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Mary Welch
Ashdown, Arkansas
Dwarf Hotot
Welch Rabbitry
The Dwarf Hotot is a small rabbit with a round head, short uppity-ears, a sprightly personality and a pure white coat, except for the “eyeliner.” What could be cuter? Perhaps only the spotted mismarks that this breed throws.

Joshua Nicol
Berryville, Arkansas
New Zealands
Birch Tree Farms Rabbitry
We are a rabbitry in nwa we raise rabbits for there meat we are a family owned and operated rabbitry we also run a work shop on raising and caring for your rabbits.

Barbara Parks
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Rex, Continental Giants
KP Exotics Rabbitry
We are a small hobby breeder located in Northeastern Arkansas. We concentrate on show-quality Rex rabbits and White Ear Continental Giants.

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Aleesa Rudder
Alpena, Arkansas
A & N Rabbits

Elizabeth Branscum
Batesville, Arkansas
New Zealand
Branscum Rabbitry
Branscum Rabbitry is located in Batesville Arkansas. We just started raising NZ rabbits in 2017. We raise Pedigree Red and Broken Red New Zealand. We also have mixed NZ in Black, White, and Broken that are great meat mutts.
Offer discounts from 4H and FFA students along with rabbit education for people new to rabbits. You can check out our Facebook page Branscum Farm for the current availability in stock.
Contact # (479)709-2080

Coop Coleman
Batesville, Arkansas
New Zealand, New Zealand White and Agouti and Dutch and New Zealand Mix
Coop’s Rabbits
I have New Zealand White and Agouti rabbits and New Zealand- Dutch Mix. My breeders are 3 New Zealand White does a New Zealand doe with a natural rabbit look (agouti) a black dutch doe and 2 New Zealand White bucks. All of breeders are not for sale but offspring is. Mainly meat rabbits and pets but might have rabbits for breeding. I will skin meat rabbits for small fee or I will sell them alive. None of the rabbits are pedigreed.

Zachary Worley
Bay, Arkansas
New Zealand
Richie Rabbit Ranch – RRR
Meat/pets/snake feed

Charlotte Paquette
Beebe, Arkansas
New Zealand, White New Zealand, Red New Zealand, Californian. Also have Chinchilla and mixed between all the breeds.
Paquette Rabbitry
We are located in Beebe Arkansas. We sell rabbits for meat, breeders and family pets. We have beautiful and healthy White New Zealand,Red New Zealand, Californian, Chinchilla and a mix between all these for anyone wanting meat rabbits. I also have purebred New Zealand (white, red and black) Rabbits. The cost is $10 for 8 to 15 week olds, $20 for purebreds aged 8 to 15 weeks, $30 for 4 months and up and $40 for purebred 4 months and up. For more information contact me at or call 501-681-5027.

Kevin Suel
Benton, Arkansas
Mini Rex
KD Farm
Medium sized rabbitry with approximately 20-30 breeders available. Specializing in blue eyed white, chinchilla, silver marten, lilac otter, lynx, amber and broken black varieties of mini rex. Currently located in Benton, Arkansas. Will be offering transport services for individuals in Arkansas and surrounding states in near future.

Jazzlan Rudd
Bismarck, Arkansas
New Zealand
Rudd’s Rabbitry
I am a teenage girl in Arkansas with my own rabbit business, with the help of my parents of course.

Micheal Williams
Booneville, Arkansas
New Zealand, Californian, and Hybrid Meat Rabbits
R2 Farms
We are a family run rabbitry specializing in meat rabbits with a wonderful variety of colors. Our rabbits are bred for meat or make perfect pets.

Jayme Stewart
Booneville, Arkansas
Flemish Giant, New Zealand
Epperson Family Farm
We are a family farm in the Booneville area. We raise rabbits, goats, cows, chickens, pigs, ducks, etc. We love spending time with our animals and working on projects around the farm. Our rabbits are perfect for pets and meat. Our Flemish Giants have pedigrees that the babies can come with for showing.

Kassie Brann
Brinkley, Arkansas
Mini Rex
Lou Lou’s Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in east Arkansas. We specialize in Tri colored Mini Rex!

Tiffany Preston
Calico Rock, Arkansas
Flemish Giant, Flemish Giants, Lionheads, Dutch, Satins, Dwarf Hotots, Mini Rex, Holland Lops
The Funny Farm Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry but we are growing! Right now I am getting babies from my Lionheads and Dutch and hope to be ready to breed all of my listed breeds by the first of year 2014.

Lori Ritter
Chimes, Arkansas
English Angora, Jersey Wooly
Whitewater Rabbitry
We raise show quality English Angoras and Jersey Woolies. We spoil our bunnies and give them lots of hugs and kisses. We occasionally have breeders for sale. Email us for the latest litter information.

