Beautiful Lion/Lop Bunnies, Fuzzy Holland Lops, American Fuzzie Lop Crosses for Sale


Seller Name: Lorna McCleary
Location: Ennismore, Ontario, Canada
Rabbit Breed(s): American Fuzzy Lops (and crosses), Angora crosses, French Lops, Lion/Lops, Fuzzy Holland Lops
Rabbitry Website: Lorna’s Lion Lops

Lorna’s Lions, Lops and More is a family run hobby rabbitry that breeds for pet rabbits (not show, there are no pedigrees). We breed for cuteness and disposition.
Most of our rabbits are crosses with either an American fuzzy lop or Holland Fuzzy lops. We do have a pair of purebred, show quality French lops that will be bred the beginning of 2015. For picutres and information you can view my website

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