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Jamie Sponseller
Abbottstown, PA
Silver Fox, New Zealand, Californian
Silver Valley Farms
We are a small farm and rabbitry located in South Central PA. Our focus is on show quality pedigreed Silver Fox rabbits and our mission is to increase awareness of this wonderful breed. See our website for available stock and/or contact us to get on the waiting list for upcoming litters. We also have meat pen white New Zealand and Californian rabbits (no pedigree).

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Michelle Kocher
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Special Rabbits
Three female rabbits need good home. I need to proof that they have good home. I do not want to see them mistreated in anyway. I would need them to send me copy of driver’s license through email and post their photo who are interest in buying it from me. I am against animal cruelty. I will have the police with me while someone interesting in meeting with me with rabbits.

Elizabeth McDonald
Aliquippa , Pennsylvania
Holland lops and Mini Lops
Lizzie’s lops
Our rabbitry is a micro rabbitry with only around 4 bunnies at a time. We love and adore our bunnies as well as all of the babies born here on our 70 acre farm. Each rabbit gets plenty of time to play in the yard on our farm. Our babies are handled from birth, which makes them very sweet and friendly! Our baby bunnies are socialized with dogs, cats, and all ages of people. We have gotten tons of compliments about the calm, kind temperaments our babies bunnies have. Each of our sweet bunnies are $130. A $50 deposit can be sent to our home in cash once you have chosen a bunny. The rest of the money can be paid in cash at pickup. Our baby bunnies each can be picked up at 8 weeks old with a bag full of some essential items. We DO NOT SHIP OUR BUNNIES, for their safety we look forward to each new owner coming to our farm to pick up their new bundle of joy. We really love all of our bunnies and all of the babies that leave here so we look forward to getting updates and pictures from new owners once the bunnies have arrived home. Please feel free to email me at with any questions or inquiries you have. Thank you so much!

Heather Harris
Ambler, Pennsylvania
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Flemish Giants
We are a small mother daughter rabbitry. As a child raised rabbits to participate in shows and 4-h. I loved doing it and now share that passion with my daughter. Our main focus is breeding healthy quality rabbits for both pets and show. We have about 20 rabbits and are members of the ARBA. Most of the rabbits we breed come with pedigrees and are out of good lines.

Alex Bupp
Ambridge, Pennsylvania
English Lop
Alex Bupp
English lop or velveteen lop

Jodi Longo
Apollo, PA
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Bethy’s Bunny Barn
We are a small rabbitry raising Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. Our bunnies gets lots of love and exercise and are handled daily by kids and are used to dogs. We go to a couple of shows a year.

Bally, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop, Rex, Blue Eye White Lops, Standards
Bally’s Bunnies
I’m a back yard Rabbitry business, I love rabbits and all my bunnies have been handled from when they were hours old and loved on every since. They are kid and toddler friendly since that is the age group they are around the most. We strive to have super happy and friendly rabbits who make very loving pets.

Danielle Perone
Bangor, PA
Mini Rex
Magical Mini Rex
Welcome to Magical Mini Rex! My name is Danielle. I have been raising rabbits for over 7 years now but just recently started raising Mini Rex. I am striving to meet the breeds standards and to raise quality mini rex. I will be focusing on the following colors: Black, Chocolate and broken. (maybe a few tri-colors here and there) I hope you enjoy my website! It will be updated as often as possible!

Jim Brown
Bath, Pennsylvania
Silver Martens, Standard Chinchillas
The Brown Rabbit
I am a small ARBA registered rabbitry raising Silver Martens in Black and Blue and Standard Chinchillas. My goal is to rais rabbits that best conform to the ARBA Standard of Perfection.

Cheyenne Kesler
Beaver, Pennsylvania
New Zealand, American mixed with NZ and Californian
Cheyenne’s Rabbitry
I’m a small rabbitry in western PA. My rabbits are for meat.

Christianna Flaherty
Bernville, Pennsylvania
Himalayan, French Lops
AnnaLyn Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry located in central Pennsylvania. Breeding/raising show quantity Himalayans since 2013. Have produced many Best in show winners and Reserve in show winners. Showed at the 2016 Himalayan National show and received Best of Variety Blue. Check out our Facebook page, AnnaLyn Rabbitry.

Lara Grace
Bernville, Pennsylvania
Mini Rex & Mini Lop
Happily Ever After Rabbitry
Located in Bernville, Pennsylvania, we breed, raise, & show Mini Rex & Mini Lops. 4847550800

Eleanor Marinkov
Bernville, PA, Pennsylvania
Mini Rex, Lionheads and meat rabbits
Hatties Hoppy Hoppers
I have a small rabbitry in bernville, PA. Currently i show just my Mini Rex. My Mini Rex varieties are broken black and blue, solid black, blue and chocolate, and broken black otter. The lion heads varieties i have are REW, black and black pointed torts. Feel free to check out my website and send me a message.

Jasmine Figueroa
Blandburg, Pennsylvania
Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealands
Silver Point Rabbitry
Silver Point is a small hobby rabbitry found on the twelve beautiful acres of Green Acres Farm of Central Pennsylvania. We strive to breed hardy and solid New Zealands, and cute & correct Netherland dwarfs. Whether they are being used simply as a family pet, for breeding stock, or for the show table, our goal is to produce stock that are healthy, structurally correct, and of good behavior or temperament. We are currently working on building a good shaded/pointed line with the Netherland dwarfs, as well as the rare LYNX type!

Shaleana Hertzog
Blandon, PA
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Lionheads
Hertzog’s Backyard Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Blandon Pennsylvania. Our goal is to raise wonderful rabbits that are exceptionally cared for prior to going to their new home and show career!!! Currently specializing in Black and Black Otter Netherland Dwarfs, Castor and Broken Castor Mini Rex.

Tammy Clark
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
English Spots, Americans, Am. & Giant Chinchillas, American Sables, Cinnamons, Creme D’ argents, Flemish Giants, Havanas, Himalayans, Lilacs, Palominos, Rhinelanders, Thriantas
Country Line Rabbitry
Family owned rabbitry that raises big and small rabbits. We have allot of the hard to find rabbits here at our rabbitry.

Ashley Rodriguez
Blue bell, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop
Blue eyes light brown with white belly

Steve Prandi
Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania
Silver Fox
Prandi’s Rabbits
Breeding Silver Fox and Silver Fox mixes.

Chelsea Orison
Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
Havana, Havana-Tan-Checkered Giant
Bunny Barn Rabbitry
I raise, sell, and breed pure bred Havana’s. I have solid blacks, broken blacks, and broken blues. Great 4-H and showing rabbits! I will also be breed pedigreed Tan’s and pure bred Checkered Giants in the spring of 2015! For pictures of all my rabbits check out my website. If you have any questions feel free to text or e-mail me anytime! Thanks for checking out my rabbitry!

Naylin Bastardi
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Champagne d’ Argent, Mini Lops, Americans
Blue Haven Rabbitry
Blue Haven Rabbitry is ran by Naylin Bastardi and husband Hunter. Naylin started into raising rabbits in 2013. Throughout the years there has been many changes but we have a fresh start and hope to be able to breed rabbits that meet ARBA’s standard of perfection. The Americans and Mini Lops are a new venture in breeds but we hope to breed them for quality as well.

Ash and Ann Smith
Canadohta Lake, Pennsylvania
Flemish Giants, English Lops, Velveteen Lops, & Meat Mixes
Ash & Ann’s Bunnies
We have 7 years experience [Ann] and 11 years experience [Ash] in raising rabbits. We raise Breeding Stock, Meat Rabbits, and some pet quality rabbits.
We have Flemish Giants, English Lops, Velveteen Lops, & Meat Mixes.
Working on getting into Polish or Netherland Dwarfs.
Check out our website:

Michelle Potter
Catawissa, PA
French Lop, Flemish Giant
Quaker Hill Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry in Northeast PA that raises show quality French Lop and Flemish Giant rabbits.

Vicki Fink
Centerville (Crawford County), Pennsylvania
Havanas, Holland Lops, New Zealands
Mystic Park Hoppers
We now have some kits for sale and our breeding program is getting going. We also now have a website so please check us out and let us know what you think!!

Lacey Snyder
Centerville, Pennsylvania
Holland Lops, French Angora, Havanas, Standard Rex
OCC- Oil Creek Critters
We just did our breeding in the beginning of October. Our Hollands kits will be ready to go at he end of January. I will post pictures of the babies.

Jacob Tiffin
Central city, Pennsylvania
Californian Rabbit
Tiffins Rabbitry
7456 Lincoln Hwy , Central City Pa 15926

Christina Coder
Centre Hall, Pennsylvania
American Fuzzy Lop, Holland Lops
Maple Springs Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in central PA. I currently raise Holland Lops and American Fuzzy lops.

Clarence Gallagher
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Lion heads, Californians, New Zealands
Gallagher Farms And Rabbitry
We are a small farm and rabbitry raising lion head, californian, and white new zealand rabbits. We are ARBA members selling pedigreed and meat pen rabbits. Our breeders are from all over the east coast so we have excellent blood lines. Check us out on face book.

Dennis Zerby
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Silver Fox and Netherland Dwarf
PennMar Farms
We are a small family oriented rabbitry and farm that raise quality Silver Fox and Netherland Dwarf rabbits.

Cassidy Stoll
Coalport, Pennsylvania
New Zealand, Americans
Mountain Hollow Farm
Hi, we started our small rabbitry located in Coalport Pa in 2019. We strive for healthy and show quality American rabbits that comes with tattoos and pedigrees. We have color selections, and different ages to choose from. Please contact us at OR like our Facebook page at ” Mountain Hollow Farm” We are also adding Broken New Zealands to our rabbitry. Check us out to see what we have available!

Robert Butler
Coatesville, Pennsylvania
French Angora
Butler’s Homestead
We currently have a black male and a chocolate tort that we are breeding. They have produced black and blue babies. We have small litters but all are held almost daily and have produced good wool. Pedigree is available.