Debbie Wilcox
Cleveland, Arkansas
Palominos, Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Ole” Barn Rabbitry
We raise Show quality Rabbits. We had 5 Best in Shows this last year with Mini Lops and Palominos. We had multiple Best of Breeds and Best Opposite Sex. We are #1 in Youth in points for Mini Lops in our Dirstrict 4. We have a few Hollands and Netherlands and will start showing this spring All of our show is out of excellent show stock. Most of our brood stock are Grand Champions. We are located in Cleveland, Arkansas

Ali Ritter
Clinton, Arkansas
New Zealand, Jersey Wooley, Californians, English Angora
White Water Farm and Rabbitry
Raising quality meat breeds, New Zealand and Californians. Meat pens also available. We also specialize in the Jersey Wooley and the English Angora.

Carrie & John Clark
Conway, Arkansas
New Zealand, Chinchilla, English Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Lionheads, Mini Rex
C&C Rabbit Farm
At C&C Rabbit Farm we are dedicated to providing a high quality rabbit at an affordable price. While our focus is meat rabbits, we also provide a large selection of rabbits for those seeking pets. What started as a rescue of a rabbit has turned into a very successful and enjoyable business. We love having people stop by our farm. We are home most days but call before stopping by to make sure we are available. You can contact John and I at (501)215-0995 or(501)470-8540. We love to exchange information and recipes with people.

Chris Ratcliff
Conway, Arkansas
Mini Rex, New Zealand, Silver Martens, Standard chinchilla
Ratcliff Rabbitry
Located in Conway Arkansas we Breed a variety of Rabbits for every need. We also carry other critters as well and will post pictures of what we have and update frequently. Thanks for looking!

Anna Rawls
Conway, Arkansas
Mini Lop, Mini Plush Lops
Conway bunnies
Family owned and operated. Just a few pet, mini plush lop pets who will be having babies now and again. The babies will be handled from day 1 and are show quality, pure bred bunnies that will get a lot of attention to ensure their quality! Assortment of colors.

Jessica Peterson
Conway County (Morrilton), Arkansas
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
Petit Jean Bunnies Rabbitry
Petit Jean Bunnies is nestled at the foot of Petit Jean Mountain, on 14 acres, with plenty of fresh air. Rabbits and Nature go together! Quality is our policy. I bred and sell pedigreed, purebred, and 100% healthy Holland Lops and Mini Rex bunnies.

Lisa Malone
Corning, AR
Mini Rex
Willow Acre Rabbitry
Here at Willow Acre, I raise beautiful Mini Rex. I have Chocolate, Chocolate Otter, Black Otter and Brokens. I love their velvet fur, and they sweet nature.

Charles Rodgers
Crossett, Arkansas
New Zealands
charliebear rabbitery
I am a small rabbitry located in Crossett AR.

Amanda Goodwin
Delight, Arkansas
Tan, English Lops, Dutch, Dwarf Hotot
Goodwin Family Farms
We are a small farm in Delight Arkansas that specializes in quality rabbits. Our website is

Kristen Simmons
Dover, Arkansas
Champagne d’Argent, New Zealands
Simmons’s Funny Farm Rabbitry
Purebred Champagne D’Argents and New Zealands, production meat crosses using Californian, Standard Satin, Standard Rex, New Zealand and Giant Chinchilla
Simmons Funny Farm Rabbitry
We are a small meat rabbitry located in the foothills of the Ozark National Forest. We specialize in pure bred Champagne D’Argent rabbits and New Zealands, but also have started our own unique line of meat crosses using the breeds listed above. These crosses grow faster and meatier than our purebreds, and I have carefully selected breeders whose offspring consistently produce large litters and have excellent mothering instincts. All of our rabbits that we sell are hand tamed from day one. We get many different colors in our litters as well. There is something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a star breeder or a cuddly, kid friendly pet, Simmons Funny Farm is a great choice!

Bobby Gosnell
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
English Angora, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
The Hare Boutique
We are a small Rabbitry in NW Arkansas. Our Babies are hand held from the day they are born till they got to there new homes. Plz Email or call me if you have any questions!

Cynthia Howard
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Netherland Dwarf, English Lop
Mrs. Howard’s Hoppy Home Rabbitry
We are located in Fayetteville, AR. We enjoy having rabbits for pets and for show. We currently have Netherland Dwarf and English Lops. These rabbits are for show and pets only. In the next year, we plan to expand our rabbitry to also include American Blue meat rabbits.

Nancy Luther
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Flemish Giants, Mini Lops, English Lops
Luther’s Bunny Tracks
Small hobby rabbitry. Like to help further young peoples knowledge about rabbits.

Julia and Justin Williams
Fayetteville, Arkansas
New Zealand
Clover Patch Rabbitry
New Zealand meat rabbitry located in Northwest Arkansas.

Katie Rogers
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Silver Fox
Arbor House Rabbitry
We breed show quality black and chocolate along with several other color varieties: blue, lilac, REW, Alaska Red Fox (black tort), and we recently added broken silver foxes. We focus on meat and fur qualities in our breeding herd as well as feed to meat conversion, temperament and health-related genetics.

