Best Rabbit Bedding

Rabbit Bedding

Rabbits don’t require traditional pet bedding the owners often buy for dogs or even cats. What they do need is a type of litter that doubles as bedding when they sleep. Choosing a quality litter that you change frequently, will keep your rabbits happy and healthy. Here are the top seven rabbit bedding products available on Amazon.

Top Seven Rabbit Bedding Products

1. Carefresh Custom Rabbit/Guinea Pig Pet Bedding

Carefresh Custom Rabbit Bedding

This soft litter comes in larger pieces, which makes it absorbs urine well. Owners like it because it has superior odor control, particularly when it comes to urine, with the manufacturer claiming that it can control odors for up to 10 days. The Carefresh Custom is appropriate for corners of cages or small litterboxes but doesn’t work as well in an open habitat. This bedding is 99% dust-free thanks to its unique material and manufacturing process, allowing for easy cleanup.

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2. Peter’s Woven Grass Pet Bed and Toys

Peters Woven Grass Rabbit Bed

Measuring 5″ x 9″ x 13″, this natural grass bad is perfect for protecting your pet’s feet from getting caught in wire cages. This cozy bed is good for smaller rabbits that like to snuggle and feel secure. Because it is made of natural grass, it won’t harm your pet’s digestive system if he or she decides to nibble on it. You can also use the basket for holding hay.

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3. Kaytee Pine Bedding, 1200 Cubic Inch

Kaytee Pine Rabbit Bedding

Containing all natural pine shavings manufactured via a special process to eliminate dust and wood debris, Kaytee Pine Bedding is a low-cost alternative that does the same job of more expensive beddings. This all-natural and biodegradable soft wood bedding is 99.9% dust-free. It’s recommended for open, well-ventilated cages. The product comes packed tightly and offers a lot of value for the money.

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4. Healthy Pet Natural Bedding

Healthy Pet Natural Rabbit Bedding

Critter Care Natural bedding suppresses ammonia produced by rabbit urine longer than most similar products. This soft litter absorbs as much as three times its weight to keep your pet dry. It’s also a good bedding for homes where one of more residents have allergies as its virtually due free. Manufactured with reclaimed wood pulp, this biodegradable bedding may be composted after usage. Rabbits love to burrow in this litter as it provides a warm environment for sleeping.

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5. Absorbtion Corp Carefresh Shavings Plus Pet Bedding

Absorption Plus Pet Bunny Bedding

Are you looking for rabbit bedding that looks pretty while it also absorbs odors and urine? Absorbption Carefresh is for you. This formulation has a 90/10 mix of softwood shavings mixed in with blue colored shavings that are both fun and attractive and provide better odor control than shavings alone. This bedding is kiln-dried and results in colors that do not run or stain. Your rabbit will have a cleaner habitat is won’t cake on the bottom of the cage it absorbs more than two times its weight in liquids. Absorbtion Carefresh helps promote burrowing and nesting while also providing warmth for sleeping. It’s made from earth-friendly reclaimed fiber and forest byproducts and is 100% biodegradable.

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6. Kaytee Clean and Cozy Scented Small Animal Bedding

Kaytee Clean Bunny Rabbit Bedding

Kaytee Clean & Cozy is considered the best bedding by season rabbit owners as it is extremely soft and absorbent. Twice as absorbent as wood shavings, this product can take up to six times its own weight in liquid. It’s also soft and fluffy enough to make your pet feel comfortable enough to nest. Clean & Cozy smells good too thanks to a pleasing lavender scent. Clean and Cozy is guaranteed to control urine and feces odors. It is also 99.9% dust free to give your rabbit a cleaner home and has longer fiber strands for better absorbency, consistency and overall quality.

