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Sarah Baker
Barboursville, West Virginia
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, Harlequins, Giant Lops, New Zealands
Crazy Critters Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in WV with about 40 rabbits. I strive for quality not quantity. In Hollands I’ve got various colors like blue, tricolor, harlequin, sable points, black, torte, and about everything in between. In mini Rex i work on tricolor, sable point/Siamese sable, chocolates and otters but do have other colors as well. My Flemish giants are steel and white and the harlequins are magpie colored. I don’t have the new zealands yet but will before the year’s out.

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Glenn Reimel
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
Silver Fox, Two Flemish Giant Does of breeding age for sale
Rabbit Reimel’s Rabbit Farm
Closing out Flemish Giant Does of breeding age, two left. One small pet rabbit and house cage also closing out. Now focusing on rabbit meat production.

Joni Radcliff
Brohard, West Virginia
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites
Misting Hills Rabbitry
We offer Purebred New Zealand White rabbits only. We strive to produce healthy rabbits that meet all breed standards. By focusing on just one special breed, we are able to offer purebred kits year round.

Kelly Anderson
Bruceton Mills, West Virginia
Giant Angoras
Hopping Acres Rabbitry
Raising high quality Giant Angora Rabbits.

Tammy Barker
Buffalo/Leon area, West Virginia
New Zealand, Standard Rex
Best Friends Farm Rabbitry
We are a small homestead farm raising purebred New Zealand and Standard Rex rabbits. We also raise Boer cross meat goats. We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Margaret Funck
Bunker Hill, West Virginia
Dwarf Hotots, Silver Fox, Holland Lops
Quarry Ridge Rabbitry
Small mother-daughter rabbitry specializing in black-banded Dwarf Hotots, Silver Fox (primarily in black, but carriers of chocolate & blue are in our lines), and Holland Lops in blue, orange, and steel. ARBA, ADHRC, NSFRC, and HLRSC members.

Brittnie Cantley
Charleston, West Virginia
English Lop, Velveteen Lops, Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lop, Lion Lops
Brittnie’s Small Little Rabbitry
Hi my name is Brittnie Cantley I have been breeding rabbits since I was 13 years old and have currently gotten to the pedigree rabbits in May 2011
I started Brittnie Small Little Rabbittry because I love rabbit and I want to share that with everyone
My rabbits get loved on every day up to 3 or 4 times a day by me and my two year old daughter and my 4 year old son their cages cleaned every Tuesday and Friday and their nails trimmed and hairbrush once a month
At a maximum I keep 30 breeding rabbits which consist of 4 English Lops, 4 Velveteen Lops, 9 Holland Lops, 9 American Fuzzy Lops and 4 Lion Lops
???? I LOVE MY HOBBY ????

Tyler Chevalier
Charleston, West Virginia
New Zealands, Californians
Chevalier Rabbitry
I raise New Zealand/Californian cross for meat quality or pets. Please email me if interested.

Mary and Debbie DeWees
Charles Town, West Virginia
Holland Lop
Blue Valley Lops Rabbitry
Blue Valley Lops is a small hobby rabbitry run by Mary and Debbie DeWees. We strive to raise quality Holland Lops with great personalities. Blue Valley Lops Rabbitry was established in 2009 as a 4-H project. It all started with one rabbit in the spare bedroom, and has grown to a 20 hole rabbitry. We show our rabbits at local shows and at the Jefferson County Fair. We also have rabbits for sale to good homes. All rabbits are handled daily, live in a climate controlled barn, and have full pedigrees.

CLENDENIN, West Virginia
I raised show quality champion angoras for about 8 years and have carpel tunnel badly, so I now raise only a few English Angoras for showing/breeding/fiber. I kept a few of my favorite and best to carry on and show a few and sadly let the rest go. To make it easier on myself I now raise a few jersey woolies to show and have fun with along with 3 of my friends that have them. All pedigreed and quality buns.

Trisha Lewis
Chester, West Virginia
Flemish Giant
Lewis Family and Our Big Bunnies
Lewis Family and Our Big Bunnies has purebred Flemish Giants, we have Black, Blue, and we have one White we are a big family that loves our rabbits and we now are breeding. We are located in Chester, WV on border of Ohio and Pennsylvania.
724-777-8966 and 304-559-5805

Kathy Gregory
Delray, West Virgina
Lionhead, Holland Lop
North River Valley Rabbitry
I am just beginning to raise rabbits. I will be showing 2 of my Lionhead bucks at the 6/11/11 Blue Ridge show at the Jefferson County, WV fairgrounds.

