lines, all Silver Fox:
Black doe, born 3/27/14. No colors back 5 generations, not believed to be carrier. Lineage from Riverwind, Cute Buns, Hillsides. $50
Black doe, born 2/11/13. Blue carrier. Lineage from Ayre’s, Masquerade’s. $50
Black buck, born 3/26/12. Blue in background but has never thrown colors. Lineage from Riverwind, SRs, Top Note, Hillside. $50
Black buck, born 9/28/11. Proven carrier of blue and chocolate, has 2 first place show winnings. Lineage from Black Tree, Collins, Heorots. $50

Likely available in the coming weeks:
Blue buck and Black buck, born 8/20/2014 (recently weaned from same litter, will be held until 11-15 before being reevaluated for sale). Lineage from Black Tree, Collins. $40
Black doe, born 12/7/13. Proven carrier of blue and chocolate (she had a recent litter, will be held until 11-29 before being available for sale). Lineage from Black Tree, Whitmore. $50
Blue and black bucks/does, born 9/10/14. (will be evaluated for sale 11-29). Lineage from Black Tree, Collins, Heorots. $40

Rolling show cart. $20
Plastic Trays, all sizes. $5 each
Three rolling breeder cages w feeders, 3 stack. $80 each
Two rolling growout cages w feeders, 3 stack. $80 each
One stationary all metal cage w feeders, 3 stack. Fair condition. $40
Drinking adapters for water bottles. $1 each
Grand Champion tattoo clamp set. 2 sets letters/numbers. $50
Rabbit magainzes, books. All for $5

10% downpayment via paypal will hold items until agreed up pickup date. Otherwise, first come first serve.

Thanks for your interest, let me know if you would like more information about anything.

See our website for details, Craigs list for pictures



Seller Email: SilverValleyFarms@netzero.com

Silver Fox Rabbits
Silver Fox Rabbitry Sellout

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Fall New Zealands

Seller Name: Mike Bourdon
Location: Troy, New York
Rabbit Breed(s): New Zealand

Bourdon Family Farm is now offering White New Zealand Rabbits for sale both hand selected breeders as well as processed, packaged and ready to eat. Please “Like” our Facebook Page (BOURDON FAMILY FARM).

Seller Email: BourdonFamilyFarm@Hotmail.com

New Zealand Rabbits
Fall New Zealands

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Rabbits and Crafts

Seller Name: Sandra Kreal
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Rabbit Breed(s): Lionhead mixes

We have 5 baby Lionheads for sale. They were born June 18, 2014. They are handled and groomed daily, are kid friendly and are used to cats.

Seller Email: skreal2@hotmail.com

Lionhead Mixes Rabbits
Rabbits and Crafts

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$20 White/Tan/Black English/Satin Angora

Seller Name: S. Ann Nelson
Location: 4511 13th street Menominee Mi 49858
Rabbit Breed(s): English Angora/Satin angora

Cute, cuddly, snuggle bunny born 9/6/14. Pet personaltiy, no kicking. Eating hay, Manna Pro pellets and drinking from water bottle. Cash and pick up only please.

Seller Email: essjones@hotmail.com
Seller Phone: (906)863-2161

English Angora/Satin angora Rabbits
$20 white/tan/black english/satin angora

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Red Lion Rabbitry

Seller Name: Richard Glantz
Location: Lakewood ,Colorado
Rabbit Breed(s): Mini-Lop – Mini Rex- French – Lop

Place your order for future litters,I will have solid colors / broken
I can e-mail pictures of litters.All rabbits come with pedigrees.
I do not ship cannot rely on airlines and prices are very high.
PLease call or email if you have any questions .Thank You

Seller Email: dwillane@comcast.net
Seller Phone: (720)563-1843

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Red Mini Lop Junior does and bucks

Seller Name: Jody Rosnik
Location: Colorado
Rabbit Breed(s): Mini Lops, Dutch, Rex, New Zealands, Standard Chinchillas

6 Pedigreed Red Mini lops, 2 bucks and 4 does, are ready to go to their new homes: Show, 4H, or just a great non-breeding companions! Born August 13, 2014. Call or text 719-276-3311 or email at rabbitjudgerosnik@gmail.com for availability and delivery/pick-up options. Price for these gorgeous Reds are $75 non-breeding or $100 with pedigree. Other ‘gorgeous’ varieties will become available soon and are in the nestboxes! other breeds, too, so check back often.

Seller Email: rabbitjudgerosnik@gmail.com
Seller Phone: (719)276-3311

Red Mini Lop Junior does and bucks

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Jersey Wooly Kits

Seller Name: Rhonda W
Location: Mobile AL.
Rabbit Breed(s): Jersey Wooly

These beautiful little babies are ready to go to their new homes. They are raised n our home and litter box trained. Although Jersey Woolies are a coated breed they are quite easy to care for. They are fed top quality food (Sherwood Forest), hay, and these little ones enjoy mixed greens (small amounts).

Price is 30.00 each.

Serious inquiries please send e-mail if interested and or with any questions.

Seller Email: southwds@vellsouth.net

Jersey Wooly Rabbits
Jersey Wooly Kits

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Quality New Zealand White Rabbits

Seller Name: Robert Hartless
Location: Carthage, Mo
Rabbit Breed(s): New Zealand Whites and Californian

We have a few select New Zealand White Rabbits for sale. We have two very nice bucks that were born 1/14/14. My Daughter has been showing them at ARBA shows, one has best of breed and the other best opposite of breed. She also has a liter born 6/16/14. These are show quality also but we have not had the opportunity to show them yet. If you want some very nice show rabbits or want to put some serious meat on your meat pens then you deserve these rabbits,

Seller Email: hartlessbob@hotmail.com
Seller Phone: (417)793-1215

New Zealand Whites and Californian Rabbits
Quality New Zealand White Rabbits

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