Rabbit Water Bottles

Rabbit water bottles are one of the most important parts of a happy rabbit’s lifestyle. Having a bottle that is sturdy, durable, and one that will prevent leaks is very important to keep your bunny content and to keep the cage floor from getting wet. Since water is necessary to keep your rabbit in good health at all times, choosing a bottle that is just right for your pet’s size and water needs on a daily basis is critical.

Top 10 Rabbit Water Bottle Reviews 2023

1) FATPET 300ml Leak Proof Rabbit Water Bottle

FATPET Water Bottle

An ideal rabbit water bottle for hanging on your cage, the bottle can be fixed to the side with screws or wiring. With a simple installation device, the bottle can also be snapped on and off to allow for simple refills and cleaning. Includes nozzle that won’t rust or leak. Mess free and small, this bottle is compact and easy to use.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/FATPET300mlLeakProofRabbitWaterBottle

2) Lixit Plastic Wide Mouth Rabbit Water Bottle

Lixit Plastic Water Bottle

A large 32 ounce capacity bottle, this choice is an easy to clean, fill, and install bottle for rabbit owners. Using its special ball point tube assembly cap, the plastic bottle keeps water clean and fresh at all times.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/LixitPlasticWideMouthRabbitWaterBottle

3) Lixit All Weather Rabbit Bottle

Weather Rabbit Bottle

A very large water bottle holding 64 ounces, this bottle contains a wide mount for easy filling and cleaning. Ideal for rabbits who need a lot of water or cages holding more than one bunny.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/LixitAllWeatherRabbitBottle

4) Little Giant Farm 32 Ounce Plastic Water Bottle

Little Giant Water Bottle

Featuring a stainless steel tube and no leak seal, this special bottle prevents water from escaping while keeping the cage dry at all times. With an opaque decorated plastic design, this bottle is great for all types of bunnies. Affordable, sturdy, and easy to set up.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/LittleGiantFarm32OuncePlasticWaterBottle

5) Ferplast Water Bottle

Ferplast Bottle

A robust bottle with removable cover, this watertight design prevents droplets from escaping using stainless steel for the nozzle. Include easy to attach to wire with simple fastening apparatus. The tank is transparent to keep an eye on water level easily.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/FerplastWaterBottle

6) Fatpet Rear Filling Rabbit Water Bottle

Fatpet Rear Water Bottle

Ideal for medium sized rabbits, this sturdy water bottle holds 13.5 ounces and includes pet-safe material as well as high quality durable stainless steel and plastic. Can hang on the cage or be fixed to a hutch with screws. Simple to adjust height measurement lets you quickly make the bottle the right height for your pet.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/FatpetRearFillingRabbitWaterBottle

7) Kordon Frosted All Weather Water Bottle

Kordon Water Bottle

Including a design intended for small to medium rabbits, this durable bottle is great for holding 32 ounces of fresh water and has a stainless steel tube for drinking. Includes double ball point valve with vacuum seal.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/KordonFrostedAllWeatherWaterBottle

8) Farm Innovators 20-watt Heated Bottle

Farm Innovators Bottle

This heated water bottle prevents water from freezing in temperatures that go below zero. Ideal for rabbits, this thermostatically controlled bottle only operates when it is completely necessary. Great for colder climates or outdoor rabbits.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/FarmInnovators20wattHeatedBottle

9) Meicent No Drip Water Bottle

Meicent Bottle

With a stainless mini nozzle and replaceable bottle design, this unit can be fixed to the area you plan to house your rabbit in. Additionally, the bottle is totally adjustable to let you keep it at the right height for your bunny.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/MeicentNoDripWaterBottle

10) Choco Nose Patented Mess Free Rabbit Water Bottle

Choco Nose Water Bottle

Containing a simple user friendly few on design, this water bottle provides for easy, simple installation. Easy to snap off or on to refill and clean. Eco friendly and allows you to switch to regular sized PET bottles.

Check it out: http://rabbitbreeders.us/supplies/ChocoNosePatentedMessFreeRabbitWaterBottle

Rabbit Water Bottle Selection Tips

Choosing a rabbit water bottle mainly depends on the size of your bunny. If you want to make sure your pet has plenty of water at all times, it’s best to get a bottle that is adequately sized but not so large that it takes up far more space than you need. The nozzle and tube size are also of great importance, making sure your pet has easy access to water but won’t waste it on the cage floor. Your bottle should be changed each few days to ensure cleanliness and freshness.

To select a bottle, size is the main recommendation to consider. For inside rabbits a 32 ounce bottle is fine. For outside rabbits, you will need a 64 ounce bottle as these rabbits get hot quickly and need lots of water at all times.

Types of Rabbit Water Bottles

When you start shopping for a new rabbit water bottle, you will find there are numerous types and designs to pick from. There are metal and plastic sipping style tube bottles, as well as round ones. There are bottles with flat sides, as well as bottles that even have open miniature dishes at the bottom to prevent water waste. You’ll need to choose glass or plastic as material for your bottle. Choose a metal tube instead of plastic tubes since they are far more chew-resistant.

Cage Mounted Bottles

Mainly, rabbit water bottles will go on the sides of the cage being secured with wires, bolts, or nuts. Some rabbits are able to remove the bottle, but as long as it is secured upright properly, you’ll be able to provide fresh water in an appropriate position while making sure your bunny can’t remove the bottle. To keep rabbits from getting to the secure areas of the bottle, keep it on the outside of the cage. This will let your pet access the tube while keeping the bottle itself out of range of detachment.

