Best Rabbit Hay Feeders

Rabbit Hay Feeder

Rabbits have been a popular choice for pets for hundreds of years throughout the world. Not only are most compact in size, they are cuddly, cute, and known for their docile temperaments ideal for children. There are numerous rabbit breeds, but one thing that all rabbits share in common is their need for adequate dietary nutrition. Knowing how and what to feed rabbits is an integral part of caring for your rabbits to ensure their health and longevity. From hay feeders to rabbit hay food products, along with selection tips, you can provide an ideal environment in which your rabbit will thrive.

Top 7 Rabbit Hay Feeders

1) CalPalmy Rabbit Hay Feeder

CalPalmy Rabbit Hay Feeder

The CalPalmy rabbit hay feeder is ideal for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and small animals. It is known to minimize mess by firmly holding the hay supply in place, while being accessible to your furry friends. The hay feeder is made from 100-percent non-toxic BPA-free plastic. This hay feeder is easy to install with the screw-mount system and stays securely in place.

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2) Rabbit Hay and Food Feeder

Rabbit Hay and Food Feeder

This rabbit hay and food feeder is a combination feeder with compartments for hay and pellet food. The hay is held securely in place in the upper portion of the feeder, while the bottom bowl portion holds the pellet food. These come in a variety of retro-style colors like pink, yellow, and turquoise blue. This feeder is ideal for rabbits and other small animals. The downside is that the hay can end up mixed with the pellet food source, for those who prefer to keep them separate.

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3) Mkono Rabbit Hay Feeder

Mkono Rabbit Hay Feeder

The Mkono hay feeder is easily installed to the side of your rabbit enclosure. It holds its hay contents firmly in place without large amounts of spillage and mess. The feeder is made from non-toxic metal and plastic and features steel edging to prevent your rabbit from chewing. Mkono is a trademarked product known for its longevity and superior quality.

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4) Niteangel Wooden Rabbit Hay Manger Feeder

Niteangel Wooden Rabbit Hay Feeder

The Niteangel wooden rabbit hay manger feeder is ideal for larger enclosures, like outdoor ones. It connects easily to any cage and has a lid to prevent rabbits trying to access the hay from above, as well as keeping unwanted rodents from your rabbit’s food source. The only drawback to wooden hay feeders is that most rabbits like to chew, and a wooden feeder is likely to encourage chewing.

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5) Rabbit Hay Feeder Rack

Rabbit Hay Feeder Rack

This no-mess rabbit hay feeder rack holds its contents firmly in place to minimize messes and help keep your cage clean. This feeder is easy to clean, durable, and spring loaded for easy attachment to any wire cage. The spring-held bar makes it easy to refill as needed.

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6) Kaytee Bunny Hay Feeder

Kaytee Rabbit Hay Feeder

The Kaytee bunny hay feeder comes in assorted colors and is a combo-bin feeder for hay and pellet food. It is made from plastic and wood-composite material that is easy to clean and care for. It is ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and smaller animals. Its Quick Lock feature makes it easy to attach to a variety of rabbit cages and enclosures.

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7) Ware Manufacturing Rabbit Hay Feeder

Ware Manufacturing Rabbit Hay Feeder

This Ware Manufacturing rabbit hay feeder is all metal and powder coated. It is one of the more affordable hay feeders and is ideal for a variety of small pets. The powder-coated finish makes it chew-resistant and easy to clean.

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Top 5 Rabbit Hay Food Products

1) Small Pet Select Timothy Hay Food

Small Pet Select Timothy Rabbit Hay Food

Small Pet Select Timothy Hay Food is a premium quality source of hay food for rabbits and small pets. Their batches are hand selected and packaged to ensure quality. It comes in a corrugated box that easily opens and closes for access. Comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

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2) Kaytee Timothy Hay

Kaytee Timothy Rabbit Hay

The Kaytee Timothy Hay is a first and second cut high-quality hay blend. It is hand selected to ensure quality and leaf-to-stem ratio. Known to aid in digestive and dental health, this Timothy Hay will keep your rabbit’s teeth from getting too long.

