Alberta Rabbit Breeders

Find rabbit breeders locally in the province of Alberta using our Canadian Rabbit Breeders List or submit your own rabbitry to the list today.

Heather Payne-Powell
Ardmore, Alberta
Dutch, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Jersey Woolies, Satins, Harlequins, French Lops, Californians
Blue-Bell Rabbitry
Breeder of Show Quality Stock Since 2006, focusing on BEW and VM Netherland Dwarfs, Magpie Mini Rex, Blue and Black Dutch, Red and Copper Satins, and French Lops in brokens. Usually have stock available all year round.

Janice Romick
Ardmore, Alberta
Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealands, Flemish Giants, Californians
Wild Rose Rabbitry
I have been Breeding Show Quality Stock Since 1980, Focusing on Otter, Siamese Sable, Smoke Pearl, Himalayan, and REW in the Netherland Dwarfs. Flemish Giants in Sandy and Light Grey.

Christina Sawchuk
Ardmore, Alberta
Mini Rex
Starry Night Rabbitry
I started raising Mini Rex in 2008 with the help of my friend Heather (from Blue Bell Rabbitry), and since then, I have bred 4 generations of rabbits; some are show quality, and the rest I sell for pets. Many people ask me why my rabbits are so soft, plushy, and adorable- looking. This is just the way Mini Rex naturally are, and that is the main reason I raise them. If you’re looking to start raising rabbits for pets, pleasure, or to see what kind of fun colors you can achieve through breeding, Mini Rex are definitely a good option!!

Emily Zdrodowski
Barrhead, Alberta
Flemish Giant, Silver Fox, New Zealand, Cinnamon, Satin, Harlequin, California
Rocky Road Rabbitry
Rocky Road Rabbitry is a small rabbitry just outside of Barrhead Alberta, focusing on raising good quality meat rabbits, while also breeding for temperament, good looks and fur. We’ve got a variety of rabbit breeds from new zealand whites and silver foxes, to flemish giant, harlequin, california, satin and cinnamon crosses. Our rabbits are handled often, and raised with lots of affection and human interaction. We breed year round, so we almost always have rabbits of any age and size, that would be great for pets, meat, or breeding stock. We aim to keep a variety of rabbit breeds to mix and breed based on our favourite colours, qualities and characteristics. We are relatively new to raising rabbits, and are increasing our herd based on the demand for happy, healthy and good quality rabbits.

Stephanie Mahon
Bellis, Alberta
New Zealands (Whites, Blacks), Palominos, Havanas
Burnt Willow Rabbitry
Raising quality stock for show, meat or pet purposes.

Kelly Mcintyre
Bruce , Alberta
Rhinelanders, Beverens, Americans, English spots, Dutch, Mini Rex, Silvers, Mini Satins, Havanas, Standard chins, Polish, Netherland dwarfs
Royal Misfits Rabbitry
I raise rabbits to show and sell for pet, and show.

Vanessa Gerla
Busby, Alberta
English Lops, Holland Lops
Flip Flop Lops Rabbitry
Breeding show quality rabbits with pet personalities!

Elizabeth H
Calgary, Alberta
Netherland Dwarf
Lil’ Bit’s Bunnies
A small rabbitry based in Calgary Alberta, breeding pedigreed Netherland dwarfs. Our focus is on the shaded varieties. Our bunnies are handled from birth and treated like pet of the family and come with great personalities. Bred for quality and temperament.

Ruth Blazenko
Calgary, Alberta
Japanese Harlequins
L & R Rabbits
We are a very small rabbitry and have breeding stock, show stock and culls for sale.

Shannon Fletcher
Calgary Alberta & Beaverlodge Alberta
Holland Lops
Star Lit Rabbitry
We have been breeding Holland Lops since 2000 striving to produce the best quality in both our tort and tri programs. Almost all of our stock are registered grand champions and almost 100% our breeding. We are also home to the 9th place Top Lop in 2010 with the HLRSC.

Mitchell Lewis
Calgary, AB
Mini Rex
T Rex Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry located in Calgary Alberta. We raise mini Rex rabbits in almost all colours. We strive to produce top quality rabbits that are healthy and happy.

Danielle Smith
Calgary, Alberta
Argente Brun
DARK Horse Rabbitry
We breed purebred Argente Brun, and maintain a healthy herd of commercial meat rabbits. We also build custom cages, and can supply feeders, etc.