Rabbit Water Bottles vs Bowls

In their natural outdoor environment, most rabbits will naturally drink from ground water sources. For this reason, bowls are often preferable to bottles for rabbits. However, some bunnies do tend to throw the bowl around the cage or put hay and bedding into it. This gives you the option of choosing a bottle over a bowl, making your bunny unable to destroy or tamper with his source of water. However, if you have 2 bunnies, you can find a larger 64 ounce bottle to ensure there’s plenty of water at all times. You can also add a bottle and bowl to your cage so that your bunny has both to choose from.

Another problem with using a water bowl is that the rabbit’s dewlap may become wet consistently from having to lean over the bowl often to drink. This could cause a skin infection later on. If you have a rabbit breed with a very large dewlap, you should choose a tube for certain.

Additionally, bowls are more likely to be contaminated by urine or fecal matter. You will need to clean and check the bowl many times every day to make sure water inside is clean and fresh at all times.

If you do choose a bowl, ceramic heavy bowls are the best type as plastic bowls don’t hold up as well and your rabbit may pick this type of bowl up and throw it around the cage. Rabbit bowls range from about 5 inches across and hold 500 milliliters on average.

Cleaning Your Rabbit Water Bottles

Cleaning your bottle should be done by hand washing in soapy water and then rinsing thoroughly. If needed, you can use ten parts water to one part bleach to ensure full disinfection. You can also find commercial disinfecting agents to ensure cleaning. These are available at your local vet.

For glass water bottles, you can use the dishwasher if desired. However, brush scrubbing is a thorough way of cleaning that is highly recommended. Your bottles should be cleaned every week and used with the same disinfecting bleach formula that you used for the plastic bottle.

Rabbit Watering Systems

A rabbit’s body contains between fifty to 75% water. As the main component of digestive fluids, blood, and fat and tissue, the rabbit’s body is unable to store excess water. For this reason, rabbits need a great deal of water daily to ensure they can adequately make up for what is lost in feces, urine, skin, and breathing. Water is necessary for joint health, fecal impaction prevention, and basic fluid and tissue needs.

Automatic watering systems for rabbits are an excellent choice, as they allow low pressure flows of water to move through pipes or tubes that attach to drinking fountain areas, which secure to the cage for rabbits to drink from. As the rabbit nibbles or licks the pivot rod, the o ring seal is opened, letting fresh water dribble out into the rabbit’s mouth. Then the spring loaded stem area will go back to its original position, ensuring the system is closed off until time to drink again.

There are both fully automatic and semi automatic systems, allowing your water to flow through at a quick rate while also ensuring proper water levels. Reducing water pressure is simple, when you need to change the amount that flows through the tube. These systems provide a good way for rabbit owners to ensure that bunnies are given adequate water while also maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the cage — and also preventing water waste.

Additional Tips

Make sure that your rabbit has continued access to water at all times during the day. Rabbits can drink anywhere from fifty to 300 milliliters every day. If your rabbit is fed fresh food or grass throughout the day, they may get a great deal of water from these sources and only drink about fifty percent what dry food-fed rabbits need. In hot weather, rabbits need even more water.

Attaching Your Bottle

If you are attaching your bottle to a place without mesh, simply use a bottle holder made for a cyclist. This will give you the chance to secure your bottle to the rabbit cage safely and securely. If you attach the bottle to the inside of the cage, this gives the rabbit access to the bottle, meaning it will become more chew-prone.

Bottle Covers

During winter months, it’s a good idea to cover the water bottle with a simple insulated cover. This will keep the water at a good temperature while preventing freezing. Most covers perform the same task, so just make sure you find one that fits the type of bottle you own.

Types of Water

Purified water is the best type of water to give your rabbit, just as you would drink yourself. While many humans might not think this is an exciting choice, rabbits love water and desire this as their healthiest, most natural choice. Try to avoid water with added vitamins since this will only entice your rabbit to drink more than he needs.

Additional Information

Characteristics of Good Rabbit Water Bottles

The best bottles have secure seams down the sides or no seams. If you find seams, then the bottle will likely start to leak in a short time. Additionally, most bottles have metal balls in their tips, which is important to keep water from spilling out. Also, look for a bottle that has a tight screw on cap.

Choosing a Bottle

When selecting your bottle, be sure to let your rabbit know how the bottle works by giving him some time to get used to it. Most rabbits gravitate toward bowls naturally, so bottles may take a bit of adjusting.

Sipper Tubes

A bottle that has a sipper tube is the best type of bottle to provide your rabbit with a steady stream of nourishment. Most rabbits quickly adjust to using a sipper tube, and you can get him or her to check out the new bottle with a slight smear of sweet jam or molasses on the tube’s end.

Once your rabbit gets used to using the sipper tube, you don’t need to add sweet foods to it any longer. Be sure to check your sipper many times each day to make sure the flow of water flows freely. For these bottles, Lixit is a good choice, being both affordable and easy to set up.

Non-Drip Spouts

Some types of spouts have drip prevention and are very quiet. For this reason, they are a good choice if you have your rabbit placed near the bedroom and might not want to hear the noise of drinking at night. These bottles are given wider tops to make cleaning and filling of the bottle much more simple. Ferplast is a good brand for these bottles.

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