Beautiful Showable Rare Colored Mini Lops


Seller Name: Jody Rosnik
Location: Colorado
Rabbit Breed(s): Mini Lops, Dutch, Rex (chocolate varieties, dilute varieties)

Mini Lops Ready now, and more on the way! Frosted Pearls (see photo), Chocolates and Chocolate Gold Tip Steel, (broken pattern also)( See photo). Very good show potentials on these gorgeous varieties. Also have seal, sable, sable points and smoke pearls ready in January 2016. Reds and pointed whites always available. All the chinchilla varieties are available in breedable age at special trio price.

Rex juniors ready in blue, opal and blue otter! Call or text, with your name and inquiry, to 719-276-3311 or email

Seller Email:
Seller Phone: (719)276-3311

Mini Lop Rabbits
Beautiful showable rare colored Mini Lops