Briona Poole
Fort Valley, Arkansas
Holland Lop
Bre’s Lops of Bucks Rabbitry
I’m 16 years old and I raise holland lops for show ,breeding , and pets . I have been raising Hollands since 2013

Jeannie DuBose
Fouke, Arkansas
Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Lionhead, New Zealand
Hop to it
We are a Small Hobby Farm Rabbitry. We enjoy taking pride in our Breeds and we take take of their every need. We do not mix breed our rabbits…We have pedigrees on most of them and many have raised went to on to win at local countny fairs and shows.
We have nice bunnies…so for your next family pet come see us, we just might have what you are looking for!
You can email us at or
I am not always on line so please feel free to call 870-949-7221 or Txt.
870-949-7221 870-299-8984

Jeannie Dubose
Fouke, Arkansas
Mini Lop, New Zealand, Mini Rex, Lionhead
Blackberry Creek Farms Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry raising healthy Pet and Meat sometimes Show
Babies. Prices range from 20.00-45.00
4-H Kids get 10% discount
We are located in the Ark-la-tex so we are easy
To get too.
Give us a call to find your perfect fur baby.
Edward or Jeannie

Kelsey Williams
Gentry, Arkansas
New Zealand, Satins, Rex
K.K. Rabbit Ranch
I raise my rabbits with aspiration for the highest quality.
All of my rabbits are ensured to be healthy and ready.
We are located in NW Arkansas, in the Siloam Springs area.

Kelsey Williams
Gentry, Arkansas
Holland Lop, Dutch
Kelsey’s Kuties Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry out of NW AR and all my rabbits are very spoiled! I breed show quality Holland Lops that come with complete pedigrees. I also have Dutch rabbits, these are not pedigreed therefore I mark them as Brood Quality. I have a couple of Pet Quality rabbits that are not apart of my breeding program. The name “Kelsey’s Kuties” originated from a rabbitry I bought my first Holland Lops from, “Sierra’s Sweeties.”
If you are interested in a sweet bunny as a pet or 4-H project, contact me!

Brent Cherry
Greenbrier, Arkansas
Silver Fox
Silver Hares Rabbitry
We are located in central Arkansas in Greenbrier, AR just about 45 min west of Little Rock, AR. We breed the rare heritage Silver Fox rabbit. We are proud member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, National Silver Fox Rabbit Club, and Faulkner County 4H.

New Zealand, Netherland Dwarf, Lion Heads, Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Paws n pets
We started our bunnies out for our petting zoo and ended up with a few more than we needed for the zoo . The paws and pets are a rather new farm and we have time to spend playing with each of our babies every day.

Jennifer and Alana Schmitt
Green Forest, Arkansas
Flemish Giants
The Wild Woods Rabbitry
Raising pedigree and pet quality Flemish Giants, specializing in blacks, blues, steels, light gray, and whites. if you only want a pet rabbit, or are looking for that perfect 4-H rabbit or show rabbit to bring in a blue ribbon, this is the place to go to!

Taylor Turner
Hackett, Arkansas
Satin Angora, All
I just want a rabbit that is super friendly and a good house pet. She/he will be around s house cat. It doesn’t matter the color.. I would love a spotted one or a grey or brown one. I don’t really like white colors!

Megan Jeter
Hampton, Arkansas
Giant Chinchilla
Jeter Farms
Here at Jeter Farms, we have been breeding quality Giant Chinchilla rabbits since 2018. We take deep pride in our rabbitry.

Carrie Sutton
Harrison, Arkansas
Holland Lops & Mini Lops
Sutton’s Lil Funny Farm
We are a small rabbitry/farm with quality bunnies. We specialize in Holland & Mini Lop bunnies. All of our bunnies come pre-spoiled. We do reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason we see fit. Our bunnies happiness & well-being is our main concern. We do have a Facebook page (Sutton’s Lil Funny Farm), be sure to check us out. Thank you & God bless!

Julie Treat
Harrison, Arkansas
English Lop
Cute sweet loving rabbits.

Todd Yoder
Harrison, Arkansas
New Zealand
Yoder’s Rabbits
I have three does that I breed with one buck. I just raise them as a hobby, not a full scale business. I have lots of babies and need to sell more! If interested, call or email.

Lisa Prescott
Hector, Arkansas
Mini Rex, Mini Lop, English Lop, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf
Balentine Bunnies Rabbitry
In the near future we plan to add additional rabbit breeds, but for now we have Mini Rex, Mini Lop, English Lop, Lionhead and Netherland Dwarf. The last two we are seeking suitable mates for their program.
We strive for Show Quality, pedigreed rabbits for our buyers.

Denise Brasel
Highfill, Arkansas
Mini Rex, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs
Tall Oaks Rabbitry
Our goal is to raise the best rabbits that we can for showing and breeding….We breed for quality and for color….We are very proud of our rabbits and our rabbitry….