Annie Yu
Calgary, Alberta
French Angora, English Angora
Annie’s Rabbitry
Welcome to Annie’s Rabbitry – We are located in Calgary, Alberta and specialize in broken colored English Angora Rabbits. As a member of Canadian Rabbit Breeders we strive to produce healthy and sweet tempered 100% English Angora Rabbits. Please follow me on the Facebook page for pictures/videos of my angoras:

Salam Taamrante
Calgary, Alberta
Mini Rex, Netherlands Dwarf Cross,Holland Lop
Lil Buns Rabbitry
A little bit about us 🙂
Hi, my name is Salam, I am the owner of Lil Buns Rabbitry. Lil Buns Rabbitry is a small-scale rabbitry located in Calgary,Alberta. I have had bunnies for about 2 years. We are proud breeders, of Mini Rex, Netherlands cross and Holland Lop. All of our rabbits get the best care possible. They get regular exercise outside and treated like pets, not livestock. We do not let our babies go home before they are eight weeks old.
We hope that you, like many others, will have the opportunity of taking home one of our extraordinary bunnies!

Elizabeth Hoddinott
Calgary, Montana
Netherland Dwarf
Lil’ Bits’ Bunnies
We are a small rabbitry located in Calgary Alberta forcused on breeding healthy, quality bunnies over quantity. Babies are handled daily from day one, and have great personalities. We are registered with ARBA, E.A.R.S, and SARBA. We sell show and pet quality animals. We breed from March until October, and then the bunnies have a winter vacation 🙂 We are focused on breeding the shaded varieties (tort, sable points, Siamese sable, etc) , but will be looking at introducing blue eyed white Netherlands as well in 2018. We are taking requests on a waitlist, so contact us via email or our Facebook page with any questions!

Blair Herzog
Carstairs, Alberta
Flemish Giants, French Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
Mountain View Rabbitry
We’re a small, hobby, rabbitry located just outside of Carstairs Alberta, only 30 mins to Calgary and 45 mins to Red Deer. We have pedigreed and non pedigreed rabbits in all the breeds. This allows for a large selection to fit everyone’s needs. We breed all year round and are open to specific breeding requests, such as crosses from within our herd or bringing in other breeds and breeding your does for you. Also I do butcher rabbits for meat, whether they’re ours or your own.

Vicki Leggo
Charlottetown, Alberta
Flemish Giants
Alegup Rabbitry
Small Hobby Breeder that embraces everything “Flem” from fun-loving and well socialized companions to high meat-to-bone ratio meat rabbits. Rabbits are well socialized to create easy-to-handle animals for whatever is needed. Youths, young adults and proven breeding adults available.

Katrin Becker
Cochrane, Alberta
Standard Rex
Mink Hollow Rabbitry
We have been raising rabbits since 1991, and purebred Standard Rex since 1993. We sometimes have rabbits for sale. We are happy to sell rabbits for pet or show/breeding, but we DO NOT sell through third parties. That means we will not sell to pet shops.

Sonia Ebl
Condor, Alberta
Flemish Giant
Skysta Rabbitry
I have a fawn pair, a light grey pair, a black doe and a sandy doe.
I am fairly new to raising rabbits so I am still learning a lot. Right now I am raising them for pets as well as meat. I am unsure as to weather I will get into the showing of rabbits, I mainly just love raising them.

Correna Cooper
Coronation, Alberta
Flemish Giants, New Zealands
Silver C Farms
Meat Rabbits available in Coronation, Alberta.

Kristy Wannop
Cremona, Alberta
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Dutch, Flemish Giants
Legacy Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry focusing on type and temperament of our rabbits. We have show quality Rabbits with pet Personalities! We work towards bettering the breeds, to become as close to the Standard of Perfection as Possible. Shipping is available

Tiesja & Traven Huscroft
Creston, Alberta
New Zealand, Pure New Zealand White
Rock Slide Rabbitry
Rock Slide Rabbitry (RSR) is a small scale rabbitry located in the beautiful Creston Valley of British Columbia. We produce high quality pure breed New Zealand White and mixed breed meat rabbits… The mixed breeds include; Flemish Giant & English Spot. We also breed Pure New Zealand Rabbits that have multiple colors.

Julanka Kemper
Demmitt, Alberta
Americans- purebred and american english spots x
Happy Bunny Ranch
11 outside stalls, right now building with 11 inside stalls for the winter.

Sharin Engler
Edmonton, AB
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Lionhead, French Lop, Flemish Giants
Hoppy Acres Rabbitry
Raising show quality rabbits with Pet personality in a variety of colours.

Emily Kuntz
Edmonton, Alberta
Rex, Lionhead
Wicked Hare Rabbitry
I live in the city and breed Rex and Lionhead rabbits for show, meat and pets. I hope to one day expand and include a couple of rare meat breeds as well.

Sarah Wales
Edmonton, Alberta
Mini Rex
North Wind Rabbitry
North Wind is a small breeding operation, strictly breeding top quality Mini Rex. Our animals live in our home with us and are treated like family. Babies are taught manners, socialized with children (of all ages), dogs, litter trained, and given the confidence to take anything on that comes their way. We do breed show quality, but they still make awesome pets.
Our primary focus in Tri Color currently, so we do end up with babies that aren’t show able due to a mark in the wrong spot regularly. We are also bringing in Lilac and Blue Mini’s this spring. We should have little ones from our imports by fall 2012.

