Best 20 Bunny Gifts Themed for Rabbit Lovers


It’s generally easy to buy a gift to a friend or a family member who is obsessed with teddy bears, dogs, and cats. But, how easy is it to get gifts that have a rabbit theme? Well, you will soon find out when you read our list. But first, it’s important to know that bunny gifts are equally as attractive and unique as the other animal-themed gifts. Thus, you can get almost any gift that you want. If there isn’t, then you can request to have it custom-made.

Whether it’s a bag, jewelry or toy, there are several options. Since now you have an idea of what to expect, here are 20 gift ideas that you should consider.

1. White Bunny with Heart Necklace

White Bunny with Heart Necklace

For a special lady, this bunny necklace is what you need to give her. It’s a great way to express “I Love You” without mentioning the words. The necklace comes in silver and gold colors and thus can go well with almost any outfit. Whether it’s paired with a blouse, a dress, or any office wear, the look will be great.

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2. Bunny Necklace Beautiful Crystal Pendant

Bunny Necklace Beautiful Crystal Pendant

If the bunny lover is crazy about pendant necklaces, then you can get her this gift. The necklace has silver settings to give it a glamorous look. The accessory comes in red and blue themes and is meant to brighten the outfit. Nonetheless, it’s great when paired with a plain dress.

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3. World’s Cutest Bunny Backpack

Worlds Cutest Bunny Backpack

If you are looking for a special gift to give to your daughter on her birthday, you have a perfect one in this bunny backpack. The backpack is made from soft material and comes in 5 colors (white, pink, yellow, grey, and brown). Other than for birthdays, there are designs for Christmas and graduation ceremonies.

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4. Bunny and Carrot Stud Earrings

Bunny and Carrot Stud Earrings

To complement the bunny necklace, you can get your special lady this earring set. The set is cute and is characterized by a plated stainless-steel material. They are small-sized and come in gold and silver options. Hence, they go well with most outfits. Other than the necklace, they can be paired with complementary rings and bracelets.

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5. Bunny Stud Earrings Semi-Precious Stones

Bunny Stud Earrings Semi Precious Stones

Are you looking for an earring set that will spice up the style of your special lady? This is the perfect accessory to get her. The stud earrings are not only cute but uniquely designed too. They are a great fashion statement and will go well with most trendy dresses.

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6. Alice in Wonderland Bunny Bracelet

Alice in Wonderland Bunny Bracelet

If you like the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale, this is the accessory to get. It can be worn by any lady who is crazy about fairy tales and bunnies. It’s a great accessory that is meant to add charm to any outfit. It’s made of metal alloy and it’s generally light.

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7. Pearl Bracelet with Bunny Rabbit Charm

Pearl Bracelet with Bunny Rabbit Charm

Very few bracelets on the market are as cute as this design. The pearl chain is characterized by a gold ring that is meant to add class to it besides holding the charm. The charm, on the other hand, is made of highly polished zinc alloy. The bracelet is cute to go with any trendy outfit.

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8. Charming Rhinestone Bunny Rabbit Bracelet

Charming Rhinestone Bunny Rabbit Bracelet

This accessory is meant to step up the fashion taste of the wearer. The piece is bright and is designed to give the outfit a glamorous appeal. Your special lady just needs to wear the accessory with her favorite outfit and she will look just adorable.

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9. Zootopia-themed Mascot Costume

Zootopia Themed Mascot Costume

If your kid is a fan of the Zootopia movie, this is a great gift to give out. The costume can be worn to a birthdayparty, a kids’ festival or a promotional event. You can choose between Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps—characters in the movie.

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10. Knitted Bunny Ears Winter Bunny Caps

Knitted Bunny Ears Winter Bunny Caps

These are specifically meant for babies and toddlers. If you really like bunnies and you want your little one to do likewise, get him or her these bunny gifts. They come in six different colors and are all comfortable for the little one.

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11. Large Colorful Rabbit Ears Headband

Large Colorful Rabbit Ears Headband

This headband can be given to any special lady friend who likes animal-themed accessories. It can be worn to an outdoor fun event such as football. The band is made from soft plush material and is very comfortable.

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12. Zootopia-Themed Plush Toy

Zootopia Themed Plush Toy

To complement the Zootopia-themed costume, you can also get your kid this toy. You also have the option to choose between Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps characters. If you have not watched this movie, the toy will make you want to watch it.

