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Tony Filograsso
Apache Junction, Arizona
Havana, American Blue, Meat mutts
Family Man Rabbitry
Our small rabbitry started as my kids’ 4H projects and is ever changing and evolving. We have a few meat breeding ‘mutt’ rabbits and American Blues and Havana for show, pets or dinners. Pedigrees for American Blues or Havana available as well. We generally don’t handle young ones much (we don’t like to play with our food!) but we will if a pet or show rabbit is requested. Registered with ARBA.

Rondel Simmons
Apache Junction, Arizona
Flemish Giant
Simmons Rabbitry
Small rabbitry raising show quality flemish giants, Sandy, Fawn, White, occasionally Steel and Light grey.

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Tony Filograsso
Apache jct, Arizona
American Blue, Meat mutts
Family Man
Our small rabbitry started as my kids’ 4H projects and is ever changing and evolving. We have a few meat breeding ‘mutt’ rabbits and American Blues for show, pets or meat. Pedigreed American Blues available as well. We generally don’t handle the young ones much, but will if a pet or show rabbit is requested. Registered with ARBA.

Sally Gates
Apache Junction, Arizona
New Zealand, Californians, Flemish Giants
Dry Creek Rabbitry
My rabbitry consists of rabbits bred for pets, breeders or feeders. They are humanely raised and are healthy, happy rabbits. They are fed a good diet which includes a good quality pellet, fresh hay and lots of greens from our 100% organic garden.
We began raising rabbits because we wanted a healthy meat for ourselves and to provided an alternative to kibble for our dogs. By knowing what goes into our rabbits, I am confident that the meat they provide is as healthy as it can be.

Dorothy Quintana
Arlington, Arizona
Quintana Rabbitry
We have 12 babies at the moment that need to find their forever homes! If you’re interested, please call me at 602-434-3556

Ronald Cowper
Ash Fork, AZ
New Zealands
R-D Rabbits
Raising new zealands for meat and pets. I have 6 does and 2 bucks, scaled down when youngs farm closed down… had 300 does and 20 bucks back in the day.

Scott and Cathi Endel
Benson, Arizona
New Zealand, Californians
E and E Rabbitry
Meat rabbits as well as pets, these rabbits are acclimated to warmer weather due to our physical location. 100% buy back guarantee on healthy animals, if this turns out not to be the pet for you.

Crystal Duke
El Mirage, Arizona
Holland Lop and Mini Rex
Chubby Cheeks
Holland and Mini Rex Breeder in Phoenix area sense 2009.
I deal with certain variety’s in both breeds I works with.
Hollands I focus mostly on blue torts and sable points.
Mini Rex my main focus is otters, blue, black, chocolate etc.
I do not sell any of my bunnies until they are 12 weeks of age nothing younger.
I’m located in El Mirage, AZ
Easiest way to contact me is via text or email.

Jan Motley
Phoenix Area, Buckeye, Arizona
Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Jaylees Rabbitry
Have 5 mini rex bunnies for sale now DOB 3/16/14 $30.00 2 females 1 white and 1 black, 3 males. 2 broken blacks and 1 black. A 6 mo old Chocolate doe for $25,00 Very pretty
2 Holland Lop Kits just 1 week old now A tri colored and a opal. More coming.

James Swarens
Chino Valley, Arizona
New Zealand Whites, Rexs, American Blues, Palaminos
Mohave Cherry Tails Rabbitry
Mohave Cherry Tails is a small rabbitry located in Central Arizona, we provide rabbits for pets and for show. We are registered with the ARBA.

Valerie Beckwith
Flagstaff, AZ
Polish, Satins, Californians, Mini Rex, Mini Satins
Val & Vannies Bunny Barn
We have polish rabbits, weight: 2 1/2 lb in black/blue/cholc/ broken/bew/rew.

Susan Lesko
Flagstaff, Arizona
Mini Satin
RR Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in northern arizona. We raise mini satins in red, chinchilla and siamese. We occasionally have young rabbits for sale so please check out our website,

Ty Stapley
Flagstaff, Arizona
New Zealand Whites
TAS Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry in Flagstaff, Arizona raising New Zealand Whites for meat and for pets.