Raymond Watson
Edmonton, Alberta
American Fuzzy Lop, Miniature Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Angora
StoneShire Rabbitry
Located north of Edmonton Alberta , we specialize in breeding top quality rabbits , for show and pets . We raise docile healthy kits with great color to match thier temperaments . We kindle all year round but usually only have 5 or so litters in the winter and a baby boom in spring .
We travel across western and central Canada on a regular basis so I usually can deliver rabbits to main drop off zone for a small fee .
Feel free to email or call and talk rabbits !

Alannah Van Koughnett
Edson, Alberta
Beveren, American
Swampy Acres
Hi, ive been raising rabbits for a few years. Played around with mix breeds until I decided that Americans were the right fit. Im just a small rabbitry with the intent to better the American breed by breeding to SOP. Im also hoping to expand my rabbitry by introducing a new breed.
Located in Edson Alberta Canada.

Brittany MacRae
Grande Prairie, Alberta
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Painted Ears Rabbitry
Check us out at Painted Ears Rabbitry on Facebook. Located in Grande Prairie, AB

Brianna Wanke
Grande Prairie, Alabama
Silver Fox, Mini Rex
HD’s Rabbitry
Raising pedigreed mini rex in selfs and otters and silver fox in black and blue near Grande Prairie, Alberta. Registered ARBA breeder of 13 years. Attend shows in Western US and Western Canada.

Corey Doherty
High River, Alberta
Velveteen Lop’s, Holland Lop’s, Lion Heads
Velvety Lop’s Rabbitry
We are a family run, home based Rabbitry. Are main focus is Velveteen Lop’s and Teddy Bear Lion Heads. We strive to breed premium pets and high quality show animals with great loving temperament.

Suzan de Leeuw
Innisfail, Alberta
French Lops, Californians, Holland Lops
Antlerhill Rabbitry
Breeders of quality french lop and purebred californian rabbits

Jim & Margaret Oosterhof
Lethbridge, Alberta
New Zealand Whites
J&M Rabbit Farms
We raise Rabbit for human consumption. We have a strict feeding program and have enjoyed working with rabbits for many years. We are looking for buyers for our fryers in Canada or the US.

Jenn Reid
Lethbridge, Alberta
Dutch, New Zealand
Barrett’s Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a small hobby rabbitry located in Southern Alberta. We currently raise NZW’s and Dutch. We look forward to expanding our rabbitry Spring/Summer 2013. We are looking at adding 3 more breeds; english spots, holland lops, and satins.

Rodney Walters
Linden, Alberta
Flemish Giants, New Zealand Whites, California’s, French Lops & Lion Heads
R&G Rabbitry
Hi, I got my first 3 Flemish Giants from Bill Maris in Kamloos. 2 does & a buck. These are awesome bunnies. Looking forward to their babies. The French lops are wonderful rabbits & are awesome mom’s. I have several litters on the ground now. If you would like any more info on any of the breeds I raise, please feel free to call. Thank you Rodney.

Sean Terry
Madden, Alberta
Dwarf Rex Rabbits, Rex Rabbits
Specializing in Rex and Dwarf Rex rabbits… I may be new to breeding but it truly doesnt make me any less dedicated to the superior and responsible breeding of rabbits.

Rose Wallingford
Mayerthorpe , Alberta
Silver Fox
Wallingford Farms Rabbitry
Expecting black and blue Silver Fox kits fall 2013.

Laura Bloy
Medicine Hat, Alberta
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
Panzer Forest Rabbitry
Panzer Forest is a very small rabbitry. We have mini rex, netherland dwarf and holland lop rabbits, we might have some available for sale once in a while 🙂 all are pedigreed. We are on Facebook.

Ruth Kime
Morrin, Alberta
Flemish Giant, Standard Rex, New Zealand (Red, white and black), Rhinelander, Beveren/Flemish cross
Friendly Giants Rabbitry
My primary reason for raising rabbits is just because I like them. My Flemish, Rex and Beverens are raised in colonies of 8 to 10 does in large pens bedded with straw. Most of these rabbits have never seen the inside of a cage.

Vanessa Gerla
Morinville, Alberta
Holland Lops
Lil Loppy Lops
Breeding purebred holland lop rabbits.

Chris Hilts
NewNorway, Alberta
Netherlands, Dutch, Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops, New Zealand Whites, Rex, Mini Rex, Lionheads
Chris’ Golden Rabbitry
We are a huge rabbitry, satisfying a large demand for meat and pet rabbits. We aim for a very high quality rabbit and customer service.