Amanda Edens
Hindsville, Arkansas
Champagne D’Argents & Flemish Giants
War Eagle Rabbitry
Be We are a little Rabbitry with dreams of becoming bigger in the future. And hopefully with more breeds. We raise Champagnes and Flemish giants. So trying out a cross between the 2. My kids are in 4H and we go to local shows. My son won best of Show with one of our Champagne Bucks this last show. And my daughter won best of class 6 with his Sire. These little bunnies are wonderful. Our prices vary by bunny. Pets and fryers are $20 these will not be show how quality will start at $50. Of I don’t have what your looking for I will try to send you to a breeder that may. We also tattoo our rabbits before you get them. We sell them at 8 weeks or after. We are also in the ARBA club. If their is anything else you would like to know or ask please contact us. Thank you so much. May God bless you!

Alecia Anderson
Hollis, Arkansas
Havana, Flemish Giant, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, New Zealand, Himalayan
Alecia’s Rabbitry
I sell English Spot/Havana mix, pure Flemish Giants, pure New Zealand’s, pure Holland Lop’s, and pure Mini Rex’s. I just started about a year ago when I got my first Flemish Giant. Then later on bought two to three just to start. A good friend gave me twenty-five to help clean out her bunny barn. I love doing this, they are my therapy after work.

Courtland Daley
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Holland Lop, Single Maned Lionheads,Mini Lops and Polish
The Daley Holland Rabbitry
I am small Rabbitry located in Hot Springs Arkansas. My rabbits are pedigree. And I handle them daily 2-3 times a day. They’re also litterbox trained. Any bunny you buy from me will be tame and used to being handled.

Tommy Cooper
Judsonia, Arkansas
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites
Cooper’s Rabbitry
We raise New Zealand White meat rabbits. Usually we have up to twenty available that are 8-12 weeks of age at all times. The ones that don’t sell by 12 weeks of age, I process and package them myself for my family. So I can say for certain that these are good quality meat rabbits.

Sydney Towle
Judsonia, Arkansas
Country Bumbkin Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry just starting out with hopes of expanding soon. We only have californians right now but are looking at getting flemish giants soon. My rabbits do not have a pedigree but are just as cute. You can email me or check out my Facebook page country bumpkin rabbitry.

Angella Dumas
Lamar, Arkansas
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Mini Rexes
K&R Farm
We currently raise and sell Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops & Mini Rexes. We have a variety of colors available at different times. Our website is updated frequently. Along with our babies for sale sometime we have also have adults and we also offer a stud service. Thank you!

Ali Ries
Leslie, Arkansas
New Zealands, English Angoras, Jersey Woolies, Lionheads, Californian
Whitewater Rabbitry
Welcome! If your looking for a Meat Breed? Look no more! We specialize in New Zealand White! We breed for body type (meaning good bone structure, thick and round forequarters and hindquarters), we also breed for temperament! We also breed excellent English Angoras and Jersey Woolies, several lines coming from BIS winners as well as BOB! We also currently have a BEW Lionhead breeding program. Support 24/7 If you need help finding a breed or help with a rabbit problem including but not limited to: caging, feeding, medical, and house bunnies! Contact us, we are here to help 🙂

Mary Potvin
Lewisville, AR
Silver Foxes, Red New Zealands
Rock Ridge Rabbitry
We are a small country rabbitry located in South Arkansas. We breed pedigreed Silver Foxes and Red New Zealands.

Kent Clemons
Lexa, Arkansas
New Zealands
Clemons Rabbitry
We have a small Rabbitry in Arkansas.

Natalie Mize
Lincoln, Arkansas
Mini Lops, Mini Rexes, English Lops, and Jersey Wooly
Rabbits N More Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Northwest Arkansas. We are currently raising 4 breeds and I’m sure more to come. We breed for show and pets. Pictures are available on my weebly website and you can find us on Facebook. Feel free to contact me any time. Have a wonderful day 🙂

Tracie J. Kelley
Little Rock, Arkansas
English Angora
Angora Couture Rabbitry
We have traveled many miles to carefully hand select only the BEST English Angoras! Excellent Show, Wool & Breed prospects. We are happy to share more information with you at our website. There, you can visit our SASSY Poppi Couture taking her Gold at the 2012 OSRBA & Miss Roma Couture strutting her stuff placing 5th/18 at this years ARBA National Convention!
Sass with Class!! They are all absolutely precious! Thanks for visiting!

Nicholas Mason
Little Rock, Arkansas
Dutch, Dwarf Hotot, Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand, Polish, Thrianta
Mason Farms Rabbitry
Family operated farm specializing in various breeds of show quality rabbits along with pet rabbits.

Becky McPeake
Little Rock vicinity, Arkansas
Salem Rabbit Shack
Small Dutch rabbit operation with quality bucks from local breeders and Bergene Rabbitry in Missouri. Primary colors are black and tort. Youth member of ARBA and 4-H.