JJ Veale
Flagstaff, Arizona
Silver Fox, Blanc de Hotot, Champagne d’Argent, Cinnamon, Mini Satin
Mad Hatter Rabbits
Mad Hatter Rabbits is a family rabbitry located in Flagstaff, AZ. We are an ARBA registered rabbitry breeding purebred, rare rabbits toward the ARBA Standard of Perfection. Our rabbits are happy, friendly, and bred for success starting your own self-sufficient protein source or to be used for rabbit shows.

Rebekah Williams
Flagstaff, Arizona
American Chinchilla Rabbits and Silver Fox rabbit
Bunny Fluff Rabbitry
Hello, I am Rebekah from Flagstaff, AZ. My sister, Mom and I run the rabbitry as family business to earn money for school. Our herd is three rabbits; two American Chinchilla does, and one Silver Fox buck.Thus, all the babies are a cross breed.

Macy Kienbaum
Florence, Arizona
French Lop and Californians
Macy’s Rabbits Rabbitry
We specialize in french lops and californians for the purpose of pet, show and meat. We are a sustainable urban farm and keep our operation small. All of our rabbits are raised in our home and fed quality organic diets.

Jason & Crystal Mabb
Gilbert, Arizona
Flemish Giants, New Zealands, Californians, Standard Rex & Mini Rex
Mabb’s Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Gilbert, AZ. We are registered ARBA members, National Mini Rex Rabbit Club and 4 Corners Flemish Giant Specialty Club. We stand firm to the Standard of Perfections. We breed Flemish Giants, New Zealands, Californians, Standard Rex & Mini Rex. Healthy with strong bloodlines. Our rabbits comes with pedigrees. Specialize for shows, pet, & meat quality. We take pride on how our animals are cared for from food, housing to socialization. Feel free to give us a call, text or email. For more information visit our website for our current selection of show, pet, & meat rabbits.

Deahdra-Lynn and Wittaker Atencio
Gilbert, Arizona
Netherland Dwarf
Wittaker’s Whiskers
It started with a daughter who wanted a bunny. Then we all fell in love with them. We breed Black, Black otter and hopefully Blues in the future. We got into 4-H to learn more and then moved on to breeding. We love this special tiny friendly breed. Our bunnies are fully pedigreed, loved and handled daily to raise family friendly bunnies that are also show quality.

Denice Loes
Glendale, Arizona
Holland Lops
Floppy Hops Rabbitry
My rabbits are holland lops and are hand held on a daily basis so they are never scared of going to their new home. I have several different colors. I have a litter due and they can go home their new home in February and another litter due can go home in march please let me know the time frame you are looking for I always try to keep babies on hand so give me a buzz Christmas sold me out so i am breeding again and getting back on track

Cassandra Sevilla
Glendale, Arizona
Dutch, blanc de hotot, lionhead, some mixed breeds
Dukes Rabbitry
We are dukes Rabbitry located downtown Glendale, Az. We’ve been breeding & selling rabbits/bunnies for 3 years. We have all sorts of breeds such as dutch, hotot, new Zealand, lionhead & some mixed breeds. We rehome our bunnies based upon quality of bunny. Prices range anywhere from $25-$80.
Instagram@ Dukesrabbitry
Facebook@ Dukes Rabbitry
Mobile: (623)850-9094

Golden Valley, Arizona
Satins, Mini Satin, French Lops, Mini Rex
Good’s Rabbitry
We have raised and shown rabbits for over 30 yrs with Satins and French Lops being the Main breeds . We currently try to time our breedings for different select shows and to have Kits for some of the 4H and FFA kids for their fair projects.

Rhonda and Allison Doss
Hereford, Arizona
Holland Lop
Ally Baca Farms
raising, breeding and showin Holland Lops in 4-H and ARBA. Concentrating on Torts and oranges.