Dana Jensen
Coatesville, Pennsylvania
French Angora, New Zealand, Champagne D’Argent
Homestead Angora’s
We started our rabbitry as part of our homestead in the spring of 2015. We have a passion for humanly raising organic food and the environment. We started our rabbitry with a Lop and two Champagnes D’ Argent for meat. Since Dana is an avid knitter and lover of delicious yarns she convinced Rob to start breeding French Angora’s for their wool and started taking spinning lessons this spring. Rob began breeding the Angora’s in order to increase our wool production and then we decided to become certified French Angora breeders in order to sell the rabbits we don’t want for wool. We feed all of our rabbits organic feed and they are groomed and loved regularly by our blended family of 7 ( 5 children with ages ranging from 6 to 10).
Please check out our website for more information!
Rob and Dana

David and Jill Heinzman
Cochranville, Pennsylvania
Satins (black and blue ) , Champagne D’Argent and Lop
Three Wishes Rabbitry
We are a small family farm in Southern Chester county, Pa. We are breeding quality rabbits for or pets. show and meat production. We wanted to raise some rabbits for ourselves but had such a hard time finding stock in our area that we decided to offer some of our bunnies to others who might be interested. We have Satins ( both black and blue) and the hard to find Champagne D’Argent , both good meat breeds. We also hope to have some Lop eared bunnies for Easter 2014. Please contact us if interested at

Gail Percy
Columbus, PA
Holland Lops
Coffee Creek
Raising quality show, brood and pet Holland Lops. Specializing in Sable Points solid and broken and several other colors.

Louise Martin
Denver, Pennsylvania
Mini Lop, Lionhead
Louise’s lops and lionheads
My four daughters and I have two male and three doe mini lop and a pair of lionhead. We handle our babies from day one and have them very very friendly! Our goal is to raise very happy healthy bunnies that will snuggle and be friendly to you for years to come. You can reach me by phone or text at 717-471-9270. I am located in Denver PA. That is just off turnpike ask for pictures of the babies we have or soon be ready. They range in price from $40 to $80 depending on age, colors and personality. We love for people to come sit in our living room and watch play and hold the bunnies. I am also a member of ARBA. Encourage anyone that loves rabbits to check them out they have awesome articles in their magazine and great help when problem arises.

Wendy L. Showers
Derry, PA
English Lop, Himalayan
White Lightning Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry with about 20 holes. I have the English Lops and my daughter has the Himalayans.

Cheryl Lynn
Dillsburg, PA
Flemish Giants, Holland Lops, English Angoras
Cedar Run Rabbitry and Farm
Small family run rabbitry located in Dillsburg, PA. We raise healthy & happy bunnies for the show table or pets. Extra large Flemish giants available 25 pounds and up! Member of the ARBA.

Kayce Shepherd
Dillsburg, Pennsylvania
Flemish Giants, Lops, Californians, Silver Fox, Lionheads
Raspberry Ridge Rabbitry
Our rabbitry is a small family owned business, raising many different breeds of rabbits for pets, and
breeding. I don’t like to see the animals I spent a lot of blood sweat and money to raise, being

Elaina Schenck
Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania
Mini Lops, English Angoras
Hemlock Hollow Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry owned and operated by a youth breeder. Focusing on improving type in Self and Agouti English Angoras, and Shaded Mini Lops.

Kyle and Emily Davis
Dornsife, Pennsylvania
New Zealand Whites
Davis Family Farms and Rabbitry
Our rabbitry was started with some of the best stock in America! We offer very high quality New Zealand Whites, please feel free to contact us with any further questions!

Mark & May Sheetz
Dover, Pennsylvania
Californian, Lionheads
The Lucky Rabbit
We are a small home based rabbitry located in Dover pa close to Harrisburg , Lancaster and York , we are soon going to have Californian kits , and in the early part of summer Lionheads

Paul Miller JR
Dunbar, Pennsylvania
New Zealand, Flemish Giants, and Other MIX bunnies.
Paul Miller Inc
Hello, PMI is a small breeding system, and I mainly show my rabbits at fairs. I currently do not have any for sale, but i have a New Zealand broken doe that is due in September. Her Kits will be for sale in mid late October.

Sarah Cornelious
Duncannon, PA
American Fuzzy Lops, Holland Lops
Sarah’s Lops
Sarah’s Lops is a smaller rabbitry just getting out there. I am a member of the local rabbit 4h program and soon going to send in the paper work to be an arba member. I raise Fuzzy Lops and Holland Lops for pet, show, and brood quality. I show rabbits through the arba and 4h. Check out my website for more info.

Elania Mayle
Eastmillsboro, Pennsylvania
River View Farm Rabbitry
Hello I’m from Fayette Pennsylvania I’m in 4-h and a member of the Arba . Have Californians for sell

Tony Inzillo
Easton, Pennsylvania
Flemish Giants
Bunny Lane Rabbitry
Flemish bunnies for sale. These rabbits are in a $50,000 polebarn, not a backyard breeder. I’m a member of the EASTERN STATES FLEMISH GIANT BREEDERS ASSOC. I am a breeder of 100% flemish rabbits for $100 to $125 each. Year round, call Tony at 484 695 3549. These are show quality bunnies:sands, fawns, greys, whites, and blacks. I do not ship my rabbits, so don’t ask me too. Thanks!

Heidi Bauman
East Stroudsburg , Pennsylvania
English Angora
Bella’s English Angoras
Breeder of Pedigree English Angora for Show, Pet or fiber.

Cody Sral
Ebensburg, Pennsylvania
Silver Marten, California, New Zealand
Silver Acres Rabbitry
I am located in Ebensburg pa. I am currently raising/ breeding Silver martens, California’s and New Zealand’s. Even though we are a small rabbitry, we strive to raise healthy, happy rabbits.

Harley Leasure
Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Californian, Netherland Dwarves, Mini Rex, New Zealand (white), Satin, NZ/Cali cross, Californians, Flemish Giants, BEW Beverens, Mixed Breed Meat Bunnies
Dark Souls Rabbitry
I am a 16 year old Rabbit breeder involved in my county’s fair. I breed rabbits for fair, meat, and show quality. Most of my rabbits are bred for meat and/or “pet quality” rabbits.
I am located in Western Pennsylvania and when selling, buying, or trading rabbits, I wi work out where it is best to meet (as long as you are nearby or willing to travel because I cannot).
I typically sell rabbits for between $20 and $50, all depends on the rabbit color, breed, and availability.
I currently have:
Netherland Dwarves
Mini Rex (black otter, blue otter)
New Zealand (REW)
Beverens (Blue eyed Whites/BEW)
Flemish Giant (REW)
NZ/Cali Cross (REW, in markings)
Mixed Breed Rabbits
I plan on adding a little bit more variety to my rabbitry. I do accept trades. Meaning, that if you have a rabbit you would be willing to trade for one of mine, I will accept that rabbit as payment. I find this method easy, efficient, and advantageous for both parties.
My rabbits make outstanding pets. They are handled from birth and are great with people and animals. They tend to be great with children because of their excessive handling and care. All of my rabbits are weather hardy and durable outside rabbits, but still make awesome house pets.
You can find my page on Instagram:
Or feel free to email me about what rabbits I may have for sale as pets and/or breeding stock, or meat. If you are buying for meat, the price will vary depending on weather you want it live weight, where you kill/butcher or whether you buy it pre-butchered.
I do not, at this current moment, sell fur or pelts But that is something Im looking into and plan on doing very soon.
Each rabbit I sell comes with a baggie of feed so that when you transition your new rabbit onto whatever feed you use, it will not suffer any diarrhea or digestion problems due to the sudden switch in feed.
All my rabbits are fed pellets as well as hay, and fresh grass, carrots, and other rabbit safe veggies.
I am usually very respondent to both email and Instagram where you can contact me about buying, trading, or any questions you may have about rabbits and rabbit care.

Halal Brothers
Elverson, Pennsylvania
New Zealand and LionHead
Halal Brothers Rabbitry
Hi All,
We are family owned Farm, our focus is to provide the best New Zealand Rabbit for Meat.
We currently have all size of rabbits available for Sale.
Please email us and we will send you pic pricing age etc.

Kiyoko Jones
Enmaus, Pennsylvania
French Angora
English or French Angora
Long hair and good house pet bigger breeds I live in emmaus.

Heather Kellogg
Erie, Pennsylvania
Britannia Petite, Silver Fox, New Zealand
Four Words Rabbitry
Four Words Rabbitry is located in Erie Pennsylvania. We are committed to raising healthy bunnies bred for show, breed stock, and pets. Current ARBA member and involved in raising and showing rabbits since 1982. Currently raising Silver Fox, Britannia Petite, and New Zealand rabbits.

Kristin Smith
Etters, Pennsylvania
English Angora, French Angora, English Spotted, Dwarf Hotot, English Lop
King of Queens Rabbitry
Breeding show quality rabbits, and great woolers

Donna Wolkan
Evans City, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop
Sweet View Hollands
Breeder of Show/Brood/Pet Quality Holland Lops. We strive to improve on SOP and type more than focus on color.

Jade Garfinkel
Exton, Pennsylvania
Blue-Eyed White Netherland Dwarfs, Lop mixes, Dutch Lionhead, Rex Lop
Carol’s Bunnies
Here at Carol’s Bunnies, we breed mixes like Rex Lops, Dutch, and Mini Holland Lops. We also have Blue eyed white Netherland dwarfs! Email

Chelsea Santarelli
Factoryville, Pennsylvania
Mini Lop, Velveteen Lops
Country Cove Rabbitry
Hi there! We specialize in breeding Velveteen Lops and Mini Lops. Our colors in Velveteens range in tri, torts, harlequins, and many other color varieties. Our colors in mini lop colors range from steel to tricolor, and several others as well. We are ARBA members!

Julie Horwath
Fairchance, Pennsylvania
Mini Rex
Julie’s Rabbitry
I am a small Rabbitry so rabbit is given love and affection AT LEAST once a week. All babies are handled every day since birth.