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7. Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

Carefresh Complete Pet Bunny Bedding

This bedding comes home highly recommended by owners of all types of pet rabbits. Made from recycled pulp, this bedding is free of inks, dyes, clay and chemicals and a unique process that removes potentially harmful hydrocarbons that exist naturally in pine and cedar oils. It is also heated to 380 degrees Fahrenheit to reduces fungus, mold and bacteria. This super absorbent bedding also is excellent at suppressing urine odor. It’s long-lasting too, allowing you to keep it in your rabbit’s habitat for twice as long as other beddings.

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General Rabbit Bedding Information

How to Select Bedding for Your Rabbit

Many different types of rabbit bedding are on the market. You can choose from pine, cedar, paper, fleece, straw, hay and even aspen. The best bedding for your rabbit will keep him or her dry, warm and comfortable while resting or sleeping. Because they are prey animals, rabbits need to feel secure in their environment and like spaces where they can retreat when they feel threatened. A good bedding should have all of these characteristics. Keeping your bunny dry and clean is also of paramount importance. Odor control is also important for the overall environment as you don’t want the rabbit hutch to become overly smelly.

Make sure that your pet’s bedding is safe. One of the biggest concerns comes from fumes that can emanate from wood, particularly pine and cedar as the fume can affect your pet’s liver. Shredded wood bedding should be processed so these aromatic fumes are removed. Paper bedding is a great alternative to wood shavings, but even here you need to be sure that the product is non-toxic in case your bunny tends to be a nibbler.

Primary types of Rabbit Bedding

  • Newspaper – Although it’s good for lining the bottom of the cage, newspaper rips easily and can be bad for your bunny if he eats too much of it.
  • Softwood litters – The aforementioned aromatic fumes are the biggest drawback with this bedding, yet it is soft and comfortable. Aspen bedding, made from aspen wood, is considered a cheap alternative to many other types of bunny bedding. However, it has proven advantages, namely that it provides great odor control.
  • Paper pulp – This bedding is relatively new. It’s environmentally friendly and it’s made out of recycled paper. It’s highly absorbent and absorbs an incredible amount of liquid.
  • Wood or paper pellets – Wood pellets have good absorbency but tend to get heavy when wet. Paper pellets are similar to wood pellets in look, feel and absorbency but don’t get as heavy after they have absorbed liquid.
  • Shredded cardboard – Provides good absorbency and is a good alternative to newspaper.
  • Straw – It’s not very absorbent, but it’s soft for your rabbit to sit on.
  • Hay – This is a great alternative, especially if your rabbit is a nibbler. Just make sure to change it daily if you choose it.

Top Rabbit Bedding Brands

Several brands provide a variety of bedding products that will keep your bunny feeling safe, dry and clean. The most popular brands are:

• Kaytee
• Carefresh
• Healthy Pet
• Vitakraft
• Small Pet Select

All of these brands have several formulations, so you’ll have options when it comes to finding one that suits your rabbit as well as your own sensibilities.

DIY Rabbit Bedding

If you’re looking to save money on your bunny’s bedding, making your own is one way to do it. Hay is the easiest route to go. Order it in bulk. Hay can double as food for your rabbit too. You’ll need to change it often, almost daily, as it gets soiled. Shredding paper or cardboard on hour own are other alternatives. Fleece blankets are another warm and cozy alternative. Change them by simply shaking off solid debris and then wash and dry them. Have several on hand so that there is always a fresh one in case of mishaps.

Tips for Keeping the Bunny Hutch Clean

All rabbits want a clean home so they don’t appreciate when their hutch becomes too dirty. Clean bowls and water bottles daily. Ensure that water is changed daily and make sure that stale food is not left lying around as it can attract insects. Remove uneaten treats such as fruits and vegetables daily before they rot. Provide dry grass for your rabbit as moist grass can lead to mold problems. The litter area should be cleaned frequently, daily if possible. The cage should also get occasional, thorough scrubbings with soap and water. Performing frequent maintenance and not allowing the excess soil to accumulate will keep your rabbit happy and healthy. Using a quality ammonia control litter will keep the hutch and your home smelling fresh.


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