Paul Cyr
Pincher Creek, Alberta
New Zealand, New Zealand White, New Zealand Black, Flemish Giant
PC Rabbits
Rabbits available for breeding stock are mostly New Zealand/Flemish Giant crosses, feel free to email me for current options and availability.

Suzan de Leeuw
Red Deer, Alberta
French Lops, Californians
Antlerhill Rabbitry
We raise french lop in great colors like, chestnuts, oranges, pearls, tri colors and harlies. Also quality californians.

Ryan Williams, Shane Gorrigan and Kristina Sveinson
Red Deer, Alberta
Roarin Manes Rabbitry
We are a home based rabbitry raising show and breeding quality Lionheads. We specialize in Tortes, Chocolate and shades (Sable point, REW, Himi and SS.)

Carrie Jenner
Rimbey, Alberta
Jersey Wooly, Holland Lop
Foundation Farms Rabbitry
Small rabbitry that breeds Jersey Wooly and Holland Lop rabbits. Show/Brood and Pet stock available.

Jody Somers
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
Rex, Standard Rex
4 Winds Farms Rabbitry
Non-registered, Standard Rex rabbits! Large variety of ages, and colors (broken and solids), as well as a few unrelated lines! Adult weight average of 8-11lbs. Only the best conformation, size, and fastest weight gain is kept for breeding stock! Raised in a clean, healthy environment, and humanely treated. Good records, and pedigrees available!

Courtney Mceachern
Rochfort Bridge, Alberta
Rochfort Roarin’ Rabbits
Breeding beautiful balls of fur! 🙂

Jodi & Brian MacDougall
Sexsmith, Alberta
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Harlequins
J&B Bunny Barn
We are a small Rabbitry of 50 holes, we live in Northern Alberta. We breed for best of standard, fur and type. “I have spent the last year obtaining the best foundation stock I could and have started breeding my own babies. I should have some nice Mini Rex for sale soon.” Jodi

Dave Reichert
Sexsmith, Alberta
Pioneer Rabbitry
My rabbitry consists of approximately 40 holes. Breeding blacks and chocolates mainly for “CLASSY” show rabbits and breeding stock, but also good pets. I’m using some of the best genetics I can find to obtain this goal.

Jenn Reid
Shaughnessy, Alberta
New Zealands, Netherland Dwarfs, Rex, Holland Lops
Barrett’s Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a hobby Rabbitry. We are located in southern Alberta, near Lethbridge. Our main focus is our New Zealands. We raise whites, reds and blues. We also raise ND, Rex, Hollands.

Tazara McClanaghan
Smith, Alberta
Flemish Giants
Pasture Ornaments
Raising Papered Flemish Giants.

Julia Heupel
Stony Plain, Alberta
New Zealands, New Zealand X Californian, Purebred mini Rex, Purebred Netherland dwarf
JH Rabbitry
I have been raising rabbits for many years. Mainly new Zealand, new Zealand/ Californian cross, mini Rex, and Netherland dwarf rabbits. They are all taking good care of and are handled every day. Pedigrees are available for every breed. Most of the rabbits are great show quality and are all very friendly. I like to breed for good temperament and quality. Contact Julia for more information.

Andrew Davison
Three Hills, Alberta
Flemish Giants, Mini Rex
East to West Rabbitry
We only have pedigreed stock. Our mini-rex’s are of the rare Castor coloration. Our Flemish Giants are Sandy and Faun colored. Our stock comes from all over Canada.

Kass Smyth
Warburg, Alberta
Holland Lops, Jersey Woolies
Lotsa Spots Rabbitry
Hi, my name is Kass Smyth. I started Lotsa Spots Rabbitry about two years ago, and I am 15 years old, and a youth breeder. I focus my attention on Holland Lops and Jersey Woolies. I raise Holland Lops in Chocolate, Otter, Harlequin, and Tri Color. I raise Jersey Woolies in shaded, and self colors. I strive to produce quality Holland Lops in uncommon colors. I keep a small herd of around 20 holes, and will have babies all year round. Don’t mind my website, it will eventually be updated! Thanks for looking!

Ashley Brown
Westlock, Alberta
Dwarf Hotot, Mini Rex, Holland Lop
Bunny Manor Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry raising happy, healthy, rabbits

Sandy Lovelace
Whitecourt, Alberta Canada
Giant Chinchilla
Underhill Acre
ARBA member LOVESA02. I acquired a herd of very good winning breeding stock from Hunters Acres. The stock was imported from the US. I just started breeding for show and meat. So far the offspring are doing very well. They are currently on the livestock conservancy watch list. Giant Chinchillas make a very good meat rabbit with good fur qualities. They are also a very docile and friendly breed.

Nancy Timm
Wildwood, Alberta
Granada rabbitry
few does and a buck right now, just getting started