Chad and Heather Brunett
Fairmont, West Virginia
Mini Rex, Dutch, Holland Lops
West Virginia Hilllbilly Rabbitry
We are located in West Virginia and focus on raising quality mini rex, dutch and holland lop rabbits.

Anita and Zeb Williams
Fairmont, West Virginia
Mini Rex, New Zealand White, Rhinelanders
Williams Rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry.about 20 rabbits and growing. It is run by my son and I. We have mostly mini rex in castors and broken castors. They have full pedigrees from quality show stock. Soon in the near future may have lilac and broken lilacs. We have a pair of New Zealand Whites and Just purchased a pair of rhinelanders. I am excited about the rhinelanders since they are a rare breed and plan to purchase more as I get more room. Feel free to contact us since we have babies from time to time. Rabbits are handled from birth. We do not ship. But will meet within a reasonable distance.

Pam Arthur
Fayetteville, West Virginia
Flemish Giant, Holland Lop, Mini Rex
PJ’s Rabbit Farm
I own a small rabbitry located in southern WV. I raise 3 breeds of rabbits, Flemish Giant, Holland Lop & Mini Rex. I have about 65 holes. I mainly work with the Flemish Giants in fawn, black, white, blue light gray & steel… I also breed tri color Holland Lops. I started this project about 6 years ago. Hop on by for a visit.

Jenea McGowan
Hedgesville, West Virginia
Jersey Wooly, Palomino
The Bunny Junction
My mom and I have been raising Jersey Woolies for almost 15 years now. The last 7 yrs focusing on pointeds. We are a small rabbitry in WV with 2 locations one in Belington and the other in Hedgesville. I have recently added Golden Palominos to the herd!! We show mostly in WV, MD, VA, and PA and some in NY and OH. I try to make it to convention and nationals when they are reasonably close. We also offer transport to upstate NY from time to time.

Rebecca Mcclung
Hines, West Virginia
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Flemish Giant, Dutch, Giant Chinchilla
4 Star Rabbitry
Small family rabbitry owned and operated by my 3 daughters and I. We currently raise mini rex, flemish giants, tort dutch, giant chinchillas, and holland lops. All of our rabbits are treated as our pets and are handled daily.

BJ & Kate Adkins
Huntington, West Virginia
American Chinchilla and Thrianta
Peace Of Eden Rabbitry
We’re a small rabbitry in west central West Virginia focused on conserving rare breeds. We raise pedigreed American Chinchilla and Thrianta rabbits. American Chinchillas are a critically endangered heritage breed and an excellent choice for sustainable farming. They have a high meat to bone ratio, great temperament, and superb mothering abilities with large litters. Thriantas are a rare breed known as ‘The Fire of the Fancy’ and are wonderful show and pet rabbits. We guarantee the health of our rabbits for 48 hours after purchase and we offer support/advice for the lifetime of your Peace Of Eden rabbit. Members in good standing of The American Chinchilla Rabbit Breeders Association and The American Thrianta Rabbit Breeders Association.

Tinia Creamer
Huntington, WV
Silver Fox
Lucas Farm
Breeding Silver Fox rabbits in the tristate area of Oh, Ky and WV.

Damian Hawkins
Independence, West Virginia
Mini Lops, Lionheads, Augura, Rex
Hawkins Rabbitry
I own 57 rabbits of many different breeds. I have them in homemade pens on 40 acres. I sell them at the lowest prices possible.

Donnie & Dee Dee Baker
Keyser, West Virginia
Californian, California Whites, New Zealand whites and reds, Flemish Gaints, Cotton tails
Doubled Farms
We have Califorian whites out of AL Cals blood lines that is some nice looking meat rabbits a long with new zealands whites are reds is all pedigree.We are working on the Califorians and white new zealands to get are own line pedigree and some of are Flemish. Are cotton tails makes for some good rabbits to train dogs. We will have pedigree and non-pedigree full blooded rabbits. For the show ring or meat pens or just pets.