Haley Finch
Kingman, Arizona
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Desert Bunny Rabbitry
I raise quality Mini Rex with good blood-lines. I have Red, Black Otter, Lilac Otter, REW, and Chocolate. If you are interested and want more information about what rabbits are available or litters on the way, e-mail me at

John Schmidt
Kingman, Arizona
New Zealand, New Zealand/Rex
Big Foot Rabbitry
New Zealand / rex mix white with black ears and nose

Vanessa Drevnick
Lakeside, Arizona
Mini Rex and Mini Lop
Timber Mesa Rabbitry
We’re a small Rabbitry in North Eastern Arizona specializing in show quality mini rex and mini lops.

Kristie Myles
Mara, Arizona
New Zealand, New Zealand/Flemish Giant
Tanzanite Rabbitry is a small Hobby setting located in Beautiful BC. we raise New Zealand Whites and Flemish Cross. our rabbits are large and have great meat to bone ratio.

Kristen Cardon
Maricopa, Arizona
Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop
Cardon Critters
Update phone number to existing listing 5207092519

Richard Fonner
Maricopa, Arizona
New Zealand
Trippy Hippie Urban Farm
We are an boutique “Urban Farm” located in Maricopa, AZ
We offer selectively breed (white) New Zealand rabbits.
Here at the Trippy Hippie Urban Farm, we carefully care for and only breed our rabbits seasonally. We have found that this keeps our rabbits healthier and happier.
Our rabbits are fed 100% organic alfalfa hay along with 100% organic pellets and greens that we grow specifically for them.

These rabbits are great for meat production or they make great pets.

Kenneth & Kristen Cardon
Mesa, Arizona
Holland Lop
Cardon Critters
Our rabbitry raises and breeds quality holland lops for pets and show.

Mesa, Arizona
Mini Lop, Harlequins, Mini Rex, Lion Heads
Cheyennes Bunny Farm
Welcome to Cheyenne’s Bunny Farm! We have been running our bunny farm for over 6 years now. We specialize in breeding and raising mini lop, rex and harlequin bunnies. Bunnies are the perfect pet. They are extremely loveable, playful and low maintenance. Your bunny will be your best friend. They make a great first pet. Many who are allergic to other animals do not have the problem with bunnies making them the ideal pet for just about anyone.
We started this business for our daughter Cheyenne. She loves all of her bunnies. She helps each night with the care and feeding of them all. She has also helped with the building and painting of the new bunny living quarters.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your bunny. If you do not see what you are looking for on our site please feel free to contact us. We will cover what you can and cannot feed to your little friend as well as how to introduce your bunny into their new family. Every new owner leaves with a pamphlet on how to care for your new family member. We will tell you all you ever need to know when you visit. If you ever have a question or concern you can call us anytime.
We also offer boarding of your bunny. If you are going on vacation or just out of town for a few days you can contact us and drop your bunny off. Here you will have the peace of mind that your bunny will be taken care of and treated like one of our own. Your bunny will never be in any danger or placed next to another animal other than another bunny.

Jessi and Jenna M
Mesa, Arizona
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Fuzzy Lop
JJ’s Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry run by two sisters that love thier bunnies.

Savanna Hassell
Mesa, Arizona
Holland Lop
AZ Bunnies
AZ Bunnies is located in Mesa, Arizona and specializes in breeding some of the most adorable rabbits in the world!
Holland Lops usually weigh between two-four pounds when full grown and have a very sweet temperament, making them ideal pets. They are known for a few distinct qualities like their beautiful floppy ears and cute faces.
Take a look around our website and find a bunny to fall in love with. Let us know if you have any questions.

Nesa Hileman
Mesa, Arizona
Holland Lop
Desert Sky Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry in the east valley of Arizona. I raise and show Holland Lops. Color groups I’m working on are Shaded, Agouti, Self and Wide Band.