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13. Peter Rabbit Plush Toy

Peter Rabbit Plush Toy

This toy is available in pink, yellow, and blue colors, and is just as attractive as the Zootopia-themed design. It’s a great gift to give to your kid when you want to introduce him or her to a world of imagination.

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14. Cute Rabbit Plush

Cute Rabbit Plush

Every kid who likes cartoons (most do!) will love this stuffed bunny. It’s cute and adorable for the little one. You can also buy it as a décor to add class and warmth to your home, especially in the bedroom and the living space.

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15. Crescent Moon Bunny Rabbit Necklace

Crescent Moon Bunny Rabbit Necklace

This silver-coated accessory is a must-have for any bunny lover. It’s a great addition to your accessory collection and is meant to go well with either formal or casual wears. It features a moon-shaped pendant with a rabbit comfortably resting on it.

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16. Best Friend Couple Peter Rabbit Necklace

Best Friend Couple Peter Rabbit Necklace

This is a set of two necklaces that is a great gift to give to your best friend. The necklace is made of zinc alloy and is generally cute. It will go well with any casual wear.

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17. Baby Bunny Rabbit Necklace Charm

Baby Bunny Rabbit Necklace Charm

This adorable necklace goes well with most outfits. It’s a cute choice for formal and casual wearing since it adds a sexy and glamorous vibe to the attire. You don’t have to be a bunny fan to love this piece.

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18. Adorable Bunny Rabbit Backpack

Adorable Bunny Rabbit Backpack

This backpack suits teens who are bunny lovers. The bag can be used as a school backpack or a traveler bag. It’s cute and comes in five colors (grey, white, yellow, beige, and pink).

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19. 3D Bunny Rabbit Stud Earring

3D Bunny Rabbit Stud Earrings

Is that a small rabbit attached on your earlobe? This is the kind of question that you’ll hear often when you wear this earring. It’s attractive in color and design and is meant to create the illusion of areal rabbit.

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20. Flower Bunny Rabbit Earrings Wreath Design

Flower Bunny Rabbit Earrings Wreath Design

If your bunny lover friend also likes flower accessories, this piece is just ideal for her. It’s bright and can complement any casual dress.

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Rabbit Gift Selection Tips

The types of bunny gifts that you pick for a friend or a family member depend on the type of person that the recipient is:

• For an outdoor enthusiast: Get the friend a rabbit-themed accessory that he or she can use in the outdoor, for example, a rabbit-themed backpack or camping gear.

• For the pocket bunny lover: Get him or her an accessory such as a bag or keychain with a rabbit-theme.

• For a world traveler: Get him or her airline-approved rabbit-themed carrier, waste bag or traveler backpack.

• For a friend who treats a rabbit as a baby: Get him or her a stuffed bunny.

• For a breed enthusiast: Get an item with a theme of a specific rabbit breed, for example, rabbit-themed jewelry.

Rabbit Gift Ideas

The reason for giving the gift matters. Overall, you should consider these factors:

• Give a practical rabbit-themed gift such as earrings and bracelets: You should try to avoid breakable and annoying gifts. This ensures that the friend uses the gift longer.

• Give a fun gift such as stuffed bunny: The gift should be able to plant a smile on the pet lover’s face.

• Give a meaningful gift: For example, having the gift customize gives it more meaning and worth. In this case, going for a customized backpack, necklace or earrings is better than giving them plain.

Types of Gifts

There are so many types of bunny-themed gifts as reflected in the top 20 list. They can be generally placed in these categories:

• Backpacks: Can be given to both kids and adults

• Costumes: These suit kids and are meant for fun events.

• Stuffedbunnies: These are the nearest things that you can have to actual bunnies. They are great for young bunny lovers.

• Jewelry: These gifts include earrings and bracelets with bunny themes.

Bunny Gift Prices

The prices for the bunny gifts depend on type and design of the item. For example, you may spend:

• $9.99-$13.99 on a necklace

• $4.99-$12.99 on an earring

• $19.99-$29.99 on a backpack

• $18.99-$24.99 on a stuffed bunny

• $6.99-$12.99 on a bracelet

• $29.99-$189.99 on a costume

Final Thoughts

A bunny-themed gift is a great choice to give to a friend or family member who is obsessed with bunnies. Using the above guide, you can find a specific gift that matches the taste of the rabbit lover. The gift will make the individual smile and you can count on the individual to cherish it for long.


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