Kimberly Callahan
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop, Lionheads, Velveteen Lops
Kim’s Hopping Lops
Kim’s Hopping Lops is a small ARBA registered rabbitry located in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. We raise, breed, and show quality Holland Lops , Lionheads, and Velveteen Lops. We are members of the Berks County 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Club and we are also members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). All of our rabbits are very well cared for and very loved. Our rabbits are handled on a daily basis. Our rabbits are socialized with children and adults. Our rabbits live outdoors when the weather is nice, and when it is too cold or hot our rabbits live indoors where it is heated and air conditioned. We sell our rabbits to pet and show homes. We love to see our rabbits go to forever homes. Our rabbits are forever rabbits. The rabbits we raise and sell are able to go to their new homes when they are eight weeks old or older. Our rabbits come with a small bag of transition feed (their pedigrees are also available). We are always happy to answer any questions owners have. Let us know if you have any questions. Please check out our Facebook page Kim’s Hopping Lops ( ). There you can see pictures and information of our rabbits including rabbits that are for sale. Information on them can also be seen on our website If you are interested in coming to see any of our available rabbits feel free to contact us and set up an appointment.

Robin Hruz
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania
English Lop, French Lops, Velveteen Lops, Himalayans, Rhinelanders
Robin’s Backyard Bunnys
I have a small rabbitry raising bunnies for show & pet. All our bunnies are handled daily & have sweet temperments. I raise English Lops & Velveteen Lops, my granddaughter raises Himis, & my sis & I are working together with the French Lops. My sis is also raising Rhinelanders. My sis just got the bunny bug & has named her rabbitry Faery Dust Bunnys. She also lives in Fleetwood.

Athena Zahariadis
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania
Lionhead Mix
Bunny Farm
We have adult rabbits and baby rabbits for sale. Currently we have a Lionhead mix that grows to maximum of 1-2 pounds. We have another breed which grows to be several pounds. Contact me today 610-655-7205!

Jonathan Swartzentruber
Fleetwood , Pennsylvania
Dutch, Lionhead, Californian, Himalayan and New Zealand
Dogwood Heights Rabbitry
I am a rabbit breeder in Fleetwood, Pa. and I breed Dutch, Lionheads, New Zealand’s, Californians, and Himalayan. My Dutch are all pedigreed and are top show quality. I raise rabbits as a small business and hobby, and I have 4 lionheads, 3 Himalayans and around 4 or more Californians an New Zealands. I have 5 black, 3 blue, and 2 tortoise Dutch. Please contact me if you are interested in buying excellent show quality rabbits.

Big Tom Perkins
Fombell, Pennsylvania
New Zealand Whites, Californians
Big Tom’s Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry in Western Pa. that focuses on breeding and raising New Zealand Whites for both meat and show. We also raise Californians as well. Our rabbits took the Grand Champion and the Reserve Grand Champion in the 4H meat pen division as well as 3rd and 4th place at the Lawrence County Fair in 2013. That’s right, our rabbits swept the field. We try to offer rabbits for sale on a regular basis. Contact us to see what we have available.

Tyler Schell
Frackville , Pennsylvania
Mini Lop
T and H Rabbitry
Hi my name’s Tyler Schell and I and my girlfriend run a small rabbitry. We love the mini lop breed and do our very best to provide happy, healthy, and lovable bunnies to animal lovers. We constantly have litters being born and becoming available. We do have waitlists so feel free to text me at (570)590-7825. Thank you.

Melissa Brown
Frederickburg, Pennsylvania
Flemish Giant
Heavenly Kisses Rabbitry
I Raise, Breed, Show & Sell Flemish Giant in the Blue and Black Variety Only.

Fred & Sheila Mcconn
Fredericktown, Pennsylvania
New Zealand Blacks and Whites
McConn’s Rabbitry
We Show on the local, state and national level. Members of ARBA, PaSRBA,, New Zealand Federation, Washington CO. RBA..
Raise rabbits for show, breeding stock, 4-H market meat pens, and lapin table meats.
Can be reached at 724-267-4735.
Living in South Western PA. below Pittsburgh.

Kare Rickert and Joe Nelson
Fredonia, PA
Flemish Giants, French Lops, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Champagne D’ Argents
Longg Ears Bunny Barn
I began raising French when my children were young and got out of rabbits when the kids lost interest. Well about 10 years ago I began again, we have now hopped to over 100 fine furry friends. We are an ARBA registered barn. We have fawn and sandy flemish and are working on blues. We raise quality not quantity rabbits. We also show our rabbits at many ARBA sanctioned shows. Please give me a call or check out our web site.

Friedens, Pennsylvania
Mini Rex
Bunny Moon Rabbitry
I’m located in southwest PA. I have raised different breeds of rabbits in the last few years and have decided on mini rex as my main breed to raise. I love my rabbits and theyball are given playtime daily and handled from birth to ensure a friendly nature. I offer pet and show quality rabbits.

Shawna Gardler
Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania
Netherland Dwarfs
Chalfant Farms
We currently have 4 rabbits up for adoption: Peanut – A one year old Dutch rabbit female. Buck – A one year old Netherland Male. Thumper – A six month old Netherland female. Peanut Jr – A ten week old Dutch Netherland mix. All rabbits are free to good homes. Please email for inquires.

Janine & Mark Linza
Genesee, Pennsylvania
English Lops & BEW Polish
J&M’s Redneck Rabbitry
ARBA registered rabbitry breeding healthy, friendly, show quality rabbits.

Jamie Sponseller
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Silver Fox
Silver Valley Farms
Welcome to Silver Valley Farms & Rabbitry!
We are a small farm located just North of Gettysburg, PA with easy access from RT 15. Our focus is on increasing our self-sustainability, growing organic produce and raising rare heritage breeds.
We are a proud member of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, the National Silver Fox Rabbit Club and the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Alex McLean
Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
AMM Rabbitry
AMM Rabbitry was started in June of 2007, but I have been breeding rabbits since 2002. My rabbitry was originally called CountryLuvBunnys, which my mom started breeding Mini Rex. She passed the rabbitry down to me and I changed the name to AMM Rabbitry. She still helps me and she gives me advice when I need it.

Holly & William Van Scyoc
Greenville, Pennsylvania
Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealand Whites
Crusey Farms Rabbitry
“We strive for excellence in breeding and caring for all of our rabbits. Currently, we breed and house New Zealand Whites and Netherland Dwarf rabbits in several varieties. In addition to breeding we also raise, buy, sell and house our rabbits with the utmost care and compassion. We are proud members of the ARBA as well as the ANDRC. We provide information about our breeds as well as any help for those new to the field. Crusey Farms is a rabbitry unlike any other. Our commitment & care to the breed and our buyers is and always will be our main priority”. Currently, we do NOT ship our rabbits, however we will try to do our best in helping to provide you transportation through our wide network of other breeders across the United States. And as always we will gladly provide transportation to and from any of the rabbit shows we attend. Please check out our website for more information.

William Staats
Greensburg, PA
Champagne D’ Argent, Californian, Flemish Giant, New Zealand Whites
Buggz Bunnyz
I raise different types of meat rabbits. I have pedigreed champagne D’ Argents and new zealands. Email me for more info.

Shyloh McTighe
Hadley, Pennsylvania
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Silver Foxes, Dwarf Hotots
Sweetwater Rabbitry
We are a small family rabbits that believes in quality not quantity.

Ally Carl
Halifax, Pennsylvania
French Lops, Californians
Funny Farm Rabbitry
Here at Funny Farm Rabbitry, we focus on raising quality french lops that will be competitive at local shows and fairs. We also breed and raise a few californians for 4-H/FFA Exhibitors to shows as meat pens.

Andrea Dautrich
Hamburg, Pennsylvania
Californian, New Zealand White, New Zealand Red, Holland Lop
SincereMilk Rabbitry
Member or ARBA and PaSRBA
Breeding quality rabbits for Meat, Brood, and Show

Tim Karnas
Hanover, Pennsylvania
Polish, Silver Fox
Windy Rock Rabbitry
We are a small farm and rabbitry located in South Central PA. Our focus is on show quality pedigreed Silver Fox and Polish rabbits. We are members of the ARBA and APRC

Patricia Smith
Hanover, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarf
Beachcomber Bunnies
We are a small town ARBA registered rabbitry , located South Central Pennsylvania. We breed Holland Lop, Mini Lop and Netherland Dwarf rabbits with the goal to provide the perfect pet bunnies for your family. We strive to achieve the beautiful markings,
calm temperament, and optimal health that will ensure your decision to add a bunny to your life a pleasant one. Please contact us and allow us to help you choose the perfect new pet rabbip

Sherry Tenney
Hanover, PA
Angoras: English Angoras, German Angoras, Hybrid Angoras
Tenneys Angoras
We have invested heavily in quality stock to be able to offer you top quality German Angoras, English angoras and hybrids. English for sale and Germans and hybrids for wool production. We have babies for sale a few times a year. I have been in the Angora rabbit world for 31 years.

Jamie Loncar
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Mini Rex, Lionheads, Jersey Wooly
Lyonnesse Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry in South Central Pa. Rasing Quality Mini Rex in brokens and specializing in chocolate. Breeding Lionheads of distinction in black and specializing in pointed white. The fluff of the fancy the Jersey Wooly specializing in Tans.

Madelyn Morrison
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Madelyn’s Urban Rabbits
We are a family run rabbitry located in Harrisburg, PA. We specialize in raising Polish rabbits for show and pedigree.

Addison, Alyssa, and Alexandria Neff
Harrisburg , Pennsylvania
Three sister’s rabbitry
We have been raising black and blue Dutch rabbits for 5 years. We raise show quality rabbits. We have had rabbits win at national, state, and local shows. We have been apart of 4-H for 5 years and are members of the Chesapeake Bay regional Dutch club, ARBA, the National Dutch Rabbit Club, and the Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association. We also raise Belgian Bearded D’Annever bantam chickens. We sell both show and pet quality animals. Our rabbits are all pedigreed. Feel free to contact us with questions about our rabbits. Please contact us at (717) 233-3135

Dawn McCloskey
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Champagne d’ Argent, Champagne Buck and Champagne Doe
Looking for a champagne doe and a champagne buck that are one year old.

