Rabbit Bedding

Whether you have rabbits that live inside or outside, you’ll want to provide them with a bed that is comfortable and makes them feel safe. Rabbits will eat the bedding, so it’s important that you don’t get anything with bleach or non-natural materials in it. If you aren’t sure where your rabbits like to sleep and relax – don’t worry, they’ll let you know! While you might try to make separate spaces for your rabbit to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom, if you find that they don’t like the layout you’ve set up, they’ll change it. If you notice they go to the bathroom in a particular spot, then go ahead and move the litter box there. Same goes if you see they love sleeping in a certain corner of the cage, lay extra rabbit bedding in that spot for them to enjoy.

Here we share our top rabbit bedding products, as well as a few tips to ensure they are well rested and happy in their home.

Top Rabbit Bedding Products Reviews 2023

#1: Carefresh Complete Rabbit Bedding

Carefresh Rabbit Bedding

While you won’t need to use the absorbing powers of this bedding quite as much as when you have a large area for your rabbit to play in, it is a nice feature. It also keeps the scent fresh in between cleanings so that you don’t have an unpleasant smell coming from the area your rabbit lives in.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/CarefreshCompleteRabbitBedding

#2: Premium Soft Virgin Paper Bedding

Premium Paper Bedding

This premium rabbit bedding is soft and enjoyable to burrow in for your furry pet. It’s completely natural and absorbs odors nicely. You’ll love watching your rabbits play and sleep in their habitat when you lay this bedding down.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/PremiumSoftVirginPaperBedding

#3: Fibercore Eco-Bedding Natural

Fibercore Natural

Your rabbit will appreciate this dust free bedding that is soft and easy to burrow in. One of the best features of this particular rabbit bedding is that it retains moisture from the bottom to the top, so your bunnies will enjoy fresh and dry bedding until it’s time to change out the pen.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/FibercoreEcoBeddingNatural

#4: Green Pet Aspen Supreme Pellets for all natural bedding

Green Pet Aspen Supreme Pellets

While pellets can be an expensive option for bedding compared to other selections, rabbits will like that they keep their cage fresh and free of unpleasant odors. These pellets are all natural and resist the growth of mold. You can use this as litter, or incorporate it into their bedding, but either way, it will do an excellent job absorbing liquids and smells.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/GreenPetAspenSupremePelletsforallnaturalbedding

Rabbit Bedding Selection Tips

Rabbits love their sleep, and the bunny bedding you select will make an impact on how safe and secure they feel. It will also make a different in how clean, dry, and warm they stay, so it benefits many aspects of their life and health. Here we provide a little guidance on selecting the best rabbit bedding for your furry friends.

Types of Rabbit Bedding

• Indoor Rabbit Bedding: Indoor rabbits will often make a home in cages, so you’ll want to ensure that you protect their feet are protected from the wire by adding something like newspapers on the bottom. You can use hay to lay for them, or you can get a rabbit bedding that is used in litter boxes as well.

• Outdoor Rabbit Bedding: Outdoor rabbit bedding can be made of newspapers, hay, straw, wood shavings, and other natural materials. One important tip to remember when you have outdoor rabbits is that you’ll need to tailor it to the season, so make sure you add extra installation for those cold nights. Because you’ll be dealing with the elements outdoors, you’ll find you have to change the bedding more often when your bunnies live outside.

• Pet Rabbit Bedding: Pet rabbit bedding will be similar to that used for indoor bunnies. The goal is to keep your bunny dry and clean so that they’ll easily rest. If you find that your rabbit is using the bathroom where they should be bedding, then you may need a bigger cage or pen.

Rabbit Bedding Material

Rabbit bedding material can be anything from hay to pellets to newspaper to wood shavings, as well as other natural papers that are safe for your bunny to chew on. Be mindful that they always have newspapers or something that can protect their feet against the base of wire cages. If you choose to use towels or other fabrics for bedding, watch carefully to make sure the rabbits aren’t chewing on because it can disrupt their stomach.

Rabbit Bedding Cost

Rabbit bedding costs will vary depending on whether you have indoor or outdoor bunnies, how often you’ll need to change their sleeping area and the brand that you choose. In most cases, you can find reasonably priced hay and straw that will do the job for around ten to twenty dollars per bag.

Rabbit Bedding FAQs

It’s vital that you look at the ingredients that are in rabbit bedding to ensure they are not toxic. Your bunny will eat almost anything you put in there, and you want to make sure they consume safe materials. Also, be sure that you keep their litter box and rest area separate because just like humans, they don’t like to sleep in damp, dirty, or unkempt places, so you should change the bedding out once every few days.

Rabbit Litter vs. Rabbit Bedding

It’s important that you don’t get rabbit litter and bedding confused. The rabbit litter will be more absorbent because the urine will need to be soaked up, and it should be placed in a tray. However, be mindful that you get a non-toxic litter because some bunnies will still try to chew on it.

Rabbit bedding is going to be placed in the living space and will be slept on, as well as nibbled on. It won’t need to be as absorbent as it is for other pets because the rabbits will like to burrow, sleep, and play on it, but they won’t be using the bathroom on this the same other small animals.

DIY Rabbit Bedding

Making your own bedding is easy when you use natural materials like the ones listed above such as straw, cloth, hay, newspaper, cardboard shreds, and you should avoid any material that has been treated. Even if your rabbit doesn’t eat the bedding materials, they should be able too just in case they get bored one day.

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