Dawn Knight
Left Hand, WV
Californians, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Standard Chinchillas
Knight Farm and Rabbitry
I have a medium sized rabbitry in the hills of West Virginia on an 83 acre farm in Roane County. Currently I have 5 Californian does expecting litters the latter part of this month; the Mini Rex; Hollands and Netherlands are also expecting their litters the latter part of this month as well. When the litters arrive, the pictures will be available on our new website: knightfarmandrabbitry.com :)
250 Broad Run Road, Left Hand West Virginia, 25251

Meg Jones
Lewisburg, West Virginia
New Zealand, Red, White & Blue New Zealand and Mini Rex
Red, White, and Blue Rabbitry
I started my rabbitry planning to just keep a few New Zealand and Californian rabbits for meat. That didn’t last long. My rabbits kept multiplying and now I’m raising pedigreed New Zealand reds, whites, and blues, as well as a few black New Zealand. My New Zealand are great show or meat quality and very friendly. The Mini Rex just appeared and now I’m addicted to them. They are extremely sweet and I have both pet and show quality.

Rebecca Whetsell
Mannington, West Virginia
English Lop, Giant Angora
Lovin’ Longears Rabbitry
We are a small breeder of the beautiful English Lop and Giant Angora. We concentrate on raising quality rabbits that are handled on a daily basis. Quality is much more important than quantity.

Sandra Johnson
Martinsburg, West Virginia
America Blues
S&D Rabbitry
We are currently breeding America Blues. Our next litter is due 02/28/14

Jessica Seckman
Martinsburg , West Virginia
Netherland Dwarfs, Flemish Giants, Lionheads
D&J Farms
We are a small family owned rabbitry located in Martinsburg WV. We have great quality show rabbits that are handled daily by me and my boys. We have been focusing on getting better type and quality to our herd. For sales list and more info, visit our site or contact us directly.

Penny Shelton
Martinsburg, West Virginia
Mini Rex & Netherland Dwarfs
Reds Rascally Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry with very nice mini rex & netherland dwarfs. We are located in martinsburg wv.you may call or text for more information on availability.

Annette Ericksen
Milton, West Virginia
Californian; Dutch
Twin Maples Farm
We are a small rabbitry that raises Californians for meat and breeding stock and Dutch rabbits for pets. We believe in quality not quantity.

William Armstrong
Morgantown, West Virginia
Lionhead Rabbits
Rosedale Rabbitry
Started as a boys 4-h project has quickly became a family affair. A small rabbitry that prides its self on quality Pedigree LIonhead Rabbits , has not forgotten how loveable these animals are. A great mix of professional service, with a family touch. Located minutes from Morgantown, WV. Perfect Rabbitry to BUY YOUR HONEY, A BUNNY!!!

Kelsie Watson
Morgantown, WV
Havanas, American Sables
Cross Hare’s Rabbitry
We are a family run rabbitry breeding for quality show and meat animals but also to save some of our most endangered Heritage breeds!

Jonna Cunningham
Moundsville, West Virginia
Holland Lops,Lionheads,Californians
Trails End Rabbitry
We are a very small rabbitry in Moundsville WV.We do travel to a few local shows so its possible to meet you somewhere .Please check out my face book page at Trails end rabbitry or text me at 304-280-8099 for available bunnies .

Donnie Baker
New Creek, West Virginia
Californians, New Zealand Reds, Flemish Giants
WV Doubled Farms
We are a small family farm that enjoys helping others and living in thw country.

Jason Warren
New Martinsville, West Virginia
American Chinchilla
CJ Farms
Small farm. I have 2 does and a buck. I should have babies ready to go in May 2015. Please call me if interested and I’ll keep you on a list.

Stephanie Harding
Oak Hill, West Virginia
Silver Fox
Hope Springs Rabbitry
We are a new, growing rabbitry raising Silver Fox in southern WV. Right now we have blacks and blues. Please email to see what we have available or to be put on a waiting list.

Aric Satre
Pennsboro, West Virginia
Lionhead’s and Domesticated or Mixed Breeds
AJS Rabbitry
I started with buying a male and female rabbits, believing they were dwarf hotot’s. I bought them from a pet store, not knowing much about rabbits. Buying rabbits from a pet store is a bad mistake… I went home and studied like crazy, and I believe I just have mixed breed! Their babies will go very cheep because me believing they are just a mixed breed!! However, recently, I bought myself a Lionhead doe!! She is pregnant, and I plan on keeping one of the males, so I have a buck! I spend tons of time with these rabbit! The babies will be great with EVERYONE because I have a large family who will hold the babies daily! I will deliver to Parkersburg, WV, and Clarksburg, WV, and occasionally Elkins, WV for an extra charge!!!!

