Rabbit Runs

Building a rabbit run is a great way to give your bunny an outdoor play area. Rabbits need lots of exercise, and a run can be the best way to provide them with it. Allowing for a spacious area to run, jump, hide, and graze, the run is considered a safe outdoor playpen for bunnies of all shapes and sizes. Runs come in different types, including the wooden and wire mesh runs, metal runs, and playpen-style runs. Each run has different advantages, with most being designed to keep your bunnies safe while playing outside.

Below are the top 5 rabbit runs for rabbits of all sizes. Some runs include a built-in hiding area so your rabbit can have a place to feel safe and secure.

Top 5 Rabbit Runs Reviews 2023

1) Advantek Courtyard Rabbit Run With Hutch

Advantek Courtyard With Hutch

An affordable and comfy rabbit hutch for rabbits of all types and sizes, this wooden rabbit run includes 2 doors for access at the unit’s top. Made from GoneGreen insect resistant lightweight lumber, the unit is nineteen by seventy-one inches. It is a great choice to let small bunnies run outside without needing to be concerned for their safety.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/AdvantekCourtyardRabbitRunWithHutch

2) Trixie Outdoor Rabbit Run With Mesh Cover

Trixie Outdoor Mesh Cover

Including a mesh cover to protect your bunnies as they explore and run outside, the Trixie rabbit run folds up to allow for simple storing capacity as well. Compatible with all Trixie hutches as well, the unit includes hard plastic door latches and metal hinges.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/TrixieOutdoorRabbitRunWithMeshCover

3) Trixie Extra Large Outdoor Run

Extra Large Outdoor Run

Providing a spacious living area for bunnies of all types, this unit is a great wooden shelter area for rabbits to explore and play outside. Including a pitched roof with fold open quarter panel roofing, the unit includes metal latches that ensure the cover is secure at all times.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/TrixieExtraLargeOutdoorRun

4) Pawhut Outdoor Rabbit Run With House

Pawhut Outdoor Rabbit Run With House

Using a special triangular shape to keep rain and other bad water off the roof of the unit, this easy to set up rabbit run includes 2 access doors to gain quick availability to your pet. The run area is spacious to let your pet have plenty of room to run around.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/PawhutOutdoorRabbitRunWithHouse

5) Trixie Rabbit Run With Wheels

Rabbit Run With Wheels

Providing top-quality durability and user-friendliness in terms of setup, this 2 story hutch lets your bunny have plenty of room to run around outside while also providing him or her with a nice, comfy house. Includes a non slip ramp and door for the hatch to make sure access is restricted. Also has a pullout tray to allow for simple, easy cleaning of the unit.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/TrixieRabbitRunWithWheels

Rabbit Run Selection Tips

Rabbits need a good, spacious exercise area to make sure they stay physically healthy and mentally sound, as well. It’s critical to select a good rabbit run for ideal rabbit health. Rabbits will need a place to hide within the run, such as a tunnel or box. They will also need a shelter area with shade for sunny, hot days — along with a secure roof to ensure predators can’t get in, and no rabbits can get out. It needs to be 2 to 3 feet tall so that your bunny has enough room to jump and stand up inside.

Types of Rabbit Run

There are many different types of runs for bunnies to move around and play. These include the apex run, the wire pen run, the metal run, the wood/mesh combo run, and the aviary. Apex runs are made in a triangular design from mesh and wire. These runs are slightly less spacious due to low sloping side panels, but they make good areas to provide grazing areas on your lawn for a bunny.

Wire Pens

Wire pens give your rabbit a larger space to move around with. However, these enclosures don’t usually give the rabbit a safe enough area. You will need to join together a number of different panels to create the wire pen, which is spacious and prevents sun from becoming too hot for your bunnies — but requires full time supervision.

Metal Rabbit Runs

The metal run is another important type of rabbit run. These are a good choice for combining together to create a spacious place for your rabbit to exercise in. Be certain to anchor your metal run firmly, since it will typically be lighter in weight than a wooden run — and therefore more prone to being tipped over.

Wooden Runs

The most popular types of runs include wood/mesh rectangular blends. These runs are simple to build on your own or can be obtained online for a reasonable price. You’ll want to make sure you place the mesh within the wood frame to ensure no gnawing takes place inside the protected area.

Aviary Runs

The last type of rabbit run includes the aviary. Bigger and taller than usual wood and mesh runs, this unit lets you as the owner also enter the run to interact with your pet. This makes it easier to catch rabbits as well, since you don’t need to climb through the sides like you would with a traditional hutch or run.

How to Build Your Own Rabbit Run

To build your own rabbit run, first you will need a plan, plenty of materials, and protective gear. You will also need to obtain some wood glue, sturdy lumber, and a drill and screws.

Be certain to have preservative-free wood for your run. Wood pieces should be two by one inches, purchased together as a pack — ideally with 2 packs being bought for the whole run. Lengths of your pieces should measure about 7 feet per strip. The corner posts should measure two by two inches, with bottom cladding planking being two packs for the groove and tongue.

To assemble your run, find the best plan for your rabbit’s size and then put together each wood piece as the plan instructs. Be sure to screw each section in thoroughly and test for security. You don’t want any pieces coming out while your rabbit plays inside.

When complete, add the door, wire mesh, and indoor hiding area to your hutch. Be sure to test all the locks to make sure they are fully secured. Once complete, you can let your rabbit play inside your home-built rabbit run, building others as needed to accommodate new bunnies.


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