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Rabbit Carriers for Sale – find the best rabbit carriers for sale online. Best bunny carrier reviews, recommendations and selection tips for 2023.

Finding a great rabbit carrier requires adequate sizing, price, and brand considerations. You want to make sure you select a carrier that is roomy enough for your bunny to move around while still allowing for easy cleanup and ventilation. Including reputation, size, carrying ease, and cleanup necessities, each type of carrier has its own strengths and weaknesses. We have identified some of the best types of carriers for rabbits of all breeds and sizes, allowing for premium comfort and hygiene.

Below are the top seven rabbit carriers based on consumer reviews, pricing, and overall durability and comfort. Rabbits need to feel like they have adequate space so they will not chew on the outsides of the carrier, but also be insulated enough so they feel secure and safe.

Top 7 Rabbit Carriers Reviews 2023

  1. Kaytee Come Along Rabbit Carrier

Come Along Rabbit Carrier

Including a mesh window exterior and great airflow, this carrier is a comfortable and secure area for pets to travel in. Ideal for rabbits, this carrier includes an easy cleanup area and can be transported easily using the carrier handle. A well-designed, compact carrier, this is a great choice for those seeking an affordable and sturdy unit that will last for many years. This carrier also has a compartment for food and water to let your bunny remain fully fed and hydrated at all times.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/KayteeComeAlongRabbitCarrier

  1. iPet Hands Free Soft Tote Carrier

iPet Hands Free Carrier

Allowing you to transport your bunny in style and comfort, the iPet carrier is double sided and functions as a handbag/carrier to let your bunny peek out as you carry him from place to place. Animals love this unit as it lets them see out rather than being confined, but still feel safe and close to you. The great thing about this carrier is that it is both lightweight and easy to strap on whenever you need to take your bunny for a quick trip. Rated highly by users.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/iPetHandsFreeSoftToteCarrier

  1. Favorite Top Load Portable Rabbit Carrier

Top Load Rabbit Carrier

Providing easy assembly and durable construction, the Favorite Top Load Carrier includes 4 lockers and sturdy plastic design to provide a safe and spacious area for your pet. Make sure the lock is fully clicked into sides before taking up the handles. With premium cleanup facilitation and easy carrying, this is one of the most popular models for carrying rabbits.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/FavoriteTopLoadPortableRabbitCarrier

  1. Suncast Rabbit Carrier

Suncast Carrier

Including water and food bowl, this unit is durable and stylish for animals up to thirty pounds. Great for larger bunnies as well. As a top-rated carrier brand, Suncast has been producing rabbit carriers for years and had excellent feedback on the whole. Additionally, this brand has a reputation for careful design and flawless exteriors. Rated highly by users and suggested as a top pick for larger rabbits.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/SuncastRabbitCarrier

  1. Yosoo Rabbit Carrier

Yosoo Carrier

Including cotton material and a comfortable area to give your pet rabbit a nice little seeing area, this carrier comes in numerous sizes to allow bunnies of all shapes and types to have adequate accommodations. Including a breathable handbag design, this item is washable for easy cleanup and includes a 34 inch strap. A highly affordable and widely recommended carrier, the Yosoo brand is known for its premium selection and quality, being a great choice for rabbit owners everywhere.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/YosooRabbitCarrier

  1. Xcellent Small Rabbit Carrier

This carrier is reversible and loops easily over the shoulder while your pet rests in the hip slot to stay comfortable and secure. External hasp keeps pets from escaping and holds animals up to a weight of eleven pounds. Washable soft cotton and poly blend. A soft and comfy place for your rabbit to stay, especially for smaller rabbits. If you want to carry your bunny in your side pocket, this is a great way to do so.

  1. 7) Binny 2 Top Pet Carrier

Including a shoulder strap, a storage compartment, and a spill resistant cup, the Binny 2 carrier is a highly durable and safe carrier for your rabbits. Including a perforated floor and side areas for maximum ventilation and breathing, the animal will stay dry at all times while having enough space to move around.

Rabbit Carrier Selection Tips

Choosing a rabbit carrier is very important to make sure that your bunny has plenty of room to move, stay safe, and remain comfortable able to receive air and oxygen at all times.

Choosing a carrier depends on budget considerations, ventilation holes, size, mesh and plastic durability, and good solid sides to give your bunny a sense of security and safety. Additionally, you may want to consider a carrier that lets you hold your bunny against your side for optimal comfort.

Rabbit Carrier Sizes

Rabbit carriers come in a number of sizes, ranging from 24 by 12 by 12 to 16 by 8 by 10 to 24 by 16 by 12, and so on. In general, most cages will be at least 2-4 feet high and about 3 to 5 feet long. This will give your bunny plenty of room to move around while still saying safe and comfortable. Depending on the weight of your bunny, you will want to select a larger carrier to give him room to move about.

Rabbit Carrier Prices

Rabbit carrier prices range from $10-$60 or $70 on average. The more features, better design, and greater durability, the more expensive the cage. Keep in mind that many rabbit carrier prices will be somewhere between $20-$50 for a medium sized rabbit, while smaller models might be less expensive but not have the same amount of features.

Rabbit Carrier Brands

Top rabbit carrier brands include iPet, Kaytee, Binny, Favorite, Suncast, Xcellent, and Yosoo, among others. Whichever brand you choose, be certain it is generally reviewed positively to ensure a positive experience with your new carrier.