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3) Oxbow Bunny Basics

Oxbow Bunny Basics

The Oxbow Bunny Basics food for adult rabbits is recommended by veterinarians and keeps rabbits at the optimum protein level. This hay food products will meet your rabbit’s fiber, protein, fat, carb and energy requirements.

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4) Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay Cubes

Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay Cubes

The lower protein and calcium levels of the Kaytee Natural Timothy hay cubes helps promote and regulate urinary health. The high fiber content aids in digestive health and provides additional nutritional benefits. It is grown in the United States and meets a rabbit’s nutritional needs.

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5) Viking Farmer Alfalfa Hay

Viking Farmer Alfalfa Hay

The Viking Farmer Alfalfa hay comes directly from a small farmer who grows, packages, and harvests the hay himself. The quality of his alfalfa hay is superior as everything is done by hand to ensure quality. It is weed-free and lab tested to confirm natural purity. This hay food product comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

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Rabbit Feeder Selection Tips

When it comes time to purchase your rabbit hay feeder, there are a few aspects to consider. One of the most important factors is to have your cage or enclosure picked out. For many hay feeders, you need to make sure the feeder will work size-wise with the cage. Look at how the hay feeder attaches to the cage and make sure it does so easily with your cage material. Also consider the material you want your hay feeder to be made from. While wood feeders are tempting as they are natural, they are also more likely to be chewed on and not as easy to clean as their metal or plastic counterparts.

If purchasing metal or plastic hay feeders, be sure that they are made from non-toxic and BPA-free materials to ensure the healthy of your rabbits. Also make sure your hay feeder holds enough hay for the amount of rabbits you have; more rabbits will need larger or more feeders.

There are also dual-combo hay feeders that have a section for hay and a bowl for pellet food. If you prefer to have your rabbit’s food sources kept separate, you will not want to opt for a combo-feeder. If you like keeping all your rabbit food off the cage’s floor, this feeder will be a good choice.

Rabbit Hay Feeder Brands

There are numerous rabbit hay feeder brands to choose from including Mkono (a trademarked brand), Niteangel, CalPalmy, and Ware Manufacturing, to name a few. These brands are reputable in their provision of high-quality rabbit hay feeders.

Why Rabbits Need Hay

Hay meets a rabbit’s nutritional needs, as well as keeping their teeth filed nice and short. Rabbits who don’t get the chance to chew as much as they need will end up with overgrown teeth which are very painful and disruptive.

When it comes to nutrition, hay provides rabbits with the ideal amount of fiber to ensure their digestive health and proper GI tract functioning.

For baby bunnies, alfalfa hay is ideal as it meets the high caloric content needed to enable their growth. After they reach seven months is a good time to switch their diet over to Timothy hay, orchard grass, or oat hay. Second-cutting hay is known to be softer and contain more leaves and less stems.

DIY Rabbit Hay Feeders

There are always DIY options around and rabbit hay feeders are no exception. A plastic grocery bag dispenser is ideal for this purpose as its holes work well for the rabbits to pull the hay from.

Even baskets attached to your cage wall make good hay feeders that rabbits are more than capable of pulling hay through. Drying racks are also known as ideal hay racks for outside enclosures where the ability of the feeder to contain the hay is not of such importance.

A box with cutouts for the hay can work, especially if it is enclosed on the top so extra determined bunnies won’t face the dangers of falling in while they are trying to get to the hay.

Wire fruit baskets can easily be filled with hay, turned on their sides, and secured to a wire cage to become a feeder. Just be sure that any plastic items you are repurposing are BPA free and made from non-toxic materials.

When it comes to caring for rabbits, a little research beforehand will ensure that you are ready to tackle responsible ownership of these wonderful pets. Being aware of the supplies they need like cages, feeders, toys, blankets, and hay food products and why they need the things they do will see you and your pet rabbit well established and happy. A domestic rabbit’s lifespan can range from eight to 12 years, so investing the time and effort into caring for them responsibly will help ensure your rabbit is having all of their needs met. Now that you know all you need to know about domestic rabbit care, it’s time to take the next step in choosing the ideal rabbit breed for you and your home.


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