Amber Pedersen
Mesa, Arizona
Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs
It takes two rabbitry
Our rabbitry strives to raise and breed the best temperaments while also having that quality body type for ARBA standards. All of our kits are played with daily to to ensure they are used to handling and brought up with love. Bunnies are my daughter and my new found passion! We breed pet to show quality with pedigrees. We are focusing on the wideband coloring but also have some black torts as well.
Text me to see what we have! Or visit our rabbitry page on Facebook “it takes two rabbitry”

Gino Thorn
Mohave county, Arizona
New Zealand
New Zealand whites, blacks, and broken

Hazel Christensen
New River, Arizona
None of the above, Lionheads
Hazelrah Rabbitry
I raise inside Lionheads, Neatherland Dwarves,Mini Rex
All per ARBA standards of perfection, purebred, come with Pedigree
Gentle loving family pets as well.
No website, they come and go too fast.
Text is the fastest service. By Appointment only.

Brenda Virden
North Phoenix, Arizona
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex
Buggles’ Bouncing Baby Bunnies
At Buggles’ Bouncing Baby Bunnies, we strive to build a bloodline for our pedigreed rabbits that exhibit strong show qualities. We currently breed Netherland Dwarfs in shaded and champagne varieties.
Our show potentials are sold with pedigrees.

Leslie Mason
Overgaard, Arizona
Dwarf Hotot
Silver’s Dwarf Hotot Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry just starting out. We are breeding for show and 4-H. Looking to expand in the near future with meat rabbits and maybe Holland lops.

Melissa Demicell
Paulden, Arizona
Mini Lop, Flemish Giant, Mini Rex, Satin
We’re All Earz Rabbitry
We love our Mini Lops, Flemish Giants, Satins, and have recently added Mini Rex. Each of our Mini’s come with pedigree. We are currently building legs for our Flemish pedigrees, but they will be available very soon. We love to have you come and pick out your new bunny friend,show or pet opposed to delivery. We also have a small selection of meat rabbits available on request. Located in Northern Az. we’d love to hear from you.Have a Hoppin’ great day 🙂

Heidi Kueny
Payson, Arizona
Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Fuzzy Lop
Kueny Thumpers
Quality show animals. Pedigreed. Excellent breeds. Very Friendly. Great pet rabbits. Can drive to you for extra cost.

Logan Scott
Payson, Arizona
New Zealand, New Zealand White rabbits
Runaway Rabbitry
Email me if you would like to purchase one of these.

Brian Dimas
Peoria, Arizona
New Zealand, NZ white, NZ/Californian mix
Sonoran Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry where I’ve primarily breed for meat over the last year. I’ve found success in my breeding program and I’m currently breeding more rabbits than I need for my own consumption. For this reason I am currently selling bunnies just weened and will be throughout the winter and spring. If my breeding program continues successfully and I’m able to sell all bunnies at a fair price I will continue selling in the future.

Amanda Neal
Peoria, Arizona
Lionhead bunnies for sale
Blue delf
All white blue eyes

Mike Y
Peoria , Arizona
Silver Fox, Blacks and Blues, White carriers.
Desert Stag Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that has been breeding Silver fox for 4 years. Currently 2019. Located in the west valley, we have an outdoor/indoor operation, our rabbits live in air conditioning. Fed on a diet consisting of 25% pellets, 75% wheat fodder. They are from pedigreed stock out of “Mad Hatter”. However they are not pedigreed, and are for farm or pets. Handled daily, sweet disposition, great size and conformation. Not to mention that fur! 5 LBS @ 12 weeks!
Please text anytime.
Thank you, God Bless

Veronica Philpot
Phoenix, AZ
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
VP’s Hoppin’ Lops
I specialize in rare colored Holland Lops (basically every color except for tort!) and BEW/Agouti Netherland Dwarfs!

Valerie Reindl
Phoenix, Arizona
Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Lionhead & Mixes
Bunny Foo Foo Barn
I decided to start breeding rabbits earlier in 2014. I fell in love with the Mini Rex breed. I currently have 4 does and 1 buck. I also have Holland Lops & Lionheads. I do breed mix rabbits also. My rabbitry is small at this time. Most of my rabbits are pedigreed. They are litterbox trained. They all have toys in their pens and I have a large playpen area for more exercise time. Most of my does are kept in pairs. They are my pets first and breeders second. I can best be reached by email or text.

