Adorable French Angora Bunnies


Seller Name: Kerri C
Location: Columbia, MO
Rabbit Breed(s): French Angora
Rabbitry Website: Little Horse Acres

We have beautiful french angora bunnies that we are now accepting deposits for in order to reserve one. Bunnies from our first litter, which is also from great show lines, will be ready for their new homes mid-March. Our second litter is from our sweet doe who consistently produces beautiful bunnies. They will be ready early April. They’re purebred and will come with their pedigree. Check out our website for color and gender information:

Angora wool is very warm and luxuriously soft! If you’re a spinner, you will love their wool. French angora rabbits require less maintenance than other angora rabbit breeds but still need brushing once a week and devotion to harvesting their wool 3-4 times a year.

These bunnies will make wonderful pets since our family handles them daily. Contact me to reserve your bunny!

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French Angora Rabbits
Adorable French Angora Bunnies