Jim Richardson
Little Rock, Arkansas
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf
Pappaw’s Rabbits Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in west little rock,Arkansas where we raise Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs

Kevin Suel
Little Rock, Arkansas
Mini Rex and Holland Lops
K+D Farm & Transport
K+D Farm & Transport, located in Central Arkansas. Specializing in blue eyed white, chinchilla, chocolate and lilac mini rex. Contact our page and/or group on Facebook.

Facebook page: K+D Farms & Transport, this will be updated once transports start with potential route information.

Facebook group: K+D Farms – updated at least weekly,

Charley and Joanna Dowlearn
Lonoke, Arkansas
Americans, New Zealands, Various Other
4D Farm, Rabbitry, Trapping & Trading
A small, family run farm and rabbitry located in Central Arkansas, we breed a variety of rabbits to meet various needs with an emphasis on Americans (a lovely, congenial, vigorous, heritage breed) and New Zealands (the quintessential, hearty, go to meat breed). Painstaking measures are taken to ensure that we are able to offer quality, purebred rabbits for diverse purposes, through natural animal husbandry practices. Our website provides a wealth of information including the rabbits that are available at any given time (updated frequently); we can also be found on Facebook. Contact us for more information.

Christy Kenzel
Lonoke, Arkansas
Silver Marten
Cd’s Lil’ Lagomorph’s Rabbitry
We are a Medium Rabbitry specializing in quality Black, Blue, Chocolate Silver Martens. We promote our beautiful breed.

Nancy Rusell
Mammoth Spring, Arkansas
Holland Lop
R Family Farm
We are a family farm where we raise quality Holland Lops. Our rabbits are pedigreed and very well socialized! We are currently expanding will have even more show quality Hollands available! Find us on Facebook at

Jim Richardson
Mabelvale, Arkansas
Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lop
Pappaws rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in west little rock,Arkansas where we breed,raise and sell Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs.All of our babies are hand held from the day they are born till they go to their new home. We have several colors in our herd,some are pedigreed but all are purebred and healthy so if you are looking for a rabbit to show or just a kid friendly pet,try us out.Feel free to email,call or text us if you have any questions. 501-517-1737

Kailah Brooks
Malvern , Arkansas
Cinnamon, Holland lops, Champagne d Argents and Cinnamons
Rustic Sunflowers rabbitry
We are a small rabbit breeding operation that focuses on cinnamons but we love to work to improve all three breeds and get the best possible rabbits. I am an FFA student that has slowly worked my way up the latter and I have accomplished so much in the past few years. My favorite being Best in show at my county fair. I show mostly with the ARBA and I sell show quality rabbits, meat breeds start at 50$ Holland’s start at 75$ we very rarely sell pets but I do discount my fellow 4H and FFA members

Tammy Webb
Mammoth Springs, Arkansas
Satins, Champagne D’ Argents, New Zealand Whites & Reds, Mini Rex, Lionheads
Wedgewood Bunnies
We are a rabbitry in north arkansas, me and my daughter has started our rabbitry as a hobby and it has bloomed from there. we have quality bunnies, working on all of our stock being pedigreed. if you have any questions feel free to email me , thank you.

Kelley Lowe
Mansfield, Arkansas
English Angora
Lowe Valley Farms
Our rabbitry is fairly new. We started with five carefully selected English Angoras. Our rabbits are treated like members of our own family…well cared for and well loved. Our rabbits make awesome pets, and produce beautiful fiber suitable for spinning. These are NOT meat rabbits. They are fiber animals, pets, and show animals only.

Rhonda Moore
Mansfield , Arkansas
Californian, New Zealand (blue, broken and red), Standard Chinchilla, Giant Chinchillas. Flemish Giants, Polish, Dwarf Hotots
Shadow Farms Rabbitry
We pride ourselves in our Show Quality Californians and New Zealand blues. We raise for meat, show and pets. We house some other breeds as well and take in rescues along the way. We try to educate new rabbit owners and offer help when needed. Our rabbits are kept in controlled climates so if you purchase from us we ask you take proper precautions to maintain the health of your rabbit. We also offer other services such are dressing and or tanning.

Macy Cowan
Mansfield, Arkansas
Flemish Giant
Macy’s Flemish Giant Rabbitry
We raise show and pet quality Flemish Giants. All our breeders are pedigreed and bred color correct. We raise Fawn, Sandy, Rew, light grey, steel and black(not from blue lines) Flemish Giants.

Marian Barker
Marblefalls, Arkansas
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead, Holland Lop, Flemish Giants and Californian White/Flemish Meat Cross
The House Bunny People
We are a small family rabbitry located in the Ozark Mts. Our bunnies are very tame and come pre-spoiled for your family 🙂 The bunnies are all born inside and live inside. They are held daily from birth and are all happy, healthy bunnies. Bunnies are very smart and easy to litter box train. Our breeds are : Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead, Holland Lop, Flemish Giants and Cal. White/Flemish cross meat . We raise and sell breeding stock, pet quality and show quality bunnies. Check us out on Facebook : The House Bunny People or Contact us at: or 870-446-2093.

