Best Rabbit Litter Boxes

Plastic Pet Rabbit Litter Tray

A litter box is a necessity if you want to potty train your rabbit. The litter training process can be tedious but with a great litter box and the right litter material, you can manage it. When it comes to picking rabbit litter boxes or litter materials, there are so many good options in the market. But you have to shop carefully to get the right brand. Moreover, you also have the option of making your own DIY litter box as we will see later in this article. You can also come up with your own litter material. In the end, what matters is that you are able to litter train your pet easily and successfully.

Now, let’s look at the top litter boxes and bedding material for rabbits purchasable on Amazon.

Rabbit Litter Box

Top 6 Rabbit Litter Boxes

1. Mkono Rabbit Litter Box

Mkono Rabbit Litter Box

This litter box is perfectly designed for adult rabbits. Its floor features a removable grid. This means that your rabbit stays clean as it doesn’t come into contact with the waste. Additionally, the litter box comes with hooks for hanging inside the rabbit cage. It’s also available in stylish colors.

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2. Plastic Lock-N-Litter Pan
Rabbit Lock N Litter Pan

This rabbit litter pan is a practical accessory that is effective in litter training your rabbit. It can accommodate an average-sized adult rabbit. Its sides are slightly raised to prevent the pet’s urine from spilling sideways. The material is strong plastic that is odor-resistant and stain-resistant.

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3. Plastic Pet Animal Litter Tray

Plastic Pet Rabbit Litter Tray

This rabbit litter box is made of odor-resistant and stain-resistant plastic material. The material is also able to stand the aggression of the rabbit. The litter tray is locked to the cage and this prevents the litter from scattering. The floor of the litter box features a removable grid to ensure that your rabbit stays clean.

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4. WAOK Plastic Pet Toilet

WAOK Plastic Pet Rabbit Toilet

This litter tray comes in blue, yellow, and pink colors and is great for adult rabbits and other small-sized pets. The material is strong plastic which is not only durable but also eco-friendly. In addition, the plastic is odor-resistant and stain-resistant. The tray comes with hooks for firm attaching in the rabbit’s cage to prevent litter scatter.

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5. Erlvery DaMain Potty Trainer

Rabbit Potty Trainer

This litter box is made from strong and scratch-resistant plastic material. The material is also odor-resistant. It’s a great option for mature rabbits. The potty trainer comes with hooks to hang in the rabbit’s cage. This ensures that it’s not overturned and thus, no scatters.

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6. Kaytee Hi-Cornet Litter Pan

Kaytee Rabbit Litter Pan

This litter pan is large in size, thus convenient for adult rabbits. It comes in amazing stylish colors such as pink, purple, green, and blue. It’s designed not to spill the liter material, thus ensuring easy cleaning. The material is strong plastic that is odor-resistant and stain-resistant.

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Top 3 Rabbit Litter Packages

The best purchasable litter materials are:

1. Vitakraft Fresh World Ultra Strenght Crumble Bedding

Vitakraft Rabbit Bedding

This litter package has great absorbent and odor-blocking qualities. In terms of absorption, the litter is able to carry 3 times its weight and leaves your rabbit clean. It’s also non-toxic, thus safe for your pet. The material is 100% recyclable, thus eco-friendly. It’s very soft and comfortable for the rabbit.

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2. Kaytee Clean and Cozy White Bedding

Kaytee Rabbit Litter

This litter package has amazing waste absorption qualities. It’s able to absorb 6 times its ideal weight. It’s also 100% dust-free, thus safe for the rabbit and to the environment. This also means that it’s easy to clean the litter box. Additionally, the litter has great odor-blocking characteristics.

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3. Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

Pet Rabbit Litter

This litter package has high absorption power. Just like the Vitakraft package, the bedding material absorbs waste 3 times its weight. It also possesses odor-blocking abilities. The package is dust-free, thus safe to the rabbit and to the environment.

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Rabbit Litter Box Selection Tips

There are several factors that make great rabbit litter boxes:

• Tray size: A good rabbit litter box should have a standard-sized tray, one that fits perfectly in the litter box.

