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Having a rabbit at home can be a joy in your life whether you have them for show, or you simply keep them as a pet. However, to ensure they are happy and healthy, you’ll want to invest in rabbit toys so that they stay stimulated. Rabbit toys are important because they provide a living space that has challenging and entertaining activities. You don’t want your bunny to get bored, or they will find a way to entertain themselves by chewing on wires, shoes, and other things in your home they can get their teeth on.

Providing pet bunnies with stimulating toys also prevents them from being depressed, and it gives them the necessary exercise they need for their wellbeing. Here are our top picks for rabbit toys that will keep your furry friends from being destructive and provide them with a little entertainment in their lives.

Top 15 Rabbit Toys Reviews 2023

#1: Peter’s Woven Grass Play Ball

Woven Grass Play Ball

Bunnies will go gaga for this rabbit toy that has a small bell inside to delight them even more than the hay. It’s durable and long-lasting when compared to other toys made of hay and straw. Even when your rabbit spends hours chewing on it, you’ll notice that it dries quickly and is ready for another round of rolling.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/Peter’sWovenGrassPlayBall

#2: Kaytee Small Animal Nut Knot Nibbler Chew Toy

Animal Nut Knot Nibbler Chew Toy

Pet rabbit toys come in all shapes and sizes, and this one is no exception! It’s made of all natural wood and will keep your rabbit busy for hours. The bright colors will entice rabbits to play, and the wood won’t leave splinters.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/KayteeSmallAnimalNutKnotNibblerChewToy

#3: Bunny Fun Tree Rabbit Toy

Tree Rabbit Toy

Keeping your rabbit entertained is more than just fun to watch, it keeps your bunny stimulated so that they don’t find alternatives to scratch and chew on (like your favorite pair of shoes). This particular bunny toy will be hours of fun and is also quite cute to set up in your home. All of the materials used are safe for bunny rabbits to knaw on, and it’s built with lasting qualities.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/BunnyFunTreeRabbitToy

#4: Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy

Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy

If you want to make sure your bunny is getting exercise, then watch as they chase and play with these rabbit toys in sheer delight. The material is all natural so that you won’t have to worry as you watch your bunny enjoy chewing and running after the ball.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/BunnyBlastYuccaChewToy

#5: Fruit Basket Rabbit Throw Toys

Rabbit Throw Toys

In order for your furry friend to stay engaged with the pet rabbit toys that you provide, you’ll want to give them a few unique options to choose from. This fruit basket of throw toys makes an excellent addition to your rabbit’s toy box and will be loved by your pet.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/FruitBasketRabbitThrowToys

#6: Bundora’s Box Rabbit Chew and Throw Toy

Rabbit Chew and Throw Toy

Giving your rabbit friend a toy with a treat in it will keep them engaged for hours. Not all bunny rabbit toys will have this option, but this rabbit throw toy does! You’ll find that your pet rabbit will exert energy and have a blast when playing with this. It’s a fun and affordable toy that lasts for quite some time.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/Bundora’sBoxRabbitChewandThrowToy

#7: Kaytee 3 Count Chew Toy, Carrot Patch Variety

Count Chew Toy, Carrot Patch Variety

You get three different rabbit toys with this variety pack that bunnies will love to chew on. One is made of wood for gnawing and stimulation, one is made from sisal and is fantastic for cleaning teach, and the other is a loofa that will be perfect for flossing. Not only will these bunny toys keep your furry friend entertained, but they are good for their oral hygiene.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/Kaytee3CountChewToy,CarrotPatchVariety

#8: WARE Small Willow Barbell Chew Toy

Willow Barbell Chew Toy

Getting more exercise is essential to the health of your pet rabbit and this barbell chew toy will get them moving. Your bunny will enjoy this safe toy that is designed to promote play that releases pent up energy from being in a cage while you’re at work.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/WARESmallWillowBarbellChewToy

#9: Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy for Rabbits

Board Logic Toy for Rabbits

You can play a game of logic with your pet rabbit when you get this plastic toy that hides food and makes the small animals find it. It’s bright so you’ll be able to find the pieces easily, and it provides hours of enjoyment.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/TrixieSnackBoardLogicToyforRabbits

#10: Trixie Snack Ball for Rabbits

Ball for Rabbits

Hide a favorite treat in these rabbit toys and then watch as your bunny playfully and strategically tries to get them out. A great toy that will get your rabbit moving so they stay healthy and happy, and you’ll be thoroughly entertained as well.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/TrixieSnackBallforRabbits

#11: Hagen Living World Pet Tunnel

Pet Tunnel

Enhancing your rabbit’s living space will have a positive impact on how they feel each day, and you’ll notice when they are enjoying life. If you own a tent for your pet, then an extension tunnel will be an excellent way to add a little more room for relaxing and playing. If you don’t have a way for them to explore, then a tunnel system will be a welcomed playspace for your furry pal.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/HagenLivingWorldPetTunnel

#12: Mini Activity Zone Rabbit Toy

Zone Rabbit Toy

Your rabbit will have a blast playing in this mini activity zone. They can sit on top of the bunny rabbit toy or play underneath it. It’s safe to chew because of the non-toxic wood and coloring, and your bunny will be completely engaged by the tassels that they can chew on and hide in.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/MiniActivityZoneRabbitToy

#13: Sisal Keyring Rabbit Toy

Sisal Keyring Rabbit Toy

When you want to provide a little more stimulation with rabbit toys, this one should be on the list. It’s simple to throw to your rabbit when you think they are getting bored, and they’ll get out energy as they toss the sisal ring up in the air and chew on it.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/SisalKeyringRabbitToy