James & Tabitha Reid
Princeton, WV
Mini Lops, English Angoras, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
Reid Rabbitat
We’re a small rabbitry trying to expand. We hope to move to a bigger piece of land as soon as possible, but for now, we are where we are. We’re just getting started, so we don’t have a website yet, but hope to get on that soon. Any questions about what’s available, etc. just send me an e-mail.

Jay White
Ripley, West Virginia
Silver Fox
KNJ Rabbitry
We are a rabbitry located between Charleston and Parkersburg WV. We breed the rare Silver Fox. These rabbits are some of the most gentle we have ever owned, not to mention how beautiful they are. All of our Silver Foxs that we have for sale will be sold with a pedigree. Prices will range from $40-$65 each. We will be able to help with transportation to aid you if we have advance notice, although an extra fee may apply for this.

Hunter Oliver
Rivesville, West Virginia
Blanc de Hotot, Californians, New Zealands, Mini Rex…soon getting English spots, Belgian hares, English lops, Netherland dwarfs and Blanc de hotots
Olivers Wasculy Wabbitry
Hi I’m hunter I’m just starting out and are very small right now with a few rabbits but by spring should have all of my “soon getting” I’m very excited about rabbits and really hoping it turns out I get some rarer breeds Like the blanc de hotots, English spots, and Belgian hares. Anyone interested in the rarer ones or the others please text or call me at 16814049138 or email me but it may take awhile to reply.

Arianna Clark
Roanoke, West Virginia
Rex, Standard Rex, American Chinchilla, Silver fox
WV HomeGrown Rabbitry
I have a midsized rabbitry located in the backwoods of Roanoke wv. We raise pedigreed Standard Rex, American Chinchilla and Silver Fox rabbits. Prices vary with quality. Please feel free to contact me anytime. And check out my website.

Kristin Medley Berry
South Charleston, WV
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Flemish Giants
Berry’s Rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry on top of the mountain in south charleston. I mainly work with bew’s, vm & vc mini rex’s.

Nancy James
St. Albans, West Virginia
English Angoras, Satin Angoras, Giant Angoras, Jersey Woolies
Grinlow Farm Rabbitry
Our Rabbitry is part of our 250a. farm. We raise rabbits for fiber and have many Grand Champion Rabbits in the barn. We love to attend shows and spend time with all the friends we have made along the way.

Aric Joseph Satre
St. Albans, West Virginia
Lionheads, Holland Lops
AJS Rabbitry
I have a very small rabbitry with only about six rabbits. I currently have Lionheads and Holland Lops. The Holland Lops aren’t quite old enough to breed yet, so I only have Lionheads available at this moment. I hold my rabbits on a daily basis. Therefore, they are great with everyone… I currently have three Lionheads ready to go now. They are eight weeks old. I will also have babies ready to go by July 12th. I have moved recently to St. Albans, and all my rabbits did great through the move!

Jordan Sigman
Talcott, West Virginia
Mini Rex, & Flemish Giants
Ballengee Bunnies
Hello, my name is Jordan Sigman and I raise mini Rex and Flemish giants for a hobbie . I mainly raise mini Rex in multiple colors(chocolate ,black ,lilac ,and broken). I am also currently raising Flemish giant that comes in white , steel, & light gray color. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 1-304-667-7079 or 1-304-466-2475. Thank you

Jenny Fox
Troy, WV
Holland Lops
Bunnies on the Hill
We are a small rabbitry located in Troy, WV just starting out. we sell pet quality rabbits as a hobby for our enjoyment and love of the bunnies. we mostly have holland lops but are in the process of adding new kinds. check out our website at: www.wix.com/jenlynfox95/bunnies-on-the-hill#!.com

Amanda Metz
Weston , West Virginia
Flemish Giants and Cinnamon rabbits fully pedigreed
Amanda’s rabbit farm
I raise fully pedigreed Flemish giant rabbits, Sandys and Flemish Giant Blues. They are very nice show quality call or txt 304 677 2880.
304 677 2880.

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