Deanna Simpson
Marion, Arkansas
English Angora, Netherland Dwarf, French Lop, Lionhead, Mini Rex
The Bunny Hut Rabbitry of Marion
We specialize in English Angora, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, French Lop and Lion-head rabbits. Pedigreed, Show quality, Wool Producing, and Pet quality rabbits are cared for in both indoor and outdoor facilities. Check out our Facebook page “The Bunny Hut Rabbitry” for pictures and updates.

Brailyn Shuburte
Marked Tree, Arkansas
Rex, Mini Rex, New Zealands, Lionheads
It’s a homestead Rabbitry. We have close to 60 rabbits give and take some. We are faith based and love what we do.

Shelby Elliott
Mayflower, Arkansas
Himalayan, Creme D argent , Tan, Mini Satin and Slivers
Shelby Lu’s rabbitry
I sale show, brood, and pet bunny’s all year around. The range for 20-50 dollars each. I raise black, chocolate, and blue Himalayan’s and tans. White mini satins and my main color in slivers is fawn. I am happy to answer any questions you have email text or call.

Miranda Wiggins
Mccrory, Arkansas
English Lop, French Lop, Giant Chinchilla and Champagne D’Argent Rabbits
Small Town Rabbitry
I raise pedigree and non-pedigree English lops,French lops,champagnes, and giant chinchilla rabbits. We raise them for pet and show quality. We handle our babies as soon as they are old enough,so u won’t be getting a rabbit that hasn’t been handle. We live in a small town named mccrory which is about 20-30 minutes from searcy. if u have questions or are interested in some of the breeds I can call/text me at 5017325395 or email me at

Titan Spurkosy
Mena, Arkansas
Californian, Cream D’ Argent, Dutch, Dwarf Hotot, Flemish Giant, Giant Chinchilla, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, New Zealand, Palomino, Polish, Rex, Standard chinchilla, Tan
Polk County Rabbitry
Those are the breeds i raise i live in mena Ar. the rabbits are not pedigreed but if you would like a pedigree that is $7 Just contact Me on email and I will get back to you a soon as I can thank you

Ryan Doherty
Monticello, Arkansas
New Zealand White, Altex
Pine Ridge Rabbitry
We have a family rabbitry that produces Altex and New Zealand White replacement breeders. Our Rabbitry contains 5 Altex and 12 NZW bloodlines. We also raise NZW/Altex hybrids for meat rabbits.

Carl Stanley
Moro, Arkansas
New Zealand, These are new Zealand and lop mixes
Stanley Rabbitry
These are new Zealand rabbits that is what the daddy rabbits is and the mother rabbit is a lop these are the meat rabbits and the lop rabbit is for tenderness. These rabbits is about 8 to 10 weeks old

Ricky Wyles
Morrilton, Arkansas
Holland Lops
Ricky’s Rabbitry
Our rabbitry is located in Central Arkansas, we focus on breeding pedigree Holland Lops and strive to be the best rabbitry in Arkansas! We only sell them after they are 8 weeks old to insure they build a healthy immune system, and are 100% healthy. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions at

Cody Barrett
Mountain Home, Arkansas
Rex, Standard Rex, New Zealand, Flemish Giant
Outlaw Gunslinger Farms
We are a homestead family. We raise rabbits, pigs, dairy goats, and chickens. We raise our rabbits for the main purpose of meat. We also breed for color because we do plan to use the pelts of the rabbits that we butcher for ourselves. Currently we offer a lot of Flemish giant crossed with New Zealand for meat rabbits. We are starting pure Flemish giants and hope to have them available for sale in spring of 2015. Also standard Rex rabbits and hope to have some for sale in August of 2014. Currently we are making culls of breeders with faults and working towards a stronger rabbitry so we do have some breeders for sale that no longer meet our needs but may work well for someone else.

Christa and Kailee Spickes
Mountain View, AR
Jersey Wooly
Kailee’s Kindles
We are small mother daughter rabbitry in the Ozarks. We raise 6 breeds- mini rex, jersey wooly, dwarf hotot, silver marten, netherland dwarf and holland lop. Pet, show, and brood stock are available. All our bunnies are pedigreed. Proud ARBA members and registered rabbitry.

Shelly Pettigrew
Nashville, Arkansas
Mini Rex, New Zealands, Netherland Dwarfs
Double PP Farm
My husband and I own a small poultry farm. Our boys are in 4-H and they have started raising rabbits, goats and pigs. They love the animals and work really hard. They are in sports and involved in our church. They have to buy their own animals and all their feed. I help out if they run short on money. They really need to start selling to build up some feed money. Thanks for your interest.