#14: WARE Small Pet Nature Chew Balls Value Pack with Bell

Chew Balls Value Pack with Bell

Made with natural materials, these rabbit toys will be a delight for your furry pet, as well as a blast for you to watch. Your pet rabbit can chew and beat boredom when chasing around these balls with a bell.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/WARESmallPetNatureChewBallsValuePackwithBell

#15: Carefresh Complete Rabbit Bedding

Rabbit Bedding

This cool tunnel toy will make your bunny rabbit feel right at home. They’ll love the fact that they can burrow, and the natural feel will be appreciated as they relax. You can’t pass this one up if you want to see your favorite pet having a good time.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/PrevueHendryxNature’sHideawayGrassTunnelToy

These are only a few of the rabbit toys that we think are the best for your furry friends, but there are more out there for you to choose from than what’s listed above. Now let’s check out some ideas for toys, themes, and accessories that can enhance their health and living experience.

Ideas for rabbit toys

When you need rabbit toys, there are a lot of items that you can buy, as well as make yourself. However, whether you choose to give rabbits stimulation to play with or a place to bed that feels like their natural environment, you’ll need to pay attention to them when they begin to toss toys in the air and chew them. You’ll want to pay attention to ensure that they don’t cut themselves, or get stuck in entryways.

Pet rabbit owners will use toilet paper rolls, sticks off of trees, pinecones, and other natural items to create an engaging setting and to give their animals something to do. You can also use old phone books if you have any lying around because they love ripping and shredding things to occupy their time – and trust that you’ll want to be the one that provides it for them!

Rabbit toy themes

Your rabbit will want a variety of bunny toys, and each of them will have a different theme. Here we give you three of the primary themes for these toys and a few examples.


Bunny rabbits love to chew on anything they can get their mouth on, and it’s vital to their health that you provide options to keep them stimulated because they’ll eventually chew on their home and the surroundings you’ve provided them to live in. Here are two examples of chew toys that will keep them happy and entertained.

#1: WARE Large Rice Pops Small Animal Treats

Rice Pops Small Animal Treats

These pet rabbit toys are great for cleaning teeth and keeping them healthy. Plus, they will keep your pet rabbit excited and having a good time while they hang out in their cage or play area.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/WARELargeRicePopsSmallAnimalTreats

#2: Peter’s Chew Toy for Rabbits

Chew Toy for Rabbits

This is a chew toy with a tasty treat in the center, and rabbits will toss and gnaw for hours while conditioning their teeth. The center will keep them focused and diligent so they pass the time in an enjoyable way.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/Peter’sChewToyforRabbits


Pet rabbits tend to get ignored because they keep to themselves and tend to sleep and sit a lot. However, you’ll find if they don’t play and romp about, they become depressed, and this can even change the way they eat and how long they live. Here’s an example of a toy is designed for play. Another great example is #12.

#1: Living World Teach N Treat Toy

Teach N Treat Toy

This bunny toy not only engages your furry pal and gets them to play, but it stimulates their mind as they try to find the treat. Keep your rabbit’s mind sharp, and you’ll notice they have a more energetic attitude.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/LivingWorldTeachNTreatToy


Don’t deprive your pet rabbit from performing those acts that come naturally such as burrowing and nesting. Burrows make an excellent place for bunnies to play, as well as relax, and it makes them feel like they are in a safe place.

#1: WARE Manufacturing Natural Willow and Grass Rabbit Hut

Natural Willow and Grass Rabbit Hut

Here’s one example of a wonderful hut that rabbits can explore and relax in. When you have a place that your bunny can snuggle and be part of, you’ll notice they feel calm and have no problem sleeping off a long day of playing and romping about.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/WAREManufacturingNaturalWillowandGrassRabbitHut

#2: Prevue Hendryx Nature’s Hideaway Grass Ball Toy

Hideaway Grass Ball Toy

This hideaway ball is going to be a wonderful addition to your collection of rabbit toys, as well as make a nice spot for your bunny to nest and rest in. You’ll love watching them play with this toy, as well as fall asleep in it.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/PrevueHendryxNature’sHideawayGrassBallToy

Rabbit toy accessories

Pet rabbit toys will be a wonderful addition for your bunny, but there are a few accessories that will make them even more enthralled with the toys you select for them. Here are just a few of the accessories that you should remember to get when you buy rabbit toys.

Treats: A lot of bunny toys will come with the option of putting treats inside to make them even more fun, so don’t forget to add these to your shopping list when you’re investing in ways to keep your pet rabbit happy.

Kaytee Healthy Toppings for Rabbits

Toppings for Rabbits

These fun treats will help you train your rabbits, and are sure to be a favorite that you can pair with certain toys such as our favorite bunny toy #10. Giving your pet bunny healthy treats will be excellent for their wellbeing in the future, and it will keep the active in the here and now.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/KayteeHealthyToppingsforRabbits

Tunnels additions: You don’t just need to have one tunnel for your rabbit. You can make an entire play area that’s full of little nooks and crannies for them to enjoy. Check out rabbit toys #15 and #11.

Beds: While you can build a simple bed for rabbits, there are some that are perfect for sleeping as well as entertaining. If you want to take your bunny’s play and rest area up a notch, get them a bed that they’ll enjoy!

When it comes to rabbit toys for your pet bunny, the most important thing to remember is that they need stimulation and entertainment to be fulfilled and happy. You don’t have to get everything listed above, and every rabbit will be unique in what intrigues them, so start with a few items and watch as your rabbit’s mood improves and they release energy in a non-destructive way.


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