Laura Ungvary
Phoenix, Arizona
Flemish Giant, Holland lops, Mini lops, Mini rex, French lops, Flemish giant
Blooming Rabbitry
Breed rabbits for show and pet. Breed each to its standard and for friendliness!
Feel free to check us out on Facebook under Blooming Rabbitry
Located in north Phoenix
Willing to work with transporters to get you the bunny of your dreams

Jessica Needham
Phoenix, Arizona
Holland Lop, Vienna Holland lops and holland lops
Raising pet, show 4H and breeding quality Holland lops with pedigrees many unique colors

Lynn baker
Prescott Area, Arizona
Specialize in show quality californians only, many 4-h & ffa grand champion & reserve winners!
Baker’s acres show quality californians
Top quality show californians! Many 4-h & ffa grand champion & reserve grand champion meat pens & winners in california and arizona! Our herd is a combination of top quality show californian nationwide, & very selective breeding. We are selective in who we sell our quality rabbits too, as well! We will ship only if the buyer buys the correct shipping containers and pays for the rabbits, and required health certificates, & shipping in advance! You will not find higher quality californians in the western states! First come, first serve, will only hold rabbits paid for and boarding paid for in advance.

Leah Morales
Prescott, Arizona
Holland Lops, Standard and Mini Rex, Flemish Giant, Rhinelander
Soft Paws Haven Rabbitry
All rabbits are pedigreed, all breeds are shown and bred toward the standard of perfection according to ARBA.

Drew and Alex Shumaker
Prescott, Arizona
Mini Lops, Holland Lops
Mile High Rabbitry
We raise Top Quality Mini Lops and Holland Lops in the beautiful pines of Prescott, AZ. We strive for the best and accept nothing less. With over 3 years of rabbit raising experience and knowledge, we can give accurate descriptions of our rabbits and give advice too! All of our rabbits receive top quality attention and care, as well as a corn-free diet to keep their digestive systems healthy and their coats glossy and thick. Our rabbits also originate from Best in Show winning lines across the country.
(928) 830-1882

Laurina Stensrud
Prescott, AZ
Holland Lops
Hop To It Rabbitry
Hop To It Rabbitry raise quality Hollands in the beautiful Pine Forests of Arizona. It is a small rabbitry of less than 10 holes, but do not assume that the quality of these Hollands is any less. In fact Hop To It Rabbitry has the best Holland Lops in the State of Arizona! (Youth) Please contact me with any inquiries you may have!
P.O. Box 3535 Prescott, Arizona, 86302

Leysa Dole
Quartzsite, Arizona
Giant Angora, English Lops Californian, Silver Marten
LD Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry in the Desert Southwest. I raise quality,healthy, happy Rabbits on a small scale. I have Show Stock as well as Pets. All rabbits are handled with love daily, which makes for calm well adjusted Rabbits.

Shayla Davis
Queen Creek, Arizona
Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Lop/Rex crosses
The Velveteen Rabbitry
Hello! We have mostly breed crosses between holland lops and mini rexes because we find that we get the softest fur and best temperament that way. The ears on these rabbits are just so cute. We often get bunnies with one ear up and one ear down, or they kind of sit half way between up and down, we think they are just the cutest. We breed mostly broken torts and greys, but sometimes get chesnuts and calicos. Our bunnies are handled from the youngest possible age and love people so if you are looking for a great pet we have the bunnies for you!

Amy Derzanski
Queen creek, Arizona
Flemish Giant
Any young Flemish rabbit

Meghan F.
Queen Creek, Arizona
Holland lops
Meghan’s Fuzzy Friends Rabbitry
The Holland lops that I breed are not pedigreed. However, if you are just looking for and adorable floppy eared companion, i have just the thing. The bunnies i breed are handled every day by multiple people and are absolutely adorable and sweet. They make great family pets are super funny to be around. They all have there own personalities, so whether you want a bunny that will always be up for a nap, or one that’s always on the go, I will always have variety for you to choose from. The main colors i get are Brokens, but i do occasionally get a harlequin, black, blue and a few other colors.

Nick Klein
Queen Creek, Arizona
New Zealand, American Blue, New Zealand White, Californian, Siameee Satin
Hostile Hare
Hostile Hare is where you can find your go-to guys on rabbits. Whether you are a back yard hobbyist or a hard-core survivalist, we have equipment and knowledge that can help you on your way to becoming self sufficient.