Kristin Smith
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Flemish Giant, American Fuzzy Lop, Polish, Mini Rex, Tans
King of Queens Rabbitry
We are a small, family, rabbitry raising quality rabbits for show and pet

Jennifer Fox
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops, Dwarf Hotots, Lionheads, and Silvers
Two by Two Rabbitry
We are a small, family run rabbitry located in Hershey, PA. We raise our rabbits for show and for pets. We breed towards the SOP for each breed that we raise. Our rabbits are kept in a climate controlled building and handled daily. They are accustomed to children, noises, and pets. Every rabbit sold will come with a pedigree, transfer feed, and an instructional booklet. If you have any questions please contact me through Facebook or email.

Ralph Foote
Highspire, Pennsylvania
Netherland Dwarf
Willem Maxima Rabbitry
Small hobby rabbitry located in Central Pennsylvania. Chestnuts & Torts. Litters occasionally

Dominic Delbiondo
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites
We breed pur New Zealand pedigree meat rabbits. I also show my rabbits. $15 per meat rabbit. Usually 5lbs at 10-12 weeks. Also great for breeding stock and use for kids 4-H or FFA projects. Please email with further questions. Thanks

Melanie Rudzianski
Kingsley, Pennsylvania
New Zealand, Lionhead, Cinnamon, New Zealand, Mini Lop
Sassy Bean Rabbitry
Local run…

Rowena Stein
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop
Rosie’s Rabbitry
I am a small hobby breeder located in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I take pride in breeding high quality Holland Lop Rabbits for show and pets. My commitment to breeding the best quality Holland Lop Rabbits is achieved by the superior care that my Holland Lop Rabbits receive personally from me.

Matthew Hocker
Landisburg, Pennsylvania
Californian and New Zealand
Carriage House Rabbits
We are a small , family owned rabbitry specializing in New Zealand / Californian cross meat rabbits.

3 generation lines to choose from.

Located in Perry county.

Shania Sample
Lingelstown, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop
Shania’s Heavenly Hares
Beautiful loving rabbits that give kisses and are full of fun and can make you smile for hours there played with so much in a day each day they get play time where the boys and girls are seperated and play together. They love attention they can even walk on leashes and like playing dress up . There worked on to pose each day , litter box trained, and eat blue seal and have there hay racks full of hay and fresh water every day. I have nice show bunnies and great pet bunnies. Its a truly amazing to get involved with showing rabbits I am 16 years old and this is my favorite thing to do I have so much fun taking care of my rabbits ! They are totally spoiled and I try to find the best fit for there new loving family .

Tracy Green
Llairfair, Pennsylvania
Mini Lops, Netherland dwarfs
T & B’s Bunny Ranch
I started out with two rabbits about 4 years ago and I now have 14. I decided to start breeding mini lops because they are well mannered, docile rabbits. I just acquired a breeding pair of netherland dwarfs, so look for these little cuties coming soon.

Janessa Martin
Lititz, Pennsylvania
Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Dutch, Lionhead
JR’S Rabbitry
Dear valued customer,
We are a small rabbitry in Lititz Pa. We raise Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Dutch, and Lionhead! Founded in 2012. Family owned and operated. Only featuring the best of quality rabbits. At this time we have 10 females and 5 males as breeding stock. if you are interested please call us at (717)733-3070. Thanks for visiting our site!

Naylin Steager
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Rex, Champagne D’Argent, New Zealand, and Flemish Giant. French Angora’s and Cinnamon’s coming soon
Bluer Skies Boer Goats And Rabbitry
Bluer Skies Boer Goats And Rabbitry is a small farm located in Harrisburg, PA area. We love our animals and really enjoy working with them! We also wanted to be able to share them with other goat and rabbit lovers alike and we look forward to meeting new people. Check out our website and feel free to contact us! We’ll be glad to hear from you.

Cole Mann
Howard, Pennsylvania
Mann’s Rex Rabbitry
My name is Cole Mann and I am the owner of Mann’s Rex Rabbitry. I have raised rabbits for 7 years but only have raised Rex for about 4. I started my rabbitry in 2010 and have made progress ever since so please check out my site, and see what I have! I raise Rex in the Amber, Castor, and Opal, and now Otter varieties! All my rabbits have full pedigrees and show well! I am a member of 4-H and FFA groups along with the Mason Dixon Rex Rabbit Breeders Association. So check us out on the web and see what we have to offer!

H.L. Flynn
Jefferson County, PA
Holland Lops, Lion Heads
Tender Heart Rabbitry
Hello, I run Tender Heart Rabbitry.We are a family owned business in Western Pa. We breed and raise Holland Lops and Lionheads. We strive to see that every costumer receives the perfect rabbit for them. Not only do we breed the perfect family pet, but we also breed show quality rabbits. Our rabbits our handled every day since birth by our family and our volunteers. We have volunteers coming in almost everyday interacting with are kits. I am the head of Tender Heart Rabbitry, I am 13 but I known what breeding rabbits is about. Please, Please , Please , do not underestimate me because of my age I am just as experienced as the 60 year old rabbit breeders. I am apart of 4-H club. I am soon going to a member of ARBA.

Kirstin Fisher
Jimthorpe, Pennsylvania
American Fuzzy Lop
Baby bunny with honey colored fur

Carolyn Bryant
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
American Blues, American Fuzzy Lop, Lionhead
Creek View Farm Rabbitry
We have a small “micro farm” in western Pennsylvania where we keep 18 resident rabbits. We have fallen in love with the temperament and appearance of American Blue Rabbits and are actively working on expanding our gene pool and lines of this endangered breed. We also enjoy breeding a small number of American Fuzzy Lops and Lionhead rabbits (specializing in Blue Eyed Whites) for show and for pets. All of our rabbits and bunnies are handled with TLC.

Karen Wiest
Klingerstown, Pennsylvania
Californian, Argente Brun, English Lop, Mini Lop, Polish
Wiest Family Rabbits
We are a small, family rabbitry located in rural northeast PA. Our main breed is Californian, but also have Argente Bruns, Mini Lops, and recently added English Lops and Polish.

Logan Evans
Kittanning, Pennsylvania
Red rabbit

Chrissy Faulx
Kittanning, Pennsylvania
Holland Lops
Chrissy’s Critters Rabbitry
Chrissy’s Critters Rabbitry is a Small Rabbitry located in Yatesboro, PA. All of our Bunnies are Inside in a Heated and Cooled Building. We currently have 52 Holland Lops and 3 FOREVER Bunnies, at Chrissys Critters Rabbitry we raise Pedigreed Holland Lops in Tort-Black, Broken Tort-Black, Blue Tort, Broken Blue Tort, Chocolate-Tort, Chestnut Agouti, Broken Chestnut Agouti, Orange, Broken Orange, Black Chinchilla, Broken Chinchilla, Chocolate, and Broken Chocolate.

Randy Freehling
Kittanning, Pennsylvania
Rex, Flemish Giants
Freehlings Rabbits
I have a small rabbit raising operation for some fun. I have registered Rex and Flemish Giant. I am raising for pets and for meat. I am located an hour north of Pittsburgh, PA.

David Carey
Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania
Rex Rabbits
Blu’s Rabbitry
I started a small rabbitry, last year, went all over PA and NY, to get the rabbits that i wanted for my rabbitry. I have rex rabbits ( Blue otters, castors, opals, Black, Black otters). Want to sell them for pets and show rabbits. My name is Dave, and I live in lake Ariel Pa. I love my rabbits, so If you buy one and you have a problem with them, just give me a call, I’ll buy them back. I have one that runs around my house up stairs and down, He’s very smart, everyone that comes to my house enjoys seeing him, running and playing. I do not ship rabbits, Because I read that it wasn’t good for them, alots of times they die.

Deborah Sullivan
Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania
Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Giant Chinchillas
Deb’s Barn Bunnies
Deb’s Barn Bunnies is a small rabbitry located in northeast PA. I have been raising rabbits for about 8 years. I am a member of ARBA and 4-H. I currently raise Holland Lops and Mini Lops. I also raise Giant Chinchillas, which are a rare breed.

Kellee Ertl
Lake City, Pennsylvania
Netherland Dwarfs
BKG Rabbits
At BKG Rabbits we take pride in breeding top quality Nederland Dwarf rabbits in shaded, agouti, marten, and broken patterns. We focus mainly on himalayan, siamese sable, black and blue silver marten, chinchilla, squirrel, chestnut, broken otter and broken agouti patterns. We have produced many show winners including ARBA nationals best junior variety for 2011. We also have produced grand champions under our rabbitry name within our own lines. We raise healthy, disease resistant rabbits and provide a health guarantee to our buyers. We offer our rabbits at reasonable prices and provide discounts for trios and 4-H buyers. We usually have kits available throuhout the year as well as some older rabbits. We are ARBA registered and I am also a director with North Coast Netherland Dwarf Club. We welcome inquiries from pet or show buyers and are eager to share our quality rabbits with the public. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Rebecca E
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Mini Lop
Family Raised Lop’s
I have owned rabbits for a long time. Right now I am trying to start breeding better show quality rabbits. But I much first sell some of them to keep breeding. I have shown at ARBA, PASRBA, Hamburg, and some local shows where I live. If you may want to buy a rabbit from me I can transport any rabbit to any show that I will be attending for free of charge.

Hannah Cunnard
Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Dutch Vibes Rabbitry
Dutch Vibes Rabbitry specializes in Blacks and Torts.

Barry Parks
Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania
Flemish Giant
Diamond Rabbitry
Flemish giant rabbit kits.$50 each. Not pedigreed. Different colors available. Always taking orders.Breeder pairs are $200.

Taryn Blantz
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
English Lop, Satin Angoras
City Line Rabbitry
We raise show quality animals that have continued success on the show table.