• Tray depth: The rabbit should be able to access the inside of the tray comfortably. If the tray depth is shallow, the rabbit may ignore it. The tray should be deep enough to prevent urine spills.

• Strength and resistance: The litter box should be made of a strong material to guarantee long-term service. The material should be odor-resistant and stain-resistant.

• Stability: The litter box should come with hooks or screwing points for firm attachment in the rabbit cage. This prevents litter scatters.

• Easy-to-clean floor: Preferably, the floor should be a removable grip to allow easy cleaning and to keep the rabbit unsoiled.

Types of Rabbit Litter Boxes

There are several types of litter boxes for rabbits on the market. They include:

• A corner litter box: This is designed to occupy less space and is placed in the corner of the rabbit’s cage.

• A litter pan: This is the standard litter box that can go well with any average-size adult rabbit. It’s slightly spacious than the corner litter box.

• A litter box with wire floor: This box is easy to clean since the urine and droppings fall into a tray and thus the pet stays clean.

• A litter box with plastic grate/screen: The litter box is designed not to irritate the rabbit, thus reduces litter wastage.

• A litter box with hay rack: This box comes with a hay compartment. Therefore, the hay is not spoiled by the pet’s urine.

Rabbit Litter Box Brands

In most cases, the litter boxes are named after the supplier. Examples include:

• Kaytee

• Mkono

• ZoeZ

• Erlvery

These suppliers deliver different types of rabbit potty trainers. They also have brands for other small animals such as Guinea pigs and squirrels. In addition, they supply hay and chewable pallets. There are others like Kaytee who also supply litter packages. We also have other litter box brands that are named after the manufacturer, for example, Lock-N-Litter by Wang Manufacturing.

DIY How to Make Your Own Litter Box

You can make a DIY litter box if you have a plastic bowl, plastic bag, litter, and hay.

• Start by selecting the perfect bowl size and cover it with a plastic bag. This makes a great litter tray.

• Get litter material from the store and spread it in the litter tray. You should put a light litter layer, about 1 inch. You should avoid clay litter, zinc litter, and cider litter as they may poison your rabbit. Preferably, purchase the discussed top 3 litters from Amazon. If you are not able, use old newspapers, woodstove pellets, paper pulp litter or ground corncob bedding.

• Get the right hay material to cover the litter layer. The hay should be yummy and a good example is Timothy Hay. The hay is purchasable in bags and you can get it online.

Once the litter box is ready, you can place it in a specific place within the cage where the rabbit can see it. You should put some urine-soaked litter or hay on the tray to inform the rabbit of its availability. Alternatively, you can use the rabbit’s poop.

How to Litter Box Train Your Rabbit Step by Step

The process of teaching your pet to use the litter box is not hard if you observe theright guide. You should follow these simple steps:

• Prepare your litter box before you bring the rabbit home. Ensure that the box is of the right size and is clean.

• Provide the litter box with the necessary supplies such as hay, hay feeder, and litter. The litter should be safe for the rabbit.

• Choose a perfect location within the rabbit’s cage to place the litter box.

• Start by helping the rabbit to notice the presence of the litter box. To do this, place the rabbit’s poop inside the tray if the disposal of is done outside.

• When you notice that the pet wants to dispose of its waste, you should place it (the rabbit) on the litter box in case it’s outside. Normally, it will raise its tail when nature calls.

• In case you are using multiple rabbit litter boxes, remove the extra ones with time to encourage the rabbit to stick to a particular box.

• When the animal messes the box, clean it using vinegar or enzyme cleaner. You should, however, avoid cleaning the litter box often as the rabbit may feel that it’s not supposed to use the litter box.

• If the rabbit insists on messing at a particular corner, you should yield to its demand and change the location of the litter box to the position that the animal prefers.

When the rabbit learns not to mess the place where it feeds from and rests, you can get it out of the cage. However, you need to be patient with the animal as the learning process may take more time than you expect.


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