Amber McKay
Queen Creek, Arizona
Mini Rex, Mini lops, Polish, Tans
Double R Rabbitry
This Rabbitry is mainly run by 2 4h kids. They also show in ARBA shows. We strive to breed the best possible Mini Rex focusing on Tris, Mini Lops, Polish, and Tans. Please visit our website for more info.

Beth Tranter
Queen Creek, Arizona
Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Harlequin, Velveteen Lop
Hip Hop Ranch
Hello, my name is Beth and my boyfriend Scott and I run a rabbitry where quality comes first, whether it be in conformation for a show prospect or in temperment for a pet! Know that you will get the perfect rabbit to meet your needs!

Michelle Forbes
Netherland Dwarfs and Himalayans
Forbes Furrytail Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Scottsdale specializing in Netherland Dwarfs and Himalayans.

Ashley Whitman
Scottsdale , Arizona
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Lion Mane
Ashley’s Bunnies
Hello, my name is Ashley. I am raising and selling Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex and Lion Mane mixed rabbits. There are 3 moms, one is all black, the other is all gray and the last one is white with gray spots. There are two dads. One is white with gray spots and the other is all brown. The litters color and traits vary depending on who the mom/dad mix is. Some rabbits are fluffier and have a small mane around their neck, the others express more Netherland Dwarf and Mini Rex traits. They love attention and to be fed their favorite fruits and vegetables! I would be very happy to send them to a new furever home.


Ellen Brewer
Show Low, AZ
Champagne d’ Argent, New Zealand, Californian, Dwarf Netherland, Mutts
Sky Island Livestock LLC
We are the White Mountain’s of Arizona premier rabbitry. We set the standard for the industry at our facility. There is no detail overlooked and we never sacrifice quality for convenience. Our rabbits are fed a diet of mixed fresh greens every day, harvested by hand from fields that have been free from chemical treatment for the past 50+ years. Our commercial facility operates as though we only need to tend a few rabbits; all rabbits are given chew toys which is typically unheard of in a commercial setting. Our rabbits are inspected twice daily to ensure the finest care and environment. Meeting or exceeding the typical standards of the industry, period!

Aubrey Rose
Phoenix , Arizona
Holland Lop, Holland lops
River Rose Rabbitry
At River Rose rabbitry we want the best for our rabbits. River Rose Rabbitry is ran by me (Aubrey Rose) and my boyfriend. We want to produce good quality pets, show rabbits,and even Emotional support rabbits. I breed rabbits to improve the breed creating rabbits with sweeter temperaments,prettier colors,and better genetics. My favorite part about raising rabbits is getting to see my buns with their new families. Every rabbit I produce is my baby as well as yours! We always want the absolute best for our rabbits!

Ave Lanning
Snowflake, Arizona
French Angora, English Angora, Mini Rex
Spicy Tuna Ranch
Breeding wool pet and dinner bunnies in a variety of colors

Faith Allen
Springerville, Arizona
None of the above, Loinlops
Annie’s Bun-Buns
I sell lionhead mini lop mixes. They are all handled on a daily basis and are given plenty of room to run. Very friendly babies for very reasonable prices.

Jim Morris
Strawberry, Arizona
Harlequin , New Zealand mix
Strawberry Bunnies
I raise rabbits for meat, but it is so much fun to have those cute little fuzz balls around I have more than we can eat. Harlequin rabbits are so friendly they make excellent pets. I haven’t tried it but I understand they can be house trained. They are very smart and even come when called. Pets or meat they have been a great hobby. I name my breeders and lovingly care for them. I try not to get attached to the ones I plan to harvest.

Tammy Gorsuch
Superior, Arizona
American Chinchilla, California/Chin and NZW/Chin mixes
Superior Self-Sufficiency
We raise Purebred American Chinchilla rabbits. We also have a California doe and NZW doe that get bred to Chinchilla buck for meat mutts. Raised in climate controlled environment.