Amy Schaeffer
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
New Zealand Reds, Flemish Giants, English Spots
Amy’s Rabbitry & Supplies
Hello, My name is Amy and we have a rabbitry located outside of Lancaster PA. We raise New Zealand Reds, Flemish Giants & English Spots. We also make cages to order. All of our rabbits have pedigrees. they are show quality or if you would like to keep as a pet.
Please check out and like our Facebook Page. Amy’s Rabbitry & Supplies.
610-587-1116 or 717-471-7995

Megan The Happy Rabbit Farm
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
New Zealand – White
The Happy Rabbit Farm
The Happy Rabbit Farm raises white New Zealand rabbits, primarily for meat. We sell our meat rabbits to private parties, businesses (mostly restaurants/caterers), and processors. We also sell our rabbits as foundation breeding stock for other meat rabbit breeders and as pets. Our clients have requested a variety of unique services with our rabbits such as rentals and stud services – we are usually more than happy to oblige. Rabbit byproducts such as manure, untanned furs, and reptile/rabbit feeders are often available. We encourage rabbit fanciers seeking show-quality stock to first seek out other fanciers. While our rabbits are of the highest quality, someone breeding specifically for show traits is better equipped to provide the best foundation of knowledge and genes specific to these goals.

Sheri Griest
Landenberg, Pennsylvania
Holland Lops, Champagne D’ Argent, New Zealand, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead, Velvet Lions
Re Wards Rabbitry
I have a small 45 whole rabbitry. I also work with a friend so not all rabbits shown on my webpage are still at my home but I still have access to the bunnies. I focus on the Holland lops but have a few breeds which are Champagne D’ Argent, Holland lops, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Lionhead, and Velvet lions. I have been breeding for about 18 years. I am located in South Eastern PA. 10 min from Newark DE and 15 min from the MD border.

Destiny Hullenbaugh
Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Dutch, Satin, Rhinelander, Lionhead, Lionlop, Netherland dwarf, Giant chinchilla, and soon velveteen lops, and Californians
Destinys Petz Rabbitry
We breed quality raised rabbits, most don’t have pedigreed (some half if requested), but are all quality raised and bred to the fullest. We are located in Latrobe pa, and our website is

Samantha Krick
Lititz, Pennsylvania
French Angora, Netherland Dwarfs
Krick Brothers’ Rabbitry
This rabbitry is run by four brothers who are falling head over heals for their rabbits. They are currently breeding and showing French Angoras and Netherland Dwarfs. They are considering raising Mini-Rexes as well. They are also exploring rabbit hopping as it gains popularity at rabbit shows.

Melissa Docherty
Loysville , Pennsylvania
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Three Moons Rabbitry
At Three Moon’s Rabbitry you may just be in luck because at my rabbitry we breed and raise showable quality Mini Rex Rabbits. We also have numerous varieties of colors of Mini Rex Rabbits. Many of our rabbits are good enough to show and will also make good pets. Please contact me if you are considering buying rabbits from my Rabbitry. I am located about 20 miles outside of Carlisle PA and 30 miles from Harrisburg .

Each and every one of our rabbits are fed a quality feed and given excellent hay. All babies are handled daily and given the time and love that they need and deserve.

All babies and adults ( if available ) will go home with a transition kit for each. At the moment I have eleven bunnies for sale in total. I will have more in the future as new bunny rabbit litters become available for sale. Our Rabbitry awaits your message…

Kurt Kroninger
Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
Flemish Giant, Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Kurt’s Rabbitry
txt me for info 508-985-8298
Email me
Or find me on facebook at

Wendy MacDonald
McVeytown, Pennsylvania
French Lops, Californians, and Polish
West Wind’s Rabbitry
Raising quality French Lop and Californian rabbits. Our focus is on quality, NOT quantity!

Kyle Clark
Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
French Angora, Argente Brun, Californian
CKSK Rabbitry
South Central PA Rabbitry registered through ARBA, providing quality show rabbits for youth and open exhibitors.
Breeding occurs year round, typically with rotational breeding of our Does, providing extensive genetic options for everyone.
Every breeding and litter is tracked to ensure quality and selective breeding is done to meet breed standards of perfection.

Alex Shannon
Mercer, Pennsylvania
Rex, Lop-Rex mix, Lop-Lionhead
Shannon’s Rabbitry
We have plenty of rex babies a little over 2 months old and a few that are 3 months old. Many more on the way as well as other breeds.

Brooke VanKeuren
Mertztown, Pennsylvania
Mini Rex, Himalayan
Brooke’s Backyard Rabbitry
Located in Mertztown, PA. We raise show quality and pet quality rabbits. Friendly rabbitry, we treat all our livestock and customers with respect!

David and Michelle Waltz
Middleburg, PA
Flemish Giants, Californians, Silver Fox, New Zealand, Satins (Mini, Standard, Siamese), French Lops, English Lops, Velveteen Lops, Dutch, Champagne
Waltz’s Flemish Hoppers
We raise quality show rabbits. Our rabbits win on the show tables. We breed quality not quantity. Whether you want a show rabbit or just a pet please drop by and take a look. We also sell quality meat rabbits if you would want to start up your own meat production.

Alicia Swartzlander
Middleburg, Pennsylvania
Argente Brun, Californian, French Angora
White Top Rabbits
Small rabbitry located in Middleburg, Pennsylvania. Mainly focus on raising meat and show quality Argente Bruns, but also raise Californians and French Angoras. Look us up on facebook for available rabbits and continued updates!

Michaela Heimbach
Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania
Flemish Giant, English Lops, Holland Lop, Fuzzy Holland Lops, and Lion Lops
Heimbach’s Rabbitry and Farm
Located in Mifflinburg PA. We raise flemish giants, english lops, holland lops, fuzzy holland lops, and lionlops. We raise for breeders, show, pet, and meat purposes.
We also raise other animals and make products as well. Feel free to like my page on facebook.
Just look up Heimbach’s Rabbitry and Farm.

Julie Cahill
Mifflin County, Pennsylvania
Holland Lops, Dwarf Hotots
Oak Ridge Rabbitry
Raising quality Holland Lop and Dwarf Hotot rabbits in central Pennsylvania. Our program emphasizes characteristics recommended by the ARBA Standard of Perfection and strives for sweet, docile temperaments. Visit us on Facebook:

Robin Tacka
Millerton, PA
New Zealand Whites
Flying Fox Farm
We breed quality New Zealand White rabbits for pets and meat.
3099 Route 549 Millerton, Pennsylvania, 16936

Helen Karp
Millhiem, Pennsylvania
Californians, Holland lops, Lionheads, Meat crosses.
Blue Bunny Rabbitry
We are a very small rabbitry located in central PA. As we are very small our cage space is limited and we might only have one or two rabbits of a breed at a time. We are mainly working on breeding Quality Californians and Meat breed crosses. I have also taken a Large interest in Lionhead rabbits and Holland lops. I will hopefully be working much more with those in the future. I would love to help anyone new to working with rabbits and I would love to make a few more rabbit connection in PA.

Millmont, Pennsylvania
Lyons Lionheads Rabbitry
I raise and sell double mane pedigreed lionheads out of north eastern Pennsylvania. Eventually will be adding english angoras to my breeding program.

Mary Lee Harris
Montoursville, PA
Californians, New Zealands, Lops, Lionheads, Netherlands, Dwarfs, Rexes, Flemish Giants
Harris Hollow Farm
Quality rabbits raised for pets and meat.

Melissa Koehler
Morgantown, Pennsylvania
Koehler Home
I am pretty sure we have Dutch rabbits. They have gray and white patches and white and tan patches. The kids and I play with them almost every day. They are used to us going in and out of their play area.

Jessica Galey
Moscow, Pennsylvania
Holland Lops and Lionheads
Evergreen Rabbitry
I am located in Moscow Pennsylvania about 20 mins from Scranton Pennsylvania. I raise quality Holland lops and lionheads. All or most of my rabbits have blue ribbons, or have won in ARBA shows. All of my rabbits are pedigreed! If you are interested in any bunnies feel free to contact me at any time !

Bri Ramthun
Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania
English Angora, Mini Lop, Jersey Wooly
Bri’s Bunnies
I raise and show quality English Angora, Mini Lops and Jersey Woolies in northeast, Pennsylvania. I strive to meet the breeds standards, and also to have friendly rabbits that make great pets. I do this as a hobby, not a business. I am an ARBA member.

Kathy Shea
Mt Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania
Californian, Mini Rex
Kelly Ann Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry specializing in Californian and Blue and Broken Blue Mini Rex. Given enough time we can breed to provide 4-H and FFA youth with meat pens.

Danita Stoltfus
Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA
Mini Rex
Spring Wood’s Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Central Pennsylvania.

Caitlin Buck
Muncy, Pennsylvania
New Zealand, Flemish Giant
Buckhorn Farm
Raise rabbits for meat, breeding, and pets. Usually always have younger stock to sell. New Zealand reds an whites I breed an raise. Also Flemish Giants I breed and raise. None of my rabbits are pedigreed but hey are purebred and well taken care of.
New Zealand’s are usually sold for around $15 a piece
Flemish Giants are usually sold for around $50 a piece
An prices are negotiable

Hallie Gair
Muncy, PA
Mini Rex, Dutch
Hallies Bunnies
I have a small rabbitry located in central Pa. I am an active member in 4-H, and my projects include dairy beef and dairy. I also raise Mini Rex and Dutch rabbits. I have a variety of colors to choose from.

Kaylyn Powell
Muncy, Pennsylvania
English Lop, Silver Fox
Blue Poppy Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry located in central Pennsylvania. We believe that quality should be favored over quantity, and strive to breed ARBA show quality English Lops. All of our rabbits are handled regularly and a great temperament is a must, we LOVE to see our buns go on to youth show homes. We are members of the ARBA and attend sanctioned shows regularly.
Recently, we have added our first trio of Silver Fox as our daughter was interested in showing meat pens. All of our rabbits are fully pedigreed. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for your next 4-h project, youth show prospect, or loving indoor pet.

Lora Powell
Muncy, PA
Netherland Dwarfs, Himalayans, Angoras- hybrid, Silver Fox
Out of The Ashes Rabbits
Out Of The Ashes Rabbits is a small scale operation located in Muncy Pa. We focus on quality, not quantity and are ARBA members. We currently raise Netherland Dwarf, Himalayan, and Silver Fox rabbits. Our primary color focus in all of our breeds is black, but we are excited about the addition of a couple of BEW Netherlands! Our bunnies are handled daily starting at birth. Any rabbits that display less than desirable temperaments are removed from our program. Consequently, our bunnies are very friendly. They make great pets, 4-H projects, and show prospects.

