Giant Chinchilla Rabbits

Giant Chinchilla – information and facts about the Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Breed. Learn more about Giant Chinchilla Rabbits in this article. Breed photos are included.

Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

If you have been in the rabbit industry for a long time now, you might have probably encountered what they call as the “Million Dollar Rabbit”. Surely, there’s an interesting story behind that. But if there’s one certain thing about that name, it’s definitely no other than the Giant Chinchilla.

As one of the large rabbit breeds, the Giant Chinchilla is definitely big enough that is carries a minimum senior weight of 13 pounds, the highest among all of the rabbits. But while it takes the minimum weight for the Giants at the age of maturity, the Giant Chinchilla is not the largest breed. One factor we could account for that is its maximum weight limit, which is 15 pounds for the bucks and 16 pounds for the does.

The other giant breeds, Checkered Giant, Flemish Giant, as well as the French Lop, don’t have any maximum weight limit and therefore could be as heavy as they could be at the age of maturity. The Giant Rabbit is also the most recently developed. However, the gaps are not that substantial because the chinchilla rabbits’ popularity soared like a storm during the 1920s to 1930s.

Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Facts

1. History

In the year 1919, the Chinchilla rabbits arrived in America. The rabbit breeders back then saw the potential of the Chinchilla as a good fur rabbit. The Standard Chinchilla this time only weighs between 5 to 7 pounds. This is where the work of the breeders started, making the Giant Chinchilla rabbit one of the few rabbit breeds that was created in America.

In their first wave of improving the breed, they aimed to have a Chinchilla that would weigh around 9-11 pounds. This version later became the American Chinchilla. However, Mr. Edward H. Stahl, a rabbit enthusiast and breeder, think of bigger things than what was achieved.

With successful breeding, he was able to take a Standard Chin buck to New Zealand white does. From here, the American Blues and the white Flemish Giants were produced. After successful pairings, as well as careful selection of breeds to cross, he was able to develop the first offspring of his desire – the Giant Chinchilla.

The first female Giant Chinchilla that Mr. Stahl produced was named “Million Dollar Princess”. This doe became the poster child for the Giant Chinchilla breed. But while Princess is born in the year 1921, it was only after 7 years, in the year 1928, when he was able to develop a working standard for the breed from the ARBA.

Now, if you’re still wondering why the Giant Chinchilla is called the “Million Dollar Rabbit”, it’s because its developer, Mr. Stahl, profited a million dollars only for selling rabbits. And most notably, he is the only person to achieve such height ever since. What an achievement, right?

Mr. Stahl was able to establish large operations in the states Missouri and New York. These operations would produce chinchillas that will be shipped all over the United States. Mr. Stahl is definitely a part of the Giant Chinchilla’s history.

Now, another person is taking the spotlight in the Giant Chinchillas industry, in the name of Judge Carl Fillater. In a 2010 ARBA National Judges’ Conference, he said the following remarks: “ “It is also known as the Million Dollar Rabbit. I have yet to make my first free and clear dollar off of them in the forty plus years I have been raising them!” As what he’s been suggesting, it’s really difficult to raise money in the rabbit industry in the current days, and the ‘Million Dollar Rabbit’ is just not an exception.

2. Characteristics and Appearance

Among the Chinchilla rabbit breeds, the Giant Chinchilla is the largest. And another amazing fact that we could tell about this rabbit is it can grow up to 7 pounds in a short time of just eight weeks. By the time that the rabbit reaches its age of maturity, it will weight between 12 to 16 pounds.

It belongs to the semi-arch group of rabbits. When compared with the other breeds under the semi-arch category, such as the Flemish Giant and the Beveren, the Giant Chinchilla’s body type is quite different.

The Standard Giant Chinchilla has a medium-length body and not one that’s of substantial length.

The Giant Chinchilla is also the only chinchilla breed with a flyback coat. It’s a meat-producing rabbit and is judged for such purpose.

3. Raising Giant Chinchilla

The biggest advantage in raising a Giant Chinchilla is for meat production at the most cost and time-efficient way.

These giant rabbits are equipped for handling large amounts of hay, which are less expensive than the commercial breed’s pellets. While they still eat these pellets, they don’t eat them as much as the other commercial breeds.

Also, it’s important to note that even if this large rabbits are considered Giants, they are only compared with the smaller Chinchilla varieties.