Shannon Zwaan
North Little Rock, Arkansas
French Lop, Giant Chinchillas
Zzz Rabbitz
We raise show quality French Lops and Giant Chinchillas and are located in central Arkansas. We attend shows around the country and are always happy to have people visit our home and see our rabbits. We are a relatively small rabbitry and take pride in the quality, health and gentleness of our rabbits. They are handled extensively from birth so are exceptionally friendly and interactive.

Anna Weaver
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Mini Rex, Lion heads
Busy Weaver’s Rabbitry
Busy Weaver’s Rabbitry is a family run, very small Rabbitry. We consciously breed the best temperamented mini Rex, and Lionhead rabbits in a clean nurturing environment. We do not overwork our mama rabbits, as they are loved members of our family. With the health of our babies and their mamas in mind we only have one litter at a time (as long as there is no accidents). All babies are handled from birth by children and adults alike to help give the best temperament possible! We hope you consider adding one of our babies to your family!

Erin Bivins
Pleasant Plains, Arkansas
None of the above, Lion Head
Fairview Farms
Lion head
Black with white around eyes, belly and feet
White albino
Red with tan

Amanda Taylor
Pocahontas, Arkansas
Rex, Flemish Giant, Giant Chinchilla, Champagne d’Argent
Rocky Hill Rabbits
Located in northeast Arkansas but will work with transporters. I raise quality, pedigreed Flemish Giants, Giant Chinchilla, Champagne d’Argent and Rex.
My rabbits are raised outside so they acclimate to the weather and they are handled daily.
In Rex I breed blue, black, chocolate and maybe tri-color.
In Flemish so far I have white and Light Grey. I’m wanting to add blue.
I have a Facebook page, just search for Rocky Hill Rabbits.

Trevor and Melissa Tinsley
Rector, Arkansas
New Zealand Whites and Reds and Blacks, and pet mixed pet breeds.
Tinsley’s Wabbit Farm
We have white new zealands for breed and meat. the black and reds for meat and sell. pet mixed breeds are for beauty experiment and sell. Looking for registered and papered Japenese Harlequins. Will travel for Harlequins.

Jackie Cross
Rosston, Arkansas
Cinnamon, Dutch, Holland Lop
Hip Hop Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry in Rosston, AR, All my rabbits are pure bread but no papers

Ellen Nelson
Russellville, Arkansas
Jersey Wooly
Dayzee Farms Rabbitry
I raise Jersey Wooly rabbits for pets and show.

Athina Wilkerson
Russellville, Arkansas
English Angora
Powerpuff Fiber Farm
We raise and show quality English Angora rabbits. Many colors and unrelated lines available once sometimes twice a year. Email me for information on any available rabbits, with or without full pedigree. Duos or even trios of breedable quality show rabbits occasionally available. located in Russellville, AR. I go thru the fiber rather quickly but do have some available at times/

Mark & Pat Berry
Sheridan, Arkansas
New Zealand Whites, Flemish Giants, Altex
Berry Rabbit Ranch
870-917-4136 or 870-917-4141
6425 HWY 270 East Sheridan, Arkansas, 72150

James Vinson
Shirley, Arkansas
Lionhead, Mini Rex
BackWoods Rabbitry
A small rabbitry in the woods.

Travis Stinnett
Sparkman, Arkansas
Holland Lops, New Zealands (white), Nigerian Dwarf
Bouncing Bundles Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Sparkman, Arkansas. We currently raise New Zealand, Holland Lop, and are starting to get into Netherland Dwarf rabbits. Our Holland Lops are pedigreed to three generations. We strive to produce the best quality rabbits possible.

Heather Bishop
Springdale, Arkansas
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
Rabbits by Claire & Gabby
We are a small hobby rabbitry topping out at about 14 rabbits. We care for Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, & Holland Lop. We schedule breedings about twice a year. You can check us out on Facebook; for updates on our litters or shows. Email me with any questions. Our website is a work in progress, so please bear with us as we update. Emails are checked daily.

Roxxy Mugley
Springdale, Arkansas
Mini Rex, Rex, Lionhead
Roxxy’s Mini Rex Rabbitry
Hello I run a small rabbit family farm with many mini rex to choose from babies will be born and ready for new homes soon and I have rex rabbits for homes in 5weeks, all my buns are pedigree and show quality stock 🙂 if u are interested I’m located in north west Arkansas and my babies are only 25.00 each for standard rex with pedigree and 30.00 for mini rex with pedigree

Heather Stamper
Springdale, Arkansas
American Blue
American Blue Rabbitry
I raise and sell purebred American Blues. I sell them for $35 a piece. The mother rabbit is a reserve grand champion. They are use to being handled and are very friendly.

Robert Garner
Springfield, Arkansas
Rocky Mountain Cottontails, Twisters, New Zealands
B’s Beagling Bunnies
We have started raising rabbits for training beagle pups or for pets, as well as table fare if a person desires. If you’re not familiar with the Rocky Mountain Cottontail, it looks and acts like a common Wild Cottontail, but much more hardy. If you’re looking for rabbits to train/run your beagles these and them crossed with the Twisters are excellent.