David Kusluch
Munhall, Pennsylvania
Netherland Dwarf, Flemish Giant
Papetlover Rabbitry
Small rabbitry raising Netherland Dwarfs for pets. Also raise Flemish Giants as pets and meat rabbits.

Celina Eschleman
Myerstown, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop and Mini Rex
Deep Run Rabbits Rabbitry
Live in Myerstown, good prices,great rabbits
If needed you can contact

Jennifer and Skyler Gerber
Myerstown, PA
Holland Lops
Angel Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry with our main focus being Hollands. We also have AFLs and are starting to breed French Lops. My daughter and I enjoy every second spent with our Angels!!!!

Myerstown, PA
Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot
Pixie Hollow Rabbitry
We are a small ARBA registered rabbitry in Lebanon, Pa . We have Netherland Dwarf and Dwarf Hotot.

Hummingbird Hollands
Myerstown, Pennsylvania
Holland Lops, New Zealands (reds & Whites)
Hummingbird Hollands Rabbitry
Mainly raising and showing quality Holland lops with a few new zealands on the side (reds and whites). We are a small rabbitry (40 holes). We offer 4H, and multiple purchase discounts. We are ARBA member, along with members of the HLSC. We strive to raise Holland lops and New zealands that conform to the ARBA standard of perfection, while giving you a variety of colors to choose from. All of our bunnies are friendly, and handled from birth. We currently raise Holland Lops in the following colors: torts, orange, black, otter (black), chestnut, and chinchilla.

Brittany Fistner
Nazareth, PA
Mini Rex (Blue, Black, Tortoise, Black Otter, Broken)
Fistner’s Funny Bunnys
Hi, Fistner’s Funny Bunnys is a small rabbitry that has 16+ holes. We are an ARBA Registered Rabbitry. We are located in Northampton County, Eastern, PA, 18064. Here we raise Mini Rexes in the colors Blue, Black, Tortoise, Black Otter, Broken and hoping to add 1 more breed but just haven’t decided.

Jennifer Bigley
Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
American, American Blue
Smiling Acre Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry dedicated to raising pedigreed high quality stock of the heritage breed American Blue.

Chris Covalt
Needmore, Pennsylvania
Silver Fox
Sonnys Rabbit Farm
We raise Pedigreed Silver Fox Rabbits. Blues and Blacks are our specialty.

Jess Knode
New Alexandria, Pennsylvania
English Lop, Mini Lop
Simple Wishes Rabbitry
Raising show quality English and Mini Lops in accordance to the ARBA Standard of Perfection. ARBA Registered Rabbitry #D6391.

Michele DuPont
New Baltimore, Pennsylvania
New Zealand Whites, Giant Chinchilla cross, Lionheads
M&D Rabbitry
We are a small hobby rabbitry located in Eastern Somerset/ Bedford County. We mainly breed for self sustainable meat and pelt production. We usually have New Zealands and Chinchilla babies available and occasionally have Lionhead babies for sale. Feel free to contact for availability!

Meghan and Michael Leonard
New Bloomfield, PA
Californians, New Zealands
Hopping Mad Rabbitry
Hopping Mad Rabbitry was created in May 2011. We raise pedigreed New Zealand Whites and Californians for show, pets, breeding stock, and all natural nourishment. Please contact us for more information.

Dawn Misencik
New Brighton/New Sewickley Twp, Pennsylvania
Mini Lops
D & T Rabbitry
I have been raising and breeding mini lop rabbits for just over 2 years now and I absolutely love it! We initially just had one rabbit until she began getting a little snippy. When I called the vet he said I had two choices either spade her or breed her so I decided to breed. At first I wasn’t really sure what I was doing and it was a bit overwhelming but I caught on quickly and even got my young son involved to teach him responsibility. Right now I have 2 females and 1 male and plan to expand very soon. My rabbits are handled on a daily basis from about 2 weeks old and they are exposed to my son to get them used to children.

Rory Kramer
Newport, Pennsylvania
New Zealand Whites and Reds, Californians
Kramer Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in start up stage.

Makayla Orndorff
Newville, Pennsylvania
Rex, Mini Rex, Flemish, Lionheads
Kaylas Rocking Rabbits
I’m a member of the FFA. I’m currently raising and selling all types of rabbits. I do it mainly for a hobby.

Cassie Marvin
Niholson, Pennsylvania
White Willow Rabbirty
White Willow Rabbirty is a small scale, 4h run rabbitry. I have under 20 holes currently and am constantly striving to produce the best stock within limits. Show, pet, and anything inbetween stock are most likely up for consideration at any given time. Rabbits are priced considerably. I am a member of the ARBA, PaSRBA, and 4h. Email or PM on Facebook (White Willow Rabbitry) for more info on sale rabbits.

Chelsea Myers
Factoryville, Pennsylvania
French Lop, Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Velveteen Lop, Dutch, Lionhead, English Spot
Country Cove Rabbitry
We specialize in a variety of Lop breeds such as Holland Lops, Mini Lops, French Lops, Velveteen Lops, English Spot, Lionhead & Dutch rabbits. We also offer rabbit rescue for people who can no longer keep their rabbit.

Destiny Hullenbaugh
New Alexandria, Pennsylvania
Freedom Wings Rabbitry
I breed quality Dutch Rabbits in Tort, black, and Harlequin. We are located in New Alexandria, PA. I am a member of FFA, as well as ARBA. Im absolutely in love with the breed and am looking to expand my Rabbitry with blues or chocolates as well.

Rachel Zagata
Nicholson, Pennsylvania
French Angora, BEW French Angora, Satin Angira Halfsie, Lionhead, Himalayan, Giant Chinchilla
Angora Amore
We focus on BEW french angora but delve into other breeds. We have rabbits for meat, show, and wool. Our buns are super friendly and cannot wait to hop into your heart and home!

Mekala Johnson
Norristown , Pennsylvania
American Chinchilla,
Hi my name is Mekala and I love bunnies cause they are so cute and I love one to have to take care of and give it all my love and attention cause I love to take care of animals that are babies-like kinds of animals ‘cause pets are my life and I really hope that I can get little bunnies to have.

Tracey Hoffman
Northumberland, PA
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Jersey Wooly, French Angora
Montour Ridge Rabbitry
Small family run rabbitry located in central PA. Members of ARBA and Columbia Country Rabbit 4 H club. Our rabbits are shown in local ARBA rabbit shows in PA, NY, and MD. Rabbits handled on a daily basis. Show/4 H/Pet rabbits available.

Danielle Russell
Oil City , Pennsylvania
Lionheads and Himalayans
Hello! I am Dani, a 17 year old 4Her that has a love for bunnies. I currently raise lionheads and Himalayans. All of my rabbits are handled daily, including babies when they are old enough to be held and played with, so all my rabbits are super friendly and love being around people.

Melanie Rarick
Orwigsburg, PA
Netherland Dwarfs
O – Town Buneez
I have a very small rabbitry that has just started up. I am actively showing every month and really enjoy it. My club memberships include ARBA, ANDRC, Mid Atl. LH Club and PaSRBA. I enjoy reading anything helpful about rabbits to keep them thriving. Looking forward to making many new rabbit friends in the future.

Jennifer Fox
Palmyra, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarfs, Lion Lops
Two by Two rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry located in Lebanon county. We offer purebred Holland lops and netherland dwarfs. We occasionally offer a rabbit that needs to be rehomed. We are proud members of ARBA rabbitry# D5338 . Our focus is on raising purebred rabbits that conform to ARBA standard. We offer discounts to members of 4h!

Gina, Brittany, Allison
Patton, PA
Holland Lops, French Lops, Californians, Mini Rex
Tender Love & Care Rabbitry
We are a small hobby family owned rabbitry. We enjoy raising rabbits.. We do go to show from time to time.. We have a few litters each year to meet Abra’s Standards & to help out our 4her’s.

Barry Parks
Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania
Flemish Giants
Diamond Rabbitry
These rabbits make great pets for children!!! The mothers produce big litters!! I have 3 does left!! They can weigh up to 20 pounds or more!! Only $70 each!!

Patricia Pazda
Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania
New Zealand
T&D Rabbitry
New Zealand Rabbits for sale. These adorable rabbits are two months old and looking for a new home. I have white, grey and black.

Priscilla C
Pennsauken, New Jersey
Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex, Dwarf
24 Karat Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry located in southern New Jersey. We specialize in unique colored mini rex, dwarf, jersey wooly, and petite rabbits which are 2 pounds or under. All of our bunnies are held daily and babies are handled since birth. We feed our bunnies a fresh diet of orchard grass, show quality pellet, and vegetables everyday. We are well educated and take much pride in raising happy healthy rabbits. Many of our rabbits come from show lines and are pedigreed. Feel free to take a look as our bunnies are special.

Robin Hessler
Pennsdale, Pennsylvania
New Zealand, Flemish, Rex, Velveteen Lops, English Lops, Dutch
Hessler’s Rabbitown Hares
Small Rabbitry located in Central PA. We mainly raise for meat but we also have pedigreed and pet rabbits.. We have Standard Rex in Black and Blue Otter and Chin. We have blue, red and white New Zealand. We are just starting to get into Velveteen lops and English lops. Also have black and chocolate Dutch.

Jeff Sechler
Pennsylvania Furnace, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop
The Loppy Bunny
We are a rabbitry in Central Pennsylvania (near State College). My daughter has several Holland Lops that we breed several times a year. She is active in 4-H and absolutely loves the animals. All of our bunnies are pedigreed, with papers. Our bunnies live outside in their own individual cages and are very social and used to human interaction.

Christy, Kat, Ariana Przybylowski
Philadelphia Suburb, Pennsylvania
Jersey Wooly
3 Bears Rabbitry
Breeding Jersey Woolies in all color groups. Focusing on agouti, self, shaded and tan pattern.

Oretha Nah Nah
Philadelphia pa 19138, Pennsylvania
American Chinchilla, 2 each a boy and a girl
American Chinchilla Rabbit
Rise and sales or meat

Albert Santa
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Flemish Giant, Lilac, Rex, Mini Rex, English Spot, Polish, Dwarf, Flemish Giant, French Lop, Chinchilla
AJ’s Bunny Ranch
We breed pet and show quality bunnies here at AJ’s bunny ranch, and we have a wild selection of bunnies

Amanda Duffy
Pine Grove, Pennsylvania
Harlequin, Rex, SF mixes
BunBun rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry breeding mainly harliquin. But raise rex silver fox mixes for meat as well. Would also eventually be raising pedigreed rexes as well. Our harliquins are full pedigreed.