Rabbit Transportation Dos and Don’ts

Rabbits need special transportation considerations, including an adequate size, sturdiness, ease of cleaning, and ventilation for the carrier you choose. Be sure that the carrier also includes an easy carrying handle or strap as well. When carrying your rabbit, you will need to make sure he is safe, secure, and able to receive oxygen adequately, as well as able to have full access to food and water.

Rabbit Transportation Dos

When carrying your rabbit:

  • Do make sure he has adequate room to move around.
  • Do make sure the hinges are secure and robust. If you have more than one rabbit or a larger bunny, you might want a large-size carrier to make sure he is safe and comfortable.
  • Do select a carrier made of chew proof wire and sturdy plastic. Some rabbits may try to chew through the carrier and can be extremely crafty at this method.
  • Do select a carrier that will let you clean up the bottom of the cage easily. This is critical for making sure the rabbit has adequate hygiene care. You don’t want him to have to remain in a dirty carrier, so having one that is easy to clean is very important.
  • Do carry your rabbit carefully, making sure he is secure on your side or nested safely within a sling-pouch. Also be sure your rabbit has adequate food, water, and ventilation in any carrier you pick.
  • Do make sure your rabbit has been able to use the potty ahead of time, so as to prevent later bathroom needs.

Rabbit Transportation Don’ts

When carrying your rabbit:

  • Don’t choose a carrier that lets the rabbit get their legs stuck in open sides of the carrier. This causes rabbits to feel insecure and scared.
  • Don’t choose a carrier that prevents your rabbit from being comfortable on the bottom of the carrier. If need be, add a towel or blanket to the carrier bottom.
  • Don’t choose wicker or cardboard for material, as this can cause rabbits to not get adequate ventilation when being transported, especially in hot climates.
  • Don’t carry your rabbit in an unsafe position or leave his carrier unlocked. You must first fully secure the locks on the carrier sides to make sure he can’t get out. It’s a good idea to secure any other areas he might try to chew through.

Building Your Own Rabbit Carrier

When building your own carrier, you will need a plastic container for the base, something strong enough to support the weight of your bunny. Additionally, you will need to obtain wire mesh in a roughly one inch square with 2.5 millimeter thickness. You will also need some C clips which are fairly cheap, at $10 for two hundred.

Designing Your Plan

When starting, first design your rabbit carrier plan. You will need to know the height of the cage and wire to determine how much wire and plastic you will need. Most sides will be between 15 and 18 inches. If the container is a different size, be sure to adjust accordingly so that the container and wire will fit together.

Choosing from pre-designed rabbit carrier plans can also be done. Find some ideas online, selecting the best carrier for your rabbit’s size. When choosing a predesigned home made plan for rabbit carriers, you should look for one that is at least 2-3 times the size of your full grown rabbit. Bunnies need plenty of space to be secure and comfortable.

Cutting the Wire

Next, cut 4 different side panels in the dimensions you have planned out. Bend your wire edges so they will fit over the paneling, allowing about 1 inch of wire to stick out and then folding it over. Leave one or two to let the latch have a place to hold itself.

Assembling the Carrier

Finally, be sure to firmly assemble the sides to your base, placing the joined sides on top with the one inch wire bits resting on the lip. Trim any additional one inch wire areas that you don’t need, drilling holes and placing remaining one inch wire sections through. Then use your pliers to bend over the one inch wire sections until firmly held in place to the bottom.

Now, you have your fully-assembled rabbit carrier, ready to take your bunny wherever you need to go. Be sure to add a good lock so the bunny will remain safely secure inside.

Additional Info

There are many types of rabbit carriers including those with frontal cages, side doors, or added ventilation. You should be sure to pick a size of carrier that is able to provide enough space for him to lie down and sit up comfortably, but not so much that he slides around if you have to suddenly put the brakes on when transporting your bunny in the car.

Straps and Handles

Be sure to also select a carrier with a firmly-attached strap or handle. If the handle is placed directly on top of the lid, the hinges will need to be extremely sturdy so as to keep the weight adequately proportioned.


You will want a carrier with good access to your rabbit at all times. Sides doors are a great idea, but top access is even better because sometimes rabbits won’t want to come out at the vet. With a top down door, you can simply reach in and pick him up rather than having to try to scoop him out at an awkward angle.

Materials and Design

The best rabbit carriers include design from full plastic that is solidly made and includes ventilation holes. Additionally, most retailers will provide these types of carriers in a variety of sizes, so just about any type of bunny should be adequately provided for.

Carrier Style

Certain carriers come in a single box, but others may include more than one horizontal section. If the carrier includes two sections, this can be easier for getting your bunny out, cleaning the carrier, or folding it up for slater storage. The door will often be made from wire, which is best; try not to use a plastic grill covering since this can easily be chewed through by your rabbit.

Security and Cooling

Security and cooling are important considerations. Be sure that the door is firmly latched and cannot be chewed through or broken. You’ll want to make sure the carrier includes proper ventilation so that the rabbit can quickly receive incoming air from the A/C or heat when it is cold outside. In warm cars during the summer, without proper ventilation, your rabbit could quickly start to get too hot.

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