Juan Aguilar
Springdale, Arkansas
Lion head, Mini Rex, New Zealands and more
Nobhill Lop Rabbitry
Hi we are a small rabbitry located in springdale arkansas, we raise pet and meat bunnies, we have some lion heads, minirex, new zelands and some others.

Krista Hinkson
Springdale, Arkansas
English Angora
Hinkson Angoras
Breeding for pet and show.

Susan Verheghhe
St. Joe, Arkansas
Mini Rex, Lion Head, English Spot, American Fuzzy Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Satin, Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Californian
The Bunny Barn
All of my little bunnies are held from the time they are born. I have lots of breeds to choose from, check out my website to see pictures of current bunnies or to see the parents. Also like us on facebook @

Bethanne Bareis
Summers, Arkansas
Flemish Giant, Lionhead, Mini Lop
Bethanne’s Bunny Barn
I am a small rabbitry in Northwest AR. I raise Flemish Giants and a few small breeds. I mainly have Fawn Flemish Giants but sometimes have other colors too. My rabbits are very sociable and most are potty trained too. I have both pedigreed and non-pedigreed rabbits. My rabbits make wonderful pets and breeders.

Angie Patrick
Lincoln , Arkansas
English Angora, Netherland Dwarf and Lionhead
Littlefoot Rabbitry
We are a small scale rabbitry located in Northwest Arkansas. We are focused on quality gentle pets and show quality rabbits! Our rabbits are fed a quality diet and have healthy housing. We provide each one of our rabbits love and attention daily and never breed any bad undesirable traits! We work with English Angoras, Netherland Dwarfs and Lionheads! You can also find us on Facebook at Littlefoot Rabbitry

Karl Roberson
Rison, Arkansas
English Spot, French Angora, Thrianta
small rabbitry owned by my 3 girls

Jade Rose
Rose Bud, Arkansas
Show Rabbits
White with black ears there all around the same size from one litter

Jennah Spencer
Russellville, Arkansas
Netherland Dwarf, Californians, Mini Satins, Meat Mutts
Hide-A-Way Circle J Farm
Most of our rabbits are pure bred, pedigreed, and show stock. We do discounts for 4-h/ffa kids and love to help new breeders with questions or info. If you have any questions about our farm or any of the breeds we raise feel free to contact us!!

Sherielu Singer
Saint Joe, Arkansas
Silver Fox – Black, Blue and Chocolate
Sherielu Singer – Run Rabbit Run Rabbitry
Located in beautiful Arkansas near Saint Joe and the Buffalo River, We are a small hobby rabbitry that raises Silver Fox Rabbits for show, pet and meat.
We have young rabbits available in the late fall and spring.
Please contact us with email.
870 449-2110

Jayda Kidd
Springdale, Arkansas
Dwarf Hotot
Baby Rabbit
A small peaceful non reckless baby rabbit

Roxxy Mugley
Springdale, Arkansas
Mini Rex, mini rex, rex, lion head,
Roxxys mini rex rabbitry
Hello I run a small rabbit family farm with many mini rex to choose from babies will be born and ready for new homes soon and I have rex rabbits for homes in 5weeks, all my buns are pedigree and show quality stock 🙂 if u are interested I’m located in north west Arkansas and my babies are only 25.00 each for standard rex with pedigree and 30.00 for mini rex with pedigree

Leah Adney
Tilly, Arkansas
Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Lionhead, Satin, Himalayan, Champagne D’ Argent
L. A. Rabbit Science
Hi Im Leah I raise Champagne D Argent, Himalayan, Satin, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, and Lionhead rabbits. At times my rabbitry offers adults and kits for sale. But always offers boarding and stud services. Please call for current sales and services.

Walter Jenkins
Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas
New Zealand, New Zealand Rex and American Canchila
J&j rabbitry
J&j rabbits we offer new Zeland and rex and American canchila 10 dollars and up call 5016911177

Wilson and Cheryl Lowery
Van Buren, Arkansas
Lop Mutt, Cali Rex Mutt
Lowery Farms
We own a dozen or so meat rabbits, and re just starting out. Hoping to grow more as time progresses. We will cull some and sell some also.

Kaci Dean
Witter, Arkansas
Satin (standard), French Angora
Hearts Haven Heritage Farm Rabbitry
We are a small homestead who breed Standard Satin rabbits for meat production, and French Angoras for fiber production. We also sell some of our rabbits as pets. For more information or to be put on the waiting list for a bun or two please contact us via email.

Justine & Curtis Griffis
Witts Springs, AR
Griffis Farm LLC
We are a new rabbitry in Arkansas. We are members of the ARBA. Our children are involved in 4H & FFA. We sell domestic rabbit meat. We have Pedigreed and Registerable Californian Rabbits. We will cater to 4H/FFA members. If you need rabbits for a show you MUST call four months in advance, so we can have your rabbits ready for the show table. We also, have a new page on Facebook Griffis Farm LLC.

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