Bridgett Anderson
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Netherland Dwarf, Lops
Bridgett Anderson
Smallest bunny

Sheri O’Leary
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Holland Lops
NuBunny Rabbitry
NuBunny is a small rabbitry located just outside of Pittsburgh,PA. We breed Pedigreed Holland Lops in Black Otter, Blue Eyed White, VM’s, & Harlequin. Our bunnies are housed in an enclosed heated/cooled facility. Every bunny here gets 1 on 1 attention each day, to assure their natural Holland Lop sweet nature & fun personalities. “If you’re going to love some bunny, Love a NuBunny”

Yvonne Gibson
Pittsfield, Pennsylvania
Dutch, Dutch cross
We are located in Warren County PA and I raise rabbits to sell and breed.

Morgan Powers
Polk, Pennsylvania
Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand, Holland Lop
Triple M’s Rabbitry
We are located in western Pennsylvania, My name is morgan Powers. I have been raising bunnies for over 5 years, bpth my siblings are apart of the rabbitry. Our goal is to provide great show and brood stock. If at anytime you want to think about buying a brood or show animal call me on my cell and make sure to leave a message with your name. My cell is(814)516-0072

Marilyn Holter
Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
American Blue
Harvest Ministry
Harvest Ministry is for the raising of heritage breeds for pets,show and meat. Very small scale, having a pair of Rhode Island reds, and 9 pedigree American Blues. If one has a need for food, it will be there, 4H- I donate 1 rabbit each litter with papers. I am still in process of building up, enclosures etc. but the desire is to keep it small and manageable.

James Hagar
Quakertown, Pennsylvania
New Zealand, New Zealand & Silver fox
Ridge’s Rabbits
We are small rabbitry located in Northeastern PA. We have new zealand meat rabbits and pedigree silver fox rabbits , all get lots of exercise and nutrition.

Matt Hoffman
Quakertown, PA
English Lops, French Lops
Hoffman’s French and English Lops
Raising show quality French and English Lops in a variety of colors including tri colored. Located in Southeastern, Pa.

Christopher Gentile
Reading, Pennsylvania
Californian and New Zealand Crosses
Tritch Rabbitry
I breed rabbits for meat. If interested please contact me via email or phone. I look forward to assisting you in your rabbit needs.

Laura Saez
Reading, Pennsylvania
Netherland Dwarf, Mini lop
I know you guys will help me in the best way you guys can just let me know a little asap please and thank you keep up the good job ??

Roxanne Macneal
Rebersburg, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop
Roxy’s Rainbow Rabbits
Home raised with Love – Holland Lop bunnies – with Pedigrees and also for Pets.

Judy Sharp
Reynoldsville, PA
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Lion Heads
Judy’s Pride and Joy
I have 60 hole rabbity, I raise Netherlands mainly, in Sable, Himi. orange, Black, Lilac and chocolate otters, Chins. I strive for nice fat faces and short ears, weight is also important.

Julia Romesberg
Rockwood, Pennsylvania
Champagne d’ Argent, Lionhead, Dwarf Angora, American Chinchilla, San Juan, Creme D’argent, Brun D’argent,
Red Dog’s Ranch & Rabbitry
Welcome to Red Dog’s Ranch!
Our goal is to raise the highest quality of each of our breeds.
We not only sell rabbits for pets but we also raise for meat & fur production as well. All of our rabbits are fed an all natural fodder & forage based diet.
Please contact us for further information & thank you for taking interest in our rabbitry!

Ryan Smith
Rome, PA
New Zealand Whites
Ryans Rabbits
I live in Pennsylvania and have some pretty good rabbits. I specialize in New Zealand Whites.

Cindy Wingard
Saint Marys, Pennsylvania
Dutch, Holland Lops, Lionheads, Mini-Rexes, Netherland Dwarfs
Bucktail Bunnies
Small hobby rabbitry located in Northwestern PA. Pedigreed Dutch, Holland Lops, Lionheads, Mini-Rexes, & Netherland Dwarfs show & pet quality. Member of the ARBA – Rabbitry #Z408.

Kimberly Lewis
Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania
Mini Lops, Silver Fox, New Zealand, Flemish Giants
Buzzy Bunnies Rabbitry
At Buzzy Bunnies Rabbitry, we care for our rabbits. We work hard to bring you the best pet, breeder, or even show rabbit, that we can breed.

Jeri Gimbel
Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania
Jeri Gimbel
The Velveteen Rabbit Tree
Pedigree Velveteen Lop Rabbits.

Lydia Adams
Sellersville, Pennsylvania
Netherland Dwarf
Fluffy Friends Rabbitry
Hi, I’m Lydia and I breed quality purebred Netherland Dwarf rabbits for pet and show! My rabbitry is located near Sellersville, PA. I don’t ship my rabbits, so make sure you are willing to drive there before you contact me. For more info check out my website!

Missy Hummel
Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
Californian, Belgian Hare
HR Rabbitry
Registered Rabbitry with ARBA . Located in selinsgrove pa I have a small rabbity of mainly Californians. Cali herd consists of a solid 30 brood doe ,and four buck. My bloodline stems from ALS cals the XL bloodline. I breed my Cali’s for consistency in good shoulders, thick wide loin, depth, and firmness. I started raising/ showing rabbits in 4-H, continued later with the FFA and ARBA . I’ve dabbled in raising rabbits now for over twenty years I’ve done my fair show of trying different breeds from New Zealand whites and reds, beverns , giant chins, champagnes, Rex , lops, just to name a few. But by far my favorite is the Californian. Recently I’ve added another breed to my to my rabbity the Belgian hare I admit I’ve fallin in love! I’ve always wanted a hare but do to the rarity you could say never got my hands on any until now. It was just meant to be I kinda walked into a deal for an unrelated pair. My doe has never seen a show table but my buck for an older fella has bee doing very well. So I walked into a pair and descent ones at that! You can check me out on Facebook under HR Rabbitry (Hummel)

Kelen Fierst
Shannondale, PA
Rex, American, American Fuzzy Lop, Flemish Giant, Havana, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand, Tan
Fierst Rabbits
We are a small, 40 hole rabbitry in western PA that works with various breeds. We focus mainly on rarer / uncommon colors in each of our breeds. Check out our website for further information on colors we work with, shows we plan on attending, and what we have for sale!

Shiane Boyer
Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania
Champagne d’Argents, Creme d’Argents, Rhinelander, Mini Satin Red
Shianes Many Bunnies Rabbitry
Hi, my name is Shiane Boyer. I have a small rabbitary in Central PA. A lot of people say we have a petting zoo, here at Bunieville On The Hill. We have ducks, geese, chickens, doves, pigeons, cats, dogs, goats, horses and rabbits. I am a member of the Perry County 4-H Rabbit Club. I’ve been in the rabbit club for 4 years now. I had pet rabbits since I was about 3. When I joined our County Club, my Mom and I learned a lot about the rabbit industry. I’d like to thank my Mom, Diane and my Aunt Linda for all their help. Without them, I wouldn’t have the rabbitry I have. I went to my first rabbit show at the PA Farm Show. I had two rabbits, and used cat carriers. A doe Mini Rex Broken and a doe Champagne d’Argent. The next month I joined ARBA. And everything went from there. I don’t go to a show now with less than 25 rabbits. We are working on our own show quality bloodline of Champagnes. So far, they are winning. I also am trying to get a winning meat pen of Champagnes (I know this breed can do it). I have a few Rhinelanders’, and am working on getting the perfect show Rhinelander. I am also starting to “hop” my Rhinelander’s. (Hopping Contest). They do love to hop. I’m looking for more pedigree Rhinelander’s. With my Mini Satin Reds, it’s hard to keep a senior from getting over weight, but I’m working on my own blood line there too. I have a very nice buck and two nice does. When I retire my does from showing, I’ll start breeding to see what I get.
I’m not sure where I’m going with my Crèmes yet. I play with each and every baby born. All of our bunnies are tame, affectionate and well socialized to Dogs, People and other animals. My rabbits are pedigree certified. I’d love to have more breeds, but I think we’ll just stick to what we have for now. My dad built a barn, and my rabbitry took it over. I think he needs to build me a barn of my own for my ever growing rabbitry. After all, they are “breeding like rabbits”. Thank you for looking. Check me out on facebook:

Robert Richardson
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Silver Fox
RR Rabbitry
We are a rabbitry in shippensburg pa we breed silver fox for meat, i do not do pedigrees at this time i am working on some qualities and once we get those we will do pedigrees.

Marcia Whipkey
Simerset, Pennsylvania
New Zealand
Whipkey S Hutch
New Zealand Reds

Toni Smith
Smithmill, Pennsylvania
Lost Mountain Rabbitry
Located 45 minutes from State College, we have raised pedigreed Americans in the blue, black, and ruby-eyed white varieties since 2017. Look for us on Facebook!

Tina Knott
Somerset, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop
Knottingham Farm
We are a small rural farm located just outside of Somerset, Pennsylvania. We raise Mini-Nubian dairy goats and Holland Lop rabbits.

Jeffrey Semon
South Canaan, Pennsylvania
American Blue
Blue Mountain Rabbits
We breed the rare American Blue rabbit for our own meat usage and sell some as well. This heritage breed is great for meat, breeding, fur, or loving pets. They are also used for show, however we do not have pedigree. We purchased them with the intent to use them primarily for meat but now we decided to sell some. This breed was and may still be on the critical list for rabbit breeds. By purchasing and breeding these rabbits you can help keep this American breed on the map!

David & Lynn VanDresar
Springboro, PA
American Blues & Lionheads
D&L Ranch
We have a small friendly Rabbitry that focuses on quality.

McKayla Semple
Spring Run, Pennsylvania
Rhinelander, Mini Rex, California, Netherland Dwarf
Happy Hares
This is a non-meat rabbitry I do not sell my rabbits for the purpose of meat. . I love raising and selling my little guys to happy families!