Heather Frost
Surprise, Arizona
Holland Lop, Lionhead/Holland Lop Mix
Bloomfield Bunnies
Bloomfield Bunnies is dedicated to providing healthy and happy family pets. Our babies are handled daily and socialized with children and dogs. We are currently breeding pure breed Holland Lops and Lionhead/Holland Lop mixes. Both of our bucks have blue eyes and are simply adorable!

Jenn Johnson
Tucson, Arizona
Holland Lop, Champagne d’Argent
Little Desert Loppery
We breed pet Holland Lops, and mostly produce black & tan tricolors and blue & fawn tricolors at this time. We will be branching out to other colors soon, as well. There are often litters available, so check in often! We also breed Champagne d’Argent (ours are non-pedigreed meat rabbits), and may have kits available from time to time–please inquire if interested.

Liliana Mendoza
Tucson, Arizona
Mini Rex
Tucson Mini Rexes
I breed rabbits for 4 H purposes and not for meat pen.

Lea Moon
Tucson, Arizona
American Chinchilla, Velveteen Lop, Plush Astrex Lop Project, Satin, New Zealand, Rex, Flemish New Zealand Crosses
Bean Sprouts
Bred for pet sociability and livestock use. Heat endurance is a focus. Pedigrees on some breeds available. Much of our stock comes from show quality lines. We enjoy pairing social buns to pet owners and productive breeds as livestock.

T Pearce
Tucson, Arizona
French Angoras
Spin Doctor Angoras Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry we specialize in French Angoras. We breed for size, fiber production, and color. We also show our French Angoras and encourage others to ask questions about this wonderful breed. We currently have several French Angoras available for sale. Also offering fiber for spinning and help with spinning angora fiber. See our web site for up to date information.

Rita Taylor
Tucson, Arizona
American (Blue’s and White’s)
AntMika Scrumptious Bunny

Laura Diamond
Tucson, Arizona
Holland Lop
Little Way Rabbitry
I periodically have some gorgeous Holland lop bunnies for sale !
Contact me via FB page of Little Way Bunnies

Della and Phil Oliphant
Vernon, Arizona
Rex, Standard Rex
PandD Ranch and Rabbitry
My husband and I have a small homestead in Norhtern Arizona, where we raise beautiful rex rabbits. We have quite a few amazing, show quality breeders. If your looking to buy, sell, or trade feel free to contact me at 928-358-8004 or email me at

Christie Stanley
Vernon, Arizona
American Fuzzy Lops, And LionHeads
Stanleys Babys Rabbitry
Stanleys Babys Rabbitry specializes in Breeding Full Pedigreed, Show, Pet, and Brood American Fuzzy Lops. I also am new to breeding Purebred, Show, Pet, and Brood LionHeads. Are rabbits are super sweet, and very socialized.

Traci Borgmeyer
Whetstone, AZ
Flemish Giants, Altex
The Grassy Den
Small little herd, situated nicely in an air conditioned building on our property. Relatively new to breeding but experienced with bunnies and other animals~

Danielle Button
Wikieup, Arizona
Satin, Dutch, Lionheads, Mini Lop
Burro Creek
I Have Broken Blue, Blue, Copper, Chin, Lica

Holly Dickrell
Young, Arizona
American Chinchilla
Just E. Nuff Ranch
Small organic Homestead in very rural location. Excited to be a part of the preservation of this wonderful heritage breed of rabbit =)

McKenzie Cole
Yuma, Arizona
Holland Lop
Cole Family Rabbitry
Hello! We are the Cole family.
We raise & breed family pet Holland Lops.
All of our bunnies are raised in our home, & are handled from day 1 of being welcomed into this world. They are handled with love and affection and receive all the proper care they need for a good healthy start in life.

We mostly raise Smoked Pearl and Sable coats, but also get the surprise of Blues & Vienna Marked babies.

Please email us at
Or text at 928-345-8420
To see what current litters we have.

Thank you & God bless

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Locate rabbits for sale in Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix and many other cities across the state of Arizona using our classifieds.

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Find Rabbits for Sale in Arizona using our Arizona Rabbit Classifieds

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