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Gerri Richel
Anchorage, Alaska
Netherland Dwarfs, Thrianta
Dragons Lair Rabbitry
A small home business for the anchorage mat-sue area.

Heiden / Faith Stamper / Amundson
Anchorage/Willow , Alaska
Rex, New Zealand, Californian, Polish, Flemish Giant, Palomino, Silver Fox, Holland Lop,
Whispering Bay Ranch & Rabbitry
We are a family friendly local rabbitry dedicated to serving our local community the best quality rabbit meat and pets. We pay close attention to our rabbits diet feeding them a no corn grain mixture and quality local hay alongside small helpings of rabbit safe fruits and vegetables.
We hope to hear from you and your family soon!
– Sincerely the Whispering Bay Ranch And Rabbitry team

Teresa & Haley Riley
Chase, Alaska
Our Rabbittry is officially one year old now, my daughter and I began in January of 2014. We have a good beginnings of decent Flemish Giant pedigreed bloodlines, in which there is Continental Giant bloodlines in our rabbits. Our first litter and second litter produced very similar weighs of kits at 8 weeks of age, all pushing 4 to 5 lbs. On litter one, at 3 1/2 month mark, weigh in was 10-12 lbs. I have now two breeding does unrelated, one main breeding buck, two junior does, one junior buck and two 10 week old does held back. I brought in a new bloodline by having my gorgeous second doe bred by an outside awesome pedigree flemish buck with major continental blood in him. We allow all our rabbits huge pens, hutches, and turns in our huge back yard for a good run. Our livestock protection pup watches over them, and our cats play with them as we do. I also have two other does just brought in, both pedigree of course, one for meat production, the other for champion bloodlines and pets of course. We offer one year health guarrantee on all our rabbits, please contact via email for any info. Located in the Shuswap, Chase, BC Canada
Email at or write to PO Box 715 Chase, BC Canada V0E 1M0 Thank You happy rabbit raising !

Sarah G
Chilliwack BC Canada, Alaska
Lionheads and Holland Lop on occasion.
ScreaminEagle Lionheads
Bringing you Top notch Bunnies for pet and or show. We specialize in quality, double maned Lionheads.

Madelynn Timmer
Fairbanks, Alaska
Brown Bunnies
The bunny I would like is the brown baby bunnies because my mom said if we move to encourage I can maybe get a pet and I’ve already decided on a brown baby bunny and I am going to name it brownie

May Wi Hers
Hot Springs, Alaska
Pedigreed Sandard Rex, Polish
Hot springs rabbitry
We raise and show standard rex, we have babies and breeding rabbits. Very reasonably priced.
We can set you up for breeding this beautiful breed.
We have castor, and reds, also brokens. We are working on Amber’s and chocolates. Pedigreeded
We also have pets.
Our other breed is tiny polish. Right now only in shiny black. Perfect rabbit for a starter. They only get around 3 pounds. Very easy for even a child to handle. We plan on getting more colors for next fall.

Madison Walgenbach
Soldotna, Alaska
French Lop, Holland Lops, Lionheads, Flemish Giants, Rex
Twin Rose Rabbitry
ARBA registered rabbitry located in Soldotna, Alaska
We raise Holland Lops, French Lops, Lionheads, Flemish Giants and Rex for pets, show and brood purposes. We have purebred pedigreed kits available through summer, mixed breed rescues of all ages up for adoption year round.

Lori Moritz
Wasilla, Alaska
Foo foo
I have a friendly rabbit that came to my house. Cute friendly and have been feeding it but can’t keep it looking for someone to take it it is black and white please call me 997-6327677

Alexis Tracy
Wasilla, Alaska
Satin, Holland Lop
Aura Rose Bunny Farm
(No rabbits available at the moment) We accept donated rabbits of all breeds. Found or rescued rabbits are definitely accepted. We also rent out rabbits for breeding. We sell rabbits and specially breed them for customers. We also sell bunnies for meat. Our mama bunny is Charlotte Jones. She is the mama of all the bunnies. We are a beginning rabbitry so we do not have very many bunnies, but we will soon.

Sheryl Cobb
Wasilla, Alaska
Flemish Giant, Mini Rex
Troll Under The Bridge Rabbitry
Focusing on Light Grey, Black and occasionally Steel Grey Flemish Giant Show Rabbits. We also get Whites once in a while.
Mini Rex are Black Otter and Broken Black Otter

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