Sarah B
State College, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf
Nittany Rabbitry
We raise rabbits to Holland’s and Netherland to show.

Susan Learn
Stillwater , Pennsylvania
Flemish Giants (black, blue, light greys)
Mini Acre Farms Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in Stillwater, PA. Quality Flemish Giants, for the show table or pets. Handled daily, all rabbits are in our rabbitry(enclosed building) not outside. Breeding Blues, Blacks and light greys. Member of ARBA, and Eastern States Flemish Giants.

Tom Miller
Sugar Hill, Pennsylvania
Californian, New Zealand
Sugar Hill Rabbit Farm
I raise Californianian and New Zealand rabbits for meat and breeding. They are raised with love in an extremely clean and comfortable environment and fed the highest quality hay and feed.

Kelsey Camp-woodruff
Sugar run, Pennsylvania
French Angoras, English angoras, New Zealand Reds, Lionheads, English Spots
I raise French and English angoras, New Zealand reds, Lionheads, and English spots. I raise for show, and meat purposes. I have all my rabbits tested for pasturella before leaving my Rabbitry or going to a show. I strive to provide only the best, healthiest rabbits! I also run a clean faculty and welcome anyone to make an appointment to see how we run things.

Monica, Shyanne, and Jenna Wible
Three Springs, Pennsylvania
Standard Rex, Mini Rex, Californians, New Zealands, and Jersey Wooly
Fairview Acres Rabbitry
We are a small family raised rabbitry. Our goal is to raise show quality rabbits. We offer 4-H and FFA discounts.

Peter and Tina Shkuratoff
Titusville , Pennsylvania
Holland Lops, Harlequin, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf,Polish ,Flemish Giant
Petina’s Homestead
We are Petina’s Homestead where we breed for quality rabbits and not quantity . we believe in breeding our rabbits to the ARBA standards of perfection and are a registered rabbitry thru ARBA . We breed holland lops , harlequin, mini rex , netherlad dwarfs ,polish and flemish giants . We have also been breeding for meat production with new zealand and californian crosses .

Brock Hite
Towanda, Pennsylvania
Hite Farms
Small farm looking to expand into the meat rabbit market

Shalene Beck
Tunkhannock, PA
Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
B’s Precious Bunnies
I have a small rabbitry focusing on temperament and breed standards.

Samantha Sessamen
Tyrone, Pennsylvania
New Zealands, Holland Lops, Belgian Hares
Bald Eagle Bunnies Rabbitry
Bald Eagle Bunnies Rabbitry is a hobby rabbitry located in Central Pennsylvania. Raising New Zealands, Holland Lops, and Belgian Hares for the show table. We are working on improving our quality of our stock, and we fully support 4-H and FFA projects. Our website is updated as often as possible. We hope to hear from you soon!

Shannon Criado
Utica, Pennsylvania
Mini Lop and Netherland Dwarf
Criado Rabbitry
We are located in Northwest Pennsylvania. Our rabbitry includes Netherland Dwarf and Mini Lop breeds. We are members of ARBA, ANDRC and 4H. More information on our rabbits, including those for sale, can be found on our website. We would love to assist you in finding the perfect rabbit for show or for a pet!

Denise & Dan Sehlmeyer
Warren Center, Pennsylvania
Satin (Pedigree), New Zealand, Flemish Giant
Gods Country Acre Farm Rabbitry
Primary business is raising meat rabbits, but we also have Black/Blue Pedigree Satin’s that we breed for Show/Pets.

Joe Robison
Washington, PA
Rex, French Lops, Polish
Robison Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in S.W. PA. We raise and show French Lops, Standard Rex, and Polish.

Susan Davidson
Washington, PA
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops
Bunny Hill Rabbitry
Raising pedigreed show rabbits with excellent temperaments.

Alisha Sienkiel
Washington, Pennsylvania
Dwarf Hotots, Lionheads, Holland Lops
Glennwoods Rabbitry
We are a small hobby farm located in southwestern Pennsylvania. Our primary rabbit breed is the lionhead but we also raise dwarf hotots and holland lops. We strive to breed quality animals with great temperaments in accordance to their breed standards. In addition to rabbits, we raise chinchillas (the rodent) that are from show lines, various poultry and gamebirds.

Terry Hornung
Waymart, Pennsylvania
English Angoras and Lionheads
Lil’ Helpers Mini Farm Rabbitry
My Rabbitry is registered in ARBA and are todally crazy about rabbits. I breed English and hybred Angoras and cute tiny Lionhead bunnies. If any one is looking for a family, show, 4-h, or rabbits for fur we have them.

Dayla Jones
Waymart, Pennsylvania
Daylight Rabbitry
I work with solid and broken red, blue, and black satins. I raise for quality not quantity. You can find Daylight Rabbitry in Facebook! I am located in Waymart PA. Go Team Sheen!

Kasey Sheppard
Wellsville , Pennsylvania
Flemish Giant, Polish and Checkered Giants
Raspberry Ridge Rabbitry
I’ve been raising Flemish giants for 10 years, Checkered giants for 10 years, and Polish for 3 years
We sell pet quality AND show quality rabbits, pedigreed and non pedigreed.
These rabbits will make a great addition to your family, breeding stock, or show stock!

Makayla Brockway
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Holland Lop, mini lop, netherland dwarf, flemish giant
Kayla’s Rabbitry & Rescue
I mainly breed Holland lops but I do breed betherland dwarf and Flemish giant as well. I also take in surrenders as well and adopt them out for low cost. I am hoping to get into showing soon as well!

Western, PA
Mini Rex, Velvet Lions
Foxaway Rabbits
Foxaway Rabbits is a fairly small rabbitry located in western PA. I have been raising mini rex since 1998 and started raising velvet lions in 2008. I raise my rabbits mostly as pets but do try to breed up to the ARBA standards. I recently started showing my rabbits as well. I raise most recognized color varieties in mini rex as well as lots of unrecognized varieties. I also raise a lot of velvet lion varieties. I handle my babies from birth so they are friendly and easy to handle. I include a care package with each rabbit purchased and am available for continuing support. My website includes pictures and info about my rabbits as well as tons of rabbit care info such as housing, feeding, breeding, health, etc.

Kelsey Camp
Wyalusing, Pennsylvania
English Angora, French Angora, Flemish Giant and Checkered Giant
Beloved Bunnies Rabbitry
We currently raise French and English angoras. By fall 2015 I would like to have giant satin and German angoras added. We also willbe adding checkered giants and Flemish giants in the spring of 2015 along with continentals in the summer of2015. We raise show quality. All of our rabbits are pedigreed.

Yok, Pennsylvania
We are a small, family based rabbitry, striving to provide the stock available for our two Heritage Breeds, the Silver Fox and American Chinchillas. We have spent countless hours raising, breeding and showing our stock to ensure a rabbit that meets the SOP for each breed. Our stock has come from some of the best rabbitries in the country, combined with our stock, in an effort to provide diversified stock to breeders who buy from us. Our interests are to help breeders find the stock they want, and to help others just beginning their adventure with raising them, whatever their goals. We carry several, separate lines, so as to be able to provide rabbits that will ensure the buyer success in breeding a solid, show, meat or breeding stock. We have Silver Fox in the traditional black, as well as a beautiful blue, which are getting great reviews by the judges at shows, and are hoping to see them returned to the accepted status they once had with the ARBA. We do also carry some lines that will produce white, for those enthusiast looking for this rare, yet not recognized color. We are an ARBA certified rabbitry, and are members of the ARBA #CHESSAS00, National Silver Fox Breeders Club, the American Chinchilla Breeders Asso., as well as Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Asso. We can be found at our Face Book Page, Windy Hill Rabbitry or contacted at

Robin Rawlins
York, PA
Netherland Dwarfs
Fancys Rabbitry
We are family owned small Rabbitry. We raise quality pedigree Jersey Woolies and Netherland Dwarfs. They are house kept and use to all noises and smells.

John A. Spence
York, Pennsylvania
Harlequins, Silver Fox, Californian, New Zealand Whites
Charmed Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry that breeds, raises and shows Harlequin and Silver Fox Rabbits. We also breed and raise some Californians and some New Zealand White Rabbits. Our main focus is on promoting the Harlequin Rabbits in our area. We strive to breed quality rabbits with good temperaments.

Julie Inch
York Haven, Pennsylvania
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Inch’s Cypress Hill Rabbitry
We raised & showed rabbits for about 7 years until about 2003 when my husband was in a car accident and we decided to sell out. Our rabbits were just reaching their best in our breeding program – so it was hard to do.
We decided to get back into rabbits in 2011 when our youngest signed up for 4H and rabbit club seemed to make the most sense in relation to what we could help her most with. We went back to Netherland Dwarf & Mini Rex. In 2013 we went to one or two local shows. We are hoping to really amp up our breeding program in 2014 and start being more active now at local shows. We moved and we now have a building more suited for running our rabbitry and we look forward to making new friends in addition to reconnecting with our old friends.
We do raise bunnies and sell to other breeders, 4H kids, and people who just want a nice pure-bred pet.

Ellen Smith
York Haven, Pennsylvania
Holland Lops and English Angoras
Smith’s Bunny Trail Beauties
We are a small rabbitry in Central Pennsylvania specializing in Holland Lops and English Angoras. Our goal is to produce high-quality pedigreed rabbits by following the ARBA standards and guidelines set forth to improve the breed. Our rabbits have great personalities! The rabbits are handled daily.

Steven Malloy
Weatherly, Pennsylvania
Flemish Giant
Reverend Steve’s Rabbitry
Our Rabbitry is a small family operation and our main concern is that our rabbits are happy and healthy. We strive for quality over quantity. We specialize in Flemish Giants. Though Flemish Giants are the only breed we have now I have plans in the works to add other breeds to our Rabbitry. I am prepared to supply you with rabbits as well as custom cages and or hutches. Feel free to ask any questions or make custom orders. I prefer you text me at first so I can answer questions and if you want to talk on the phone I can call you at my earliest convenience thank you for you time and God bless!

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